Infidelity Revisited Ch. 01


Her pussy was defenseless against his cock, if he wanted to enter her there was nothing she could do. She sighed into his mouth, he felt so good! Her cunt was aching! All she had to do was say ‘put it in’ and her torture would be over. She had to stop this!

Ryan broke the kiss and held himself up on his arms, reaching down between their naked bodies and grabbing his cock. She tried to find her voice to protest, but couldn’t as he leaned back and ran the fat head of his penis along the wet lips of her vagina. Her breath was shaking, it felt so incredible. She squirmed beneath him as he coated the head of his cock with her juices.

“We can’t, Ryan.” She breathed, finding her voice in a last ditch effort. She couldn’t cheat on Danny. She had been doing so well! “Do you want me to give you head?” she asked. He looked at her, unsure if he should keep trying. She was pleading with him with her eyes.

He had mercy on her, a gentleman to the end. He sat back on the couch and Charmaine scrambled onto her knees on the floor before him, between his legs. She now had her first real good view of the monster he wielded.

Her heart soared and she felt an ache in her pussy. It was as big as she’d ever seen. Bigger, actually. It was standing at attention before her, and when she gripped it with her small hand it seemed even bigger! Her tiny, tanned hand looked miniscule when it was wrapped around such a thick, rock hard cock. She leaned forward and kissed the shaft of his mighty cock, her brown eyes locked on his. She bent further and sucked a testicle in her mouth as her hand stroked his manhood. He sighed, leaning back. He watched her tongue snake out and slowly make its way up along his shaft.

Charmaine opened her mouth and slipped the helmet of his fat penis into her mouth. She really had to stretch her lips around it. She ran her lips down his pole, trying to get as much of him into her mouth as she could.

It barely went in halfway, so her hand stroked what remained. She could feel his warm rod touch her throat, and she slid her lips back up to the top. Completely naked, Charmaine knelt before Ryan and bobbed her head up and down on his lap, sucking loudly. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ went her mouth as she gave a blowjob to a man that wasn’t her long time boyfriend.

She went too far down his pole by mistake, and coughed a little, still holding him in her mouth. She recovered, though, and continued sliding her lips up and down the top half of his penis.

Ryan leaned back, watching this gorgeous beauty give him head. Her perfect lips were wrapped tightly around his shaft, gliding up and down it. His cock was coated in her saliva. He could see her face completely, thanks to her decision to wear her hair up that evening, and her eyes were closed as she sucked him eagerly.

If Danny could see through the eyes of his dog, trailing his gaze upward he would see the bottom of his girlfriend’s feet, up her tanned legs to her amazing, naked ass. Above her ass was a small tattoo. Further along, her beautiful hair was up, and her head was bobbing up and down. She was slurping loudly.

Charmaine really got into her blowjob. She was so horny she took it out on his cock with her mouth. Her pussy was incredibly wet, she knew. She didn’t know how to find relief! Other than the obvious way, of course. And the more she sucked on this wonderful cock, the more she wanted it. Her cunt was aching for more attention. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’

She pulled him out of her mouth, looking up at him with her brown eyes as her tongue snaked out and she licked all over his fat head. Ryan leaned down and she leaned forward, her lips finding his as she continued stroking his cock.

They pecked lightly, before kissing passionately, her kneeling between his legs. Their tongues explored each other’s mouth, and she forgot to continue jerking him. Her hand merely held his thick manhood, squeezing it hard.

Unable to stop herself, Charmaine found herself rising up off her knees, still kissing him, lips smacking. She straddled him, his strong arms going around her nude body as she placed a leg on either side of him. Her tongue went far into his mouth, and she could feel his hard pole touching her sensitive slit.

“Mmm…” a moan escaped from her lips, muffled by his mouth. It felt so good! Her knees felt weak, and she found herself rubbing her naked pussy against his shaft.

He was breathing heavily into her mouth, he could feel how hot and wet she was as she pressed harder against him. His hands clamped onto her soft ass, squeezing the cheeks as he pushed her down, helping her rub along his pole.

Charmaine was quivering on top of him. It would be so easy! She needed him so badly! Her pussy was tingling like never before, and it was rubbing against the only thing that could help her!

She continued to rub herself against him, her juicy cunt rubbing all the way up his long cock, and then back down, still not allowing penetration. He was incredibly big! She thought about just how big his organ really was, and she couldn’t take anymore.

She raised her ass off of him, reaching behind her and grabbing his thick organ in her small hand. Heart pounding, she held his rod up in the air, and pressed the pink lips of her hot slit against it. There was no stopping her now!

She pushed downward, breaking the kiss. The petals of Charmaine’s vagina opened up and allowed the fat head of Ryan’s penis to enter.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, arching her head back. She could feel the entrance to her tunnel stretch wide around him. She had never before taken such a big cock, but she was so wet that she knew it wouldn’t be a problem. She slowly eased his dick inside her, the slick walls of her pussy sliding down inch by inch.

“Oh God!” she grunted. She almost got him inside her all the way in one stroke! Her pussy was bursting with cock! She lifted up a little, and then pushed down, wriggling a bit. The last inch of cock entered her, he was completely sheathed in her warmth. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, her head was tilted back a bit. He kissed at her open mouth, hands holding her ass down on him, keeping him in her. He kissed over to her ear. Charmaine snapped out of it. Her hands began to caress his upper back.

“You’re so big…” she grunted. And she meant it. He was so deep inside her, stretched her so wide that it was nearly painful. But a cock had never felt better in her, and it definitely scratched the itch. He began to move in and out of her a little bit, unable to move more than an inch or so because she was pressing down on him still.

He kissed at her neck, hands caressing her ass as she got used to the size. His fingers trailed up and down the crack of her ass. She was breathing heavily in his ear, an orgasm was rising and she hadn’t even moved yet!

Finally, she began to slide her pussy up his cock slowly. When it was near the top, she eased her crotch back down on him.

“Ohhhhh…” she winced. He was humongous! As he kissed at her cheek and chin, she slid her twat back up his pole. Her tight little hole really struggled to stretch around his thick rod. As she slid back down he jammed his cock upward, slamming into her hard.

“UNH!” she groaned, an orgasm exploded within her, catching her off guard. He hurt her, she wanted to tell him to go slow, but her orgasm rocked her so violently she could only moan. The pain felt amazing, she didn’t know how such a large penis fit inside her, but the pain it created was a good pain. She could feel him kissing at her mouth but she hadn’t the strength to kiss back, her entire body was on fire as she came.

Charmaine kept her ass in the air, needing to ease the intense feelings in her pussy, but Ryan held her ass tightly and was fucking upwards into her.

“Ohhhhhh…” she finally gasped, her orgasm subsiding enough for her to breathe again. He slammed his cock into her hard over and over, prolonging her orgasm. He squeezed her ass tight, not letting her get away.

She began to meet his thrusts, starting to get used to how big he was. He kissed at her mouth again, and this time she kissed back breathlessly, tongue eagerly exploring his mouth. She slid her wet pussy up and down his massive pole, regaining control of the pace.

“Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” she moaned into his mouth as he fucked her at a hard, but steady pace. Ryan could no longer take it, he needed to take control. Holding her ass down on him with one hand, he held her back with his other, his manhood buried deep within her.

The huge, 6’2 man stood up, easily lifting the 125 pound woman with him. Charmaine wrapped her legs around him, keeping his precious cock inside her as he lay her down on the couch on her back.

“Don’t cum inside me, okay?” she breathed. He nodded, understanding. He held himself up on his arms, looking at her. She met his gaze with her dark eyes. His eyes trailed down her beautiful body to where her bush made his member disappear. Her legs were in the air a little, around him. He kissed her, and their lips smacked loudly.

Ryan suddenly pulled his penis out of her pussy with a ‘slurp’ that both could clearly hear. Charmaine was suddenly filled with despair, a sense of emptiness that she couldn’t describe. She couldn’t help it, her cunt felt so empty! But he only wanted to watch himself enter her again, and he quickly placed the fat mushroom head against the swollen, quivering lips of her vagina. He watched as they parted for him, allowing him to squeeze inside her slowly.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned, arching her head back and closing her eyes. “…so big…” His penis seemed to take forever sliding into her. Just when it seemed like he was done entering her, he just kept going.

Finally he was in her to the hilt, his groin pressing against her crotch. He pulled back, and then jammed it into her hard. “UNH!” she cried out, a little too loud. She was trying to be quiet, she would hate for her mother to catch her and tell Danny, but this dick was just so big!

Ryan pulled out again almost all the way, watching the pink of her pussy lips pull outward with his cock. He slammed back into her again. “UNH!” she cried again, her tits bouncing from the force.

He began to slide in and out of her at a steady pace, holding himself up on his arms and looking down on her as she moaned. Her tits bounced up and down as he fucked her faster and faster.

“Oh! Unh! Unh! Oh! Unh! Oh…Gah! Oh! Yoursobig! Unh!” she groaned softly as he slammed his rock hard member into her hungry pussy. He began to fuck her as hard as he could, thrusting lightening quick as her tanned feet flailed behind him helplessly.

“Ohhhhhhhh…” Charmaine came hard, face wincing. She stretched her legs out behind his thrusting ass as she lost all control. Her heart pounded, she was in tune with every inch of her body. She could feel the inside of her pussy squeezing and gripping at his cock as she had a powerful orgasm.

Ryan was merciless. Holding himself up on his strong arms, he was looking down at her and fucking her for all he was worth. He knew she was cumming, he knew she had little control over her senses, he knew he had a huge cock, but he showed no mercy in that he rammed his monster into her as hard as possible.

He watched her tits bouncing violently before him, and her eyes clenching shut as she came and came and came.

For another five minutes, he slammed 9 and a half inches of penis into her body. “Ohhhhhh…” Charmaine moaned again. She didn’t so much have another orgasm as she did continue the previous one.

Her body was shaking, she had never taken such a big dick, and he wielded it so well! Her orgasm was only allowed to subside when he pulled his manhood out of her pussy.

She was gasping for breath as she watched Ryan hold his thick member above her belly. It jerked in his hand, a stream of white jism shooting over her stomach and off the bottom of her right breast. It felt quite warm on her skin. Another thick wad of cum dumped onto her belly button. He continued cumming, but the semen merely trickled out of his penis and onto Charmaine’s bush.

“Ohhh…” was all she could say for a moment, another man’s cum on her stomach for the first time in nearly two years. She could honestly say that she has never enjoyed sex as much as she did right there. He bent his hulking body over her and kissed her soundly on the mouth. Charmaine kissed back, repeatedly.

Ryan got off of her and grabbed a nearby Kleenex box, handing it to her, wordlessly. Charmaine took it from him, finally catching her breath as she wiped his sticky fluid off of her.
The two got dressed, and lay on the couch together for awhile, just enjoying each other’s presence. It was 3 o’clock before they were finally at the door saying goodbye.

“So, do you want to hang out with Holly and John tomorrow night?” he asked, looking to see her again real soon.

“Okay!” she said, cheerfully. She felt less guilty if the four of them hung out. Even though she just fucked this man, and loved every second of it, she didn’t think she could go out on another date with him. She saw what happened when they did that!

Ryan pulled Charmaine into his arms, kissing her goodbye. His hands held onto her beautiful ass, squeezing the cheeks as his tongue shot into her mouth. Giving her ass another squeeze, he broke the kiss and left saying he’d pick her up at six at the back door.

Charmaine went to bed with a smile on her face. Not even guilt could taint the satisfaction that she felt.


There are many parts to the story, of which I will submit every 3 days (try). this is my first crack at the novella thing, so let me know what you think...also, for more erotic stories about Charmaine you can check out Charmaine's Infidelity, Nick or Dean?, Persistency Pays and Loyalty? Never Heard of It! They all occur before this one... X*

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