Infidelity Revisited Ch. 02


‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she slobbered hungrily on his penis. She loved this cock! Most of the cocks in her life have been around 6 inches! This one here was by far the biggest, and it to her it made all the difference.

Ryan slid his hand down the back of her pants as she continued to give him head. He caressed her soft ass. He ran his hand up underneath her, over her shirt to her breast. He squeezed the soft mound. More tingles shot through her body. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she was really getting into a rhythm on his member. She was such a pro!

The big man leaned over her further and undid the button on her pants and pulled down the fly. Heart pounding, Charmaine continued to suck Ryan’s dick as she let him slide a hand into her pants. His fingers ran through the curls of her pubic hair, and she parted her legs a little more, giving him access to her pussy. When he reached her slit, he could not believe how wet she was!

“Mmm…” she moaned, mouth full. He barely touched her and it was driving her wild. He trailed a finger down the lips of her cunt, dipping the top part of his finger inside.

“MMPH!” she moaned around his cock. She was breathing heavily through her nose, and losing her concentration as his finger tickled her needy pussy.

“Oh my God, Char!” Ryan moaned. “You’re so wet! You really want me, don’t you?”

Charmaine pulled his penis out of her mouth with a ‘slurp’.

“Yes.” She breathed, putting her arms around his neck, closing her eyes, and kissing him hard. Her tongue darted into his mouth and her lips were sucking at his over and over. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as she kissed him lustfully.

He regained control as he kissed her back, pushing her back over to her own side of the car as he did so. Their kissing was urgent as his hands pulled at her pants. Charmaine found herself raising her ass up off the seat and actually helping him push them down her legs, completely forgetting that she was parked in her mother’s driveway.

He broke the kiss as he pulled her pants down past her knees. Her beautiful bush was exposed to him from the light of the street lamps. She tried pulling her feet out of her pants but her sandals were in the way. Lucky for him they were Velcro – he didn’t think he could hold out much longer! As he wrenched off her footwear,

Charmaine scrambled to find the lever that would push the seat back. She found it, pushing it back all the way and laying it down a little more. Her sandals were off her feet and she was pulling them out of her pants now. She got her foot out of one side and she kicked her pants off the other one.

She was panting, naked from the waist down as Ryan climbed over top of her. He pushed his shorts and underwear down to his knees as she opened her legs wide for him. He finally got in between them, hard as a rock, and she placed on foot on the dashboard and the other one against the passenger window. She completely gave herself to him.

Charmaine looked down between them, easily making out his huge member surrounded by his dark hair. The light from the street was quite bright! Her chest was heaving as she watched him grab his cock.

He slowly ran his fat head down the swollen lips of her vagina. It felt so hot!

Ryan pushed forward, forcing the petals of her vagina to part for him. “Ohhh!” Charmaine cried, arching her head back as her pussy gobbled up his cock. He slid his penis nearly all the way inside her in one hard stroke. She gripped him tightly.

He pulled back halfway, and then jammed it home. “UNH!” she moaned, smiling. He was finally inside her all the way! How long had it been? A day? Actually it had been seven hours, but to her it seemed like an eternity. Feeling something that big, that hard, that hot inside you…you never wanted to do without again.

She wrapped her sexy legs around him, making sure he wouldn’t get away, and he began to thrust in and out of her. He was kissing at her ear, her cheek, her neck as he thrust his hard penis deep inside her warmth over and over.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Yesthisfeelssogood!” she moaned, her feet bouncing off his ass repeatedly. Ryan was kissing at her mouth now, but she wasn’t paying attention - there were nine and a half inches of penis slamming in and out of her!

His long pole glided in and out of her sopping wet pussy, and she was losing it. The car was rocking, the windows were steamed, and her moans were getting louder as she got screwed behind her boyfriend’s back. “Oh! Oh God! Ohhh! Ohh! … … Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned, cumming. His ass continued thrusting between her outstretched legs.

She was pressing her feet flat against the windshield as she came. Her entire body was on fire, her heart was pounding, and her feet were pushing at the window nearly hard enough to pop it out! Her one hand was clawing at his back, her other one was feeling his ass as it flexed over and over again. She was gasping for breath as he relentlessly drove his organ deep inside her.

Ryan was feeling incredible himself. He was at the point now where he had to focus on not cumming, just so that it wouldn’t be over in five minutes! Her cunt was so hot, so snug. He continued to slam himself between her thighs over and over. Charmaine finally calmed down a little, her legs relaxed somewhat around his waist as he fucked her.

“Oh my God!” she breathed as his manhood slid in and out of her, “Unh! Unh! Unh!” she resumed moaning, her pussy still very stimulated. He was really stretching her! He couldn’t take it anymore. Her face was so beautiful all scrunched up like that. He moaned, sliding his long penis out of her vagina.

“Ohhhh…” he moaned, cock jerking in his hand. A long stream of hot, white semen shot out his dick and splattered across her red shirt. Charmaine grabbed his dick from him, feeling it pulsate again as more cum shot out, also landing on her shirt.

She tried to push her shirt up a little with her other hand as more cum poured out. This time it trickled all over her hand and into her bush. Both were gasping for breath as she squeezed still more cum out of his penis.

“That was good…” he panted. Charmaine smiled.

“So – how do you get to your house?” she asked, chuckling. He laughed. Then he gave her directions. As he put his dick away, and crawled over to his side, Charmaine spoke again.

“You know, you really have to stop getting my shirt all dirty!”

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