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Inflatable Nozzle Play


Doc sat down on the bed, holding the enema nozzle in her hand. Hummm, she thought, why have we never used this one? She had been cleaning the closet, and had run across the nozzle. As a physician, she knew immediately what it was....a double inflatable nozzle. From the size, she knew it was a 750. Grinning, she muttered, "Been holdin' out on me, haven't ya?"

He walked into the bedroom and grinned. He reached across the bed and tugging on her shirt, pulled her down as he lay down, kissing her. She wiggled away and smacked him lightly with the nozzle. "You been holdin out," she pouted.

Laughing, he took the nozzle out of her hand. "You knew I had it," he answered. "You never seemed too interested in using it."

She grinned, feigning innocence. "You never asked, either."

He rolled over and sat up, chuckling. "Ok woman, do you want to play with the Inflatable nozzle?"

"I can use it on you?" she asked. She felt her pussy moisten at the thought of giving him enemas. As much as she loved it when he gave to her, she enjoyed giving to him more. She could become aroused just hearing him moan as he filled and his cock grew rock hard. She could hardly wait to get her hands on him again.

"Yep, you can use it on me," he replied. "But, then you have to let me use it on you."

"Ohhhhh, nooooo," she laughed, shaking her head. "You're not sticking that beach ball in MY ass."

He roared with laughter and hugged her. ""There's a 250 in there too. Would you like that better?"

"I dunno," she grinned, skeptically, "But I'll try it for you."

"Ok," he agreed, kissing her lightly. "You get them out and clean 'em up and I'll be right back. Gotta see a man about a dog."

Grinning, she knew exactly what he was going to do. Apparently he was gonna do a quick anal douche before they started.

When he returned in a few minutes, she had padded the bed and had everything ready. He eyed the full bag and grinned. "Anxious, are we?"

She walked over to him and put his hand between her legs. She could feel his cock harden and press against her tummy.

He grinned as he pushed her panties aside and slid two fingers into her wet warmth. "I think you're more than anxious, baby," he whispered, kissing her deeply.

"On the bed, man," she ordered, grinning, "before you screw this up by cumming."

"Yes, ma'am," he answered. "How do you want me?"

"Hmmmm," She hadn't thought about that. "On your back?"

"Yep," he grinned. "With the knees bent."

She rimmed his anus, lubing, then slid her finger in to lube inside. She then lubed the nozzle again, making sure it was well coated. "Push baby," she whispered, breathlessly, as she slid the tip in, working it in past the sphincter. "Okay," he breathed a little ragged, "pump it up....8 or 9 squeezes should do it."

It didn't take long and she was ready to start the flow. CLICK. He felt the water moving into him and groaned. Damn, it felt good!!!

She removed her panties and he pulled her hips over his face as she took his hardening cock in her mouth, teasing and then sucking and licking. There were no worries about leaking and he would hold as long as the inflatable nozzle was in and pumped up. She felt his cock swell and knew he was close. She was trembling, and he rimmed her ass with his finger and slid it in. She came with a moan and a whimper and he flooded her mouth.

He felt the pressure in his bowels increasing and panted, trying to slow it down, as she got off of him and unhooked the bag. "Let's go," she said. He certainly didn't argue with her. She sensed it was getting more difficult for him to hold.

Doc released the pressure on the balloons but didn't have to pull the Inflatable nozzle. When the pressure was released, his first wave of expulsion pushed it out. She was intrigued that something that small could cause such force in expelling.

She cleaned things up as she waited for him to finish. "You ok, hon?' Doc asked.

He nodded, grinning. "Yeah, Its just gonna take a few minutes. You ready for me to give you a inflatable nozzle?"

She smiled. "I'm thinking."

Laughing, he said, "Gonna chicken out on me?"

She nodded. "I think so, babe. You won't be mad will you?"

"No," he laughed. "When you're ready to try it, we will."

Doc would try it, but the first one would be a solo. She intended to get him out of the house, either to work, fishing or playing golf, and find out exactly what this 250 felt like. If she liked it, then she would let him give to her using it. If not, he never had to know. At any rate, she was now an official "Inflatable nozzle enema giver," and had enjoyed it.

It was Monday before Doc could find time alone to try the Inflatable nozzle. She had come home early from work and couldn't wait to hit the bathroom. The thought had been planted in her mind since Saturday when she had given him enemas with the Inflatable nozzle 750. True, she had been skeptical about having it used on her, but she was anxious to know how it felt too.

She threw clothes off as she walked swiftly through the house to the bedroom. Grabbing the 250 from the closet, she entered the bathroom to lube it and prepare the bag. After hanging the bag on the IV pole by the bed, she padded the bed.....just in case, and laid down on her left side.

Dipping her fingers in the jar of lubricant, she pulled her knee up to her breasts and rimmed her anus, moaning softly as she eased a finger inside her rectum. She played for long minutes, her eyes closed, her clit tingling as she rubbed it, then touching her nipples that were pebble hard. She was so lost in her self pleasure, that it was difficult to return to the fact that the bag hung, ready, just above her.

Doc carressed the bulb on the Inflatable nozzle and taking a deep breath, pushed it past the sphincter. Success! It was in and she inflated the "ball" until she felt the pressure inside her rectum. She had a good seal, and opened the clamp to let the solution flow.

"OMG," she moaned softly, squirming. It felt soooo good! No wonder he loved it. She could only imagine if the 250 felt this good, the 750 must be awesome. She heard the bag gurgle and clamped it quickly, tuning onto her back, returning to her self exploration. Just the knowledge that she would hold securely made her bolder as she closed her eyes, trembled and let herself fly into ecstasy. She came hard, whimpering and moaning as she boldly rubbed her clitoris until she was limp. He always teased her about not being able to cum and hold......but now she could......and she couldn't wait to show him!!! She heard applause and her eyes flew open.

Mike stood in the doorway, applauding, holding her clothes. "Bravo," he grinned. "You did it!"

"Do you want me to deflate it for you?" he asked, as he helped her to the bathroom.

"Please," she nodded, then she sat, gushing. She grabbed his hand and he knelt in front of her as she told him excitedly about taking her first Inflatable nozzle.

He chuckled as she said, "Now I want to try the 750!!!"

"Whoa!" he replied, grinning. "Lets get you a little more comfortable with the Inflatable nozzle first. Next time, try the 500 and then if you feel comfortable with it, we'll graduate to the 750."

"Fantastic!" she exclaimed. "I can hardly wait." She grinned mischieviously.

"What?" he chuckled. He never knew what was coming next.

"I was wondering," she grinned, "Do you think Sweet has ever had a Inflatable nozzle used?"

He shook his head, laughing. "Well, if she hasn't...you're just the woman to introduce her to it."

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