Innocence Lost


"Innocence Lost" tells of a trip to the beach that takes an unexpected turn when I am exposed in public by a girlfriend. Being 'forced' to be naked in public fulfils long time fantasy and awakens dormant exhibitionist desires, unlocking the door to a new exciting life.

It is a true story. No names have been changed to ensure that the guilty are fully implicated.

Although there is a degree of coercion involved, the participation of the parties is consensual. I believe that everyone is free to choose what he or she does in all aspects of their lives and where to draw the line. This is especially true in for relationships, love, and participation in sexual activities.

If you enjoy "Innocence Lost" please let me know and give me encouragement to continue writing.

If you do not like it or have any suggestions for improving my writing I would like to hear from you also.

Even if you don't really have anything to say about the story please just e-mail me just to say hi anyway.




My name is Catherine. I am twenty-seven years old and live in Adelaide, Australia. I am single, well sort of. I have a boyfriend but I don't think he is really 'the one', if you know what I mean, so the less said about him the better.

For those of you who care and are statistically minded I am above average height at around 168 cm, slim weighing 52 kilograms and my so called vital statistics, don't ask me what is so vital about them, are 83,57,84. Yes we are metric down under.

To complete the picture I have long dark hair, brown eyes, a warm smile and a great butt. I am very happy with what I see when I look in the mirror, although, I have no illusions about ever being asked to become the next face of Revlon or ever making it as a Playboy centrefold.

One morning last Summer I awoke to find the sun streaming in through my bedroom window. It looked like another perfect Adelaide Summer day.

Sara, my housemate was already up. I could hear her clunking around in the kitchen, presumably getting breakfast.

It was Sunday, I looked at the clock and it was just after ten. The past few weeks had been very hectic and I was not in any hurry to get up. A few extra minutes in bed would be a rare indulgence.

I stretched, kicked off the sheet and looked at my naked body. Not too bad, I thought as I lay there struggling to wake up from a deep restful sleep.

I observed my small B cup breasts, flat stomach, shaved pubic area and long slender legs.

Instinctively, my fingers grazed my breasts, pausing briefly to tease my sensitive nipples until they were hard and standing erect, then continuing down over my stomach, coming to rest lightly on my smooth, and already moist labia.

As if they had a mind of their own, two of my fingers started moving in a slow clockwise circular motion around my distended clitoris, momentarily pausing to lubricate with the juices from my wet pussy.

I remember experiencing a sense of detachment, as if a ghostly lover was in my bed leading me on a sensual journey that would take me to a glorious early morning orgasm.

As the familiar sensations began to spread through my body I let myself surrender to the pleasure thinking, oh fuck yes, an orgasm would be the perfect to start the day.

With out conscious thought my fingers increased the speed and the pressure as they circled and stimulated my throbbing clitoris. It seemed that they understood and fully appreciated my need and were committed to give me the ultimate pleasure.

I could feel the signs of an approaching orgasm and my whole body was trembling in anticipation when the door suddenly opened and Sara, bless her heart, came into my room carrying a tray with freshly made vegetable juice, half a grapefruit and some lightly buttered, wholemeal toast.

"Good morning Catherine," she beamed, looking absolutely delicious in her small yellow bikini.

The sight of Sara's trim body, cute pert breasts, prominent nipples and small tight ass, barely covered by her tiny bikini stirred desires in me that I reluctantly pushed aside as I remembered last night's arrangement to spend today at the beach.

"Don't want to rush you sleepyhead, but the sun is shining and the beach is waiting. She paused, then added with a wry knowing smile and a laugh, "And from where I am standing, it looks like a dip in some cold water is probably just what you need."

I don't think she actually saw me playing with myself, but I'm sure she knew what had been going on behind the door only moments before she made her untimely entrance.

I was still lying there on my bed completely naked and my state of arousal and hard, erect nipples were very obvious. She probably noticed my moist, sticky fingers and wet puffy labia that were tingling from the recent attention of my phantom lover's tender but demanding fingers.

I sat up, trying to discreetly wipe my juices from my fingers while pulling the sheet up to my waist, as she to set the breakfast tray down on my lap. As she took her hand away the back of her fingers 'accidentally' brushed my breast lingering for an instant on my hard, sensitive nipple.

She looked at me and smiled.

Just to set the record straight Sara and I are not lovers. She is gay and has a girlfriend. I love her dearly and often fantasise about making love to her but I would never do anything to jeopardise her relationship or our very special and treasured friendship. Of course the fact that we do not have an intimate sexual relationship does not stop us flirting with each other and we know each other's most private secrets, desires, hopes, dreams and of course fantasies.

"Sara!" I exclaimed, feigning surprise at her touch while delighting in the brief physical contact that sent a pleasant thrill from my breast to my very core adding to the dampness between my legs.

"Hush Catherine, eat your breakfast and let's get down to the beach, I am dying to go for a swim this morning."

To say I love the beach is an understatement. The freedom of being almost naked, feeling the warm sun on my bare skin and the sensation of gliding silently through cold, clear, salty water are simple pleasures, which really take some beating. Like Sara, I couldn't wait.

By the time I had showered and changed Sara had her car out of the garage and was sitting in the driver's seat waiting for me.

We had decided not to go to Maslin's, the only legal nude beach near Adelaide, so bikinis were the order of the day. I had chosen my favourite small black bikini. It is the briefest in my collection, apart from a pair with g-string bottoms, which I thought might not be appropriate for a visit to a popular family beach.

As we drove to the beach we chatted about girl stuff and soon found ourselves parking, locking the car and looking for a nice spot on the beach.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue, there was no wind and the sea was calm with just a small wave breaking close to the shore. As it was still quite early the beach was relatively uncrowded.

As we put our towels and bags on the sand I said to Sara, "Race you to the water."

As if not interested such a childish suggestion, Sara pretended to ignore me and made as if to settle down on the sand. Then, without warning, she took off as fast as she could for the surf, looking back over her shoulder and calling, "Come on Catherine, catch me if you can."

Her sudden move took me by surprise giving her a few metres start but I caught her just as she reached knee deep water. I put my hands on her shoulders, pushed, and we both went crashing headlong into the oncoming wave.

We swam, body surfed and played in the water until we were both exhausted and then made our way back to our towels. I spread my towel on the sand and lay down to rest and relax while soaking up some glorious sunshine.

As we sat on the beach eating salad and drinking some wonderful chilled Riesling I was thinking that life could not get much better than this.

As the hours drifted past we dozed and by what I guessed was mid afternoon it was quite warm and certainly time for another swim, maybe the last one before heading home. I turned to Sara, who appeared to be asleep, leaned over kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered in her ear to let her know that I was going into the water.

Sara stirred, dreamily opened her eyes and said, "Hang on Catherine, I'll come with you I need to cool off too."

She got up, took off her sunglasses and said, with a mischievous glint in her eye, "I dare you to go in without your top this time."

Surprised by her suggestion, I hesitated, then lamely managed to say, "What Sara?"

"You heard me Catherine, I dare you to go swimming topless and show everyone on the beach your cute little breasts. Come on it will be fun."

Well it may have been the wine or maybe just the thought of the pleasure of swimming without my bikini top but I found myself thinking that it was a great idea. Of course, I'm absolutely sure my interest had nothing to do with my sense of excitement about the prospect of having my breasts exposed in public.

Being topless was really nothing new, after all we regularly went to Maslin's where it was legal to swim naked and sometimes went topless at other beaches if there were not too many people around, but this was different. Here we were at a popular and now quite crowded public beach, where the sight of women swimming topless was virtually unknown or at least very rare.

I turned to look at Sara who had a huge smile on her face. "I will if you do Sara," I said, naively thinking that Sara would probably chicken out.

I should have known better, because with out hesitating Sara reached around and undid the tie on her bikini top, took it off and casually threw it on her towel.

I glanced around and it seemed that no one was taking any notice, except perhaps for one or two sitting close by who were discretely watching us, their curiosity aroused by what was unfolding, or perhaps more correctly, who was undressing, in front of them.

"Well Catherine," Sara said with a big grin, "Now it's your turn."

Not to be outdone I undid my bikini top, took it off and dropped it on the sand.

I took Sara's hand, I think for moral support, and we walked casually to the water.

I was aware that now people close by were watching us and the pleasure of having the sunshine and gentle breeze caress my breasts combined with the thought being topless in public had an almost immediate effect with my nipples hardening.

We waded out into the water until we could only just stand. The cool refreshing water was right up to my chin and I could feel the current swirl across my naked breasts and now aching nipples.

Sara came over and put her hands on my waist. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "You love this don't you Catherine."

"What do you mean Sara?" I asked innocently.

"You know very well what I mean Catherine, you like exposing yourself in public, you enjoy exhibiting yourself, it turns you on."

Sara knows very well that I have exhibitionist fantasies and would like to expose myself, or even better still be forced to expose myself in public by someone else.

"Well Catherine," Sara smiled, "Today one of your fantasies is going to come true." With that she pulled the string ties at both sides of my bikini bottoms and quickly pulled the now separate pieces of material away.

Taken by surprise, I was slow to react and Sara struck out for the shore swimming with quick, powerful strokes.

I went after her but before I could catch her she was in shallow water and wading for the shore. At that stage I realised I couldn't go after her without everyone on the beach seeing that I was naked.

Sara stood at the water's edge, idly twirling my bikini bottoms in the air. "Come on Catherine," she teased me. "Come and get them."

"Sara", I pleaded, "You can't do this to me, please."

"Oh yes I can Catherine, and I am doing it. You will have to come out of the water sooner or later and, by the way, I am leaving in fifteen minutes so if you don't come out by then...."

She left the sentence unfinished but the implication was clear. If I did not come out of the water soon I would have no way of getting home. And, oh my god, if Sara took my clothes when she left.... The very thought sent shivers of fear and excitement down my spine.

"Sara," I called from my position crouched in the shallow water, "Please don't do this to me, not here, there are too many people."

"Now, Catherine don't be such a baby, I know you want this, I know you are already tingling. Anyway, better make up your mind soon because I'm out of here in, well, now let's make it ten minutes."

With that she turned and walked back to her towel and bag. I watched as she put on her bikini top, folded her towel and put it in her bag. She bent down, picked up my bikini top from where I had dropped it and put it, together with my bottoms in her bag.

Sara looked at me and waved. She held up my towel and beckoned me to come and get it.

I reasoned that I couldn't stay in the water forever and sanctuary in the form of my towel was only, I guessed forty or fifty meters away.

I took a deep breath and stood up. The water was barely up to mid thigh so I was totally exposed but I walked, with as much confidence as I could muster, out of the water and up the beach.

Well, if only a few people noticed us walk down to the water topless, I don't think anyone missed me walking up the beach completely naked. I felt as if every eye was on me. I was aware that my small breasts were jiggling as I walked, my nipples were hard and my bald pussy was very much on display.

Out of a sense of dignity, I resisted the urge to run the short distance to the safety of my towel. I walked proudly and purposefully hoping that my unsteady legs would not betray me, knowing that Sara was right I did want this, I did enjoy it, it did turn me on.

At last I reached the spot where Sara was waiting for me holding my towel. She wrapped it around me and took me in her arms.

I heard isolated pockets of applause, some complimentary comments, as well as one female voice telling someone, maybe a boyfriend, not to "look at that disgusting slut walking up the beach."

Sara gave me a kiss on the cheek as she held me tightly, "Well done baby, I knew you could do it, you were magnificent."

I struggled to reply, my pulse was racing and I was having difficulty breathing, so I just gave up trying to get out any words and simply nodded.

"That good was it?" Sara laughed. Again I simply nodded, because it was.

I would never have thought that something so simple as walking naked up the beach in front of a shocked but mostly admiring crowd would get me so aroused. My nipples were aching, thankfully getting some relief from being pressed against Sara's body as she held me. My pussy was tingling; in fact it was throbbing demanding attention that I could not give it. Not just yet anyway.

Sara turned, picked up her bag and turned to walk towards the car.

"Sara." I called after her, "What about my bikini?"

She turned and smiled back over her shoulder and said, "Don't worry Catherine it is safely in my bag and if you are very good I will give it to you when we get home."

I tried to adjust the towel so that it covered all the bits that should be covered but it was hopeless. As I followed Sara to the car I was acutely aware that everyone behind me had an unobstructed view of my naked ass. No doubt the people in front of me could see my bald pussy as the towel flared up with each stride I took as I ran to catch up to her.

I caught Sara just before she reached the car. "Sara, surely you aren't going to make me ride all the way home like this?"

"Why not Catherine," she replied, "I know this is one of your fantasies, I know you want me to make you do it, I can see the excitement in your eyes. I bet your pussy is dripping, isn't it?"

I knew Sara wasn't expecting me to answer what was clearly a rhetorical question just as she knew very well that she was absolutely right.

During the short drive home Sara did most of the talking and in no time she stopped the car in the driveway at the front of our house. "Well Catherine here we are and it wasn't that bad was it?"

True, the drive home had been relatively easy. My towel and the tinted windows of the car combined to hide my nudity from other motorists or pedestrians we passed but they did nothing to dull my excitement and state of arousal. I had to fight an almost overwhelming need to masturbate, to make myself cum, to have the orgasm that now I so desperately needed.

I'm sure Sara wouldn't have minded if I had thrown off the towel, spread my legs and succumbed to my demanding cunt. In fact I think she would have encouraged me and enjoyed my loss of control and orgasm almost as much as me.

But here we were. I had made it and without totally losing all my self-respect and dignity.

Sara opened the car door saying, "Give me your towel Catherine."

I hesitated, then passed it to her thinking she would go to the boot and get out my bikini, but instead she headed straight for the front door, put her key in the lock, let her self in and closed the door behind her.

I waited for her to return but there was no sign of her. It was clear that Sara expected me to get out of the car and walk up the driveway to the front door stark naked.

I sat in the car for few minutes not really sure what do to. Being naked on the beach was one thing, but walking from the car to my front door in full view of neighbours who may happen to be watching was a very different matter.

But Sara was right this was one of my fantasies. I did want to be forced to expose myself in public, so taking a deep breath, I opened the car door and stepped out closing the door behind me.

As I started the journey to our front door I heard the ominous sound of the car doors being locked, presumably by Sara with the remote from inside the house.

Slowly, with as much composure as I could muster, I walked up to the front door only to find it locked.

Panic hit me, a sickening feeling right down deep in the pit my stomach. I was stranded, I couldn't go back to the locked car, all I could do was ring the door bell and hope that Sara would not make me wait too long.

I rang the bell. Seconds passed, maybe minutes. I rang the bell again. I was vaguely aware of cars driving past in the street. Whether people in the cars saw me I don't really know, but I am sure some of the cars slowed as they went past, maybe to get a better look.

One thing I was acutely aware of was my now urgent need and the incessant throbbing emanating from my loins that seemed to be consuming my whole body and my mind.

I rang the bell again, waited and rang again.

At last the door opened and there was Sara. "Oh, hi Catherine it's you, I wondered who could be at the door," she said with a laugh and huge smile as she stood aside to let me in.

"Sara you bitch how could you do that to me?" I scolded her in mock outrage as I rushed past hurrying to get to the privacy of my room.

I closed the door, collapsed on my bed and automatically my hand found it's way between my legs.

As my fingers made contact with my wet aching pussy and hard throbbing clit I came in one of the most powerful, shattering, orgasms that I have ever experienced that seemed to last for several minutes. My whole body was racked with orgasmic spasms, I felt as if I was suffocating and I am sure that I lost consciousness for a few seconds, maybe longer. Fuck it was amazing! Absolutely fucking wonderful!

As I slowly regained my senses I became aware of the late afternoon sunshine, the sound of birds outside my window, a pleasant dull ache between my legs, a large wet patch on my sheets and the sound of suppressed laughter outside my door.

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