tagIncest/TabooInheritance Ch. 02

Inheritance Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Or sometimes you just don't see it coming!

It really would help you understand what has happened so far in this story if you read the first part first and then this, the second part, second. It would make everything more sensible. This is a fiction; all of the characters are made up. Oh and they're all over 18. Enjoy!

I woke up that Saturday morning with a lithe, slim naked body nestled under one arm, and a slightly softer, slightly rounder, equally naked body under the other. I also had a raging hard on. I knew they were neither of them asleep so I lifted my arms, and took both of their hands and placed them on my cock. They were well trained and both slid down in the bed and started working on my hard on.

I stretched as I let them work.

Fuck me! Seriously? If you ever get the chance to let two women suck your cock -- go for it!

To take my mind off the gloriously sensual tongues working my cock I thought back to the night before and considered where I was at that point.

A week earlier I had discovered that I had inherited an astronomical amount of money, a large number of properties and a large house, and a business portfolio from my grandfather. More startlingly I had also inherited his two long term submissives -- who, I was stunned to find, are my mum and my grandmother!

Last night I had taken possession of the two subs and administered a punishment session to them both for their misbehaviour during the week. I had committed several acts of incest, and was in the process of becoming a repeat offender now.

If I had had any doubts that I was committed to my new life my mum sucking each ball and my gran cramming my knob down her throat helped to get rid of them. I could feel my bladder was full -- and pissing on my gran was still an alien concept to me, so I reached down and separated the two gorgeous women from my tool. Then I went through to the bathroom with both women scurrying along beside me.

"What do we do about breakfast in this house?" I asked as I pissed.

"What would Master like for breakfast?" my mum asked.

I thought for a second -- I would normally have been very relaxed and content to let someone else set the menu. Now I was the Master of the house, it was my job to choose and say what breakfast would be -- not just for me but for mum and gran as well.

"Scrambled eggs and toast, juice, and coffee."

"Very good Master Michael. May this one ask a question Master?" Gran asked.

I said that she could.

"Does the Master, wish for his two adoring subs to eat as well?"

I had forgotten! Now, here was a question.

"Yes. I would, thank you Elizabeth. So while I shower, Jane, you make breakfast for us all and Elizabeth can assist me in the shower."

"Yes, Master Michael." They chorused.

My gran helped me to soap up -- her hands soft with the soap, as she lathered my hair and body. She caressed my back and slid her hands down between my ass crack. She moved round in front of me and started to soap my front, and I started to caress her breasts -- my gran has got great little perky boobs, with pierced nipples, something I am still trying to come to terms with. Anyway she batted my hands away -- this was about me being assisted in the shower not her.

Her other hand soaped my cock and like my mum had the week previously, she started a leisurely but very effective wank. I reached around her shoulders and pulled her to me. Elizabeth's lithe body pressed itself to mine, moulding itself to me. I reached around behind her and lifted her, clasping my hands underneath her cute little bum.

Our kissing had switched from sensual to hungry, Elizabeth's supple tongue and mine met in a lingual duel. Her hands roamed across my body till she clasped her hands round my neck. I slid my hard cock into her, feeling her labial piercing against my skin.

I pressed Elizabeth back against the wall of the shower, keeping her impaled on my cock and supported by my hips. I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and twisted them hard.

Gran moaned into my mouth as I tugged, I tugged a bit harder, and squeezed them harder. Elizabeth came with a shudder, and once again our kisses became ravenous as I started to fuck her hard, as brutally as I could. I slammed into her forcing her up against the wall. Using one hand to slap her arse, I started to cum and shot my seed deep into my gran as she moaned her second orgasm.

We stood together as I let my cock soften and slide from her. Elizabeth stayed with her legs wrapped round my hips, her arms around my shoulders. The warm water fell on us both but she looked me in the eyes and said "Thank you Master."

"Thank you, Elizabeth." I replied.

Then in a very un-submissive way my gran leaned in and kissed my cheek, "Thank you Michael." She whispered.

"Love you Gran." I whispered back.

After we had showered, and sub Elizabeth had towelled me off, we sat at breakfast with Jane. I had a light t shirt and pair of black tracksuit bottoms on, both women were naked apart from their collars, and waited side by side for permission to sit down. I indicated they should sit down and eat.

I wanted to ask how I was doing, I wanted to check I was doing it right, but inside I was telling myself that firstly it didn't matter what I was doing so long as I was being the dominant and engaging them in their game. I'm the boss, I told myself, I set the rules, my goals were our collective pleasure. Their goals were to push those rules and explore what they had to do for their reward -- pain and pleasure rewards dispensed by me.

Plus - I told myself - it wasn't very 'Dom-like' to check my skills with the subs. Imagine it -- thwack! Thwack! Thwack! "How is this for you? Am I doing this right?" I think not.

"So," I asked, to divert my mind, and learn more about my new house, "Is it just us all the time? I'd have

thought this place takes a fair bit of looking after."

"Yes, Sir, it does," my gran told me.

"But it's not just you and Jane, is it Elizabeth?"

"No Master, though we try and have the place to ourselves at week-ends, we do have staff who work during the week."

"Do these staff know anything about your sexuality?" Both of them smiled.

"There are a couple Master, a very select few who know things. They support us with their discretion and are very well rewarded as a result, sir."

"And what about you two? What kind of daily routine do you normally have?"

"Whatever Master wants us to have." They replied almost in unison.

"No." I told them patiently. I was enjoying the master thing but sometimes I thought it would be nice to just get a straight answer. "If it was just the two of you what would your day be like?"

Elizabeth started off, "Well Master Michael, we would finish breakfast, clear away the breakfast dishes and go to our gym for an hour_"

"Okay!" I said and indicated they should follow me, "We'll start there and have a swim as well."

Jane remained standing by the breakfast table.

"Yes Jane?" I asked my mum.

"If the Master would allow it, these two subs have something for the Master this afternoon. Something we'd dearly like him to see, if he would."

"At what time Jane?"

She told me it was planned for half past two, I reached out and took her hand drawing with me and Elizabeth towards the gym and the pool, "Okay Jane, Two-thirty it will be."

We sent a pleasant hour in the well equipped gym -- both women had quite hard routines that they followed, which explained their condition. "Master John insisted on it." Elizabeth told me as they stood for my inspection, hands clasped in the small of their backs, weight over the left foot and right foot slightly forwards.

I walked around them, this was a presentation pose, and I took the chance to give both of my wonderful women the once over. I had a small hand towel which I twisted in my hands as I walked around. Grand-dad John had certainly instilled the right habits in his wife and daughter -- my gran and my mother.

My gran -- a lean, clean, fucking machine, Elizabeth stood there proudly with the rings in her nipples gleaming. A light sheen of perspiration shone on her shoulders and in between her breasts. I trailed my fingers across the top of her buttocks, raised them to my nose, smelled them. The tips were deliciously musky, I tasty the salt sweat on them. I offered them to my gran, she suckled on them hungrily.

My mum -- the more solid of the two, but not fat in any way, the difference between the two women was the difference between two sports women, one lighter -- a runner or a cyclist, one heavier -- a rower or a field athlete. But both women were well-toned and muscled. My mum's breasts were bigger and sat voluptuously on her chest, her large nipples in a semi-permanent state of arousal. She too was sheened with the sweat of working out. This time I gently stroked my finger tips between Jane's breasts, touching them to the tip of my tongue and then offering them to her mouth. This time Jane just licked, slowly, sensuously, her tongue dragging my fingers upwards as she cleaned the surface.

As she did, Jane moaned appreciatively, before a little shiver ran through her.

SNAP -- the towel flicked across her bum cheeks, "I did not tell you that you could cum!"

Elizabeth smirked.

SNAP -- "And you can stop smirking as well!"

I gave both of them four more swats with the towel before sending them off for a swim.

After the subs had swum and I had set them about tasks, I went back to the gym room. After a fifteen minute session on the tread-mill, I went through series of repeats on most of the resistance machines before I ended the session with a naked swim. There were some serious perks to this money thing. I'm not a muscle boy, but I did play five-a-side on a once a week, but because of my job I found it difficult to keep a regular session in the gym back in Slough. Now I was able to exercise daily and swim. Yep I could get into this kind of life.

Elizabeth made me a sandwich for lunch, my mum wasn't about, so I spent time with granny sub, deciding a time-table around when and how I was going to get the rest of my personal gear from Slough up here to Thrallthorpe, amongst other things.

After lunch - to pass some time -- I went to the study and spent some time on Facebook while Elizabeth sat under the desk sucking my cock with the instruction not to spill a drop.

Get this - so you're there exchanging pleasantries with people -- liking this, commenting on that -- while you're getting World Class oral action, what a howl!

Elizabeth sucked and slurped away cheerfully, "Don't spill any!" I said as I came for the third time. Just as Elizabeth guzzled down my cum, my mummy sub entered and knelt by the desk.

"If Master is ready -- there is a presentation for him in the media room."

AS I went to stand up there was a faint squeak from under the desk, I looked down and Elizabeth had a string of jism dripping from her lips.

"Naughty Elizabeth!" I said, as I wagged a finger at her, then turned away, indicating Jane should rise and go first. Gran scrambled up and followed us.

It was the first time I had used the media room, and once again I was impressed with the way it had been designed.

There was a seventy-two inch flat screen TV with four thirty inch screens, two on either side. I later found out that my grand-father had liked to have news and business channels showing at the same time as something on the main screen. Screw that, I thought. If I was in there to watch a film, the rest of the world could sod off. I reckoned there'd be some changes.

There was a satellite feed with all the sports and film channels, sockets for games and a VGA feed so you can plug a lap top into the system. I asked mum about it and decided to build a dedicated pc with a couple of terabyte hard drives in for quick access to my film collection.

The seating was deep, soft and plush, the walls had soft panels on them for sound deadening and there was a surround sound system built in.

My two ladies made me sit in front of the big screen and knelt in front of me.

"Begin." I told them.

"Master Michael" Elizabeth started. "We both want to say thank you for accepting these two submissives as yours. This has been something we have been working for since the death of Master John. Master, you have made these two subs very happy."

"Master," Jane carried on. "These two subs suggest Master Michael might want to watch some of Master John's 'home movies'."

Well that kind of answered my question from earlier -- how am I doing? "Speak freely -- am I lacking somehow?"

"Oh no! Honey!" My mum emerged for a second, "Last night was superb!" Her smile was broad and genuine.

"It certainly was!" My gran smiled as she rubbed her bum. "It stung when I went to get in that bath!"

"Then what?" I asked.

"Master," both women immediately slipped back into role, "These two submissives suggest Master Michael may find some of the things Master John did interesting, and he may even improve on them."

"Okay." I said cautiously. Then I had a thought.

"Jane start the presentation, then join Elizabeth and I up here. I patted the couch on my left hand side for Elizabeth. She knelt facing the screen on the broad cushion next to me. Jane pressed play and went to the right hand side. I slipped my hands under them and began teasing them, tickling their pussies and caressing their clits. If they were going to be watching this with me they might find it arousing.

"You must both wait for me to tell you when you can come." My mum looked me in the eye, and grinned, she knew this was going to be tough.

The film started simple enough, the film was black and white, a young Elizabeth was tied spread-eagle on the bed, and a youthful looking grand-dad, wearing black trousers and a white shirt, was flicking her breasts and pussy with a flogger, as she arched her back and writhed under the blows. The Elizabeth on the film orgasmed at least twice as they watched.

I could feel both women tense as they watched the film, so I concentrated my efforts on stimulating their clits. I could see Jane in particular was twisting and wringing her hands where they lay in her lap as she struggled not to cum. Elizabeth sat very still her eyes on the film.

"When was this filmed?" I asked her, hoping to break her concentration.

"This was taken in 1972, master." Gran's attention was riveted to the screen, by absorbing herself into the film, she was diverting the sensations attacking her pussy.

"Two years after mum was born?" Who was sweating slightly now, shifting her weight slightly as I switched to a gentle finger fuck.

"Yes, master."

"How long had you been doing this when you made the film?"

"Five years Master." I slid my hand up Elizabeth's bum and squeezed the curve of her arse, "Did you practice while you were carrying my mother?"

My hand slid over and around the swell of her bum in the same way people run their hands over pregnancies. I was trying something I'd read once about memories being attached to areas of the body. Elizabeth's voice was strained -- almost a groan, "Yes, master, we did."

"And by the time this film was made -- did you know you were a pain slut, grand-mother?" Okay call me sick and twisted, that sort of question still makes me chuckle.

Her words were short and clipped, her voice hoarse. "We didn't know it was called that Master, not back then. But yes, I was into pain."

The film changed, images were in colour and a younger version of my mum, had her arms strung up over her head and her ankles tied to the legs of a table. Although I was still tickling my gran's clit I eased off that, and turned my attention to my mum's pussy. We watched grand-dad using a paddle (which really looked like a table tennis bat, I mean it was twenty five years ago, stuff couldn't have been THAT easy to get hold of) on mum's arse before he switched to a flogger, and I could see his technique, several strokes, followed by tenderness.

There aren't a lot of pictures of mum at this time, I found out later it was a year after I was born, and mum was still a skinny teenager. Her hair fell forwards framing her face, and her boobs were big compared with her frame -- guess you can blame me for that. And she was stunning, she really was. There was no sound to the film but I could see her mouth moving -- she told me that she was thanking Master John.

These early scenes were scene-setters. The film developed further, there was a section which showed both women bent over a bench, both of them had butt plugs in, and both were being switched. Gran was getting more than mum, but both of them had well-striped arses. I was intrigued by the idea of the butt plugs and screwed a finger into each of the two lovely arse-holes beside me, making my mum squeak in panic, and my gran push down hard onto my finger.

The film changed quite rapidly and the butt pugs had gone and grand-dad was using his own butt plug, to screw each of them in turn. While he was doing this Master John was slapping their arses. For a second my attention was all towards the screen, granddad john didn't just have good technique, but I could see where he got his feel for big spaces, the old man was hung! I think I must have paused for a second as I felt both my subs relax on my active fingers. I felt my gran ease her pose almost imperceptibly, and my mum's weight slid downwards a little. Ooops! Just a moment's respite was enough for these two, enough for them both to recover their composure.

On the other hand they had both let their guards down as they caught their breath. My fingers sought out two engorged clits, pressing them tight against their pubic bones. My mum shot upright, arching her back as if she'd been shocked.

Gotcha momma!

Her body vibrated like a taught string, as she gasped and shuddered. Jane's head fell forwards as she realised her failure. I continued to press her clitoris, watching her writhe.

On the other side of me Elizabeth was motionless. Only a very careful viewer would notice the tension in her barely controlled by her rigid pose.

"Jane!" She looked at me, panting, eyes unseeing, hair dishevelled and hanging loose around her face (Oh man, she looked sexy!). Behind her on the big screen, her younger self was tied in a hanging restraint, immobilised with her hair up, and a red ball gag in her mouth, she had nipple clips on and a clip on her clit.

"Jane!" This time I was more gentle, and her eyes focused on me. "You lose."

I pointed at Elizabeth, "If you can make Elizabeth cum just using your mouth, you will escape a punishment." My hand was now resting in the small of my gran's back, and as I challenged Jayne I felt her back sag a fraction.

Oh yes I thought this was going to be a contest. My mum -- I had discovered -- has exquisite oral skills, but my gran has a will of iron. I turned my attention back to the film in time to see grand-dad supervising Jane as she applied a switch to Elizabeth as she was tied, face down, to the X shaped table. Mum wasn't being gentle -- slashing blows across Elizabeth's thighs and ass. Then she moved up gran's back, and I could see the blows falling so they flexed round her body and raised wheals across her ribs. But Elizabeth writhed and pushed her hips up towards the falling switch. The switching seemed to go on and on, before the scene changed again.

The sounds of Jane's enthusiasm drew my attention for a moment, I reached over and squeezed Elizabeth's right nipple, hard. This drew a moan from Elizabeth. I watched this realising that this was the first time I had watched just the two of them, both together. They made a fine contrast. As I have said my gran slim almost hard bodied, small perky boobs with pierced nipples that quivered as she moved under the attentions of my mother. My mum - her heart shaped arse stuck up in the air as she buried her face in my gran's pussy - bigger of frame, but she too was sensual and obviously devoted to her task.

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