tagSci-Fi & FantasyInkwell Ch. 07

Inkwell Ch. 07


Just a quick note for the readers

I am not a tattoo artist any more than a Greek Mythologist. This is a work of fiction and any miss steps in the way things really work are because of these facts. None of the people in this piece are real; any reference to the real world is purely coincidental. Enjoy

"You can do this." Ishara said to herself in the mirror.

They were all waiting on her now. Everyone helped move the furniture around the apartment to make a stage for her. Estephan even went so far as to pull the mattress out of his bedroom and put it in the middle of the living room floor. Sheets had been hung close to the front door making a little room for greeting people that weren't coming in. The end tables were pushed to the walls and all the chairs turned to the 'stage' in the kitchen.

She was starting to get nervous. Three years of playing in front of a camera had been easy. It wasn't like the people out there hadn't seen her sucking and fucking. They were the ones she had done the fucking and sucking with. But she was on display, not participating. He would be watching, Estephan would be watching. His eyes would dance over her naked body, seeing ever movement of her. She shuttered.

"Will he think differently about me if I do this?" she whispered.

"Me or Grainger?" Estephan asked.

"You... What are you doing in here?" She said spinning to face him.

"I came to check on you. Even Ducici asked. You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"But Shesin, we have an agreement." She said.

"Not one that can't be changed. You think if you do this I will think less of you? You'd be mistaken, I would hold you in the same regards if not higher regards. You are a beautiful woman. You are also a good detective. Putting on a show for your friends will not change either of those things." He said and backed out of the doorway. "We are honored that you would share more of yourself with us. I see nothing shameful or embarrassing about that."

She stood there speechless. His words had calmed her fears. She just wanted to grab him through him to the floor and fuck him. She was so turned on. She strutted from the bathroom in to the kitchen-stage. Yerni pressed play on the CD player. The music started and she moved her body to the music. Part of the way thru the song she picked up a bottle of virgin olive oil and drizzled it over her chest. All eyes in the room watched as the oil rolled down her breasts.

She felt so in control. She watched as the women in the room cradled their own breasts as she started rolling her fingers over her wet slippery nipples. They stood quickly under her touch. She pinched and tugged at them, shooting urgent signals right to her twat. She rolled her hips stepping so her back was to all the watchers. She turned the oil up to pour a thin stream of it between her quivering ass cheeks. It felt so good dripping over her tight little pucker and she gasped when the thick liquid dribbled across her steaming labia.

A moan behind her drew her attention. Tony was enthralled his cock standing rock hard from his lap. Ducici was darting her head from watching her to drooling at it then back to her. She smiled and slid two fingers over her throbbing lips. She moaned and started messaging the slick oil into them. She set the oil aside and picked up her knight stick. She turned to face the audience again, laying the thick wood shaft in her cleavage.

Leaning her head forward she opened her mouth and sucked the top three inches of the staff. She let go of it with her hands and sucked. She would let it slide but would suck it back in deep before it got out too far using the cleavage as a guide. She would press her tits tightly together over it to take a few deep breaths from time to time. She let it slide from her lips and hit the floor. She kneeled onto it in one smooth motion letting eight inches of thick wood to push into dripping wet pussy before it feel to the side.

Most of the women watching gasped and purred. A few of them hissed as they stuffed any number of fingers into their drippy boxes. She looked up, Estephan was watching. He had a woman on each side of him and he was not hard. His cock was thick and throbbing but not standing. She squeezed her inner muscles and pushed the shaft out onto the floor. She panted and pinched her nipples and squirt in orgasm.

"Now that was impressive. The hottest thing I have ever seen." Estephan said.

"How did you do that without hurting yourself?" Yerni gasped.

She held up a finger as the last quakes of orgasm play thru her body. "Practice. And be really fucking horny." She said with a smile.

"Ishara don't let my mother know about that. She might try to bribe you into teaching a class. Don't know what she'd pay thou." Estephan said.

Cindy started laughing and fell out of her seat. Lyrusi stepped over to Ishara and helped her to her feet. Grainger was looking at her in awe. Ishara giggled, she made her demon gawk. Estephan opened his arms and pulled her into his lap.

"Thank you." He said and kissed the side of her neck. "That must have been a real money maker."

"I never did that on camera." She said. "It would have been grainy and hard to see. It was a cheap plug-n-play camera."

"So that was the first time you did that for someone else?" Nikita asked caressing her shoulder and kissing the other side of her neck.

"Yes." She admitted quivering as Joxifa started groping her thigh and licking her.

"Well we will all have to thank you properly." Estephan said pull her fully in front of him.

He wrapped his arms around her slippery body holding her back to his chest. Nikita and Joxifa grabbed her legs and held them apart. Eyes glittered all around her as one by one they crawled over to say thank you with a tongue in her slit or hard suck of her clit. She came a half dozen times in Estephan's arms. Grainger was the last to approach her. His eyes were flaring motes of lust. Estephan reclined taking her with him. He relaxed his hold around her only to grab her breasts in each of his hands.

The girls shifted with them holding her in position if not still. Estephan rolled her breasts together then 'clapped' them. Grainger grinned evilly down at her. He laid his cock between her breast which Estephan started jerking the demon off with them. She was panting not wanting to move her body teetering on the brink of euphoric comma.

"Thank you for the erotic performance, Master Ishara." Grainger purred.

She purred and wriggled. She arched her back and wrapped her lips over the head of Grainger's cock when 6 inches of Mace's fork tongue slithered into her wet snatch. Her body bucked hard lifting her lower body towards Mace. She moaned and sucked harder when her body pulled back by gravity impaled Estephan cock into her tight clenching ass. She moaned over the throbbing penis between her lips. Fingers felt wet girl flesh. She pushed fingers into the weepy passages gleefully. Moans bathed her ears in hot breath before sucking eagerly at the sides of her neck.

Estephan squeezed her breasts and starts rubbing her nipples up and down Grainger's thighs. She bucked her hips over his cock in return. Mace locked her lips over her clit and sucked. Her body electrified sending pulses into the pussy her fingers were in. Grainger tensed. Estephan pinched her nipples between his thumb and fingers sharply. She came hard. Thrashing over his hard cock, hot semen pumping over her neck and tits having bucked so hard Grainger's cock was no longer in her mouth. She squirt all over Mace's face and chest.

Nikita and Joxifa clamped their pussies over her fingers and came with her, moaning at her neck as they did. Her world spun and she fell into a blissful heap. Arms gathered her up and carried her. She felt the warm strong muscles holding her twitching body. She was cradled and caressed as she fell asleep held in those arms. Grainger smiled. Estephan looked over at the demon eyebrow raised. Grainger just continued to smile and nodded to the Lord of the mortal realm. This Lord was going to get things done right, he thought, before returning his attention back to his Master.

Lyrusi and Shesin wasted no time in swooping in and dragging Estephan into the bathroom. They pushed him into a hot shower stepping into the water with him. Shesin pulled him to her face and kissed him deeply. Her tongue dancing with his. She held him in place as Lyrusi washed his back using her body as much as a wash cloth. Shesin growl over his tongue then turned him around to face Lyrusi. The nymph washed the front of him just as she had the back. She made it a point to not rub his erection whenever possible. Until she started to wash it. Her hot little hands stoking and caressing his aching member as soapy wash cloth messaged his balls sensually.

She rinsed the soap away before taking his throbbing length in to her mouth balls deep. He moaned loudly thankful Shesin held him in place. Lyrusi sucked him like no mortal girl ever could. She didn't relent to take a breath. She bobbed and moaned but never released her seductive mouth from his raging tool. A tickle at his anus made him gasp. Shesin purred and pushed her tail gently into his ass. His eyes rolled back threatening to still his consciousness till her tail buzzed.

"Fuuccckkkk..." He howled and came.

Lyrusi drank down his gushing seed with ease. Shesin twisted her tail and he came again. Lryusi slid from his cock in a wailing moan of her own as she squired in three powerful gushes. Still he came, Shesin moaned low and lustfully then pushed more of her tail into his quivering ass. His legs shook as the tingle of another orgasm played at the base of his cock. It vibrated inside him, Lyrusi looked up at him wide eyed and gushed hard four more times.

"You horny devil, got any more for her m'lord?" Shesin purred as her tail throbbed in his backside.

"What are you doing Shesin?" Lyrusi wimpered.

He insides churned oddly, not a sick feeling it just tightened. Lyrusi gushed three more times then slid to the floor twitching. He felt his whole body coil and release a wave of pleasure. A jet of semen lunched from his cock that hit the far wall of the shower. Shesin pulled her tail from his ass as a second jet of cum hit the wall right after. She hissed and he felt the hot gush of her orgasm spray the back of his legs.

She could hold them no longer and they both slid to the floor of the tub with Lyrusi. She caressed him and reached out to caress Lyrusi. The nymph cooed. Estephan sighed. The water was starting to go cold. He leaned over Lyrusi and turned it off.

"What was that Shesin? You didn't answer." Lyrusi panted.

"You wanted to know what a man's orgasm felt like. So I gave you a few. Nice right? And you Lord now know what a woman's orgasm feels like." She said. "And yes I had to use my tail."

"Right, no doing that again without asking first." He said.

"Giving you a girl-gasm or fucking your sexy ass with my tail?" She asked mischievously.

"Either. I should try fucking you to death for this, but you'd like it too much." He said.

"Me first." Lyrusi said.

"Everyone alive in here?" Yerni asked from the door.

"Mostly." He said.

"Pizza's here." Yerni advised.

The curtain was pulled aside and Ducici stood there with a tray of drinks. "Need a sip lord?"

"You're so sweet. Tony better be good to you or I'll sick Shesin on him." He said.

"Still you threated me with a good time." Shesin said.

"Alright were getting out." He said and lifted himself off the floor. Yerni handed him a towel. He wrapped it around himself and took one of the glasses from the tray. He turned to see Lyrusi grab Shesin tail and push it in her twat. Shesin giggled and made it buzz. Lyrusi gasped and pulled it right back out with made him almost choke on his iced tea.

"Yerni you have the time?" He asked.

"Just before 6. Is there something we need to do? We did get pizza." She said.

"No. It's been three hours and mom hasn't tried calling." He said.

"She has called twice." Ducici said.

"And?" He asked.

"Nikita talked to her." Ducici added.

He walked from the bathroom where Tony looked like he was going to pop.

"You could've used the toilet." Estephan said as Tony skittered past him.

"Yes he's right here." Nikita said handing him the phone from his bed room door.

"Mom, was there something else?" He asked.

"How do you have 10?" She asked. "You'll burn up your soul."

"Right, when you're done flipping out..." He hung up on her. "Don't tell her another thing got it. NO one tells my mother shit." He said loud enough for everyone to hear.

The phone rings in his hand. "Mother I don't want to..."

"Estephan it's Janet."

"Janet is something wrong?"

"Two big green thug looking things just went in to your parlor." She said.

"We're on our way. Don't do anything, keep yourself safe, and stay out of sight." He said.

"What is it?" Nikita asked.

"Green thug things? Any guesses? Anyone?" He asked hanging up the phone.

"Trolls." Eirene said.

"Would they be able to shove a car?" He asked.

"Yeah, they are stupid strong. Literally." Thalia said.

"Well they are in the parlor. Three guesses as to what they are after." He said. "Who here is in the mood to beat the hell out of some trolls?"

"Not the wisest course of action." Clotho said.

"Now you show up?" Estephan asked angrily.

"Calm yourself. They are trying to get you to join their side." Clotho admitted.

"Who Nemeses, Styx and the ex-girlfriends of Zeus. Why are they pulling this shit?" Estephan asked.

"You are a titan." Clotho said. "And you are on the cusp of your emergence. They want to tilt you to a darker destiny."

"You can't tell him that!" Ishara said.

"I'm a what?" He asked then looked at Ishara. "What are you talking about?"

Ishara looked at the ground Grainger stepping to her side defensively. Nikita and the rest stared open mouthed at Clotho. She held out a scroll to Estephan. He took it and unrolled it. It was a family tree. His father's name was the last one on it. But he traced it back to find why this was important. A name drew his attention, Selene. She was some kind of moon goddess.

"So why am I going to be a titan?" He asked.

"Tomorrow at the time of your birth, you will choose the theme of your mantel. You are the first native titan to reach this stage in a long time. Your father died before he emerged. You were approached to help guard you. You are still the guardian of the mortal realm." She said. "Confronting them would pose no threat to you. Just banish them."

"They are not what I am worried about." He said. "Let's go hunt us some troll."

He stalked into the bed room. He looked over his shoulder at Ishara. She wouldn't meet his gaze. So be it then. He dressed in some of his sturdier clothing and put on his heaviest pair of boots. He stepped back out into the living room Shesin was bared and ready. Nikita was armored as well. As he looked all of them were ready to throw down. Seeing Cindy and Sara he looked at Clotho.

Clotho was the one standing there stunned. She had not seen this outcome in the pool of possibilities. He grabbed the keys and headed for the door. She looked like she was going to say something but he stopped and looked at her. She froze. He could see fear play across her features. He smiled. It chilled her to the core. Then he was gone.

"Ducici, Yerni you're staying close to me. Tony let Joxifa and Lyrusi ride with you. Eirene and Thalia stay here a guard the apartment. Talk to Cindy and Sara about what's going on. The people around here got lucky this morning." He said.

Cindy and Sara stood there in total shock. Ishara pulled them back into the apartment. It bothered him, but he would let it go. Ishara had done nothing but hold her tongue. Nikita had been held to that same rule. He could forgive it. That would have to wait thou. He started the engine and backed out.

He checked the rear view a dozen times to make sure Tony was keeping up with him. He pulled in to the parking lot expecting to see his parlor is flames or something. All was as it should be thou. Only a few cars on the lot, as it should be for a Sunday. He looked down the line of shops to see Janet. She waved and ducked back out of the window.

He parked and got out. Walking quickly he looked in the door and saw two trolls bound to the floor in a mass of vines. Janet came scooting down the side walk. She was a little shaken but looked more excited.

"Crystalia captured them for you. He said he could so I let him. Is that alright?" She said.

"I will be down to thank him later. Go back to your shop; we will take care of the rest." He said.

"Okay, be careful." She said and hurried back to her shop.

He unlocked the door and stepped in. Shesin and Nikita corporealized from the wall ready for a fight. The trolls grunted confused on the floor. He walked around them to check the rest of the place. The clean room was a mess. It smelled and what looked like the contents of a dumpster littered the floor. He pushed the stock room door open. The room looked ransacked. Shelving was over turned. Ink poured out on everything. He stepped to the office door shaking in anger.

"Well I would have thought you would have been here a little sooner." A male voice said.

"Who the hell are you?" He said.

"Interesting question because I'm not really sure anymore." A tall long haired male seated at his desk said.

Nikita and Shesin flanked the desk as Estephan walked in front of it. "They belong to you?" He asked pointing out the door and the trolls.

"No but I have been following them. You have a nice collection." He said eyeing Shesin and Nikita. "Did they come with a frequent 'fuck me' card?"

"No they didn't. It isn't what they are here to do." He answered.

"Well to bad, the two I had were deviously horny." He said.

"Where are they now?" Shesin asked.

"I eat them. They did ask. Was that wrong?" He said rising to his feet.

"Yes. It was wrong. What is your name?" Estephan said waving the two of them to step back.

"Charlie Weston. I think. Sometimes I ask myself that and get a different answer." He said stepping towards Shesin no longer looking at him or Nikita. "You look new. Can I taste you?"

Estephan opened his senses to what this thing in front of him was. It made his head spin for a second but he got an answer his wasn't expecting. This was just a guy. No higher realm being, no demon, and seething with power. It was burning the guy from the inside out. He ate them? He looked at Shesin. He must have run across a succubus. Learned from her how to steal energy and drained the mythical beings of all of their energy.

"You are dying. No you are dead. You just haven't figured that out yet. You are not going to hurt anything else." He said to Charlie.

"You can't stop me." Charlie spat as he turned on Estephan.

Estephan was ready, he thought. Charlie didn't stop to hit him but barreled into him pulling both of them to the floor. Charlie's eyes frosted over as they looked down on Estephan. Estephan grabbed Charlie's throat to keep the guy from biting his face. Estephan could feel them inside Charlie. Two mythic creatures screaming in pain and terror.

"I realease you to from your confines. Come forth and announce your selves to the Guardian." He said.

Charlie went ridged in his grasp. Charlie's head twisted around of its own accord. The sound of the bones cracking could be felt in his hands. His stomach lurked. He pushed Charlie away and vomited. Shesin was about to pounce when claws tore thru Charlies back from the inside. Nikita stepped over Estephan heaving body in a defensive posture. Shesin backed away but ready for a more lethal encounter.

A succubus climbed out of the writhing husk of Charlies flesh. This demoness pulled frantically at a grasping arm.

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