tagSci-Fi & FantasyInkwell Ch. 04

Inkwell Ch. 04


Just a quick note for the readers

I am not a tattoo artist any more than a Greek Mythologist. This is a work of fiction and any miss steps in the way things really work are because of these facts. None of the people in this piece are real; any reference to the real world is purely coincidental. Enjoy.

Shesin purred and moaned tied to the armchair. It wasn't helping get the temp painted onto her. Hours of work had done nothing when he put it onto himself. Shesin had agreed that he was going to need more than just her if the higher realms decided to come after him. Now he was fighting exhaustion and a horny ticklish succubus.

"Would you hold still?" He hissed at her for the twelfth time in the last 20 minutes.

"I can't help it. You touching me... turns me on. And you tie me down. Please fuck me. I will sit still if I get off." She said.

"I fuck you and you get all sweaty and this melts off." He said.

"How much longer? You promised me some? Can I have it now?" She said.

"No you can't." Ducici said from the back door. "I need it first, then I will give it to you as well."

"Ducici, it worked! You look..." He stared.

She still looked like herself, only her breasts were once again petite, and her body looked more athletic. Her hair was short and spikey like a punt rockers but it was a warm shade of auburn. She closed the door and walked over between Estephan and Shesin.

"You need to claim me again, Lord Estephan. I can feel her inside me," She said caressing Shesin round ass, "I can feel you too, Master. Will you claim me?"

"Claim her and untie me so we can thank you Lord." Shesin pleaded.

Ducici knelt down and undid the front of his pants. Her lithe hand fished his cock out and she kissed the head of it. She turned to wiggle her tight ass at him. She grabbed Shesin and buried her face in the succubus's backside. Shesin went ridged feeling Ducici's hot little tongue in the fold of her pussy. Estephan half delirious grabbed the dryad by the hips and shoved his dick in her hot box balls deep.

He just pounded the girl. He watched her kneading Shesin's quivering ass and from the sound she was sucking the sex demoness's clit like she was the demoness. His sleep deprived mind tossed ideas around thou none interrupted him. He focused himself.

"Ducici, I mark and claim you as assistant-retainer, do you accept these terms of service?"

"Only if I get sex?" She breathed than went back to sucking.

He slapped her ass. "Ass-sistant! Lots of Dick-tation! DO you accept these terms?" He asked again as he slid his thumb into her tight ass.

"Yes Lord Estephan, I accept." She said as she came.

He felt a surge of energy, his mind cleared and his fatigue abated somewhat. Shesin gushed into Ducici's hot mouth, causing the dryad to come again. A second wave of energy washed thru him as well as the feeling of strength that Ducici gifted him with before. He reached around her to press his fingers over her clit. She clenched her hands hard on Shesin's ass, bucking against him, and coming a third time. He joined her, filling her depths in gobs of hot cum.

Shesin whimpered as a tear rolled down her cheek. Ducici panted and Estephan moved her gently to the loveseat. His surge of energy held his erection. He looked at Shesin tied to the chair.

"You want to taste or have it fill your well licked twat?" He asked.

"Please fuck me master." She begged.

He stepped behind her and shoved it into the hilt. He was not to gentle about it either. He pulled her around by her hips, pounding into her over and over. When her back arched he took ahold of her wings at their base and rode her like a wild animal. She came a dozen times giving him a little more energy each time. Her eyes rolled back and she hung in the restraints.

He came in an explosion of cum. His hips bucked and knees went numb. Shesin howled and ripped out of the bindings that held her. Still he pumped cum into her. He slumped to the floor and still the feeling of orgasm raced thru his cock. She turned and locked her lips over his dick, shoving three fingers in her own twat. She came and a surge of energy returned. He was done however his eyes rolled back and he fell into oblivion.


He awoke with a start; he looked at the clock, 7:30. He listened and heard Ducici singing in the kitchen. He let a soft smile touch his lips, followed by an 'O' as Shesin wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking his penis to hardness.

"Hey, you were going to wait for me?" Ducici said from the door holding a tray of coffee and a muffin.

"This is waiting." Shesin mumbled with a mouthful of cock.

"No you need to explain it to him, so you don't almost kill him again." Ducici said.

One hard suck and she released his cock. "Fine your right, I should have told him before hand, I did start to. He just wasn't understanding, and kept writing on himself. Now I get it thou." Shesin said.

"Wait I almost died?" He asked, feeling his erection deflate.

"You gave me your energy, but didn't control it well. Succubus fucks to death if we aren't careful." She said. "I gave you Tantria, Orgasm Eating."

"She means, you can taste the energy of others orgasms and use it to help yourself. Heal, combat fatigue, and last really long in bed. Added to the strength I have gifted you with, you can give it to others as well as take it." Ducici said.

"I haven't been able to give it for so long I had forgotten that it could be done. I apologize, Master."

"So I eat your orgasms and when I had mine?" He asked confusedly.

"You balled up all the energy and shot it into me, including your own. You are going to have to practice using it so you don't go too far with anyone that can't return it." Shesin said. "Guess the three of us are going to be having a lot of practice sex. I can't wait." And she sucked his cock back into her mouth.

"Have some coffee and get some head. As your assistant it seems a proper way to start the day." Ducici said. "We will get to how to help the others in a little while. Sound fair?"

"I think so? So I can give and take orgasms?" He asked.

"Mm-hmmm." Was hummed on to his cock by Shesin.

"There is more to it, but we have time to learn and a very horny teacher." Ducici said as she slapped Shesin wiggly bottom.

"How are you still here?" He asked seeing the temp tattoo on Shesin smeared and faded.

"You claimed and marked me. I am yours, not Nikita's. It was needed to get me here," She reached down and fondled his balls' "What's in here, keeps me here. I'll need a refill at least once a month. Can you handle that, Master?"

"I think soOooo." He said as Shesin really started pleasing his now standing member.

"Good, now Shesin thinks if you get good at holding 'It', you might be able to bring the others here regardless of the Fates." Ducici said.

He grabbed the succubus by the hair and pulled her off his cock, "How could I do that?" he asked looking her in the eyes.

"It is all about the energy. If you have enough, bring others here would not be a problem. Nikita used her own energy to bring the others before. There aren't any rules saying it has to be yours, just that it is energy. Sex and Orgasms make a lot of energy, only a tenth of it is used in the act, the rest can be gathered and used in any number of ways." Shesin said.

"So soul sucking isn't that far off?" he asked.

"It is energy. You yourself tried giving me yours last night. Did I force you? No you did it by yourself. You don't want me sucking you?" She asked as her long tongue licked the rim of his aching cock.

"See that is hardly fair." He said.

"Eat up and get that coffee in you we have things to do today, right sir?" Ducici asked.

"Yeah, things to do." He said as he grabbed Shesin's hair and rocked his hips up to push a few inches of his rod in her mouth.

"This is going to get interesting." Ducici said as she leaned down and stuck her tongue in the demoness.


Sara rocked from foot to foot, Cindy looked amazing. In the three years she had known her classmate never had she seen her as scantily dressed. Cindy was wearing a slinky black mini-dress with 4 inch black heels. She was so horny she had to wipe trickles of her own juice from her legs. They had been waiting in front of the parlor for about an hour when the cab pulled up.

As Ducici stepped out of the cab, Cindy about came all over the sidewalk. That Shesin girl from last night was with them. Estephan looked ungodly hot. She didn't know what it was but she fluttered an orgasm anyway. Sara eyes locked on Ducici and her jaw fell open. Estephan paid the cabbie who just handed it back.

"Call me every morning if they're going to be with you, alright Mr. Prizton." The cabbie said.

"Sure, if you can handled it Ben." He replied.

"Ha ha ha, just don't tell my wife." Ben said and drove off.

"Good morning sir. We are ready for whatever you need us for." Cindy said.

"Cindy, Sara we'll see how it goes this morning. Early for you isn't it? Classes don't start till 11:30 if I remember yesterday morning." He said as he unlocked the door and stepped inside.

"You remember right sir. I have also had time to think about what I owe you, sir." Cindy said.

"I like this one, can we keep them?" Shesin said.

"What does this one owe you Lord?" Ducici asked.

"Yes we can, and she owes me her ass to do with as I please." Estephan said as Cindy came standing in front of him. Shesin opened her mouth in surprise.

"Everyone in, I am not running hookers on the sidewalk." He said and hustled them in.

"What did you do to this girl, Lord? She smells of sex and perfume." Shesin whispered in his ear as she passed him. "And without my gift even?"

Estephan rolled his eyes and followed the women into the parlor. Ducici set herself to making coffee and the rest other self-appointed tasks. Sara looked like a dear in the headlights as Shesin took her hand and led her thru what she could do to help this morning. Cindy quivered and staggered on unsteady legs. Estephan helped her into the office and sat her on the coach.

"You really that horny to get fucked in the ass?" he asked.

"I don't understand, I can't stop thinking about you. I couldn't sleep. I about raped Sara twice last night as she slept. What did you do to me?" She pleaded.

"Turned you on, made you feel sexy and told you I was going to fuck your ass. You haven't been told that before have you?" He said.

"No, I told you I wanted you to be the first." She said.

"You are going to have to wait. I have things to do today. That would make a nice end of the day for me, if you can wait that long." He said.

"I guess I am going to have to?" She pouted.

"You sound like Shesin. Got to have it now." He said and walked out to the lobby.

Shesin sat at the counter with a composition book and pens. Ducici looked over her shoulder wide eyed at what the succubus was writing. Sara sat on a stool near the counter but was not as nosey as Ducici. He pulled his appointment book from the safe and handed it to Ducici. She wrinkled her nose at the sloppy short hand he had been using to keep up with things.

"You are an artist and your handwriting sucks. How is this even possible?" Ducici said playfully. "I will get on these call backs, office, sir?"

"Yes make the calls from the office, no other callbacks from the counter." He said.

They all paused when the front door opened. A tall black haired woman in a business suit stepped in. She looked at the walls and nodded. She walked to the counter and put her badge on it. Detective Ishara Hillard shown clearly on the badge.

"How can we be of assistance to you today?" Estephan asked.

"You are Mr. Prizton? Officer Wright said you were younger than your normal tattoo artist." She said.

"I am the youngest in the state, so what brings you Detective?" He asked.

"I have need of your eye." She started, "I have three suspects to a jewelry store heist, all have similar tattoos and I have footage from the store. I would like you to match the tattoo to the footage and help close this case." She said.

"Do you have it with you? I just opened and have appointments coming in. I would be more than willing to assist but if you want that assistance elsewhere, it will have to wait ma'am." He said.

She looked a little put off by his comment. "I can have the evidence here at 1 o'clock if you can work it in to your schedule." She said.

"You're clear until 3 this afternoon. Mr. J will be in at 10:30-ish. Traffic." Ducici said. "June will be in at 11: 45. The rest are not till late."

"Officer Hillard, You have your 1 o'clock. Did Officer Wright suggest that you come here?" He asked.

"He said you weren't into the ink-politics cause your shop is just opened. Plus you are a third generation tattoo artist, which could be more useful." She said.

"He is the best around. I wouldn't let anyone touch my skin but him." Shesin purred.

Officer Hillard flushed slightly at the inferred meaning. "I will see you at one then." She said and left the shop.

"I think that woman needs some serious dick." Shesin muttered.

Sara laughed and Ducici giggled. It was better, but he wouldn't feel right till he knew that Nikita and the others were alright. The morning went well and the ladies worked well together. Shesin kept it light with cheeky comments about how long some of the people that came in had gone without getting a piece. Sara calmed but kept eyeing Shesin dreamily. Sara was still not sure if she was the woman that sucked her pussy in the ladies room yesterday. Shesin looked catty begging her to ask, offering a repeat performance.

He sat in his office with a cheesesteak, shaking his head. It only took twenty-four hours to get it. It was just after noon so when Ducici walked Officer Hillard into the room he was not all that surprised. She eyed him like he was going to burst into flames or attack her for the fun of it. He ignored the looks and motioned for her to take a seat. She did, laying a folder on the desk.

"You have a DVD in here or do I need to bring it in too?" She quipped.

"I have one." He said opening the desk drawer and pulling out the remote. "Care to put it in? Or you need someone to put it in for you?"

"You are messing with me?" She asked.

"Only if your single and want to? I don't play game with married folk, unless they are both involved." He grinned and stepped to the DVD player. "You need to light up a little, ma'am."

"Don't call me ma'am. I am not that much older then you." She barked at him.

"But you have a badge and a gun? How should I address you, BBIC?" He asked.

"What?" She asked.

"Badass Bitch In Charge?" He said clearly.

"You're still messing with me." She said.

"I won't be taking any clothes off till you are off duty and unarmed. That work for you?" He said as he hit play. "How far down this disc do I need to go?"

"It should be the only thing.... "She couldn't speak as a web-cam of her vagina filled his screen, with six inches of knight stick pushed into the sopping hole.

"I'm not seeing a tattoo on this woman. She looks like she is really getting off on her baton thou." He admired the show. "What is the next one?" He hit the button.

"Stop. That is the wrong disc, hand it back to me. I will get the right one." She got his attention as her face filled the screen. He looked at the screen to Ms. Hillard suck down a long purple dildo.

"I think you should be more careful were you keep your personal disc's Detective." He said as he handed it back. "I have a few friends that you might want to talk with about hiding stuff like that."

"Would they know how to get them back if they were stolen?" She said worriedly.

"They might, what is in it for them, Ms. Hillard?" He asked.

"I don't know, what do they want money, drugs, or charges to vanish?" She squirmed.

"She is going to want sex I would imagine. Hold that thought thou." He stepped to the door. "Shesin could you step in here a minute." The woman was quick to his call. "Detective Hillard has a request I think you can help her out with. I will be out front getting a cup of tea, you two talk it out. I'll be back in after I am done."

He stepped out of the office and closed the door. He looked at Cindy, just seeing the Detective sucking on a fake cock had his pulse going. Cindy wasn't wearing panties and the stock room was lockable. His mind raced with dirty thought and his pants were starting to be uncomfortably tight. He walked over to the coffee table and got his tea.

"Is something wrong?" Ducici asked.

"No, just a little mix up in DVD's" he said. "Not usually that in to porn."

"She had porn?" Ducici asked. "Was it good?"

"I thought it was quiet racy." He said. "Has me thinking about dragging her in the stockroom for a little afternoon relief." Pointing at Cindy.

"I can cover the front, got ahead and get a little Lord." Ducici said.

"Can I watch?" Sara asked.

Both of them looked at Sara with raised eyebrows. "You want to watch?" He asked.

She nodded with a big grin on her face.

"Why do you want to watch?" Cindy asked.

"To see if I want it too." Sara answered as she blushed.

"Way to go, Lord. Maybe we should set up a camera for you." Ducici said.

"Estephan, were ready for you in here." Shesin said from the open office door.

"Saved, maybe." He said and walked across the room and went to into the office.

"Detective Hillard has the right disc. We will talk about the rest after you have helped the stalwart law official." Shesin said and left the room.

"Interesting friends you have." Said the Detective.

"I would be well understating matters saying you don't know the half of it." He said. "Shall we get to the business that brought you here in the first place?"

She pressed play. The robbery unfolded on the screen in front of him. The thieves were heavy handed with the staff in the store, and she slowed it to show a half uncovered tattoo on the leaders arm. It was older, and it had been modified recently. She laid out four pictures of tattoos for him to compare. He looked them over and rolled the footage back frame by frame. It took 10 minutes but none of the tattoos she had matched what was on the security cam footage.

"None of these belong to this man. See this dark section. This was recently covered. From the placement on the arm, you're looking for a 45 to 50 year old male." He said. "And this guy, he has a prison tattoo on his left hand."

"How can you know that?" She asked.

"It's blurred but, right here..." he points out, "He is trying to keep it out of sight but when this lady's name tag gets caught on his sleeve... here." He freezes the playback.

"That is a snake?" she asked.

"It's a diamond viper, common in the mid-west correctional system." He said.

"How could you know that?" She asked in awe.

"Tattoo Magazine. Last fall they did an expose on prison tattoo art. I can lend it to you, if you need the proof." He offered.

"You're amazing. I don't feel so bad about the blackmail for the other discs now." She said.

"Do I even need to ask?" He said looking at her.

"You are an odd one, and cute." She said.

"Are you flirting with me now?" He asked.

"Guess you are going to have to wait and see if that friend of yours can deliver in time." She said and picked up the papers. "Be seeing you soon. Keep an eye on this one for me." Pointing at the other DVD with her starring in it.

She left the office with a smile and wave. Ducici came in to check on him.

"Did she get weird on you about what Shesin asked her for in payment?" Ducici asked fearfully.

"She made a flirty comment and she left this for me to keep an eye on?" He said holding up the DVD, "I don't know if she was giving me permission or daring me to watch it."

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