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Innocent Slutty Girlfriend


I knew my girlfriend was innocent, I knew she hated to say no and I knew she loved the attention.

She was the kind of girl growing up who everyone knew was sweet and cute and innocent. But this only turned her into the kind of girl growing up who wanted to do the nastiest things she could think of. And she loved anyone who treated her like anything but a nice girl.

I had always been suspicious of her sweet demeanor, and I had caught her kissing numerous guys during our relationship, but I wanted to see how nasty she really got when I wasn't around...

I decided to tell her that I was going out of town for a day or two.

"Do whatever you want while I'm gone."

"What do you mean," she asked me. "What do you want me to do?" She smiled and looked at me with her innocent eyes.

I looked at her knowingly and walked up to her. I pulled her hands behind her back and pushed my tongue deep into her mouth.

"Just be a good girl. If you meet anyone, you can flirt with them and turn them on, but don't you dare do anything with them."

My jealousy made her smile. I kissed her again and put my hands underneath her dress. She was wearing a tiny g-string that felt like dental floss strung between her cheeks.

"I want you to dress up like a little slut while I'm gone as well. Make sure men can see what's underneath these clothes."

"Ok," she replied.

"But if you let them touch you, you're going to pay for it."

"Yes sir," she joked.

She started rubbing my cock poking against my pants.

"You can have that when I get back."

She smiled.

"I have to go. Be a good girl and I'll see you soon."

We kissed and then I left.

I walked down the street, got a cup of coffee, then turned around. A friend of mine lived across the street from my girlfriend and I had borrowed his apartment for the weekend to stakeout my girlfriend's place. I had also put a mic in her apartment so I could hear anything that might be said.

I entered his apartment, made myself comfortable with my coffee and took a look through the binoculars I had.

Chloe was walking around her living room, picking things up and cleaning. She went to her bedroom and was gone for a few minutes. When she came back, she had completely changed clothes.

She was wearing a pair of skin tight shorts that looked like a bathing suit. They were white, tight and the curves of her ass could be seen out the bottom of them. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a little dark blue boy's t-shirt.

Suddenly she turned around and went to the front door and opened it. A man was at the door and she was smiling at him. I turned on the mic and could hear both their voices.

"Hi. Thanks for coming."

"What's the problem miss?"

I looked through the binoculars. It was a cop! He was muscular and his face was serious.

"Well I think someone broke into my apartment," my girlfriend said.

"You think?"

"Well some of my clothes are missing."

"Your clothes? What kind of clothes?"

"Well...some pants, some shirts and a lot of my panties."

I couldn't believe she said that. That little slut, I thought. What is she doing?

"Can I come in and take a look?"

"Yes, please come in." She let him in and closed the door. "Let me show you what is missing."

She took him back to the bedroom and pointed to a bunch of clothes. The cop took a survey and wrote some things down.

She took a pair of black panties and handed them to him. "One pair looked like this, but they were a little smaller."

The cop looked at her smirking face. "Smaller where?"

"Uhmmm...smaller in the back. But not as small as the ones I have on now."

The cop looked down at her and knew the game she was playing. "Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to pull your shorts down and show me."

She looked at him and slyly smiled, bting her lip. She turned around and pulled her shorts down to her knees. Underneath, she was wearing the same tiny g-string I had felt a couple hours before. She bent over slightly and pushed her ass out.

"Just stay right there miss. I need to write down some details."

She stood their totally exposed while the cop wrote some things down. She started to turn around.

"Miss, I said not to move."

"I'm sorry."

"Put your hands on the desk miss. I'm going to have to examine these."

He pulled his night stick from his waist. He slipped it in the top of her panties and pulled them from between her cheeks. He glided the night stick down the crack of her ass, over her asshole and then onto her pussy.

"Miss you're awfully wet. I need you to bend over more and pull your ass cheeks apart. I want to make sure you're not hiding anything."

I couldn't believe he said this and that she was totally going along with it.

She bent over and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her moist little hole. The cop glided the end of his night stick over her bare ass, lettin it slide down her spread cheeks. Then he put the end of the shiny black metal on her lips and pushed the tip of it into her.

She moaned. "Officer, please. I have a boyfriend."

He pushed the night stick further into her pussy, half of the shiny black object disappearing inside her.

She moaned some more. "Please officer. My boyfriend will kill me for this. Couldn't we work this out?"

"What do you have in mind miss?"

She turned her head around and looked at him while he slipped his night stick in and out of her. "Let me suck your nice cop cock."

He smiled at her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard brown cock, showing all 7 inches of it sticking out the fly of his uniform.

"I want you to turn around and get on your knees."

She did as he asked. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed the tip of his cock through her lips. She sucked it into her mouth, taking in the first few inches. He pushed it in and out.

"Officer, my boyfried can't find out about this. He doesn't know what a slut I am."

"Open up and suck it," he commanded her like she was some little criminal.

She opened and he pushed in his cock until she gagged. He did it again and she gagged again, saliva dripping out of her mouth onto the floor.

"Miss, I'm going to put my cock down your throat and hold it there. If you try to resist, you're in trouble."

He grabbed the back of her head and slowly slipped his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

I couldn't believe that I was watching all this.

She started to gag and he continued to push it in. Nearly the entire length of it went down her throat. She gagged again and pushed him away.

"Please just let me suck you off."

The cop took his radio from his belt. "Hey Jamel. I've got someone resisting in here. You want to gone in?"

Someone at the other end responded. "Sure, be right there."

A few seconds later someone opened up the door. It was another cop, his black face almost as dark as his black uniform.

"This little lady is resisting."

His partner looked at her and went up to my girlfriend who was on her knees still, saliva all over her lips and face.

"Maam, put your hands behind your back."

"But officer..."

The cop reached over and grabbed her by her arm and swatted her on the ass, leaving three finger marks.

"Miss, do as I tell you."

My girlfriend obeyed this time, putting her hands behind her back.

"Miss, I need you to open up your mouth."

She opened it wide and waited.

The cop reached down and unzipped his pants and reached into his fly, pulling out his large, half-stiff black prick.

My girlfriend looked up at him. "I have a boyfriend. I can't."

He moved his cock closer to her mouth and she let her tongue slip out her mouth. "Officer, I can't. I want you to fuck me in the mouth, but I can't."

She leaned over and sucked the head of his dick into her mouth.

The other officer knelt down behind her. He was still fully dressed with his cock hanging out. When my girlfriend felt him behind her she pushed her ass toward him. He positioned his cock on the edges of her lips and slide it inside her.

She gasped and started to moan. "Ohhhhh...."

I watched as the two officers fucked her on her hands and knees. She sucked the black cock while the other cop pounded his thighs against her ass. My cock was hard and I was intensely jealous all at once.

These cops who she had called were in her apartment, with their cocks sticking out of their uniform, pounding away at my girlfriend like she was some neighborhood slut the men had their way with.

I sat there for 15 minutes, hard, watching my girlfriend get man handled by a pair of cops, pounding her ass pink, her mouth filled with a stranger's cock, saliva dripping down her chin.

Then they made her get on her knees again and they stroked their cocks. One of the officer pointed his cock at her face and drenched her in cum. It hit against her lips and slid down her legs and breasts. The other officer stuffed his cock into her mouth and filled up her mouth with cum. It poured out her mouth as she tried to swallow it all. She continued to suck them until their cocks were clean of cum.

She sat there on her knees, cum all over her. "Please don't tell anyone officers. I can't let my boyfriend find out. If you want to come over here and fuck me again, I can't."

They slipped their cocks back into their pants. "I hope you find your panties miss. I'm going to have to take these for evidence. Have a nice day." They opened the door, smiling at each other, and left.

My girlfriend was still on her knees, covered in cum. She licked it off her lips and then went to the bathroom and washed her face. She came out and fell on the couch. She fell asleep.

I got up from my vantage point. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend just got fucked by two cops. My heart was beating so fast, I had to go out. I went out and walked around for a while, thinking about what I was going to do. She knew I told her not to do anything, but she also knew how much I liked it when she wanted to get it from other guys.

I got something to eat and then went back to my friend's apartment. I picked up the phone and called her. I watched her answer it.


"Hi honey. Just checking how you're doing."

"Oh fine."

"What have you been up to?"

"Uhmmm..." She hesitated. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course."

"Well...uhmmm...two cops just came over."

"Cops? Oh really? What were they doing there?"

"I called them."


"Well...Are you sure I acn be honest with you?"

"Yeah. Tell me."

"Well...I was walking down the street the other day and I walked pass them. I was wearing a little skirt and they stared at me and said things to me."

"Like what?"


"What did he say to you?"

"Well, one of them...one of them said he'd like to slam his sausage into that fresh piece of ass."


"Well, it made me feel so nasty and I couldn't get it out of my mind, so...I made a fake call to get him to come over."


"And...well...he and his partner made me suck their cocks." She paused. "And then I let them fuck me."

"What did I tell you?" I said angrily.

"I know. I'm sorry. But he asked me to suck him off and I didn't know what to do."

She was being honest. She loved to make men want to do things to her and she couldn't say no. As I was talking to her she started to get dressed.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes. I've never been with a cop before. I told them I couldn't because of you, but they kept putting their cocks in me."

My heart and cock were beating. She slipped a pair of thong panties on with a camoflage print on them.

"What are you doing now?"

"Oh I'm just about to go out. I'm going to my friend Holly's place. She's having a party."

She pulled on a pair of tight black pants on over her. She looked at herself in the mirror. She pulled her panties above her waist so they could be seen.

"Are you dressed up?"

"I'm getting dressed. Should I wear a bra?"

"No. Who's Holly?"

"She's a friend from high school. They'll be a lot of my old friends from high school there."

"Make sure they can see your naked nipples."




"A lot of guys I knew from high school are probably going to be there."


"Well, when we were in high school, I use to give a lot of them head. They knew how much I liked boys so they would take me into a bedroom and take their turns with me. They're probably going to expect me to do it again tonight."

I didn't know what to do with this girl. She made my cock stir whenever she talked about how much she liked getting it from guys but it drove me insanely jealous.

"How many guys will be there?"

"I don't know. Maybe 3 or 4."

"I think I'm coming home early."

"Do you not want me to go?"

"No, go ahead and go. But don't touch any of these guys because I just might show up."

"Ok. I won't."

Suddenly someone knocked on her door. She kept talking to me while she got it and let someone in. She motioned for him to be quiet. I looked through the binoculars. It was her ex-boyfriend!

He immediately started touching her, pinching her nipples through her shirt.

"Are you still there?" I asked.

"Yes, sorry. Someone was at the door, but they had the wrong address."

As she was saying this she ran her hand up his leg and grabbed his crotch.

"What are you going to wear tonight?"

"My tight black pants."

"Are you wearing them now?"


"What else?"

As I was talking to her, she was staring at her ex-boyfriend smiling, rubbing his cock up and down underneath his pants. He reached down and unzipped her pants and pulled them to her ankles.

"I was thinking about wearing some panties but I'm not sure if I'm going to now."

As she said this he reached over and pulled her panties to the floor. She kept talking to me as she kneeled down and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock out and immediatey started licking it.

"What are you going to wear?"


She covered up the phone with her hand while she started to bob up and down on his cock. She smacked her lips off the end of it and took her hand off the phone.

"Well, probably just some pink panties pulled up my ass."

He turned her around and had her put her hands on the couch.

"Honey, could you call me back in a few minutes. I've got to take a shower."

"A shower huh?"

"Yes, call me back in ten minutes." She hung-up.

I couldn't believe that little slut lied to me.

I kept watching and listening.

"Does he know that I come over every week?"

She kissed him very tenderly. "No."

"Does he know that I slide my cock up your ass every week?"


He bent her over and let some saliva drop out of his mouth onto her ass. He rubbed it onto her asshole and pushed his finger into her ass.

"Does he know I cum in your ass every week?"


"How come you don't tell him?"

She turned around and smiled at him as he slipped the length of his middle finger into her ass.

"I just want it to be our little secret. I like being the girl you come to every week."

"You have a delicious ass."

He pushed another finger in. She moaned. "It turns me on that my ex-boyfriend comes over every week just to fuck me up my ass. It feels so dirty and perverted but I love it."

"You're so dirty."

He moved himself in front of her face. She sucked in his cock to get it nice and wet. He went back behind her and put the tip of it on her asshole. He pushed it in slowly as her face cringed.

I couldn't believe what I was watching. She never wanted me to give it to up her ass. She told me that it hurt too much and she never liked it.

He pushed it in and out an inch or so over and over until her ass relaxed a little. He pulled it out and went back in front of her. She sucked it in again, covering it with saliva. He moved behind her again and pushed the tip of it, then pushed it further and further in.

She put her head down on the couch and her ass in the air. He glided his prick in and out until finally his legs touched her ass. He made her lick his cock once more then he really started pounding her. Her face was turned towards the window and I could see her bite her lip and see how horny she looked.

I listened to her moaning. First softly, then louder and louder, in a way I've never heard her moan.

"Oh God. Oh my God! Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh." It was like overhearing someone you don't know fucking, making kinky moans you've never heard.

She was in a frenzy. He spanked her ass over and over until it was red.

He pulled his cock out and looked down at her fresh little asshole opened wide. He slide it back in and continued to penetrate her over and over.

He pulled it out again and aimed his cock at her ass. Cum gushed out of his cock into her ass, disappearing into her. His cock convulsed repeatedly, filling her up with cum. He let the lasts few drips fall into her ass.

"I never get tired of fucking you in such a nasty way."

Her face was red. "I love it. It feels so dirty to have you please yourself like that."

He fell on the couch and let his dick fall limp. "I want you to tell your boyfriend."

She looked back at him, still crouched on her knees. "I like when you tell me what you want."

"Tell him tonight."

She sat up and kissed him deeply. "How do you want me to tell him?"

"Just show him my cum."

She smiled. "I can't. It will slide out of me onto my panties by them."

"Them just show them to him."


She climbed on top of him and kissed him.

"I got to go. I have to meet my girlfriend. Could you clean me up?"

She got on her knees and sucked his cock clean, then wiped it dry on her shirt.

He got up, kissed her by and left.

I couldn't believe this was how my girlfriend really was. I couldn't imagine how many guys she was sucking off and spreading her legs for behind my back.

She had told me she was going to take a shower and she didn't even bother to after all this. She pulled her panties back on her cum-filled ass and then her tight black pants on.

I called her again.


"How was your shower?"

"It was so nice. I'm just getting dressed. What did you say you wanted me to wear?"

"Wear that shear black top that you can see your breasts through."

"Ok. So are you coming home for this party?"

"No, I think I'll just wait until tomorrow. Go ahead and have fun."

"I will. So, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yea, see you then."

We hung up.

She finished getting dressed and getting ready. A little while later she left. I got up and went outside to follow her.

I followed her closely, until she got into a taxi that was heading uptown. I hailed a taxi myself and had the driver follow her. A few minutes later the taxi pulled over and she got out. I waited until she disappeared inside an apartment then I got out myself.

I looked at the number of the apartment then went to go get something to eat to kill some time.

As I was sitting there eating, the images of my girlfriend so willingly giving herself to other men ran over and over in my head. Thinking of the insatiable look on her face made my heart pound.

After about an hour, I got up and went to the apartment.

I rang the buzzer and was let in. I walked up the stairs and the apartment door opened. It was a girl I had never met.


"Hi. I'm suppose to meet my friend Chloe here."

When I said this, the girl smiled. "Oh, ok. Come on in."

There were about 30 or 40 people there, drinking, talking, dancing. Everyone was fairly young and half-drunk and ogling each other. I got a drink and wandered around.

A girl came up to me, long brown hair, dark brown eyes, wearing a pair of tight faded jeans and a tight green sweater that let her slim belly show.

We started talking.

"So who do you know here?" she asked me.

"My friend Chloe, but I haven't seen her. Do you know her?"

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