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Indoor Beach Party


Authors Note: This story is entirely a work of fiction from my depths of my creative and sometimes disturbed mind. I've been a long time reader but this is my first story submission. I welcome all comments.


It had become an annual tradition, growing with passing every year: A party at Sophia's house. Just for the girls; husbands and boyfriends not allowed. It started out as a few close friends had now turned into a pretty good gathering. This year there would be more than 20. Of course he and Sophia had been working their butts off trying to get everything ready. Three trips for liquor. That was the most important part. Then cleaning, food prep ... and today of all days the air conditioning unit died. It was 20 years old and didn't owe them anything. Sophia had begged and pleaded to have someone come out today and replace it. But in the middle of summer, on what may be the hottest day of the year: no chance. She quietly suggested sexual favors to the man on the phone. Nothing. Even at 10 AM, the sweat trickled down his face and arms as he chopped vegetables. The windows were thrown wide open, hoping for a breath of air.

They talked about it and he suggested that they get a few fans going in the windows and maybe even suggest that people bring their bathing suits. The hot tub was left to ambient temperature in the summer and could provide relief to 8 at a time or 10 if they were good friends. Heck they could even turn on the sprinkler and run through it like the kids. She really liked that idea and a flurry of e-mails to the guests and they had themselves an indoor beach party.

What was his role in all of this? He played chef, waiter, bartender, bus boy, dishwasher, handyman...whatever was required to keep the party going. He tried to make himself as invisible as possible but he had known most of these women for a long time. He was a shoulder to cry on when Mandy's boyfriend broke up with her (with complimentary ice cream). He played financial advisor, comedian, and all sorts of social functions. He had become one of the girls and it didn't bother him one little bit. These were a fun group of girls and the party was always a blast.

He'd taken a 20 min nap in the basement. He felt refreshed although it was still damn hot. He tried to decide what to wear. It was a beach party, so he decided on a pair of board shorts and a flowy shirt with buttons down the front. Darn the board shorts were too loose. He'd trimmed a little weight and had been working out and it showed. Since he didn't have time to replace them, he guessed he'd be hiking them up all evening. He went to wake her. She was sleeping soundly; her hair had that wild untamed look that was a nightmare for her to manage. He loved it. It was primal. She'd kicked off the sheets and her white cotton tank top was hiked, exposing her midriff and white cotton panties. Growl. She looked so fuckable. No time for that. He decided to play with her a bit. He snuck up beside the bed and blew a cool stream of wind across her abdomen just above her waistband. The thin hairs stood on end. He blew a second stream across the exposed skin in the v of her tank top. He gently pulled her hair away from her neck and blew another across the nape of her neck. She moaned. He then blew a line of hot kisses, starting at her tank top across her abdomen down to her waist band. She moaned quietly and rolled slightly, spreading her legs. She was such a lovely slut and when she was like this. Her eyelids were flickering with REM sleep and he wondered what she was dreaming about. But it was time to get up. He smacked her butt twice "Time to get up. It's party time."

He was busy getting out plates of hors d'oeuvres when she walked into the kitchen. She was wearing a flowy print dress that had thin straps and was cut mid thigh. In the heat, it clung to every curve of her beautiful figure. She walked over to him and wrapped her hands around his hips. "You look delicious," she said as she squeezed his ass. Her other hand slipped under his shirt and her fingers walked up his flat stomach. He put down the plate and wrapped his hands around her hips. She was wearing a thong. She didn't wear them often enough he thought. He rubbed his hands along the seams. "Oh this? It's new." She broke the embrace, took a couple of steps back and curtsied lifting her dress high above her hips. It was completely shear showing the clean outline of her oval trimmed pubic hair. She did a spin flashing the soft round globes of her ass. Mmmm.

The first to arrive was Samantha, her longtime friend. If there was a party, Samantha was the first to arrive and the last to leave. She could get into trouble in a church on Sunday. She flew through boyfriends and when she got drunk she liked to talk about her sexcapades. She always had a funny story. Last year at the party she told a story about she and a boyfriend had been partying and ended up hooking up in a photo booth at the mall. One of the other girls said bullshit and Samantha pulled a photo out of her purse showing the back of his head, his naked torso and her legs planted on either side of the camera around him. "Damn, you weren't kidding, it's hot in here." She stripped off her shirt revealing a skimpy string bikini top and jean short bottoms.

"What's your Poison?" he asked slipping into the bartender role.

"Tequila. It's been a hectic week and I need to unwind in a hurry. No wait put it over ice". Tequila? Already, he thought? It was going to be one of those evenings. People began arriving almost immediately and he was hopping. There wasn't any sort of formal dinner, everyone sort of just grazed all evening. Meaning he was constantly moving with plated of food. Everyone it seemed to have a different version of Beach Party. There were lots of flowy summer dresses. A few had come like Samantha in bikini tops and shorts. A few girls had come in dance wear: shiny metallic form fitting dresses and tops. It seemed a little much to me until he heard that a bunch of them were going clubbing at the late night club afterwards to do some dancing.

At one point he was cornered in the kitchen alone by his lovely wife. She pressed herself into him and a sheet of flame ignited between them. After kissing him passionately she leaned back and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. After all the running around he'd been doing it was soaked. She took it off and said "mine" and walked out of the kitchen, her ass swaying suggestively. Unfortunately he'd been letting the loose board shorts sort of hang a little lower than appropriate and now he would be forced to hitch them up continuously.

Samantha was the first to crack, "I can't take it anymore!" and ran screaming through the back door and jumped into the hot tub. Ten seconds later "Barkeep! I need service". Everyone laughed. That was the constant refrain for the rest of the night; usually followed by giggles.

An hour later he heard a particularly loud squeal "Barkeep, I need service". There were six girls in the giant bathtub. Sophia was holding up her wine glass. She'd changed into her bikini.

"And what can I do for you pretty lady" he asked.

"More wine please", she said with a slightly drunken slur.

"I'm tired. Get it yourself."

"What if I gave you incentive" and she reached behind her neck, undoing her bikini top and gave him a quick flash of her breasts. "There is more of that when you return with my drink." He took the rest of the drink orders and returned quickly. When he handed her the drink she undid her top and took his hand and placed it over her wet skin. Five bikini tops slapped to the deck and she turned around quickly seeing all of the other women in the hot tub topless. "Hey, No touching". He passed the drinks around taking in a good appreciative look.

Samantha with her glorious breasts in full view said, "Her there big fella, how about you join us" and patted the water between herself and Sophia. Just then another call for "Barkeep I need service" came from inside.

"Sorry, maybe later" he replied.

Everyone was having a very good time. As the night progressed, he found himself being touched by everyone: a finger glide on his arm, an occasional bump, a hand on his shoulder. At one point while he was cleaning up, a bunch of the women in their summer dresses had decided to turn a fan to point to the ceiling, stand over it, and do their best Marilyn Munroe impersonations. His cock which was already twitchy had started to rise and he quickly ducked behind a counter and pretended to dry dishes. There were all kinds of different style of panties as they danced over the stream of air. Each was trying to outdo one another in sexiness. A co-worker of Sophia's, who was very drunk, turned the fan on high, stood over it with her legs spread and raised her arms. Her dress almost reached climbed over her breasts. Her boy shorts were tight and form fitting giving him a perfect outline of lips of her pussy.

Sophia turned the fan on low and looking directly into his eyes danced just for him. It hinted at the sights to come; a flash of hip, an outline of breast. It hinted at love making past and future with wildly suggestive gestures. It was a dance of desire. His temperature was rising and his cock was now fully hard. He kept getting glimpses of her shear white panties and the globes of her ass. When she was done, everyone clapped.

Things were winding down a bit; he had gone into the basement to stash some unused supplies. He was pleasantly drunk. It was dark. He was bent over in the closet when Samantha hip checked him from behind. "Hey there big guy can I help." she was almost in the closet herself boxing him in, standing very close. Her hands were behind her back.

"I think things are under control, can I help you with something?"

"No, but I think I can help you..." She leaned into him pressing her bikini clad breasts into his naked chest. They were still damp from the hot tub. Her skin was cool to the touch. Her hand stroked down his arm. This wasn't like Samantha. There was an unwritten line between them that would never be crossed. They would flirt outrageously but never take it further. It was more a game that neither had entertained winning. "The girls and I would like to thank you for being such a good sport at the party." He felt a click as something hard circled his wrist. "Oh look what I found." He realized that these were his handcuffs. It meant that Samantha had been into their bedroom and into their toy chest. She would have had to have seen all of their toys, their personal perversions. "Sophia is upstairs, being distracted, and the girls and I wanted to make sure her husband was all gift wrapped for her." She was stroking his chest now. "Is that ok?"

"I'm not sure. What were you planning?"

"I'll leave you in the closet with your hands cuffed to the bar overhead and then I'll send her down. She'll have you all to herself, have her way with you and there is nothing you will be able do about it." He had been turned on for hours. His cock was hardening between them at the thought of his wife's body next to his; taking control. "It seems like someone is ready". She took his other arm, and raised it. He offered no resistance. She pressed her hips to his, grinding slightly. With a click, his hands were secured. Her arms trailed down his, ending by resting on his hips. She started kissing his neck and chest working lower across his abdomen and ending at the top of his board shorts. Her hand trailed up his leg, stopping on the inside of his thigh. His erection was straining against the fabric. She leaned into him wrapping her hands around his waist and whispered into his ear, "I'll be back." and left.

He was so turned on. Hopefully he wouldn't have to wait long. He heard footsteps down the stairs. It was dark in the closet with only shadows in the hall. He was blocked by his position from seeing the stairs who it was.. "My, my, you do look delicious". Only it wasn't Sophia, it was Tammy. "Samantha wasn't kidding." Her hands grabbed his waist firmly. "My instructions were to keep you warm." Unlike Samantha her summer dress was dry and her skin was very warm. She let her hands explore all of his exposed skin with her hands and lips. His board shirts had slid down a little more showing the crack of his ass. She planted little kisses down his back ending at the top of his cheeks. She wrapped herself around him from behind with one hand across his chest and the other under his board shorts from below gliding up his thigh stopping just below his giant erection. "Delicious, I could eat you up". She let go and went upstairs.

A few minutes later someone else came down. She pressed herself up to him and undid her bikini top. She dragged her naked breasts and erect nipples all over his chest and back. She went down on her knees kissing his belly button. She reached up the legs of his board shorts and grabbed his ass; massaging it. His cock was struggling to get free. She pressed her breasts around his fabric covered cock slowly rubbing it up and down between her warm pillows. She stood up slowly dragging her breasts as she went and then lipped his tiny rock hard nipples. "Very nice" she said as she left.

Most of his visitors rubbed themselves all over him; some topless some not. A few would brush his straining cock innocently. He was ready to explode. Mandy arrived and was drunker than most at the party. She was slurring her words noticeably. "I know the instructions, but screw them; I want to properly thank you for your help with that idiot Derek last year." She reached the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. She grabbed the waistband of her underwear and pulled then to the ground. In the shadows he could see her naked silhouette and the thin strip defining her pubic hair.

"Mandy, I can't"

"Shhhh, I know you love your wife." She pressed herself against him. His skin became hot and prickly. She reached the hem of his board shorts and gently began tugging them downwards.

"Mandy, No!" But there was nothing he could do about it. His pants fell to the floor releasing his cock. Her hand gingerly grabbed his balls lifting them; massaging them. He said no again without much conviction. She rubbed herself all over him, relishing in the skin contact. She dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, sucking vigorously. He was too far gone to offer more than a token resistance. Her lips and tongue felt wonderful. He felt pressure building deep inside him, and she stopped. She stood up and kissed him passionately on lips, tasting of his precum. She nibbled on his ear then picked up her clothes and left.

He looked down at his swollen purplish shaft; wet from Mandy's mouth, a steady trail of precum dribbling down its length. He was breathing heavily. He heard more footsteps coming down the stairs and was ready to beg for release. It was Samantha. "Told you I'd be back. She stopped a bit away from him. "It looks like you got yourself into a bit of trouble." She was still wearing the bikini top but now was just wearing the briefest bikini bottoms. He skin was wet from the hot tub. She sat on the carpet in front of him. He turned in the closet to face her directly. She had a desperate kind of hurt look as if she was going through some sort of internal struggle. Her hand slipped under her suit bottoms and she started to finger herself. She closed her eyes and slipped her other hand over a breast pushing the fabric away, fingering her nipples. She quickly started to rock back and forth, grinding her ass into the carpet.

She lay on her back and raising her hips, she removed her bottoms. A quick tug and the tops were gone too. Her raised knees were pointed at him, her pussy on full display. Her whole body was grinding back and forth on the carpet as her fingers plunged in and out. Her thumb flicked back and forth against her clit. Her teeth were clenched and she was grunting. Her eyes were fixated on his cock. His cock, impossible as it was, was swollen and engorged with blood making it larger and harder than it had ever been before. He could feel the blood pounding through it.

"Oh fuck it, she'll understand" Samantha stopped and stood up. She approached him slowly, her finger still between her legs doing small circles. Desperation filled his eyes. No! She leaned forward so the tip of his cock nestled between the lips of her pussy. There was no other contact between them. She rocked slowly forwards and back. She removed her hand from her pussy and stuck three sticky fingers into his mouth. He tried to turn away. She leaned forward so only her nipples touched his chest. She dragged the rock hard tips against his flesh.

He tried to pull his cock away from between her legs but she followed his movements. She waited as if saying, I'm in control. After a moment she turned around and backed into him. She adjusted his cock so that it was resting between her thighs and poking through the front. She ground her ass into his hips slowly in small circles, while fingering herself. He was overcome with sensations. He couldn't. He must hold on. His marriage would be ruined. She started to slide forward and back, the length of his shaft sliding along the insides of her pussy lips. He tried to pull away but she had control. Her breathing had gotten very heavy in the dark confined space of the closet. Her fingers were moving more frantically against her clit. She bent forward resting her free hand on the carpeted floor of the closet. She moved his cock so the tip was right against the opening of her pussy. Her fingers were working furiously as her hips rocked back and forth in very small movements. He watched the tip start spreading her lips. Her rocking motions mingled their collective juices. He tried to pull away, standing on tiptoes but she matched his movements. Please no. Oh god yes. His thoughts were jumbled and confused. He desperately needed release and knew he couldn't control himself much longer. She bent down slightly and adjusted his cock so that it was touching the opening of her little brown rosebud. His cock twitched in her hand. She continued to hold it making sure she could guide it deep in her ass. She pressed her backside into him as he watched helplessly. The tip of his cock spreading the tender flesh as her muscles relaxed.

She came hard. Her whole body shook until she could no longer support herself and she collapsed to her knees. After a moment she stood up flushed. He had not come and the precum was streaming down his shaft. Samantha put on her bottoms and tops and leaned forward brushing her lips to his. "Thank you" and walked away unsteadily.

He was emotionally spent. His cock had been hard for hours with no relief. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Please no more. Let me go, he thought.

Into his view approached Sophia; her own hunger evident on her face. She was un-concerned about how he arrived chained in the closet, naked and with a raging hard on. Her lust and the power she had over her husbands body fulfilled her. She admired his body: the muscled chest, flat rippled abdomen, strong thighs. She paid particular attention to his cock, standing at attention as if wanting to shake her hand. The veins we're puplish and pulsing. It was so beautiful.

She decided to tease him, not realizing that all of her friends had been doing that for hours. She started the same dance she'd done in the over the fan, only now she was slowly stripping the clothing away from her. His eyes feasted on every new exposed curve like he was viewing it for the first time. Her breasts heaving with every breath, nipples erect. She removed her shear thong, which was soaked with her juices. She waived it under his nose then left it on his shoulder. She displayed herself in progressively more and more obscene gestures.

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