tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 16

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 16


Charmaine spent the weekend fucking the shit out of Danny while he was down.

It didn’t help.

She didn’t know what has come over her, but ever since her night with Ryan she has been absolutely insatiable! By Tuesday she was dying for a fuck again. Danny wasn’t coming back until Friday.

Wednesday arrived and she was horny while at work. She forced herself to drive a different route home. She could not handle the temptation of Ryan’s place. Thursday was a different story. Charmaine was working again. She was wearing a long navy skirt and a white sleeveless shirt. Her dirty blonde hair she wore up. She wore black heels, with two black straps covering the tops of her feet.

She needed it – badly. She told herself that if she drove past his house and the car was in the driveway, then it was fate – she would have to go in.

Of course when she drove past the house, his car was in the driveway. Her pussy tingled with excitement despite herself. She parked, got out of the car, and slowly made her way to his door. The blood was rushing through her veins as she stood there nervously. Her pussy flooded when Ryan opened the door. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, with an open plaid shirt over top.

“Hi.” She said softly, looking at him with her dark eyes. She didn’t know what else to say – it would feel weird to just blurt out ‘I need to get fucked’!

“Hi.” He replied, smiling. He opened the door wider and stepped aside. Heart pounding, Charmaine walked in. He shut the door behind her. She took a deep breath, looking at the floor nervously. She looked up at him, trying to think of something to say. What she saw in his eyes was pure lust.

He put his hand on her cheek and bent towards her. His lips touched hers, and they kissed softly. She opened her mouth and felt his tongue dart inside as they began to kiss a little harder. His hand slid down off her cheek and caressed down the soft skin of her arm. Ryan slid his hands around her waist, and she put her arms around his neck. His hands clamped onto her soft ass over her skirt, clearly feeling it through the thin material. He pulled her close to him, and she pressed her body hard against him, sending her tongue far into his mouth.

They were kissing loudly, sloppily as they held each other close. She could clearly feel the large bulge in his jeans as he pressed against her stomach. They were breathing heavily as they kissed, and Charmaine felt herself being backed up into the living room. The tingling sensation that was going on between her thighs was beginning to overwhelm her. She kissed him more urgently, as if a kiss alone would help to ease her arousal. She felt his hands leave her ass and her shirt slowly began to slide up her body.

She broke the kiss and raised her arms, allowing Ryan to pull her shirt over her head and off. He threw it on the floor as he looked at the tanned skin that was now exposed on her beautiful body. She was wearing a tiny little black bra. She looked up at him with her dark eyes, chest heaving as she breathed laboriously. She didn’t think that she could be any wetter.

He slipped his arm around the smooth skin of her lower back and pulled her close again. This time Charmaine’s small hands went straight for his crotch, her nimble fingers immediately working on the button and zipper as they kissed once more. Her heart was thumping as she got his jeans open. Her hand went right into his underwear and her fingers wrapped around his thick manhood. She sent her tongue into his mouth as her hand squeezed him lustfully.

His own hands reached down between them and unsnapped the clasp on her skirt. She stepped out of it when it fell to the floor, revealing her skimpy blue panties. Then his mouth was on hers again, his strong hands sliding down her back and into her panties. He gripped her soft, naked ass tightly, and pulled her against him as he shot his tongue far into her mouth. His hands kneaded her ass eagerly, and he was breathing heavily into her mouth as he slowly backed her up.

She felt the back of her legs hit the couch, and she fell, sitting back on it as they broke the kiss. Charmaine was looking up at him, wearing only her black heels, her blue panties, and her black bra. Ryan stood before her, taking off both of his shirts and then pushing his pants and underwear down. His long, nine plus inch cock popped out, standing at full attention. He stepped out of what was left of his close, standing before her completely naked. A wave of desire went through her at the sight of that beautiful cock. She suddenly realized how much she missed something that large sinking inside her.

He was still standing before her expectantly, and she slowly reached out with her hand, looking up at him. Her small, tanned hand wrapped around his fat, white penis. She smiled at him as she held his powerful cock. She leaned forward, taking her eyes off of his and focusing them on that lovely manhood. Her hand stroked him a little as her lips lightly kissed the base. She kissed it again affectionately. She kissed it again, unable to stop herself from worshipping this amazing penis. Her lips smacked loudly as she rained kisses all around the base of Ryan’s dick, her small hand still stroking him.

Her dark eyes met his as her tongue snaked out and gently lapped at his balls. She opened her mouth and eased one of his testicles inside. She sucked it lightly, eyes still locked on his. He watched it pop out of her mouth, and then he watched her take his other one inside. She sucked on it hungrily. Her pussy was tingling like crazy, and she was fully conscious of just how hard his cock was in her hand. She released his other testicle, and because her hair was up, he had a clear view of her tongue snaking out and slowly licking up his long shaft. She bent his cock downward, and her tongue began to trail around the head. She kissed it softly, slowly, allowing her lips to linger a moment on the sensitive skin of his helmet. Keeping her lips pressed against it, she opened her mouth and slowly eased him inside.

“Ohhh…” he moaned as he watched his manhood slowly disappear into Charmaine’s mouth. She pushed as much of it as she could inside, not stopping until she felt his hard tool poking at her throat. She was able to take two thirds of it inside, and her mouth warmed him. Her dark eyes looked up at him again as she held him in her mouth, her lips stretched around his thickness. She slowly slid her lips back, pulling him slowly out of her mouth. ‘Slurp!’ He popped out of her mouth. Her hand stroked him again as she kissed the top of his member.

She opened her mouth and took him inside, quicker this time, satisfied by his soft moan. She began to bob her head back and forth, eagerly. ‘Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she sucked hungrily on his mighty cock. He loved watching his penis disappear into her beautiful face over and over like that. ‘Slurp slurp slurp’ his cock was covered in her saliva and it glistened in the light each time she slid it out of her mouth.

She was really going nuts on his cock. She was so into her blowjob that she accidentally jabbed her throat with his pole. She coughed a little, keeping him in her mouth until the gagging reflex left her. She then took her time, slowly running her lips up and down his slick shaft, her small hand cupping his balls. Her black bra strap was slipping off her right shoulder, and the sight turned him on to no extent.

Ryan reached down and gently lifted her chin, watching as the head of his member slipped out of her mouth. ‘Pop’. She smiled up at him.

Suddenly, he grabbed her underneath her knees and slid her ass to the edge of the couch. Her pussy flooded at his roughness, and she let him have his way with her. He lifted her legs until her knees were almost touching her shoulders. Her feet, still in their black high heels, were wide apart in the air. Her panty-covered pussy was at his mercy.

Charmaine watched as he sunk to his knees before her, his hands still holding her legs in place. He kissed her panties right over her pussy lips. They were soaking wet! She gasped at his touch, and she might have become wetter – but it was difficult to tell at this point! He opened his mouth and covered her pussy with it, still teasing her over the thin material. He licked at it, and he could clearly taste her juices in the sopping wet panties. He wiggled his mouth over her horny cunt, rubbing his jaw and lips against her most sensitive area. He was dying to lick her bare pussy, but he wanted to tease her. He sucked her panties, along with the lips of her vagina, into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes as tingles of electricity shot up her body. She needed her naked sex to be touched, licked – anything! She began to writhe her crotch up against his face as Ryan ate her out over her thin panties. Her entire body was tense, and her legs opened even wider for him. She couldn’t take it anymore!

He pulled his mouth away from her crotch as he watched her reach down with her small hand. It slowly crept down between her sexy thighs, and he watched as her fingers touched the side of her panties. She slowly pulled them over to one side, revealing the curls of her dark pubic hair. In no time, the swollen pink lips of her pussy were exposed to him. Charmaine held her panties to one side – her pussy was all his.

His tongue snaked out and he quickly licked her from the bottom of her slit, up to the top. “Ohhhh…” she gasped as bolts shot up her body, her boyfriend forgotten. He could clearly taste her flowing juices, and he wanted more. He kissed her pussy lips, and they shook at his touch. He slipped his tongue in between the petals of her sex, sliding it as far inside her as he could.

She sighed above him, opening her eyes so she could watch him lick her cunt. She could see his mouth pressed against her pussy, and she could feel his tongue wiggling around inside her. Ryan sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, holding them there as he ran his tongue up and down them, intentionally staying away from her clit. He slowly let her swollen lips slip out of his mouth.

“Ohhhh…that feels good…” she whispered, her fingers nearly letting her panties slip back over her bush. He slowly ran his tongue up the lips of Charmaine’s sopping wet vagina, reaching her clit and licking it. She gasped, tightening up. He licked at the tiny nub once again, his hands still holding her legs down against her torso. He gently sucked the little button into his mouth and held it trapped between his lips. He suddenly ran his tongue back and forth across it as he sucked on it.

“Ohhhh…” she began to struggle a little as the sensations grew more intense. She was squirming violently beneath him as he lapped at her clitoris faster and faster. She could feel an orgasm building, and she rushed to embrace it. She had been in desperate need of this all week, and it was finally reaching a boiling point.

“UNH!” She groaned, her hands grabbing at the back of his head and jamming his face against her pussy as an orgasm exploded within her. Bolts of electricity shot up and down her body as she came and came and came. Her face was wincing as she struggled to regain control. Her hands pushed his face out from between her thighs, as she could take it no longer. She was gasping for breath, chest heaving.

Charmaine was helpless as she watched Ryan grab the thin elastic of her panties and tug downward, forcing them down off her ass. She straightened her legs and allowed him to slide the skimpy things down them. He pulled them down to her feet, but had a bit of trouble getting them over her high-heels. She pulled first one foot out of them, and then the other, opening her legs for him and presenting to him her pussy. Her feet were in the air, and she was looking at him lustfully with her dark eyes.

He bent between her sexy thighs and kissed her pussy again. He then began to kiss up her smooth belly, briefly licking at her belly button. He pressed his lips on her skin just beneath her bra, as his hand reached up and slowly eased her strap down. Gradually, the cup of the bra slipped off her breast, exposing her areola and hard nipple. He licked at her nipple, and then sucked it into his mouth. She sighed, feeling the top of his rock-hard manhood brush against her thigh. He reached underneath her and unsnapped her bra.

Her straps slipped down her arms and he pulled it off. She was now completely naked, with the exception of her high heels (which were still in the air on either side of him). She was breathing heavily, dying to have him inside her – dying to feel that humongous cock glide into her needy cunt.

His huge tool was standing at full attention, and the length of it was pressed along her sensitive slit. Looking deep into her dark eyes, he began to grind himself against her, rubbing his powerful member along the tingling lips of her vagina.

Ryan grabbed a cushion off the couch and used it to kneel on, allowing him to have the height he needed to drive himself into her. He grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees back up against her chest, rendering her helpless. He moved his hips back, and the mushroom tip of his fat penis slid down her wet slit. Charmaine’s hot entrance grabbed the head of his cock and held it in place. She sighed, looking at him lustfully. He was still holding her ankles, keeping her feet far apart.

“Do you want this?” He asked, mischievously.

“Yes.” She whispered, breathing heavily.

“Promise me you’ll come back tomorrow.” Ryan said, still holding over nine inches of pure hardness just outside of her entrance.

“Danny’s coming tomorrow.”

“Promise me.” He repeated. She desperately needed him to sink that organ into her. It had been so long since anything had gone so deep!

“I can’t,” Charmaine begged, “he’ll be with me all day!” She was quivering with desire, and he could feel how wet her pussy was as he kept his dick pressed against it.

”Well,” he replied, “find an excuse – or come over after he’s gone to sleep. I just can’t take having you one day, and then not seeing you for weeks! I can’t do that!” He was all talk. There was no way he could stop himself from sinking his rock hard manhood into her warm, tight hole…he could barely hold back!

She appeared to think for a moment. She closed her eyes, trying to ease the intense feelings in her pussy with absolutely no success. She opened them and saw over nine inches of cock sticking straight out, the top of which was pressed against her treasure. That did it.

“I could probably come over after he sleeps, but it will be late!” She relented. “Now come on!”

“Promise me.” He ordered.

“Please put it in me.” Charmaine panted.

“Promise me!” Ryan repeated.

“I promise!” She nearly shouted. She was dying for it! He pushed forward a little, and just the helmet squeezed into her.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as she felt the entrance to her vagina stretch wide for the fat head of his penis.

“Promise what?” He asked, holding himself right where he was. Her eyes opened and she looked at him with pure desire.

“I promise I will come over tomorrow night after he goes to sleep!” Her naked chest was heaving as she gasped for breath.

Holding her ankles tightly, he pushed forward. His eyes were locked on her bush. He watched as the pink lips of her pussy engulfed more and more of his cock. Inch after inch eased inside her tightness, warming more and more of his length.

“Ohhhhhhh…yesss…” she moaned, closing her eyes again as she felt herself become so full. He was so big that he could only get about seven inches into her. He pulled back a little, watching her pink lips pull outward as he withdrew. He pushed forward again, this time his entire penis slid into Charmaine’s wet vagina. He was inside her again!

“Ohhhhhh!” They moaned in unison, her hot tunnel completely engulfing his long, thick member. He looked down at where his body met hers. Their pubic was intertwined; he was buried all the way inside her.

Her heart was pounding. She was in heaven. Finally! That wonderful feeling of her pussy being filled to capacity with cock! He held himself inside her as he leaned forward, lips searching for hers. She kissed him eagerly, sending her tongue far into his mouth as he grinded himself against her. Their tongues danced inside each other’s mouths as he kept his massive dick inside her.

Ryan broke the kiss, looking into her brown eyes as he lifted himself back up. He held her feet before him and slowly slid his organ out of her, stopping when just the head was inside her warmth, stretching her entrance. He could see his thick penis was glistening with her flowing juices, and his head was buried between the pink lips of Charmaine’s hungry vagina. He eased his cock back inside Danny’s girlfriend.

“Ohhhhh God!” She moaned, arching her head back as inch-by-inch that wonderful member slid back into her body. He loved how tight and hot her pussy was around him. He slowly slid out of her again, watching her pink lips pull outward along with his penis. Holding her ankles tightly, he slammed his rod back into the helpless woman.

“UNHHH!” She moaned, wincing. She wasn’t used to anything that big forcing itself into her like that! Ryan began to thrust into her over and over, watching her expression as he used long strokes. He looked at her feet on either side of him, still in her black heels as he continued to hold her ankles. Meanwhile he was burying his fat member in and out of her warmth.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UMNH!” Charmaine moaned each time his powerful tool slammed into her. She could feel his hard cock bounce off the back of her pussy repeatedly, and the tingling sensation rose to a crescendo. ‘Slap’ ‘slap’ ‘slap’ ‘slap’ ‘slap’ he slapped against her body as he began to fuck her a little harder. Her tits were bouncing with every thrust, and her moans grew louder in pitch. She could feel an orgasm rising. She was conscious of every single inch of his penis gliding along the walls of her needy vagina even though he was fucking her so fast. She was being stretched so wide, and so deep! She couldn’t take much more of this!

“UNHHGH!” She cried, cumming. Her legs straightened far out on either side of him, forcing her ankles from his grip. Her face was flushed, and her entire body was on fire as she was overcome with a powerful orgasm. Her pussy was pulsating, and still Ryan was fucking her, showing no mercy. Her eyes were closed, her head was arched back, and she was gasping for breath as her lover continued to feed her his massive pole. Finally, her legs relaxed on either side of him as she recovered. He could feel her heels banging off his ass each time he thrust into her.

Her eyes were still closed when she felt his mouth on hers. She kissed back eagerly, her tongue darting far into his mouth as his dick slid in and out of her hole. Her legs squeezed his body lovingly, forcing him to shorten his strokes – but it also forced him to keep most of that huge cock inside her.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth as she kissed him, taking him deep inside her hungry cunt over and over. He broke the kiss, raising his body back up. He grabbed each of her ankles again and held her feet in the air, forcing her knees back against her chest.

His eyes trailed down her beautiful body, over her bouncing tits to the triangle of her bush. He watched where the pink lips of her vagina accepted his rampant hard-on over and over. She was so tight! He looked at her feet as he held her ankles in his hands. He brought her one foot up to his mouth and kissed over top of it, in between the two black straps. He kissed her toes, not missing a beat as he continued to jam his powerful cock inside her.

Charmaine’s pussy was so hot, so snug around him. He didn’t think that he would last much longer. He wanted to cum on her pretty face, perhaps subconsciously wanting to re-establish sexual dominance over her…or maybe he just wanted to cum on her pretty face.

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