tagErotic CouplingsInsatiable at Work Ch. 23

Insatiable at Work Ch. 23


When I arrived, the coffee was on and Robin was going over a list with Lynn. It was the list of chores that had to be completed, while we were gone. It seemed to be well received, with little complaint...Lynn's a good kid. I kissed Robin, as she handed me a cup, "Here babe. I'm sure you need this. How'd things go?"

"Well, I got the spec's into the office...I'm free to leave town. Did you finish your report?"

"It's done too...dropped it off this morning...I'm free, too."

Lynn added, "Yeah, she was up half the night, finishing work and doing laundry...I heard her at 2...2:30."

"Yeah, I know, but I got it done."

"Well...Hallelujah! Were both done!"

Robin and I were packing to leave on a camping trip. I was loading the car, while she packed the cooler and I asked, "Are these going?"

"Yep...and I'm almost done packing food."

Then I overheard Lynn say, "I'm sure you'll be needing this."

Robin's response was, "Well...you're right, thanks honey." They both giggled like teenagers, "I guess you do know how it feels...and what he can do with it."

"You'll have fun...lots of fun, Mom."

I walked back into the room and saw the lube in her hand...they both giggled again. I realized what was going on and rolled my eyes as Robin continued, "You know...the best meat isn't in this cooler...it's right over there."

"Are you two having fun?" I decided to play along, "And really...I'm just meat to you girls?"

Lynn answered, "Yes...yes you are and you know were doing our best to mess with you."

"Well, you know...I can take it out and show you how useful it can be. And...both of you could sit up there on that counter and spread for me."

Lynn giggled, "Mmmmm...hot threesome sex. Derek's picking me up in about 15 minutes...maybe we could make it a foursome?"

Robin cut her off, "Lynn, stop...you know he'll keep going."

Lynn shot back, "I know that...but mom, I don't wanna to let him off easy."

I replied with a grin, "Just like your mother."

She turned, "I know." Content with the outcome, she left the room, smiling.

Once she was out of the room, I rubbed my hand over Robin's back and whispered, "She's right, pack that bottle...and I'm denying that, if you tell her."

When we got on the road, about 45 minutes in, she was passed out; I smiled and turned up the tunes...she needed the rest...we both did. It always seems like a marathon to finish things up before you leave for any vacation. I would glance over to see if she was still sleeping and thought about how hot she looked in her jeans and flannel shirt...sleeping like that...my sexy outdoor girl. She could seriously be in some commercial, selling kayaks or camping gear. It's a shame she's not awake so we could talk, but I think what I missed most were those green eyes. When she finally sat up, "How many miles? Do you want me to drive some?"

When I looked over, those eyes made me smile, "Honey, we got about 30 miles...just relax and talk to me."

She put her hand on my shoulder and rubbed my neck. Her smile spoke volumes, "Were gonna have so much fun, together."


We'd been hiking for a couple hours, before deciding to setup the tent. We almost had the place to ourselves, because it was mid-week and it was September, just after schools had gotten into full swing. It was pretty sweet...we were nestled in a grove of spruce, probably 200' foot from the nearest tents.

She came into the tent while I was finishing things. There was a forecast of some rain, nothing major, but we wanted to finish things up to keep everything dry. She had a sexy smile on her face, "Looks good...let's try it out." We locked lips with a long embrace and fell into the sleeping bags...her body felt hot against mine. I trailed kisses down over her neck and shoulders, while cupping a breast. They were perky, but just the right size to overwhelm your hand. She must have slipped her bra off outside, because you could see nipples poking through her t-shirt, and that tight bounce, when she moved...perfect...Robin had fucking perfect tits.

"Sweetie, I really want you. Just lay back and let me do things; just close your eyes and relax." She stroked slow for a few minutes, but then I felt the heat of her mouth enclose the tip.

"Yessssss...fuck, that's nice." Not able to keep my eyes closed, I moaned, "Babe I wanna watch you take...it...love to watch you take it." I looked down and saw her beautiful eyes, peeking through the curls; she was bobbing up and down the shaft. Her lips roamed over the swollen flesh and her tongue teased the underside of the head; at the very tip, she had her tongue, swirling and swirling, till it glistened.

She licked at the head, "I want you to fuck my mouth till ya cum!"

She pushed down over the dick, with her tongue gliding and dancing over the flesh. Lodging the very tip at the entrance of her throat, she took it all the way. She forced the bulbous crown into her throat and bobbed slow, fucking me with the muscles of her throat. I grabbed at the back of her head, rammed it deep and started pumping. Even with her lips buried in my pubes, she still grabbed my ass with both hands, as if she could push it deeper. Encouraging me to pound at her throat, she was crazy horny...hungry for cock...hungry for seed. A face-fucking deepthroat...I never wanted this to end, but I knew it would...there's no way I was lasting much longer. We both moaned, but I felt hers, mixed with gurgles, travel up through the hard flesh, tapping her throat, "Mmm...mmmm...ga...ga ga ga ga ga ga!"

All at once, my grasp tightened and my body shook; cum surged up from my balls and into her mouth. I groaned, "Robin...shit...shit...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck! Cumming...Robin...yer makin' me cummmmm...already...cumming...cumming...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...yesssssss...yessssss!"

I felt her lips tighten, while she pulled back to stroke the shaft; she was milking what wasn't buried in her mouth. Pumping her hand over the flesh, she knew exactly what I needed and what she need to get the mouthful she was after.

I groaned as she pulled off and licked seed from her lips, "Ohhhh fuck...Robin!"

She grinned, "I know you would've lasted longer, if you were relaxing and keeping our eyes closed."

"Yea...I know...I know...can you blame me though? Let's see how long you can last while I'm between your legs."

"Oh this is a game...lets go, babe...think I got the prize, if I win or lose."

Once I started, it wasn't long before her hips were quivering and rolling over my tongue; I was fucking into her pussy and flicking over her clit. It's so fucking hot whenever I got to satisfy her with my tongue, I really thought I might explode again.

I continued tongue-fucking, punching, in and out, through her pussy lips. When I could feel her nearing orgasm, I focused on her clit, gently sucking and teasing it. I'd replaced my tongue with a couple fingers in her pussy and that proved to be too much. She moaned, holding my head tight against her clit and squeezing her legs tighter.

"Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...Rob...fuck!" she moaned as I fucked my fingers into her pussy. She screamed as her body began to tremble and shudder, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...mmmmm...fuck!" I continued with the fingers and she kept pressing her clit into my lips. "Oh god! Fuckin' cumming...cumming...yesssss...cumming...cumming!" "Fuck...that's good...so good...damn," she moaned.

We laid back to catch our breath, she kisses me and smiles, "Honey, that's a nice way to christen the trip."


After a little dinner, we decided to take walk down to an outcropping we had run across earlier...it was just about a quarter mile. It was still light but we grabbed a flashlight, just in case. It had started misting, but we really wanted to check it out; so we slipped on rain gear and set out. We found the trail and followed it down into a lushly, vegetated valley. It, of course, started to sprinkle a little more and she spotted the little cave, "There it is, just ahead!" I squeezed her hand and said, "Good job sweetie...we can duck in there till it stops."

"It's a little colder down here than up at the campsite." Shaking off the rain coats, we laid them over a rock and huddled under the overhang...it was bone dry so we could park on some rocks and look out onto the sky. We were losing the daylight, the moon looked almost full and the night was clear. She said, "That will be brilliant...being away from the city lights, the sky and stars will be freaking amazing."

"Come over here, hon," I wrapped my arm around her and she pressed herself into me.

"Do you think there'll be any traffic through here?"

"People are sparse and, with this rain, I really doubt it."

She squirmed around to push my hand up inside her shirt.

"Mmmmm, that's sweet."

She grinned, "It was supposed to be a hint."

I smile back, "Oh really?"

She lifted her arms to let me slip the shirt off, exposing her creamy, white breasts to the waning sunlight. I grabbed the rain coats and spread them over the ground. She leaned back on her arms and smiled, "It's your turn, now...take those pants off."

I was rock hard, again (it doesn't take much), and when I pushed my underwear down, it popped out and bobbed in her face. I grin and step out of my clothes, "I love anxious and horny."

She grins, "And hungry...don't forget hungry." Stroking over the dick, she said, "Damn, you're always ready...I can safely say, you'll never need Viagra."

"Thanks for that assessment."

Still stroking and all smiles, she's playful and teasing, "You know, I think my tits need some attention, too."

"I can see that...they're screaming for attention...they look cold."

I kneeled and teased her nipples, nibbling and flicking at the little erections...they were defiant and poking into the brisk breeze. I grazed, going back and forth, between the fleshy mounds and opening wide, to take as much as I could. I looked up and she said, "Now they feel warm, honey, but my pussy's cold."

I smiled, "Robin, I know that's not true...your pussy has never been cold...just like my hard dick."

She giggled, as I dropped between her legs and went at it. "Ahhhh...yesssssss...that's nice...mmmm...that's nice," she groaned, "You're not easy to fool, but I got you well-trained."

"I think you must know...were just getting started here." I answered

"That's what I need sweetie...that's perfect."

I probed deeper and traced her labia, finally pushing into her and fucking with my tongue. She pushed my face between her legs and humped into it, groaning, "Shit that works...fuck...that's good...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...that's perfect...honey...uhhhh...uhhhh. When I worked back up to her clit she was already for more. She pulled my face from her pussy, looked into my eyes and leaned down to kiss my forehead then my lips, "I need you to fuck me."

I rolled over top and pushed her legs back. I moved closer and she guided the head up to her pussy. I was on all fours and it jutted from my body in a big arc, swollen and pulsing, ready to soothe her craving. She teased the head with her moist labia, before pushing it inside, "Fuckkkk!" "Fuck that's it," she gasped, as it went, deeper and deeper, and she could wiggle her hips to adjust to its girth.

I rolled my hips back and pushed back in, several times, as her pussy caressed and covered each pulsing inch with sex. "Fuck me...that's it...yessssss...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me...stretch me wide open...yessssssss...that's it honey...like that...stretch me."

The wetness that saturated my dick and the intensity of her moans pushed me to thrust faster. "Robin...oh fuck, that's perfect...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck...spread for me...spread wide for me...fuck!"

She pulled her legs back to spread wider and had her body rolling up to meet my strokes. I pounded into her body, slapping against her ass, while she groaned and gasped for breath.

Once I touched her clit, she screamed, "Yesssssss!" When I started to slide my fingers over the swollen bud, she moaned, "Good...that feels so good...baby, I'm almost there...already...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...yesssssss...gonna cum. Oh baby...gonna cum!" She moaned loudly as I drove my dick into her cervix, my cock pulsing with a need for release and seed boiling up from my balls.

"Oh fuck...you feel so good, baby...uhhhh...uhhhh...I'm gonna cum all over that dick...that dick...mmmmmmm...that's it...play with it...play with my clit...rub me...rub me...don't stop...don't...don't stop...yesssssss."

She moaned as her body shuddered, "Mmmmmm...fuck...here it comes...here it comes...cummmmming sweetie...cummmming...cummmmming!" Her pussy clenched tight and her head rolled back, while I pumped my hips, driving deep into her belly. Still trembling with orgasm, "Ahhhhh god...yesssss...so fucking good," she moaned. "Baby, sooooo good!"

With mine still building, I grunted, knowing that I wasn't far from release either. I kept pumping my cock, in and out, as I held her hot, trembling body. Eventually she finished and, with the same wild, frenzied pace, she started humping up to meet my hips. She said, "Baby, tell me when you're gonna cum...please...I want it."

Driving my rock-hard dick deep into her body, I groaned, feeling that pleasurable tension spread through my body. "Yesssss...soon...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...real soon!

She pushed me off, nudged me to my feet and rolled herself forward. Now, squatting on her knees, she had her mouth and hands working my dick. Almost begging, "Gimme all that good stuff...feed me...drown me, baby...drown me!" Stroking wildly, she sucked at the swollen head, pushing me, closer and closer, to orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted loudly as my hips pumped hard flesh, deep into her mouth. I felt a huge load spill over her tongue. Over and over, I shuddered and cum pulsed up from my balls, filling her with seed. Once it passed, she looked up at me, pulling her mouth from my cock. She gave me a smile and opened her mouth to show-off the precious, creamy puddle.

I groaned, "Fuck...that was a load!" She swallowed a couple times before replying, "Mmmm...just the way I like it, babe...hot, thick and huge!" She was giggling and then I started laughing.

Before taking it between her lips to suck out the last drops, she said, "And I know you like it, too, sweetie." Out there under the stars, making love, we almost lost track of time...I stood there, looking up into the sky, while she sucked and licked over my dick. Once we finally started to head back, she said "Shit Rob!" Wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her breasts into my chest, she groaned, "Mmmmm...fuck...nobody...nobody fucks like you!"

I smiled, "Well...I'd guess that's why I'm still around? We're pretty lucky, Robin."

She kissed me, "Love you so much, sweetie. We really are lucky." Arm in arm, we walked back to camp, enjoying the riotous sounds of the night...a subtle breeze would shake loose droplets in the tree canopy and the foliage opened up to display an amazing sky, of thousands of stars.


The next morning I heard an odd bird, just west of our tent. Robin was still asleep, so I quietly leaned down to stick the binoculars though the flap...I never found the bird...I think it was some kind of finch. But I did find the neighbors, clearly enjoying some morning wood on their picnic table. She was straddling the bench, doggy-style, while he pumped from behind. My new binoculars were pulling in some incredible detail; I could even see the cat tattooed on her ass. I heard bits of her soft moans and a climax, but then I watched him, frantically pounding to finish himself...I could see all the telltale signs of an amazing creampie. I found myself wishing that I were standing overhead...it must have been amazing, as it poured from her pussy.

I had some serious morning wood, anyway, but now I was painfully hard and looking for satisfaction. When I turned around, I went face-first between her legs. I used my fingers to spread her open, exposing the tender, pink flesh to my tongue. Feeling her pussy grab at my tongue, as it thrust into the heat, I realized she had started to come around.

When I nursed on her clit, I pushed my fingers into her pussy. She held them tight, while I fucked deeper. I knew that keeping my tongue focused on her clit, was driving her wild...wild with a desire to be fucked...wild with the desire to cum...and wild with the desire to be satisfied. She was panting and squirming from the sensory rush, her clit sent through her body. Fucking through her tight grip, she was becoming increasingly wet and I could feel orgasm pulsing up through her body. When it finally took hold, her pussy pulsed tighter and I could feel her spasm...I finger-fucked her through to the end. Finally, I pulled out and enveloped the puffy labia with my mouth, tongue-fucking and sucking her juice.

Once, I eased into her pussy, she rolled her head back, "Ahhhh...yessssss...that's it, honey...yeah, that's it...fuck...this keeps getting better!" Her mouth stayed open and she filled the tent with steady, gasping moans. "Mmmmmm...mmmmmm...god, fuck me...yessssss...fuck me...stretch me...make it...make it bigger...stretch me...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me...fuck me!"

Her fingers went to work over her clit, while I pounded myself deep, between her legs. With each stroke, her moans seemed to grow louder. Then we both began to shudder and squirm over each other. "Robin...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck...fuck me...can't get enough...uhhhh...uhhhh...of that tight...tight pussy. Cumming...m'cumming...fuck me...fuck me, Robin...fuck me!"

Her head rolled to the side, then shot back up, as another surge of pleasure took hold. Every part of her body stiffened. "Ohhhh shit...ahhhh...ahhhh...gonna cum. I'm gonna cum," she moaned as her breathing grew ragged. She groaned and her body shuddered, "Oh fuck. Ooooh fuck!"

There was a silence, but I was still slowly pumping into her. Our eyes locked and she had a serious focus...it seemed less urgent, but she never stopped rubbing. I threw back my head and moaned, as it bottomed-out, over and over. The entire length of her pussy was in play, caressing and working my flesh. Penetrating deep into her belly, I pounded at her cervix; my hips slapped at her ass each time, making her body shake and her tits roll. It must have been four or five minutes before the release started to build, but I could feel it and see it coming. All the signs indicated a third...her breathing was choppy, there was a pink flush on her face and her pussy was convulsing.

I smiled and groaned, "Fuck...here comes a hat trick...one more time...cum for me, babe...cum for me...cum for me...cum for me...do it...cum for me!"

I watched her pull her legs back, moaning and gasping with the pleasure each stroke offered. She had to be exhausted, but Robin never ever lacked intensity, moaning...begging, "Fuck me deep...yeah...give me...three...uhhhh...uhhhh...that's it...ahhhh yesssssss...uhhhh...ahhhh...ah...ah...ah...give me three...feels so fucking good. Fuck...fuck Robbie...fuck!"

She could hardly take another orgasm, but her hands gripped at the sleeping bag and she screamed, "Cumming...cumming...uhhhh...uhhhh...ahhhh...yessssssssss...fuck yessssssss!" Trying to quiet the screams, I locked my lips over hers. Shuddering from pleasure, I could feel her screaming into my kiss, till she finally seemed to reach a relaxed state; she was almost limp, and quivered each time I humped into her body.

"Fuck...me too," I grunted, her pussy squeezing my dick, pushing me over the edge. My body jerked and slammed forward, as what little I had left, surged into her belly. Panting over top, my cock twitched inside her tight, pulsing core and the waves subsided.

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