tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 01

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 01


Sara and Rick had been married for almost five years. For the most part, they were happy. They have had their share of bad times, but the good far out weighed the bad. Both were involved in the BDSM lifestyle, Rick being the Dom, and Sara the submissive.

Rick worked full time in a managerial position at a local Home Depot. Sixty hours a week was very common. Sara had been laid off from her factory position two months prior.

It was late March when Rick suspected Sara of cheating on him. He had no proof, but there were signs.

Sara started dressing up a little more when she would go out just for groceries. She spent a lot more time during the day and evenings on the computer. Sara would also say that she was out with the girls, but later found out her friends were home.

Rick didn't want to believe that the woman that he loved could possibly be cheating on him.

One day when Rick came home, he noticed car tracks in the fresh dusting of snow and footprints to and from the house. Upon entering the house, the entry way floor was wet as if someone's shoes had been sitting.. He heard Sara in the shower, didn't think too mush of it until he went upstairs to change. The bed had been messed up. He watched Sara make it this morning. She was a very good housekeeper, everything had to be in it's place and just right.

As Sara stepped from the shower, Rick asked, "Who was here today?"

Sara hesitated for a second, "Oh, just someone looking for directions."

Rick didn't push the issue. He suspected that she was lying, but still wanted to trust his wife.

On the 14th of April, Rick's suspicions of Sara's infidelity were confirmed. Rick had a business lunch at Applebee's which was adjacent to a Days Inn motel. After lunch, Rick drove out of the parking lot and noticed a blue Ford Taurus like his. After looking closer, he recognized the license plate number.

Rick parked on the other side of Applebee's just in view of his car and the side of the motel. He only had to wait forty-five minutes before Sara and a man he recognized emerged from a side door. Sara was wearing that dress he loved to see her in with those white thigh high stockings.

The man was an employee from the plant that Sara use to work. Rick couldn't remember his name, but knew that he would never forget his face.

Rick's heart just ached. How could she, he thought. He wanted to confront her, but he was so angry. Should he follow her? Follow him? Rick didn't know what to do, he felt so confused. He needed to think.

He decided to take the rest of the day off and went to his favorite bar. After a few drinks, his mind was full of ideas of how she should be punished. He would take care of him too, in time. He almost couldn't blame him. After all, Sara was so beautiful and sexy.

Rick arrived at home a little after six PM. He didn't say much to Sara other than hi. He went directly to the bathroom to relieve himself and found her towel again to be damp.

Rick grabbed another beer and sat in the recliner to watch a little TV. Sara got up and went into the computer room.

He woke up at around midnight, wide awake and a little hung over. Sara had already gone to bed, so he decided to do a little research on the computer. He wanted to do a history check just to see what Sara had been up to.

It seemed as though Sara had been searching through some of the dating sites, including Adult friend finder and BDSM personals. He tried to find her profile through a local search, but either he had to join the site or no picture, or just too many profiles. He need ed to find out what her user name was.

Rick stayed up all night searching and researching all of the sites that she had visited. Along the way, he did receive and idea that just may work for her infidelity.

It was six AM before Rick knew it. With the way his head and heart felt, it was time to call in sick. He finished printing out a few more web pages, then erased his surfing history.

Sara slept in as she often had since the lay off. Rick knelt next to her in bed, looking at how beautiful she was, how she looked so innocent all curled up. Still, he couldn't stop thinking of how she had betrayed him.

Rick carefully wrapped one half of the metal hand cuffs around her left wrist and closed it slowly. The other he had to do quickly before she awoke. He reached for her right wrist and secured it.

"What are you doing? What time is it?"

"Just relax babe, I took the day off work. I thought we would play a little game," Rick said with an evil grin.

"What did you have in mind?" Sara asked as she tried to wake up.

"I think you should be my slave today, sound like fun?" Rick asked.

Sara gave Rick a soft kiss, "Let me go to the bathroom first."

"Sure, but the cuffs stay on, and no clothes. I'll be downstairs waiting."

Sara got up and went to the bathroom. She wondered what Rick was doing home. He always has to be near death before he would miss a day of work.

After doing her business and awkwardly washing her hands, then brushing her teeth, Sara made her way down the steps to Rick. "I'm not really in the mood."

"C'mon, it will be fun. Besides, I have a surprise for you."

Rick grabbed Sara by her cuffs and led her to the center of the living room floor. He then raised her arms over her head and attached the cuffs to an already waiting chain suspended from a beam on the ceiling. Rick walked around her, touching her body softly.

"Let's see. I think a blindfold is in order," as he reached in his back pocket. He kissed Sara softly on the lips as he placed the satin cloth over her eyes and tied it.

Sara stood there totally naked wondering what surprise Rick had in store for her. She had been there before, and remembered the pleasures that he had taken her to.

Sara heard Rick leave the room to go downstairs. He returned in just a few minutes. She felt his hands on her bare breasts, squeezing, then playing with her nipples. She felt a cool cloth like object being wrapped around her waist, like a belt.

"What are you doing?"

"Having fun," Rick said as he again grabbed the cloth measuring tape. What he needed to do, without her knowledge, was to measure her for a chastity belt.

Rick had found a website that custom makes chastity belts, bet there were so many different measurements. There was a waist measurement, waist down to the start of the labia, waist to end of labia, waist front to anus and six more. There was no doubt that this investment would be costly at close to eight hundred dollars, or more, but he had to stop her running around.

Sara could feel the cloth being pulled between her legs, her labia being parted and her asshole being played with. Instantly, she was wet and ready for the taking.

After five minutes of checking and rechecking measurements, Rick walked away from Sara for a couple minutes.. He returned with the leather wrist and ankle restraints.

"Remember these? He asked as he bent down and wrapped one of them around her left ankle. Rick finished with the right and padlocked a short chain between them.

"How about we get rid of those steel ones, okay?"

"Yes please, they hurt."

Rick unlocked the right cuff and replaced it with the leather restraint. "Now the left," he said as he removed her arm from above her head. After replacing the metal with the leather, he hooked the two together and behind her back.

Rick walked around from behind her and kissed Sara softly on the lips. "Sorry babe."

Just then Rick pulled on the rope that was tied to her wrist restraints.


Rick tied off the rope leaving Sara bent over, exposed and unable to move with her arms high above her head.


"Now, I am going to ask you a series of questions. Lie to me and....well, let's just say you would be better off telling the truth. Understand?"

"Ricky? Wha..."

"Shhhhhhhhhhh, I'll ask the questions."

"First question, where were you yesterday afternoon?"

Sara swallowed deeply, could he know? "Grocery store," she said softly.

"Anywhere else?"


"Are you sure you didn't stop somewhere else?"


"Sara, I love you with all my heart. I am so disappointed with you." Just then, Rick swung the homemade paddle that he maid earlier that morning. "WHACK"

"OW, Ricky? Ricky?"

"I just can't believe that you would lie to me. Who was he?"

"I'm sorry Ricky,... please no."

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