Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 02


It was all I could do to wipe the big grin off of my face. Amy squirmed a little and Rob seemed to be oblivious to what was happening on our side of the booth. New attempts by me to catch a feel of my wife's naked snatch were fruitless, but the knowledge of her secret nudity and boldness made my dick grow hard.

After dinner, Rob wanted to go back to the hotel. He needed to grab some items and call his wife. When we got to the hotel, Amy asked Rob to come to our room to have bottled water and we could then call it a night. I looked at Amy in surprise, but said nothing.

Rob said ok, but he would need to call Rebecca soon. We all went up our room and Amy got each of us bottled water that I had bought earlier. Rob looked around our room and promptly asked us to come to his room. Rob explained that, due to his position in the company, his room was bigger, had lots of amenities, and it was a waste to not use it. So we followed Rob to his room, and as Rob had explained, the room was spectacular. The room had a built in fireplace, Jacuzzi and sound system. Rob was like a little boy showing us all the features. He turned on some music using his Pandora account. He asked Amy her favorite kind of music. Amy likes light Jazz and soon the room filled with the sounds of Kenny G.

Amy's face was lit up with excitement and asked, "Does anyone want to dance?"

Rob looked at me and I shook my head and said, "Go ahead, Amy loves to dance."

Amy took Rob and they began to dance. Rob and Amy stood far apart at first, but began to move closer as the music wore on. After a couple of songs, Rob motioned that it was my turn to dance with my wife. I declined telling him that I enjoyed watching them dance together.

Amy told Rob, "It's ok, my husband is not much of a dancer, but you are good. I am enjoying myself."

I asked Rob, "Do you need to call Rebecca?"

Rob looked at his watch and said, "Not yet."

Rob took my wife in his arms and they began to dance to a slow romantic song. I turned off some lights creating just a shadowy glow in the room.

Rob told Amy, "I think your husband likes what he sees."

Amy gave a throaty, nervous laugh and replied, "He likes to watch me dance. As I told you a couple of weeks ago, he likes to watch me do lots of things."

My mouth hung open in amazement! I was stunned! I had been had! My sweet, innocent wife had set me up.

I stood up and I hoarsely asked, "Are you having an affair?"

Amy replied, "No, I find Rob attractive and we flirted a little. But, before it had gone too far, I told Rob he needed to back off since I was married. Rob told me that he didn't want an affair per se, but his sex life wasn't interesting. I eventually told him some personal things about us, our sexual adventures and I told him about Greg and how ashamed I had felt. Rob," Amy pointed to him, "told me that my husband was lucky to have such an understanding wife. I found Rob to be a wonderful listener. I told him how cheap I felt having sex outside of our marriage."

Amy paused, then proceeded on, " He seemed to understand. He also helped me to realize that sex was fun and exciting as long as it was with my husband. It was dirty only if I cheated on you behind your back. I finally told Rob that, since I found him very attractive, we could involve my husband in a little surprise and have some fun if he was interested."

Rob then chimed in, "I was skeptical at first, but your wife is attractive, AND persuasive! I found myself thinking about it more and more until I approached Amy with this trip and we agreed we would do this, IF you were willing."

"What about your wife?" I asked. I was still feeling numb about what had just happened.

"She would never understand and would divorce me if she found out."

"Have you ever had an affair? Are you sleeping around?" I asked him anxiously.

Rob said, "I love my wife and I wouldn't sneak around or put her or you and Amy at risk. This is my first time doing something like this. I would love to have my wife join me in some exciting and new things, however, due to our religious beliefs, it won't happen. I am like you and I want... no NEED, some excitement in my life. Only a unique situation affords me that opportunity. This situation is that one time opportunity."

I sat down in my chair stunned at these revelations.

Rob spoke up again, "I can see you are shocked. You both can go now if you like and know that I wouldn't think badly of you. Amy will still advance in her job as she is so talented and efficient at what she does. I am very nervous, but, I want to experience this for myself. Ever since Amy told me of your night with your friend, I can't stop thinking about it."

Rob looked at me intently and spoke directly to me, "I understand you more now. It is not me fulfilling your wife because you can't; instead, it is you fulfilling your wife because you can! Your wife and I, up to this point, have not so much as shared a kiss and I guarantee you that she wouldn't behind your back. I know how loyal to you she is, I also know that she has now decided to please you and her inner fantasy. We talked about this moment for hours just last night."

I looked at my wife who searched for my reaction deep in my eyes. After what seemed to be a long, silent, minute, I cleared my throat and said, "I think you two should keep dancing."

My wife came to me in my chair, kissed me very deeply, took off her shoes and sauntered into Rob's arms again. This time she bent her head up to accept a kiss from Rob. Their kisses became more passionate. Amy leaned her body into Rob's as he became more excited. I sat in my chair and felt my own sexual member become more excited. Rob reached into Amy's dress and began to fondle her tits. I could hear him whisper to Amy that her tits were beautiful.

Amy said, "They're not as spectacular as your wife's!"

"Yours are supple, and sexual. I find them irresistible." He growled

With that he dropped the shoulders' on Amy's dress down to expose her beautiful breasts. Rob reached down and kissed her left breast. Amy moaned ever so softly. Amy's nipples became erect and she began to push her soft pussy mound against Rob's now straining pants.

Rob and Amy once again, as if in concert, began to sway to the music. Rob reached down to feel Amy's ass through her dress. I swallowed hard as I knew the secret that would be revealed in just seconds. Rob began to slowly bunch up Amy's dress to reveal her naked ass. Rob gasped and began to massage her ass cheeks. Amy began to kiss Rob, urging him to massage her more, to find her sweet little mound, that by this time was sopping wet with little stream of juice glistening in the soft light on her inner thigh. Rob reached around Amy's ass seeking her moist, wet pussy.

Rob pulled away from her a little to massage her dripping slit. Amy unbuckled Rob's pants and helped him drop underwear as he stepped out of them. Amy then helped him with his shirt to reveal Rob totally naked. Amy gasped at seeing his cock. Rob's cock was longer and thicker than mine and Amy had always been afraid of too big of a cock. Even I would push against the back wall of her pussy with my cock.

Rob then helped Amy remove her dress leaving both of them naked.

Amy looked at me; I smiled and mouthed, "I love you!"

Amy returned the "I love you" and reached up and kissed Rob.

Rob then spoke, "Your wife is so beautiful! Are you sure it's ok to fuck your wife?"

I nodded my approval and dropped my own pants to reveal my throbbing cock. I sat back down as they were both close enough to touch. Amy came to me, sitting in the chair, whereby, she got on all fours and began to suck my cock. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes on each stroke. I motioned for Rob to come in behind her. Rob approached her ass, kissing her ass cheeks as he began to rub his fingers on her juicy slit. He slowly inserted first one then two fingers into Amy's cunt as she gasped and pushed back against them. I began to build towards climax as Amy began to ride Rob's fingers, closing her eyes to enjoy the moment. I began to feel Amy shudder as she began to convulse in orgasm, I came at the same time, filling her mouth with my cum.

Amy sat on the floor as she gathered her strength, Rob however, could not wait and kissed Amy with my cum still dripping from her mouth. Amy took Rob's cock in her mouth and began to rhythmically suck his cock, stopping to lick his shaft and then sucking first the right ball, then the left. I reached down to play with Amy's clit. Her pussy was so wet! She began to shudder again in orgasm. This time, instead of stopping to rest, she sensed Rob was nearing orgasm. She stood up, grabbed both of our hands, and led Rob and I to the bed. She ripped the covers and sheet down laid down making room for Rob. Rob lay beside Amy so that they were facing each other. Amy then kissed Rob tenderly, their tongues meeting and intertwining softly at first the becoming more passionate. I pulled my chair over to have a great view as I began to stroke my own cock.

Amy began to play with Rob's cock stroking it ever so softly. She then pulled him on top of her, kissing him fiercely, passionately. Rob lifted himself as Amy guided him into her quivering cunt. Amy gasped and slowly relaxed as Rob, being very gentle, slowly lowered himself deep inside of her.

Amy cried out' "God, you are so big. Please be gentle."

Rob bent down and kissed her, and began to rhythmically stroke in and out, very slowly. Soon, Amy reached behind him to grab his hands to set a faster pace as she began to buck with desire. Rob allowed her to pull him into her and then began to move faster. Soon, Amy began to climax, her body jerking and writhing as her body orgasmed in waves. I began to be concerned as it didn't seem she would ever stop. Rob, meanwhile, was coming to orgasm himself.

He cried out, "Oh God I am cumming. Can I cum in you?"

Amy breathlessly exclaimed, "I want all of you, cum in me, cum in me, CUM IN ME!" as Rob released his load.

Rob convulsed as all of his pent up anxiety flowed out through his dick. He convulsed as Amy's pussy tightened and then released to milk out every drop of cum he had.

Rob bent down and slowly kissed Amy and then kissed each of her breasts. Rob rolled to Amy's left side. I slowly got up as I looked at my wife and she looked at me. I approached the bed where I could see Rob's juices running down between my wife's legs.

Amy took me by the hand and swung me around between her legs. I began to mount her to insert my penis and she stopped me. Amy then pushed my head between her legs, urging me to lick her cunt. I began to lick the lips of her pussy, for the first time tasting the remnants of another man's cum.

Amy moaned again. I did not know she could still react to my tongue after a fresh fucking from Rob. She began to urge me to lick faster and harder. I stuck my fingers in her wet pussy, where they quickly became covered in her and Rob's juices. I continued to lick her cunt until she arched her back and shuddered again, covering my face with her and Rob's juices. She took my face and began to kiss me all over and guiding my cock for sweet insertion. I came almost at once, no longer able to hold back. Amy was so exhausted and covered with sweat; she lay quietly as I kissed her gently and told her I loved her. She whispered that she loved me too and told me to sleep.

I told her that I respected her wishes and she assured me this was her choice. She rolled over to put her arm across Rob's naked body, telling him he was an excellent lover and that she loved his big, thick cock. Rob told Amy and me that we should all three stay in bed until the morning.

Amy asked if I wouldn't mind going back to our room, she wanted to stay there with Rob and have him one more time in the morning. Amy told me that this was her last time with Rob, as she and Rob had agreed that this was a one-time shot. I asked her if she was all right and Amy told me how lucky she was to have a sensitive, caring husband like me to help fulfill her.

I asked her if she was ok with Rob's big cock in her pussy and she said she was fine and that she was at peace with our choices and she looked forward to our next adventure. Amy then reminded me that I would never know when she might plan the next adventure.

I grinned broadly and said, "Unless I beat you to it." I then left Amy to enjoy one more adventure alone with Rob.

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by Anonymous03/21/18

The 1st chapter was good but this screams Loser!

The story just turned into Pathetic sissy crap. Cheating Cunt wife now has no respect for the Wimp Loser husband. Another one for the sewerage of LW.

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Cuck crap!

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by Stubbyone09/12/17

A really good story, until ...

she asked to be alone with her boss. I'm pretty sure they had an agreement that they do this together, so he could get something out of it as well. I have to agree with several other commenters thatmore...

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