tagLoving WivesInnocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 03

Innocent Wife Fucks My Friend Ch. 03


Amy laid on the bed, nude, her body curled up around the naked man lying in front of her. She listened to his deep, restful breathing as she felt tired, yet restless. She propped herself up on one arm so she could gaze at his face. He had a tanned, handsome face that looked younger than his 39 years. He had an olive complexion, with dark, full hair. When she had gazed into his eyes last night, she noticed his deep brown eyes that had just a hint of sadness in them.

Amy knew that, while she had intimate knowledge of this man and they had shared intimacies, she was not the woman that he wished were lying beside him this early morning. As she watched his shallow breathing, he slowly became aware of her presence. Amy stirred deep inside. She knew only too well that their time together this morning was short and she was bent on making the most of it.

Amy reached over his athletic frame and paused to appreciate her sex partner. His cock was still flaccid, yet, still held the promise of coming alive to meet her passions. She remembered her trepidation as her pussy slowly swallowed his cock for the first time. As the massive head began to push into her vagina, she had tensed up, expecting some pain. Her body, however, easily took the largest sex member that she had ever seen into her well lubricated vagina.

Slowly Amy took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked it with gentle, light touches. He stirred and rolled onto his back as his cock began to stir to life. Amy began to kiss his nipples and lick them gently.

He was fully awake now and concentrating hard on her every movement and action. He reached out to fondle her breast, but she removed his hand as soon as it came close to her already hard nipple. She began to kiss his chest and slowly move down to his stomach. He maintained himself well, playing racquetball and participating in pickup games with his sons, Mark and Paul.

Amy slowly moved her kisses down to hover just above his fully erect male member. She could smell his manhood. The smell was strong from his anticipation and lingering juices from last night's activities. Amy flicked her tongue slightly over the mushroom head of his yearning cock. She could feel her pussy becoming very wet as she began to envelope the head of his cock with her trembling mouth.

Amy began to form saliva in her mouth as swirled her tongue over the small opening at the end of his penis. He gasped as he shivered with anticipation.

She could taste his small oozing amount of pre-cum as she shifted to straddle him with her back to his face. She began to move her mouth over his cock, taking the shaft down to where she started to gag, then, moving her mouth up and over the head so that she could lick the shaft. She began to fondle his testicles. Stroking them, moving them and the finally licking them eliciting a small moan as the man began to move his hips.

She began to earnestly alternate her strokes and salivating over his cock to insure maximum sensitivity. She expertly began to swirl her over the head of his cock resting her tongue on the v just below the mushroomed head.

Amy could feel him move under her for a better position as he flicked his tongue at her now engorged and wet pussy lips. She began to rock back as she lost brief focus on her task at hand. He licked around her cunny lips before plunging his tongue into her well lubricated vagina causing Amy to shut her eyes and moan.

Amy gasped and uttered her first words of the morning. "Oh God Rob...keep licking...Oooh! It feels so good."

Amy regained focus and enveloped Rob's cock with her mouth once again. Rob moaned and begun to thrust his hips as he began the climb to climax.

Rob continued to lick Amy's pussy as her once hidden clitoris shoed itself and began to quiver with anticipation. Amy began to moan over and over again.

Rob gasped, "I am going to cum!"

Amy continued to relentlessly move over his cockhead as it began to quiver and then released its load. Amy could not contain it all and her mouth allowed remnants to flow down the side of her mouth as she swallowed all she could without gagging. She quickly wiped her face as Rob renewed his licking on her clit.

Amy moaned once again and began to tremble as her orgasm began to mount culminating in her crying out, "Oh God Rob! I am cumming...I am cumming!"

Amy's body began to writhe uncontrollably as her orgasm reached its peak.

Amy lay back next to Rob, their breathing heavy and rapid. Amy reached over and kissed him, careful to gently wipe away her cunny juices. Their tongues intertwined as Rob reached out for Amy's breasts, first cupping them then rolling each nipple till Amy winced as the pressure had become too great for her to bear.

Amy reached out to stroke Rob's cock again.

Rob said, "Whoa! Slow down! I need to have a little time to recuperate. I am not that young anymore."

Amy giggled and said, "You are fantastic! How long will you need?" She chided playfully.

Rob's head laid back against the pillow hard as he reached for the extra pillows strewn all over the bed haphazardly from last night and this morning's activities.

Rob gazed up at the ceiling thoughtfully before speaking. Turning toward her, he said slowly, "Too much time. I need to check out and go pick up Rebecca and the boys."

Amy sighed as reality took hold and she realized that she too would need to check out from the luxurious hotel in Orlando, Florida. Vacation was over.

Amy grabbed her clothes, dressed and began to leave. Rob quickly grabbed her, kissed her and said, "I don't know how to thank you. That was incredible! I don't know how I can now go back to my hum drum life."

Amy looked him deep into his eyes and reassured him, "You will be fine". "Besides, don't just thank me. My husband allowed this to happen. I would never be here without his approval."

With that, Amy left the room. As Amy approached the room that she shared with her husband, her heart beat faster.

Even though she had received her husband's approval, this was the first time she had sex with someone else without him there.

She could still feel remnants of Rob's cum on her pussy lips despite her attempts to wipe herself clean in Rob's room. The knowledge caused a small smile to appear on her lips.

As she opened the door to her room, she could see her husband sitting in the chair. She couldn't guess how long he had been there, waiting.

He looked up quickly, his eyes having that "too tired" look of having been up far too long. Her husband quickly came to her, sweeping her into his arms. Amy felt safe now and relaxed into his arms.

She didn't know what the future held; she did know that she could count on her husband to help bring a sense of normalcy back into her life.

Her husband looked deep into her eyes, searching for signs of distress. "Are you ok?" She nodded into his shoulder.

"I am just tired"

"Is that all?"

"And sore!"

"I suppose you are. Let me draw you a nice hot bath. I have arranged a late checkout for us. Take your time."

"Thank you, honey." She looked into his eyes, reached up and gently stroked his face. "I love you very much!"

"I love you too."

Amy then disappeared into the bathroom to an almost full bathtub of hot water.

The next week saw Amy back at work, busy and slowly life was returning to normal. Except, she noticed Rob had not been to work. Rob, being one of her bosses, had been her biggest source of work as he seemed to request more and more of her time in the weeks leading up to Orlando. Now, other managers began to sense her not being tied up by Rob and began to request her services.

By Thursday, Amy had caught a glimpse of Rob in his office. She noticed that Rob's requests were now going to Anna. Amy went to Anna and asked Anna for some of Rob's requests for documents. Anna looked up at her nervously and dutifully handed them over.

Amy marched into Rob's office, with the files in hand, and closed the door.

"I thought you weren't going to treat me differently after last week. We had a deal!" Amy furiously slammed down the files on his desk. She clenched her jaw, fighting back tears, "We had a deal!"

Rob stared at her for a moment, contemplating the right words to use. "I thought you could use some space. I thought you might be uncomfortable."

Amy spat back, "The only thing uncomfortable is you treating me differently. Let me spell it out for you clearly." Amy took a deep breath. She knew she needed to clarify things quickly. "What we had was good sex. I love my husband and I know you love Rebecca. Sex is sex. That is what you told me three weeks ago, right here in this office. Well, you had better believe those words because that is all it was."

Rob put his face into his hands, and looked up. "Look, I am sorry, but you have already been through this. I felt so guilty! Rebecca wanted to make love when we got back. She told me that she was sorry she had missed our opportunity to make love in Orlando. She wanted to make it up to me. I had to make an excuse. I just couldn't."

Amy relaxed. Her emotions calming down, She understood and began to chide herself for not realizing his emotional turmoil that, she herself, had experienced not quite a year ago when her husband shared her for the first time. The guilt and remorse had been overwhelming.

Amy then spoke to Rob firmly, "You MUST go home, right now! Is she there?


"Arrange for a babysitter, put on some good, romantic music and screw your wife!"

"I am afraid that all I will see is you!"

"You can't have me. I love my husband and only my husband. Tell your wife some of your desires. Not all, just some. She may resist at first...I did! But it may grow on her. No promises! But you need to try!"

Amy felt motherly with the only emotion she had for Rob, compassion, driving her. Rob came forward as if to embrace her. Amy put out her hand to stop him.

"You...I...We can't!"

Amy left Rob's office. She saw Rob leave, mumbling to his private secretary that he needed to go home, directing the secretary that all of his document requests go to Amy.

Amy packed her things up for the day and left work seeking the security of her husband's arms. As she drove home, she began to be pleased with herself that she seemed to have found a new found inner strength.

The rigors of life soon set in with the demands of Amy's new job responsibilities taking all of her energy. Extra-curricular sexual activities were not even thought of except for an occasional memory of her wild nights with Rob and Greg.

A week after her discussion with Rob, he had recommended her for a manager's position. He had returned to his former self, with a renewed focus on his family and Church responsibilities. While his tryst had awakened inner desires he had not known he had, he didn't feel different. Somehow, he felt a little more confident. Rebecca had remarked on it recently after a love making session that left her breathless.

Rebecca had said, "There is something different about you."

"You bring out the tiger in me...Grrr"

"No, you seem more playful...more attentive. I don't know what it is, but I like it."

"Does it turn you on?"

"Yes! But it also makes me wonder. You're not watching porn, are you?"

"You know I haven't done that since we've been married. I know what the church says about it."

"Okay, but you seem different." Rebecca turned away from him with a small nagging suspicion that she tried to quickly dismiss.

Rob reflected on his wife's comments and he began to muse about what it would be like if he told her that he wanted oral sex or even to watch her masturbate. He noticed that his cock seemed to get hard when he started to think about Amy and what it would be like to share his wife like Amy had been. "Oh well, not happening sucker!" He muttered to himself.

Rob thought of Amy. He wondered if she would meet him if he asked her to. Probably not, she had made that quite clear, still, it was a nice thought. Hey, he had an idea. Amy had not told him not to call her husband; after all, they had made plans to go shooting. He made a mental note to call him that evening. Pleased with himself, he got back to work.

This particular Saturday, Amy worked on the house. Her house was a Cape Cod style home that reminded her of her upbringing back east. With wrap around screened-in porches, and ample room for visitors, there was always a lot to do to keep it clean. Her husband had finished the yard work and announced his intention to go the gun range with some friends.

Amy had been distracted enough to not inquire which friends, so she assumed that they were probably his employees or something like that. Amy had appreciated the normalcy that had begun to pervade her home. Her husband would sometimes make references to having some special sex time, but she had quickly nixed that. It's not like he was deprived!

Amy had learned to appreciate her body and its sensuous needs. She had even suggested they go on some websites and explore some sex games or toys. Her husband had been very excited about the idea, but something seemed to always get in the way. Their lovemaking was very exciting and adventurous. Her husband was not complaining.

There were times she would remember sex with Rob or even Greg, although, Greg now seemed like the distant past. She would then come back to reality, realizing that to contact either Greg or Rob could lead to disastrous consequences for her or them. Amy was starting to be content with just her current life.

Late in the afternoon, Amy began to tire of her housework and lay down to take a nap. She was suddenly awoken to voices downstairs. She glanced at the clock and to her horror it was 6:00 p.m. The voices she was hearing was either unexpected company or her husband's friends. She called to her husband.

"Honey, do we have company?"

Her husband yelled back, "Yes, we just got back from shooting and thought we could down a couple of waters."

Amy could hear some muffled laughter. "Men!" She muttered with just a hint of disgust.

Amy showered and cleaned up for the evening. As she came down the stairs, she was surprised to still hear voices. She had expected everyone to be gone by the time she finished.

She came into the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge and she stopped cold in her tracks. A shiver ran up her spine. Amy heard a voice she recognized. She poked her head around the corner and saw her husband. He noticed her peeking around the corner.

"Honey, look who came with me to the shooting range."

Amy immediately recognized Rob sitting there with a big smile on his face. But what made her blood go cold is the other face. A face she had not seen in a while.

"Hi Greg. It's been a long time." Amy knew that she could not retreat now. She came to Rob and hugged him, then turned and hugged Greg.

"What a pleasant surprise!" Amy turned to her husband, "So, Honey, these are the friends you took shooting?"

Her husband smiled a devilish grin and said, "Yep. I was surprised that Rob called about three days ago and so we made plans. Greg called this morning, so I invited him."

Amy could tell her husband was pleased with himself. She could feel a little anger rise up within her as she thought about letting him have it right there and then. Her husband could have warned her at least. However, she could let this develop and see what happened. Maybe she could turn this on him.

"Honey, don't be a bad host, invite them to the table." She swept her hand in invitation toward the dining room table. "Honey, why don't you make them sandwiches and bring us all something cold to drink." She paused as her husband got up to go in the kitchen, "Oh...and Hon...I want a sandwich too."

A little plan began to form in her mind as her husband looked at her started to say something, then, obviously thought better of it.

Her husband got to the opening to the kitchen and turned back toward her, "Honey, can I talk to you in private please?"

Amy confidently replied, "I don't think that's necessary. I want a pastrami sandwich. What do you guys want?"

Greg and Rob glanced at each other; then, Amy's husband, and began to give their orders. Amy could tell they were slight amused that she had turned the table on her husband.

Amy began to chit chat about their day; asking each one of them their favorite shooting range, gun, scores and how well they knew each other.

Amy knew that Rob would catch on that this was the Greg she had confided in him about, but, Greg would have no idea about Rob. She decided that all three men had stretched the envelope, so to speak, and so would she.

Each time her husband would come in, she would find new things for him to do as she would sit and listen in rapt attention to each guy and their stories.

Amy was wearing a pair of sweats that she had intended to lounge in that evening.

Her husband finally came into the room with an exasperated look on his face and exclaimed, "Can I visit with my friends now?"

Amy waved her hand magnanimously and said, "Sure Honey! I thought you visited with them all day. I need to use the rest room anyway. I will be back soon. Have a seat. I am sure you are tired from all of your activities." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Her husband looked worried.

Amy thought to herself, "He should be."

Amy went upstairs and tied her just dried hair back into a ponytail and looked in her closet. She finally settled on a casual yellow skirt that was a little short for her taste and a tight white short sleeved shirt. She removed her bra and panties. She buttoned only the three buttons of the blouse, letting her midriff and cleavage show. She looked in the mirror. She could see her nipples and areolas right through the fabric. "Perfect." She thought.

Amy came downstairs entered the dining room. All three men stopped what they were doing and stared. She smiled to herself. Job well done!

"So, I thought we could all play a game if you guys are up to it. Unless someone needs to leave."

Rob and Greg both cleared their throat and nodded that they were in.

Amy then said, "I thought we could all play Truth or Dare. The rules are that I can't ask you guys to do anything..." Amy looked at each guy, "...naughty to each other. We can't go outside of the house. Otherwise, everything else goes. If anyone refuses to answer a question or a dare, they owe each of the other contestants $200. Deal?"

Greg said, "I don't have $400 cash on me."

"Then don't refuse."

Amy knew they wouldn't. Their male ego would now prevent as she had just challenged them.

"Honey? Does that apply to me too? What if you refuse to answer a question? That means I pay too!"

Oh Sweetheart, I didn't invite you to play. You know too much about me, or at least I thought you did. But, you can watch."

Her husband's face turned red and began to say something, then, fell silent.

Amy then turned to Greg and Rob. "So Gentlemen, who wants to start?"

Rob said, "Your game Amy, you start."

Amy looked from face to face and asked Rob, "Ok, Rob, Truth or Dare?"

Rob immediately replied, "Dare."

"Ok, I want you to touch your penis with three strokes. And do it like you mean it."

Rob was stunned. He didn't understand Amy's sudden attitude.

Amy then challenged Rob, "Aw, come on Rob. I thought you were a daredevil."

Her Husband started to protest when Amy shushed him, "Rob can answer for himself."

Rob answered, "Alright, fine, it's no big deal."

He unzipped his pants and his cock came out already starting to get hard. Rob quickly stroked it three times. Glaring at Amy. "Ok, done." Rob left his cock out in defiance.

Ok, Rob, it's your turn."

"Amy, Truth or Dare?"


Rob thought for a minute, then, asked, "Have you thought of having sex with anyone in this room besides your husband?"

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