tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 01

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 01


"And how did it go at school today?" I enquired as I handed Sarla my briefcase at the door.

Sarla, my tall and slender wife, looked spectacular in green knee length kurta and tight white churidar over her round legs and the large leather wallet that hung around her waist through a long leather strap passing over her left shoulder. I was immediately captivated by her looks Her wavy black long hair were open and fell at her back well up to her broader hips.

"No problems! " looking around a bit she kissed me sweetly on the lips on my demand, giving me a taste of lipstick and relieved me of my load. " I shared my tiffin with Rekha."

In early thirties I was sensibly skinny, flexible, would eat everything and never went above 65 kg. Sarla had always been an ideal wife; besides responsibilities for our four years kid, she was history teacher in a nearby school. More than that she was a caring woman and a great lover. I too was also her most attentive lover, and was obviously charmed with her body. I loved her slim waist and firm breasts and never failing to compliment her possessions.

We didn't have problem for the kid as she had kept him in the same school. In the past six years, especially in nights I had never once regretted marrying her. We have had our quarrel of course, who hasn't, but have always held our combined well being to be more important than our individual happiness.

For most of our six-year's married life Sarla had treated sex with a reservation until last year when we began discussing our fantasies. We often discussed them rationally and seeing she was often becoming very aggressive in bed, I even lightly suggested her to find how sex would be with another man. She would just slap her long tender fingers on me, and say, " I'm not going to let any male think he's impressed me."

Pawan Malhotra and me worked in same company and in same section at Ranchi. Two years back I had transfer for Delhi head office, and six months back from here i.e. one an half years after me he too came here as a surprise. Although he mostly lived in self-made shells but we had been quite friendly. Our friendship, including our wives, took off once more.

He was now reaching forties; was witty but reserved and in many ways colleagues called him introvert. Strangely here at Delhi we become more and more friendly and many walls crumbled as we began to enter in each other's of mind. Still as before his thoughts usually revolved around beautiful ladies but lagged to come out. He knew I kept women happy and so he liked to talk me about females. That was turning in a special kind of friendship that always caused hard-on to both when we talked.

This was no secret to me from his body language that he was sincerely attracted towards Sarla right from the day he saw her closely at Ranchi ; may be because she was different to his wife, both in anatomy and in mind ; but never dared to speak to her or any one! Now here at Delhi I had seen him more caught up by her and he did seem unable to restrain his eyes from her even sometimes when I was looking. Sarla had become intensely aware of it however it didn't bother me because I was used to men everywhere eyeing her and I felt proud.

His wife Rekha also got teaching job in my wife's school as English teacher for Xth grade. Being my ally, and lived about 15 minutes from us, Sarla shared lot with her. Rekha was convent educated smart woman with one 7 and other 4-year kid. Her face was beautiful with large oval shaped deep black eyes, full lips and a playful smile, framing perfect white teeth. She had erotic appeal; just the mature elastic waist and generously rounded hips and exquisitely formed breasts, not huge but definitely big : Sum up to slightly fleshy fulfillment at the age around 35. She stayed shaped and kept her body well even after two kids and wore nice saries most of them were usually pinkish!

When I met her again at Delhi after one and half years, from the first sight she looked a changed woman from I was used, when her experience of manly world was practically nonexistent. This gap of one and half years had mysteriously added eroticism to her but she mostly remained absorbed in her own. I couldn't rule out the possibility she had some nice experience of a better man in that duration. Mostly she remained absorbed in her.

A week after as they settled in company's flat in Delhi ; we had gone to their house. Rekha made a great dinner, and seeing her that close I had an idea of what I had been missing! She was now in truth mouth-watering. No bra could disguise the incredible combination of size and shape of her breasts had taken, and what a marvelous back she had! I was truly fascinated by her renewed charms and remained so excited for her, ignoring Pawan whose eyes always remained chasing my wife at the smallest opportunity, though not receiving responses from her!

That evening I was in heaven ; my mind was not with me! It had become impossible for me to keep my eyes off her at every slightest move of her. Of course she had noticed this and now and again had given me a glance in response.

The more I looked at her, the more I was excited the way she talked with me, and the way she looked at me when Pawan wasn't looking. Whenever he caught us looking, he'd get a big sheepish smile on his face and then just turn away.

My own wife had noticed too. She wasn't offensive about it though knowing that I wouldn't dream of doing anything that would hurt my friend.

After Sarla and I returned home late at 11, I made love for almost 3 am. I woke her again nearly at five in morning and fucked to my last drop.

Almost from that day, it was as if I was in a state of constant erection. I got fun talking to my wife about her, and kept Sarla warm updating Pawan's snoopings.

During the week we had sex at least three times every night which was unusual.

Whenever we met them, Sarla knew my hard remained sustainable for quite a time and she had been often teasing me. From my discussions with Sarla I knew that Rekha thought I was nice and manly. Sarla had seen there were evidently some sexual stresses between her and Pawan.

"And how is my Rekha?" I asked when we got back to living and I comfortably settled in sofa.

"Her usual." Sarla replied as I softly pulled her to settle her in my lap. "I think her husband lets her sleeps too much in nights." She again teased me.

"And you were ...recommending me to her for light lunches. " I volunteered.

"Yeah! If you think so ..but not in so many words." Sarla teased and laughed. "I prefer friendly talks with my friends."

"And what did your friend said to that suggestion?"

"That never crossed her mind - - - etc."

"And that's where you left it?" I asked.

"I thought that was enough for one day." Sarla smiled.

I heaved a sigh. "Why do I get such feelings?"


Our further get- to -gathers increased, at times Pawan would tease her for small matters. He seemed to take her for granted. Rekha was undoubtedly aware of my state. ; Quite often she would remain looking at me while others were not looking . Once in child's birthday party at colleague's house, when all sung 'happy birth day to you', I just stood behind her, my groin touching her hips and saw her ears reddening while I tried to inhale aroma from her hairs.

At times when we four played cards, I paired with her blaming Pawan and Rekha hinting to each other through eyes to cheat. That gave me opportunities to sit in front of her and continue my eyes voyage ; I would even plead her from eyes to slightly open her legs while others thought of their moves and few times she vaguely obliged me. Sarla sensed that intelligently and was always teasing me. Simultaneously she was increasingly becoming conscious of Pawan's eyes at her.

At nights when we began discussing this, I let her tease me but by Pawan's mention she was not so reactive. I purposely told her our usual talks in office and his allurements for lovely women.

Once we had gone to a little picnic in zoo with children. It was crowded that day and Pawan was in good mood. We two men joked and cheered a lot about females all around there. His eyes had become very alive and Sarla was often looking at him. When we came home, on my mention of him, she said that he seemed an excited cock after every hen! However I was more fortunate that day as I made specially a sexy impression on Rekha because of my decisive lip movements for her.

During following days I was becoming more and more restless and was daydreaming. Pawan was my friend and I didn't want to cheat him in slightest way even though Rekha was evenly attracted to me and she had good taste of men in my opinion ; nor I could ever think of cheating Sarla.

When this had become unbearable for me, I finally decided that the only fair thing to do was to be straight up and honest with Pawan. He too was attracted towards Sarla ; may be he also come out of his mind! I hadn't decided on when and how to lay my cards on the table nor did I have any idea how to deal with the problem


Thursday, I dropped by Pawan's chamber at about a quarter to noon. He had been confronted with a difficult situation that day and had resolved it successfully so he was in a great mood. I suggested we to go to a new street side bar for mini lunch. Pawan was agreeable and before long we both were facing chilled bear bottle with boiled eggs, plateful roasted chickens and plenty of green salad kept on small table in less crowded dimly lit closed cabin. It was my second try in a week.

My mind was whirling with the effort of trying to decide how to bring up the subject of my problem with his wife. We drank and talked for at least half an hour and at last we came smoothly to women.

"It's been a while since I had other than my spouse." I began attempting to get the chilly contents of glass in me.

He looked at me, "You are lucky man....surely you can have any you wish!"

I yelled, not loud," Oh no, not always lucky! But I think you must have at least one time experience! It will have different pleasures! What you are doing with new neighbor's sister you, told me ...this city of full of hot things."

"What ever you say, I am convinced I can't have any other than my wife... "

"Yeah! You have beautiful wife but too much a good thing becomes routine. " I commented, "Cheese for every day will dull the taste. It takes an occasional egg like this...." I declaimed.

"Yeah! Friend who dislikes eggs, if I can get any!" He heaved a sigh.

I spoke smiling," I told you...you have to be straight with ladies ... they are always around be flirted by daring men. "

He exclaimed," I'm not sure. It is tough for me? "

"Maybe for some thing soft, with some one you are compatible?" I said.

"What exactly you are suggesting? "I'll find out if it's some thing," he said.

I said, " I mean thinking of some soft fun."

Pawan picked up napkin and made a face, "You mean there is some woman "

I felt I had to be direct. "I have seen you looking at some woman with special interest .... " I saw a variety of emotions pass through his mind. His ears were reddening.

He hesitated briefly and said, " You mean whom, particularly?"


I simply said but I knew it was a critical point. He seemed to become uncomfortable. As I set the look in Pawan's eyes, there was admiration, hope for understanding and probably most important, and an appeal for complete honesty from me.

Finally, as my eyes continued to hold him, I said, "Pawan, I am not mad what you say. And yes, I have fantasized about Rekha. I guess I surprised you that I brought up the subject. That took real courage, friend. Now maybe you can come up with a little courage."

" Yeah!" He spontaneously shifted direction in conversation, "Rekha and I have been noticing that you've been a little uncomfortable around her lately."

This came out so naturally and panic didn't burst in my head and I didn't fear I was about to crash the wall.

"Well, I wanted to tell you not to worry about it," he continued calmly as if reading my mind, "She's a real beauty for any man so I can't blame you."

So many days of my tension and dilemma dramatically replayed in my mind and I let go a heavy sigh of relief, "Pawan, you don't know how afraid I was to say that."

"Not at all," he spoke patting the glass with his fingers, "and I have to admit that I've had similar feelings about Sarla, too...."

"Really?" I exclaimed although I knew that.

"She's so fresh! Her appeal is erotic. I guess the grass always being greener on the other side."

The air in room had become heavy. I was still in organization of my bafflement at the way whole world had just changed.

"Sarla and I often share our fantasies," I went on, "and to be honest a lot of mine have involved your wife. Does that bother you?"

In the back of my mind I was thinking, "What am I doing?"

Pawan said, "Ok, I guess we have both decided to talk about this, I am not going to pull any thumps. I have thought of Sarla. She is so beautiful and sexy I don't see how any man with a heart could not be attracted to her...."

I saw a look in his eyes, I had not seen before. He looked like he was almost out of control with desire. His eyes had turned heavy. "Well, I think she is so sexy. "

I said, " Can you be specific about it. Believe me, I won't mind. Do you fantasize any thing of her in particular?"

He had surprised look in his eyes and suddenly I felt passion engulfing our table.

He poured two successive contents of glass in him and said, " Yeah! You have beautiful wife. .... I think you not often see such slim and beautiful woman here...she has very fresh ... you are very, very lucky man," he stopped suddenly realizing he was excitedly telling his friend.

I had a noble smile on my face. I could tell there was all hot in his head.

He said feeling kind of flushed, " Let me say my complements to yours wife. " He seemed to shudder then smiled.

The rest was easy.

I commented, "You should be telling her that. You're not making points telling me."

He said, "You're teasing me to cheat my wife."

I said, "We have much good sex still to experience as we had behind us with that lovely wives of ours - and who mentioned cheating? I'm against cheating as much as you are but hasn't it occurred to you that Rekha might be also suffering?"

I quietly continued. "And it's not about cheating any one. I promised her I'd never dictate sex life but she'd never cheat me."

Pawan didn't answer until he had taken three continuous large sips. "I have always thought of her." He admitted, " - but I could never muster courage to speak that to her or to my wife. She'd probably shoot me if I did...."

I could make out he didn't have any idea of his wife's mind and the adult changes that had taken place in her.

"True." I agreed. "I wasn't suggesting anything other than that you might share you're mind- and fantasies with your wife. It is you who has to come out from lock ups if you feel you have any."

I said again thinking and tapping my glass, " There is one thing more, you must not give a lady the feeling you are like a hot cock running to fertile every hen you see around......you have to be discrete to woman who is always in your mind . Ladies love us as much we love them! "

Pawan saluted me with his beer. "That's what matters. Thanks for the confidence anyway. Maybe I should do that. We always manage to have a reasonable discussion - but sex is such a touchy subject."

" It's slow process, anyway. " I said.


I didn't talk Pawan that way again for several days but Sarla's lunch with Rekha became a regular thing. Sarla reported that Rekha was recovering from her depressed mood. She'd confided in Sarla that she and Pawan have been having discourses on sex, which had developed to the stage of exchanging fantasies, and they're back to once a week.

"Well, that should put them back on track for a couple of years." I said , "Sharing fantasies is good. Remember how you could fire me up by telling me how you planned to seduce your physics colleague and how his habit of sucking his lower lip put such a tingle in you? You never went to bedding him.... did you?"

"You'll never know." Sarla laughed. "But I think Rekha and Pawan are not enough to be satisfied with fantasy for long. She looked at me full in the face this time with a cute smile.


About six o'clock on a pleasing February Sunday evening, the four of us with our kids playing around us, were walking down the park, laughing and chatting. I had been watching Rekha the whole evening though trying not to be too obvious with my staring. Many times I was keeping me behind her not to miss the fabulous view of her flat back and her spotless light blue sari full of her generous hips slowly swaying behind it.

The air was gentle and sexy. As we moved to the sidewalk, a ball kicked by few children playing at distance came near to us and Rekha bent over to pick that ; because of her sari trapped in high heels, she tripped over the curb and I came right at her back instinctively and caught her as she staggered. I swear it wasn't intentional but my both hands caught her right under her large breasts. She turned around in my arms looked up at me and weakly smiled, and was caught in dilemma to quickly disengage. In that movement her lips came quite near to mine and I couldn't resist the impulse to kiss them.

It occurred spontaneously, and I didn't see at others. A moment after I was in deep logout when I felt the firmness of Sarla's grip on my arm. "Come on ; it is now time for good byes." Both women looked flustered as she bade them an abrupt bye and hustled kid and me to the gate.

"What have you done this?" She snarled when she had me inside the car, " You're lucky, Pawan didn't break you on nose. You owe him a big apology." She was truly mad at me.

In the morning she still wasn't talking to me.

In office I saw Pawan so I worked over toward him. "Sarla tells me I owe you an apology. I did most foolish thing of my life."

He laughed. "I thought you'd come up with a great idea and I was about to grab Sarla. I was as surprised as you were at her reaction." He surprised me more than any thing because I still considered him living in uncertainties.

"Well, I'm relieved that you're not mad at me. I hope Rekha wasn't upset by my bad behavior."

"Upset? She gave me last night some of the best of my life, I owe you, yeah!" We both giggled.

At home in evening Sarla greeted me when I entered the house, " Well, I'm glad to see that Pawan is still talking to you."

"Actually," I replied. "He thanked me for building a fire under Rekha that took him half a night to cool her. He also said he was about to make a move on you!"

She suddenly went red. "I'll bet it is of no use." She snorted and moved back to the kitchen. I went into TV.

She remained unusually quiet after that.

At night when I was playfully rubbing my pelvis against her, she asked, " Did Pawan really said he was about to make a move on me?"

"Not in so many words." I answered cautiously, " Pawan thinks he has tough time since he saw you.. .... He said he was about to do some thing."

I teased more, "He is always waiting when you will look in his eyes . Nothing much...may be some thing again...."

"Hmm." Sarla leered.


On Saturday we had gone with Pawan and Rekha for dinner. He had returned this morning form two week's training at Bombay and was seeing elevation shortly, so we thought it was the time to give him a treat

We sat opposite to our spouse. Rekha typically remained bashful and spoke less before me after that incident but she looked extra fresh that night. She wore electric red georgette sari with shaded border and black blouse sleeved to her elbow, while Sarla's sari was peach colored with short-sleeved blouse. They had handful matching bangles in arms. We chatted every thing but as Pawan was speaking to me, he was looking at Sarla. I twice caught Sarla staring at Pawan and she blushed realizing I was looking at her in a romantic way. She beamed like a virgin schoolgirl captivated by his looks but his gazes were gradually overcasting her face. Her foot accidentally brushed across mine, and she quickly jerked it back.

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