tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 01

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 01


Charmaine was completely loyal to Danny for over a year and a half, and she thought she was over her infidelity ways.

She was wrong.

When she decided to go back to school for a career change, she chose the school that was back in her hometown, and away from Danny. She lived with her mother, and was given one half of the house for her own use. Danny would visit on weekends when he could.

Things changed rather quickly when she ran into her old friend Holly. They began to hang out quite often, and Holly’s boyfriend John sometimes tagged along. It wasn’t long before John brought a friend along, and Charmaine’s heart leaped at the sight of him.

Ryan was gorgeous. About 6’2, 250 pounds but it was all muscle. He had short, black hair, nice blue eyes, and was a flashy dresser, with a thick hoop in his ear.

Ryan was just as taken with her as she was with him. She was hot herself, about 5’3, 125 pounds, a dark tan, dirty blonde hair, and a nice body to complete the picture.

The four of them hung out the entire night, and Charmaine kept stealing glances over at Ryan. He was hot! His body was perfect! The sight of him had her aroused, and she grew a little wet down below. They were drinking, and that didn’t help matters.

Ryan was aware that she had a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop him before. He flirted with her, much to her enjoyment, but at the end of the night nothing happened. That was Saturday. Tuesday night she got a phone call.

It was Ryan and he wanted to take her out on Wednesday.

“I have a boyfriend.” She said, sounding disappointed. Her heart was racing and her face was flushed though at the very thought of this hot stud showing an interest in her.

“That’s okay,” he replied, “I was just thinking of taking you out dinner, you know, as friends. I’d really like to get to know you.” That line usually worked. It worked this time, too.

“Okay!” she said, pussy tingling, “That sounds great!”

“So I’ll pick you up at 8. Where do you live?”

She told him, and added “you need to go to the back with your car and I’ll watch for you. I can’t have my mom see you picking me up or she may suspect I’m cheating on Danny or something. I’d just rather not deal with that, you know?” He understood. They chatted a few more minutes before he got off the phone.

Charmaine’s sex drive has gone down quite a bit lately, but she was horny all day, to the point where she masturbated. She couldn’t remember the last time that she did that! She couldn’t deny that Ryan’s handsome image continued to slip into her mind.

The next night, when he pulled up, Charmaine’s heart went into her throat and her pussy grew moist. She couldn’t help it! They were only going out as friends. She had to keep telling herself that. She had a boyfriend and she was quite proud that she hadn’t cheated on him in ages. Those days were behind her. Weren’t they?

She wore a white sleeveless shirt and beige pants that went halfway down her calves. She wore sandals on her feet, and she wore her hair up so her beautiful face was unimpeded. He wore a tight black shirt that showed off his perfect body, and dark blue jeans. A little much for the hot day, but he still looked great.

Dinner was incredible, Ryan poured on the charm, leaving Charmaine with the impression that he was the perfect guy and that they got along far better than her and Danny. Everything was just how Ryan wanted. And Charmaine was an easy target, too, for she wanted things to work out just as much. She knew that she couldn’t cheat on Danny, but she desperately wanted Ryan to try and convince her.

After dinner, they had drinks. By 11, the conversation was still going strong, still enjoyable. Char was a little buzzed, her head from the drink and her pussy from her arousal. He took her home, and when he pulled up to the house, she noticed all the lights out. Her mom and step dad were asleep. Like a true gentleman, Ryan walked her to the door, still talking and laughing with her.

“I had a great time Charmaine.” He said, still putting out the charm in full force. “You are an amazing woman, and really fun to hang around with.”

“Thank you! I had fun, too.” She smiled.

“I hope we can do this again sometime.” He said. She agreed wholeheartedly, and said so.

She desperately wanted him to kiss her. Would she kiss back? Probably. She was a little drunk, and incredibly horny. Yes, she thought she would kiss back. He wasn’t trying it, though.

“Do you want to come in for a beer before you go?” she asked, hoping to sound casual. It would be safe, she thought. Everyone was in bed, no one would know she brought another man into the house.

Ryan broke into a smile, nodding. He followed her into the house, his eyes lingering on her sexy ass as she stepped inside. The living room on that side of the house was hers, and she knew there was little chance of her mother coming down there. Danny and Charmaine’s dog greeted them, sniffing at the newcomer curiously.

He sat on the couch and she turned on the TV, leaving to grab a beer and a cooler. He played with the dog a little while he waited. She sat down on the couch next to him, setting the drinks on the table in front of them. The dog eventually just lay down and went to sleep. If she could only talk, she would have some interesting things to tell Danny when he came over on the weekend.

The conversation picked up where it left off, as if they had been friends for years. One drink turned into two. Charmaine was feeling a little drunk so she slowed down the pace. Ryan had a third, and was into his fourth by 1 o’clock. She couldn’t believe the time. She was having so much fun! He was quite funny, as well as charming. And he was so attractive that she thought that she had been wet for every second that they were together. It was getting late, but she didn’t want him to leave. She hoped they could talk all night! There was a break in the conversation finally, and Ryan thought he’d go to the next step.

“God you’re beautiful, do you know that?” he said, his handsome face had a serious look on it, his blue eyes were locked on hers. Charmaine blushed, and couldn’t help a smile. Her eyes glanced down. A tingle shot through her crotch, despite herself. Her heart was pounding. Quite possibly the hottest man that she has ever met just told her that she was beautiful!

“I’m sorry,” he continued, “I know you have a boyfriend. I just can’t help myself. I can’t think of anyone that I’ve ever met who I’ve found more attractive then you.” Charmaine didn’t know what to say, her face was flushed.

“Did I ruin tonight?” he asked when she didn’t respond.

“No!” she answered. “No, not at all! I’m sorry, I just – I just didn’t expect that.” She took a deep breath. “Thank you!” Her pussy was buzzing like crazy! Why did she invite him in? He was looking at her again. She met his gaze, heart beating like crazy. He leaned forward, closing his eyes. She didn’t move away and his lips touched hers, kissing her softly. He kissed her again, lips smacking a little louder. The third time he kissed her she opened her mouth. His tongue darted inside, and he slid over to her a little closer.

Charmaine put her arms around him, sending her own tongue back into his mouth, Danny was all but forgotten. She hasn’t kissed like this in ages! It was turning her on so badly! Ryan loved how she kissed as well, her warm lips were so soft, her tongue was hesitant. His strong hand caressed her bare arm up and down, the sensation was turning her on even further.

“Mmm…” she let a quiet moan escape as they kissed. She couldn’t help it. She was so horny! Had she ever been this horny? Ryan’s hand migrated down to her leg, and he caressed her thigh over her pants. She let her hands begin to caress his strong shoulders and upper back as she rubbed her tongue against his.

She wanted him. Badly. How would Danny find out? She couldn’t. Not just because of Danny but because she just met the guy the other night! But she didn’t want this kiss to stop, so what would it lead to?

She kissed him even more urgently while she wrestled with her feelings. She felt his hand creep up the inside of her thigh and she parted her legs subconsciously. She had an answer. He could touch her. She would touch him. Maybe suck his dick so he wouldn’t think she’s a tease. Danny would be none the wiser. Her pussy suddenly felt incredible.

“Mmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth, realizing that his hand had made its way up to her crotch and was rubbing her lightly over her pants.
He could feel the tremendous heat emanating from her pussy as he rubbed it, a little harder now. His cock was hurting as it strained against the confines of his jeans. Charmaine was a horny little bitch, he thought. He could tell that she wanted nothing more than to have him shove his big cock into her twat. She just needed a little urging, is all. He had plenty of time, and once she realized what he was packing, she would be all his.

He was big, and he knew it. In fact, he didn’t know if anyone was bigger! At least, not naturally bigger! Chicks loved his cock, and once they got it, they tended to want it more and more. Until they were addicted. He’s had more than one ex-lover who turned psycho on him when they stopped getting it on a regular basis!

He continued to rub her over her crotch, getting her even hotter. She had actually begun to writhe herself against his hand subtly.

Curiosity, lust, and just plain animal instinct drove Char to slowly, hesitantly run her hand down his chest. As she ran his hand over his stomach, she realized just how in shape this guy was. He was really toned! She reached the top of his pants, still kissing him passionately, loudly. Her hand hesitated. Would this be too soon? They had only been making out for about ten minutes or so, should she grab his crotch already?

Her hand answered the question before her mind could. It slid down over his jeans, caressing the bulge that was clearly there. And what a bulge it was! Hot tingles shot through her body from her pussy. She didn’t know what he had in there, but she knew it was big. Definitely a lot bigger than Danny. Perhaps even as big as Dean, a fellow she cheated with a couple years back?

Ryan slid his hand up her body over her shirt. At the same time, he gently lay her back on the couch, the side of his body squeezing between her and the back of the sofa. His hand cupped her soft breast over her shirt, gently squeezing it. Tingles shot from her tits to her crotch, and then up through her body at the touch.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned into his mouth again. He massaged her breast as her fingers continued to trail over the bulge in his jeans. He could feel her nipple stiffen beneath her shirt and bra.

He ran his hand back down her body and Charmaine parted her legs for him again, making sure that he had room to maneuver when he pleasured her. He rubbed her pussy again, by now it was so wet that she had no doubt her panties were soaked and possibly even her pants!

To her disappointment, he moved his hand back up her body, this time underneath her shirt. He slid his hand up her smooth, warm skin, slipping it under her bra and grabbing her bare breast. She kissed him with more urgency as he squeezed her tit. He could feel her erect nipple in his hand, a sharp contrast to the softness of her breast.

Her breathing grew heavy, and her hand began to squeeze his shaft over his jeans rather than trace over it. He slid his hand back down her body to the top of her pants. He undid the button and she felt her pants loosen as he eased down the zipper.

Ryan slid his hand slowly into Charmaine’s panties, his fingers running through the curls of her pubic hair as they searched for her treasure. He was happy to discover that she was soaking wet for him, his finger ran down her slit slowly.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned when he touched her. It felt so good, she was so sensitive down there! The juices were really flowing in her pussy, and it turned him on to know that he had this much of an effect on her. He dipped a finger into her sopping wet hole. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed, breaking the kiss. Her eyes were closed and her chest was heaving as his finger entered her to the second knuckle.

Charmaine hasn’t had sex all that frequently these past few months. Once every couple of weeks at the most. Needless to say she was incredibly tight and she gripped his finger snugly. He sucked her upper lip, pulling it outward slightly before releasing it. He began to slide his finger in and out of her, and she kissed him again, encouraging him.

Her slender fingers began to fumble with his button, finally getting it undone. She was dying to feel how big that cock was. She pulled down his zipper and reached into Ryan’s underwear. Her fingers wrapped around a thick member, and bolts of arousal shot through her entire body at the feel of it. She half pulled it out as she stroked it, still kissing him.

She realized, by the feel, that it was definitely huge, and likely gave Dean a run for his money (in fact, it was just as fat as Dean’s 9 inch dick, but even longer at 9 and a half inches!). If it were possible, she actually became wetter. He was huge! If her memory served, she really enjoyed the big cock that her old fling wielded. She was tempted to see how much she would enjoy this one. She squeezed it lustfully.

Ryan slid his hand out of her panties, to her disappointment, and began to push her shirt up her belly. Charmaine broke the kiss as he pushed it over her bra. She raised her arms, allowing him to pull her shirt over her head. She would definitely have to give him head, she thought. She couldn’t lead him on!

He dropped her shirt on the floor and his lips were on hers once more as her hand eagerly grabbed for his cock again. He began to kiss down her neck and Charmaine lay helpless to his touch. She stroked his long dick slowly as he kissed down the tanned skin of her chest. His hand was stroking her belly, softly, but now it slid up her body to her shoulder as his kisses reached her cleavage.

She watched him, not objecting as his hand slid her bra strap slowly down her arm, pulling the cup away from her breast.

Gradually her dark areola came into view. Her nipple was like a pencil eraser, and Ryan trailed his tongue around it. The sensation sent more tingles between her legs as his tongue gently teased over her nipple. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and released it. He slid both hands underneath and Charmaine found herself raising her back up off the couch and allowing him to unsnap her bra. He slid it down off her arms and again she was forced to release his beautiful cock and pull her arms out of it. She was now naked from the waist up, looking at him with her dark eyes, chest heaving. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his well toned, smooth upper body.

Ryan bent and kissed her again, his big hand cupping her bare breast. He sent his tongue into her mouth as he squeezed her tit softly. He began to kiss down her neck once more, kissing quickly down to her other breast. He had both hands squeezing her breasts as his tongue teased over one nipple, and then the other.

He could hear her gasp for breath above him as he slid his hand down her belly and back into her panties. He could not get over how wet her pussy was! He rubbed her entire slit with his hand, Charmaine nearly came from the sensation.

“Ohhh!” she cried. Her eyes were closed, and she was writhing against his hand. Her own hand was on the back of his head as he sucked her tit. She was panting, literally on the edge of an explosive orgasm, and he barely touched her!

She didn’t realize that he had stopped sucking her tits until he pulled his hand out of her panties. He grabbed her pants and by the time she realized what he was doing they were halfway down her tanned legs. Her smooth thighs were so sexy, and her panties were a navy blue color. Unable to help herself, she pulled each of her feet out of her pants and Ryan dropped them on the floor.

“We can’t have sex, okay?” Charmaine was looking at him pleadingly, as if it was his decision what was to be done with her body. Her naked breasts were heaving as she looked at him with her gorgeous brown eyes.

“Whatever you’re comfortable with.” Ryan smiled his winning smile. “I’m having an incredible time no matter what we do. You are truly a beautiful woman.” His words made her blush yet again, and her pussy began to ache for him even more.

Ryan was more than willing to say what she wanted to hear. He knew that once she saw how well hung he was, she wouldn’t be able to deny him. Women never could.

He grabbed the sides of her panties and tugged. Convinced that this gentleman would respect her wishes, Charmaine raised her ass up off the couch and allowed him to slide her skimpy panties down her legs. She pulled her feet out of them one by one, becoming naked for him.

He looked at her with pure lust, heart pounding. She parted her legs a little for him, revealing the pink of her swollen pussy lips surrounded by a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair. As he bent between her legs she opened them wider for him, holding her feet in the air. He kissed her sensitive lips and heard Charmaine catch her breath. He loved the taste of her pussy, he loved how it smelled, he loved how it looked. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, his tongue penetrating just inside her delicious cunt.

“Ohhh…” she moaned, curling her toes. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth across them, teasing her. As she reached down between her legs to hold the back of his head, Ryan pushed his jeans and underwear down his legs, unleashing that nine and half inch cock of his. He managed to kick them off without releasing her pussy, becoming completely naked.

He shot his tongue deep into her tunnel, collecting her abundant juices as he twirled it around. Her hand was playing with his hair as he slid his hands under her ass, holding her crotch in his face. He licked up to her clit, his tongue teasing over it.

“Ohh yessss….” She cried a little loudly. The dog raised her head, looking over at her master. When she saw nothing was up, she went back to sleep. Her master, meanwhile, was rubbing her pussy in another man’s face, close to an orgasm. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth across it, shooting sparks of pleasure up her spine. He licked it faster … faster … his tongue rapidly ran back and forth over her clit.

“Ohhhhhh….” Charmaine cried, cumming. Her face was clenched in ecstasy, her hands were forcing his face right against her pussy. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing, her heart was pounding as she came violently.

“Ohhh God!” she moaned, releasing him. She was panting, lying back weakly on the couch. She had one foot on the floor and the other was squeezed into the back of the couch, her legs wide open around him. Her pussy was quivering, desperate to be filled.

Ryan crawled up the couch towards her and her gaze trailed down his body to his humongous pole, waving back and forth as he approached. A surge of desire went through her at the sight. It could go so deep! It was half again bigger than Danny’s! So thick…

He lay on top of her, resting his thick shaft along her sopping wet slit as his lips searched for hers. They kissed passionately, her tongue sliding into his mouth. She could taste herself in his mouth as her tongue went far inside. Her hands were caressing all over his back, up into his hair, and down to his ass as he grinded against her.

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