Father Joe lingered just a moment, subconsciously touched by her sublime afterglow. There was a peaceful contentment that radiated from her face. It suggested purity and innocence. She was a lovely as her mother had been when he was a young man. Her exposed neck and open mouth stirred his primitive instincts. His eyes drifted lower to the small silver crucifix that dangled between her ripe breasts.

When the scent on her breath caught his nose, a lightening bolt of animal instinct charged straight through his core. He stood transfixed, forgetting his surroundings, feeling his cock swelling under his robes. His countenance changed to one of lust. He shook his head trying to convince himself that he had perceived something wrong, after all, this was sweet little Marlena. He could not lust after his own...

That secret was buried thirty-two years ago behind the curtain of the confessional box. Sister Magdalene knelt before the young priest and whispered through the darkened divider that she was pregnant. He had no penance for her that day. He did not know what to say. She left the convent to protect his reputation and prevent a scandal that would surely ruin the career of the man that she loved. Eight months later, she bore him a beautiful daughter, and Marlena in turn, bore him a granddaughter.

When Father Joe realized that his feelings were plastered all over his face, he quickly reapplied the false smile that he always holds as he orchestrates his Altar production. He spoke the words, "Body of Christ" and delivered the Eucharist onto Marlena's waiting tongue. He moved on quickly, needing familiar ground, and running in fear of what he had seen in himself.

Marlena lingered at the Altar; a picture of unassuming grace, head bowed in prayer, never knowing that it was her father who had just delivered the Sacrament to her. She would never know how her pious composure and ripe sexuality had caused such a lusty conflict in the pit of his stomach.

The congregation was unaware of how this sweet young woman, who had grown up among them, loved to dance on the edge of sexual madness. She considered her sexuality to be a strength, not a sin. After all, she had kept her promise to her Master and he had kept his promise to her.

It is a sensual world, and Marlena is a sensual woman. She knew what to expect. For the next week, her nymphomania would continue. The thought of how her Master had so thoroughly fucked her, lingered just under the surface. The sound of a deep male voice, the scent of leather, or even the wind playing across her skin will make her wetness return. She liked the way her Master made her feel and hoped that he would take her again.

She let the unleavened bread slowly soften on her tongue, trying not to let it stick to the roof of her mouth.

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