tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 19

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 19


Charmaine was nervous about the following night. Ryan was coming over as a "study buddy", and she was certain he was going to want a blowjob. She was also certain that she would give it to him, even though her boyfriend Danny would be in the same house. The wildness of it all had her pussy tingling all day, but that didn't hide the fact that she was scared. How long could she keep this up? She had to pick a guy, and it had to be soon. She made a promise to herself that this sluttiness would not last another week. She would end it with someone.

As the evening approached, Charmaine tried to pretty herself up without making it seem like she was prettying herself up. She threw her hair back in a ponytail, and wore pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, no socks. She kept it casual, her hair was in a ponytail yet the makeup on her face was done to perfection. Still, Danny didn't notice anything amiss.

Her mom and step dad were out of the house for the evening when Ryan knocked on the door. Her pussy flooded at the sound. She couldn't help it!

Her and Danny both answered the door, and Ryan stepped in. For the first time, her two lovers were face to face! Except Danny had no idea that the guy that he was looking at was hung like a horse, and that giant cock of his had been inside Charmaine in every which way, dozens of times. He had no idea that the man before him was less than 24 hours removed from fucking his girlfriend so very hard – both up her pussy AND up her ass! This guy has been shooting his semen all over her face, into her mouth, and into her vagina over the past couple of days!

"Danny, this is my friend from class, Ryan." Charmaine introduced them. The two men shook hands. The hand that Danny grabbed had been all over his girlfriend's naked body just hours earlier. All over her breasts, her ass...it had even rubbed her sopping wet pussy! This guy was huge. Bigger than him, with short black hair and a big hoop earring.

Ryan had a smirk on his face. He hadn't even bothered bringing a binder. He hadn't even bothered to PRETEND that he was actually her classmate. He was there to get laid, and he didn't care if he put on a good act.

Danny went back to the living room to watch the hockey game and Charmaine led the way upstairs. Ryan stared at her ass the entire way up. Once they got into the computer room, Ryan grabbed her as she was turning around, pulling her close. Smiling, she closed her eyes as he kissed her. Their lips smacked a little too loudly for her liking, yet she opened her mouth and upped the passion of the kiss a little. She felt his tongue enter her mouth boldly, and she grew excited. Her boyfriend was just downstairs!

He slid his hands down her back and onto her ass over her thin pants. He could feel her smooth ass cheeks so clearly through them, and he knew that she was pantyless. This did nothing to ease his arousal, and when his penis started to grow, she could feel the bulge against her stomach grow bigger. He squeezed her soft ass cheeks as he felt her eager tongue dart into his mouth. He quickly brought his hands up to the top of her pants and slid them down the back, feeling her bare ass this time. Their kissing grew more urgent and he pulled her even closer to his strong body.

Danny was completely zoned into the game, just down the stairs from where his girlfriend had her tongue down another man's throat!

Ryan placed the tips of his fingers from each hand along the crack of Charmaine's ass and squeezed her bare cheeks lustfully. He then slid one hand down a little further, reaching underneath her ass. He slid a finger down the bottom of the crack of her ass, along the skin between her asshole and her treasure. He quickly found hot moisture and knew that he had struck gold. He dipped a finger into the sopping wet hole that he had discovered, and she moaned into his mouth. His one hand squeezed her soft ass cheek while his other hand slid two inches of a finger into her steamy treasure, over and over again as they kissed.

Charmaine's hand reached down in between them and undid his jeans and pulled down the zipper. She reached into his boxers and her hand easily found his thick penis. It was huge, yet she knew it could get so much bigger! Her pussy ached for him, but she wouldn't dare!

She would, however, suck him off. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes as she slowly sunk to his knees, forcing his hands out of her pants. Her tiny hands pulled his boxers down a little, and his semi-hard penis flopped out. The fact that it was only half-hard, and yet so humongous, made her pussy buzz like crazy at the mere sight of it! Her small hand grabbed the floppy thing at the base and held it steady as she wrapped her pretty lips around his mushroom head. She pulled it out of her mouth, slurping a little too loudly for her liking. Her tongue snaked out and she licked from the base of his dick up to the top, quickly. She sucked him back into her mouth, and placed both his hands on the back of her head.

She could feel his member growing in her mouth, and it turned her on all the more. She shaped her mouth like an 'o' and began slide her lips up and down his growing organ. Before she knew it, her hand was holding his base, and her lips weren't even meeting her hand! He had grown to full hardness, and she sucked him furiously.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' She tried to keep the sucking noises quiet, and was only partially successful as she gave head to another man while her boyfriend was downstairs. She loved the sensation of such a big, hard cock banging slightly off the back of her mouth. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!'

"Do you guys want anything to drink?" Her heart stopped when she heard Danny's voice come from the bottom of the stairs. She quickly pulled Ryan's giant cock out of her mouth. Ryan scrambled to a chair in front of the computer, his hands trying to block his dick from view as it was far too swollen for him to even make an attempt at stuffing it back into his pants. Charmaine quickly sat down in the chair beside him. Her books were on the table in front of her, but they were unopened.

"Um...no, we're okay!" She called back as her hands whipped opened two of her books to a random page.

"Okay!" Her boyfriend of over four years replied. She could hear him walk away from the stairs and into the kitchen, likely grabbing himself a beer. Her heart was pounding like crazy as she looked over at Ryan. She smiled with relief, and when Ryan moved his hands away from his cock she couldn't help but look down at it, pussy tingling with desire. It was sticking up so high in the air!

Still feeling very daring despite their close call, Charmaine slipped off the chair and onto her knees before him, her small tanned hand wrapping around his big, thick, white cock. She gave him a nervous smile as she ducked her head low. Her tongue darted out and lightly lapped at his balls. She then slowly licked up his shaft, her tongue making the long journey, leaving a trail of saliva behind. When it got to the top, she licked at his mushroom head using short, fast strokes.

Her ears still trained on the stairway for any sound, she opened her mouth and once again slid her sexy lips over his helmet. She sucked him into her mouth, slowly running her lips halfway down his pole. She kept him her mouth for a second before sliding her lips most of the way back up. Almost at the top, she ran her lips back down a little quicker this time. Rounding her mouth into a perfect circle and sucking on him softly, Charmaine began to bob her head up and down Ryan's penis hungrily.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' She could not help the loud noises of the blowjob she was giving. She was slurping eagerly on his cock, and she was beginning to forget where she was. It was suddenly a mission to have this man cum in her mouth. Danny who?

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' His cock was so thick in her mouth – was he getting harder? Her hand gripped the base of his fat dick as her lips ran smoothly up and down its length. Her mouth sucked on his beautiful penis softly, still gliding up and down it.

Ryan could feel his balls heating up. In the back of his mind, he could hear the sounds of the hockey game coming from the TV downstairs. He thought of how the man watching that game had no idea how his not-so-innocent girlfriend had her mouth around a giant cock. The thought was enough to make him lose it. He humped up off the chair and towards her face, and she could hear his breathing grow even more laboured. She sucked on him as fast as she could, wanting him to cum. She felt his hands grab the back of her head and he held her steady.

"Ohhhh..." Ryan moaned, and Charmaine felt his penis pulsate in her mouth. Hot, thick liquid fired off her throat, and she struggled to swallow it. She pulled him just a little ways out of her mouth, so only the top couple of inches were in as it jerked again. She could feel his semen shoot onto the back of her tongue, and she could taste him. She swallowed that load as well, even as he was shooting more of his cum into her mouth. She pulled her lips away with a loud 'pop', gasping for breath even as she drank down the hot fluid that was in her mouth.

Her tanned hand still held his monster cock as she regained her composure. Some white fluid trickled out the top of his penis, pouring over the side of his head and down his shaft where it pooled on the side of her hand. She bent and stuck her tongue out, starting at a point just above her hand she slowly licked up his softening shaft, gather the trickle of pearly fluid that was there. She could taste his salty offerings as her tongue reached his fat helmet. She licked at the thick fluid that was there, circling her tongue over his tiny hole.

She released his penis with one hand, and grabbed it again with the other, holding it up still, as it grew softer. She licked the cum that was on her hand between her thumb and forefinger, sucking the skin into her mouth as she looked up at him with her dark eyes. With her other hand she was squeezing his cock, forcing a little more semen out of the top. Charmaine wrapped her lips around his pole, sucking him a little ways into her mouth as she sucked what remained of his sperm into her mouth. She pulled him out again, smiling up at him. He smiled back, catching his breath.

She got up off her knees and scrambled back onto her chair. Her eyes could not stop drifting down to his soft penis. It was still so big! Ryan was leaning his head back, eyes closed as he recovered from one hell of a blowjob. She wiped her hand around her mouth, making sure that she didn't have any leftover cum there. When he recovered Charmaine broke the silence.

"So do you want me to try and sneak away to your place tomorrow?" She asked. "He will leave after supper, and I can swing by after that!" Ryan looked her up and down, making no move to put his soft penis back in his pants. He smiled at her.

"What makes you think that we're done?" He asked, mischievously. Tingles shot through her pussy when she saw him slide off the chair and kneel before her. His hands grabbed the waistband of her pajama bottoms.

"Ryan!" She whispered, grabbing her bottoms and keeping them up.

"What?" He asked, innocently. "I just want to return the favor, that's all!" He pulled more forcefully. Charmaine held them for a couple seconds before releasing her grip. It was as if she WANTED to be caught! He slid them down her smooth, tanned thighs. His eyes were locked between her legs, where a rectangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair was revealed. She was very nervous, but horny as hell, as she pulled her foot out of her pajama bottoms. He kept her bottoms around her left foot.

To say she was scared was an understatement. What the hell was she doing? She kept her legs closed, though she didn't know why she was being bashful. She went this far, she may as well go all the way! She kept them closed nonetheless, nervously smiling at her lover.

Ryan was still on his knees before her, looking up at her. He put a hand on her knee and pushed it away from her other knee slowly. He looked between her thighs at the swollen pink lips that were exposed to him. He suddenly felt his soft penis start to respond. Charmaine's beautiful pussy was before him, the lips pressed together, surrounded by short curls of pubic hair.

Hesitantly, she lifted her foot off the floor and placed it on the edge of the chair, keeping her legs open, but making it easier for him to get closer. Her breathing grew deeper as she watched him bend his head between her legs. He softly kissed her slit.

"Ohhh..." she sighed as tingles of pleasure shot up her body. He placed a hand on either side of her smooth thighs and stuck out his tongue. His tongue slowly ran up the sensitive lips of her cunt, tasting her delicious juices. Charmaine sighed again, Danny fading from her memory. She placed the foot that had her bottoms around it on the edge of the lower part of a bookshelf. Her other foot she lifted up off the floor and placed it on Ryan's shoulder, completely giving herself to him.

He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and slowly released them. Her sensitive skin slipped out from between his lips sending tingles of pleasure up her body. He lightly licked at her clitoris, causing her to shudder. He reached down and grabbed onto his hardening cock, stroking it as he sucked her little button into his mouth. A soft moan escaped from her lips as his tongue buzzed over her clit like a tuning fork. She began to struggle beneath him, but he held her fast, his tongue glancing over her clit unabated.

"Ohh God..." she moaned, head arching back as the tingles within her body began to overpower her. She was humping her crotch up into his face, subtly. He started licking her clit harder, still maintaining the speed. An orgasm exploded inside her, and she gritted her teeth, stifling a cry. Her legs locked around his head, forcing it against her pussy. She rubbed it against his face, her orgasm growing even more intense. The tingles were all the way through her body, and she held her breath as she came and came and came. Ryan couldn't breathe, but he didn't mind where his face was!

Finally, she released him, the air escaping from her lungs. Ryan kissed Charmaine's swollen pussy lips that were pressed together before him, and they quivered invitingly. He stood up and leaned over her, kissing her mouth softly. She was too tired to kiss back at first, and when she finally caught her breath, she was caught off guard by the sensation of something hard touching her exposed pussy. Her heart dropped to her feet, yet her pussy flooded with excitement. What was he doing? DANNY WAS RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS!

Still hovering over her he wiggled his hips a little, positioning his cock at the gateway to heaven without using his hands. She was so wet that the entrance to her cunt actually gripped the tip of his manhood and held him in place. Instinctively he lifted up, his penis searching for the heat that she had to offer. The lips of her vagina stretched wide open for him, allowing the head of his penis to squeeze inside.

"Ohhhhhh..." she sighed, trying to keep it quiet as Ryan's giant organ entered her body while her boyfriend of four years was right down the stairs. Ryan looked down at where the pink lips of her beautiful cunt gripped the top portion of his swollen member. He grabbed the sides of her soft hips with his strong hands, holding her steady. He pushed himself into her, not relenting until his entire organ slipped into her horny vagina. Her eyes closed and she winced as she felt his hardness deep inside her body. His groin was pressed against her, and when she opened her eyes and looked down between her thighs, she could see where the curls of their pubic hair mingled with each other. Over nine inches of this man's body was inside her!

Ryan pulled about an inch out of her and then pushed back in. She moaned softly, feeling him poke the back of her needy pussy. Charmaine wrapped her legs around him a little, resting her feet on his ass as he fucked her using tiny strokes. His mouth covered hers and she felt his tongue slip inside. She sent her tongue into his mouth passionately, no longer listening for Danny at the stairs. Ryan was so deep inside her – he was scratching an itch that Danny never could! She loved how wide he was stretching her cunt, as well. He was only pulling out of her about an inch or so with each thrust, yet how wide his dick was forcing her pussy to be created an indescribable sensation.

Charmaine placed a leg, the one that didn't have her pants around it, around his waist. Her bare foot rested on the curve of his ass as he remained deep inside her body. He was kissing at her urgently, thrusting up against her. With each thrust, she could feel his hardness poke at the back of her pussy. She was breathing very heavily in his mouth as her hot cunt gripped the entire length of his member.

Ryan was too horny to continue this way. He had to fuck her a lot harder than this! He pulled back, his long penis gliding along the walls of her pussy on its way out. Suddenly, he was out of her, and she felt completely empty. She kept her feet in the air, legs wide open, unsure of what he was going to do.

He grabbed her and pulled her out of the chair, spinning her around roughly. Charmaine was too turned on to object. Completely passive, she placed her hands on the table and leaned over it, presenting her bare ass to a man that was not her boyfriend.

Ryan took all of a microsecond to stand behind her. Holding her soft waist with one hand, he grabbed his mighty tool in the other. It was slick with her juices. He slowly ran the tip between her ass cheeks, and she found herself bending over a little further for him. He felt a hot, wet sensation touch the tip of his manhood and he instinctively pushed forward. Her pussy stretched open, gripping the top of his giant cock.

"Ohhhh..." she whispered, closing her eyes as she felt her body get penetrated. Ryan lifted up, forcing the entire length of his penis up into Charmaine's vagina. She gasped again, loving the feeling of fulfillment that overtook her.

He looked down. Her tanned ass was pressed right against his groin, and her warm pussy gripped his entire dick comfortably. He slowly pulled halfway out of her, watching the pink lips of her vagina pull outward along with his cock. He eased back inside her, and he heard her moan softly. He began fucking her at that nice, easy pace. His groin was softly slapping against her ass as he pushed his giant monster in and out of her comforting warmth, over and over.

Charmaine closed her eyes, sighing as she forgot where she was. His hard tool was jamming in and out of her sensitive pussy, each time it entered her was like heaven. His rigid pole was entering her so deep! She could feel him banging off the back of her pussy!

The tanned cheeks of her beautiful bum were rippling each time he tapped against it. Ryan was beginning to fuck her a little harder, and the tingling that was inside her crotch began to grow more intense. She raised her right leg, the one without her pants around the ankle, and placed her knee up on the table. She was completely opening herself up for him, giving herself to him.

He held her hips and began thrusting against her a little harder. 'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!' He was slamming against her bum so hard that the slapping noises could be heard at the bottom of the stairs. Fortunately Danny was engrossed in the game, and the TV was somewhat loud, and he heard nothing.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" She moaned softly, feeling his long, thick penis bury itself into her horny vagina over and over. Ryan slid his hands up her body, pushing her shirt up along with them. The two of them were so engrossed in the feelings and the passion that neither cared where they were and who else was in the house. Charmaine found herself lifting up a little and allowing him to pull her shirt up over her head and off. Her blue bra was the only thing that interrupted the view of the beautiful tanned skin of her back. He reached out in front of him and unsnapped her bra. The straps fell down her arms and she mindlessly let it fall right off, still taking his fat cock inside her eagerly. 'Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!'

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