tagLoving WivesInside Information Ch. 01

Inside Information Ch. 01


Note: This is only fantasy and not real. No words were hurt in the writing of this story.

Practice safe sex and enjoy! Part 2 will follow soon.

The box arrived at my doorstep after the doorbell rang. No one was there and I almost missed the package at my feet until I was about to close the door. Most days I would have been at work but my car was broken and I needed to do a few errands that day after I picked it up from the shop. The box was covered with a flower design but had no return address. I thought I recognized the box for some reason but I still couldn't think where.

Going inside I put it on the table and went back to my work report that was due tomorrow. Having the day off did not stop my work from having to be done. About an hour later after I finished my work, I remembered the box and went to open it. Inside was a letter addressed to me written in a woman's handwriting. At least that is what it looked like.


Your wife Anna is a big whore and the contents of this box will prove it. I know you are home alone today so that is why I waited until now to have it delivered. Watch these alone and then decide for yourself. Why she would cheat on such a great guy is beyond me. The first two DVD's I stole from your slut wife. The labels are even in her hand writing. The last one is a compilation of hidden cameras from your house. They were taken over several weeks and are a slut highlight reel of her activities. When the time is right I will reveal my identity and we can talk.


Not knowing what to do, I just looked at the letter and the contents of the box. I didn't realize it but my feet were moving towards the TV without me thinking about it. I put in the first DVD that had a sticky note attached 'play me first'.

I pressed play on the remote and got the shock of my life. On the screen was my beautiful wife on our couch with two men. I was not paying attention and I chaptered ahead one. I skipped to the beginning and started it over. The video starts with her answering the door and the two young guys come in and start to feel up my wife. Anna is endowed with a 36D chest, brunet hair, pretty shaved pussy and a big full ass. She is not fat but very shapely with all the right curves. Now that you know what she looks like, I will go on with the story.

It was a hot video even though I was very angry and jealous. Anna told me she made a mistake cheating on me once and said it would never happen again. Well again just happened.

I didn't recognize the two guys but both were very muscular. They stripped her clothes off in record time (she wasn't resisting). They pulled her off the couch and went to the rug below it. They were both sucking and grabbing her tits while fingering her pussy. Anna was put on all fours and the guys each took an end.

The camera came around and got a great close up of my wife sucking one of their cocks and the second guy lining up to fuck her pussy. They both high fived themselves and started to double team my beautiful wife. I just sat there hard as a rock and wondering when this all happened. The new living room carpet was on the floor so the time frame had to be within the last three months. Then I got another surprise.

The camera was being operated by another person (I wasn't paying attention at first because of my shock). He was sticking his cock into her mouth also. Anna was giving one guy head while the cameraman got some too. The guy in her pussy was fucking her harder every minute. He was pushing so hard that my wife was forced into the cock in front of her while the cameraman got some great shots.

"Tommy put that on the tripod, come over here and fuck me! Do it real hard like you always do. I only have until 9:00pm before my Jim comes home from the airport. I want to be royally fucked by all three of you before then!" Anna told the cameraman.

I was away last month on business and that is when it seemed to have happen. She made me eat her out that night if I remember correctly. That slut gave me sloppy seconds and I didn't even know it. I thought she was just hot for me because I was away for a week and she was soaking wet.

The camera was put on a tripod and focused on the rug below the couch. In walked Tommy Hazard into the camera lens. He was my next door neighbor for the past five years. He was divorced and lived alone. He was always looking at my wife at our barbeques and the other neighbors' house parties. He had a big cock and told the guy behind her to lie down on the floor. My wife then got on top of him again and started to ride him cowgirl style.

Tommy got behind her and spit on her ass. He then placed his cock at the back door and started to push slowly. I heard my wife try to say something but her mouth was full of cock. The triple penetration started and lasted for another 40 minutes. They all switched and moved to a different hole every ten minutes.

Tommy stood up and got the camera off the tripod and aimed it at Anna's pussy being fucked from below at lightning speed. The guy was a jack hammer and really gave her pussy a work out. Finally he told her he was cumming and that must have been her cue to move off his cock and move down so her mouth took over where her pussy just was. She stopped giving the other guy head who looked like he was ready to cum too. Tommy started rubbing his cock but kept running the camera in close up mode. In another minute the guy on the ground pumped a load of cum into my wife's waiting mouth. She sucked down every drop. Tommy caught it all in living color with full sound. Anna was acting like a slut in heat.

The second guy who was just getting a very good blow job moved above the guy on the ground and aimed his cock at Anna's face. With a loud grunt he jerked off a huge load and covered my wife's beautiful face. You could hardly tell who it was when he got done. Her eyes were covered but she was still smiling at the camera. Finally Tommy told her to lie on the rug and lift up her legs up high. He must have been very close to cumming while fucking her ass because he jumped right on top of her and hammered her cunt over and over very hard and fast.

After only 4 minutes of this he suddenly screamed out very loud (which made me jump) and pulled out of her pussy. With a very fast movement he got up by her already cum covered face and shoved his cock into her waiting mouth. He came so much that she couldn't hold all of it and it ran down both sides of her face. He started to spray all around her nose and eyes on purpose. Tommy took the camera back from one of the other guys operating it and got real close up shots of Anna covered in cum and looking exhausted. You could just barely make out her face all covered in cum.

Turning the camera around he looked into the lens and said "Anna my wicked slut bitch, this video will make sure you are always my slut. Just remember that when I arrange your next gangbang. Jimmy won't want to see this one so you had better hide it. I can't wait to video tape your pussy being reamed over and over again." With that last comment he just laughed and shut off the camera.

They all seemed to take a short break and the camera was restarted again. The men started to rub my wife's naked body again soon after. This time one guy sat on the top of the couch with his back to the wall and his feet on the cushions. He ordered Anna to come over and suck his dick back hard again so he could fuck her some more. Anna got on her knees and faced the ever growing cock in front of her.

This position left her ass up in the air for someone to fill. In the minute I was thinking this very thought it happened. Tommy my neighbor walked into the shot and put his cock into Anna's pussy. Her pussy was real wet with all her juices. He pulled out after a minute and pushed it into her ass in one big push.

"Oh FUCK! That feels really good. Stretch my Asshole… uhh… fuck me uhh….real…uhh… good… uhh, uhh, uhh, OH FUCK YEA!!!!" Anna started to yell and grunt at the group. She started to climax and her orgasm lasted for over two minutes. I have never seen her cum that long.

"Boys let's save it up and give it to her all at the end. We will see how much cum this slut can swallow." Tommy told the other two. They all smiled and nodded in agreement.

The odd man out sat down next to Anna and started to finger her clit and pussy. Tommy was right above his hand drilling Anna ass with every thrust, with his feet on the floor. Anna started to respond to the guy next to her rubbing her clit. The guy on top of the couch said he was close to cumming and switched places with the guy fingering her. Tommy never missed a beat and kept fucking her beautiful round ass. He would spank it very hard every so often while Anna screamed and grunted at the same time.

Finally the two muscle men said they were ready. Tommy pulled out of her ass and shouted for Anna to turn around and lie on the couch.

"Ok bitch, lets see how much cum a real slut can take." Tommy told her as he moved up to her mouth while she was lying face up on the couch.

Tommy got right up to her mouth and let loose a huge load for a man who just came about a half hour earlier. He started to fill her mouth and the other two were right behind him. I think the excitement was spreading in the room.

The other two guys moved right where Tommy had just been and filled her mouth in tandem. One squirted cum in her mouth and nose. The other was cumming in gallons and filled her mouth and started to spray her face with large white ropes of cum. All of this was being video taped by Tommy. I couldn't believe she swallowed almost all of the cum they delivered.

"I need to cum now real bad!" Anna told the men. She put her hand on her pussy and started to rub her clit with lightning speed.

"Hold her arms down guys" Tommy commanded the other two.

She just started to cum when Tommy still holding the camera at her pussy started to lick her clit and wouldn't let her resume her finger rubbing. He licked slower and slower driving my wife out of her mind.

"UHH! UHH! UHH! Lick my cunt you mother FUCKER! Make me CUM!!!" Anna was shouting.

Tommy just smiled into the camera again and slowed down even more. Finally Anna came with a huge grunt, shook all over and just collapsed on the couch not moving for a few minutes.

"Tommy that was the hardest I have ever cum in my life you devil." Anna told Tommy while still breathing heavy and trying to catch her breath. Her face was still covered in cum as she said it.

"That my friend's is how to really fuck a whore in heat. Just remember you have to ask me if you want a repeat performance. This slut belongs to me now!" Tommy bragged to his friends. The video then went black.

There were two more DVD videos in the box that was sent to me anonymously. The next one was marked 'play me second'. On it was something I never would have expected. My wife liked women too!

The video opened with Anna in the 69 position with another woman. She was blond and beautiful. The blond was on top and her ass was sticking into the camera. You could see Anna below her licking her pussy and grabbing her ass with both hands.

"Your pussy tastes so sweet Donna." Anna told the woman between mouthfuls.

"Anna lick me harder, I am almost ready to cum on your tongue. That's it my bitch, use your whole tongue. Oh right there baby… lick my clit… do it NOW my slut!" Donna shouted.

She pushed and rubbed her pussy against Anna's face. Donna didn't stop until she was done. She just kept on rubbing her clit on my wife's face. Finally she stopped and let my wife breath.

"She is all yours boys!" Donna said as she looked in the camera lens with a big smile.

The next few seconds she was picked up off the living room carpet and brought upstairs to our bedroom by five men. Tommy and four new guys were all naked and had very hard cocks. The camera operated by Donna was following them up the stairs and into our bedroom. Anna was then thrown on the bed and the 5 men surrounded her.

"You are going to be fucked harder than you have ever been fucked before. When we get done with you, your pussy will be stretched out for a week. That little dick husband of yours will have to bring friends home to satisfy you anymore." Tommy told Anna.

The whole room laughed at this as they started to suck and fuck my wife. Anna loved all the attention and became all smiles herself.

"Stop talking and do what you promised Tommy." Anna told him.

"Don't worry Anna. The fuck festival is just beginning." Tommy told her.

"Guys, she loves cum so save it up for her mouth and face. In fact just give her a bath in it." Tommy told the crowd of men. This brought on a big cheer and all the men attacked her at once on the bed.

It reminded me of a pack of dogs attacking a stray bitch. She was put in the doggie position and instantly filled in each hole. This action continued for over 2 hours. Anna was used in every position and hole. Donna would run the camera and get very good close up shots. No one fucked her or touched her though. Anna was the only center of attention.

Finally Anna was almost exhausted from the constant sex. One by one each man got by her face and started to jerk off all at once.

It was a very sexy scene but very hard to watch. My wife was opening her mouth wide and all the men took aim at her face and let loose. One after another they jerked off and put rope after rope of white sticky cum all over her mouth, face, neck and tits. When they were all finished, my wife Anna was covered in cum and you could just see her eyes opening and her tongue licking the rest of the cum off her lips.

The men all started wooping it up as Anna just sat up and smiled at the camera. The video camera was then aimed at Tommy and he once again addressed the camera.

"You are by far the biggest slut I have ever met Anna. You make me want to gangbang you every night. In fact, I think I will start to have you make some late night booty calls to my bedroom next store. Wait until your limp dick of a husband goes to sleep and a real man will be right next store. I know you want it all the time and from me." Tommy told the camera and Anna at the same time.

"Your pussy belongs to me Anna and no one else. If you try stop me, your friends and husband will see these tapes. Besides, you love being gangbanged don't you?" Tommy asked her at the end.

The camera went back to Anna and you could hardly make out who was under all the cum.

"I love how you make my body feel Tommy. I never want it to stop." Anna told the camera lens while in a close up of her face. Cum was starting to drip off her face. The video ended there.

I had to stand up and think. My wife's last comment left me no doubt about our relationship or our marriage. I got a beer from the fridge, went back in the living room and looked at the last DVD. This one had a note on it 'Play Me last'.

My feelings were hurt and I could not see how my wife became such a whore. I had felt that our marriage was a good one and we loved each other. I guess I was very mistaken with my comfortable attitude. From the last video and Anna's slutty declaration at the end, I knew we were through.

After waiting a few minutes to digest what I had just heard and seen, I pulled out the last DVD. With some hesitation I inserted it into the player. It was just what the letter said it was. There were hidden cameras in the bedroom, living room, and the kitchen.

The first scene was my wife being fucked on our kitchen table by Tommy. He asked my wife what seat I sat in and she pointed to the chair right behind him. Tommy smiled and kept fucking my wife with everything he had. Finally he shouted he was going to cum and pulled out of my wife. He started to blow his load on the table right were I eat my cereal in the morning. My wife's pussy was right near the area and he started to finish off his load on her pussy and the table.

"Just think of all the meals your husband will be eating right where I put my spunk. I hope he likes pussy juice and cum on his pancakes?" Tommy laughed real deep and hard at his own joke.

The picture suddenly switched to our bedroom. The girl Donna who was in the second video I reviewed was on the bed with my wife. The microphone picked up the audio in the room just like the kitchen.

"Anna if you lick my pussy real good, I will fuck you later with my big friend" Donna told Anna.

While saying this she lifted up a big 12" long dildo that had to be 3" in diameter. Donna was lying on the bed and Anna was between her legs licking her pussy.

"My brother Tommy was right. You do have a talented mouth. Now let us see your tongue make me cum real good my precious slut." Donna told Anna in short breathes.

So Donna was Tommy's sister. This was a big shock but not really some how. I knew Tommy was a pig and would involve Anna in anything his mind could think up. Anna didn't realize that Tommy would use her up until he was done with her, and then leave her in the trash. I knew it, but I could now do nothing to help Anna anymore.

The rest of the video showed Donna cumming and fucking Anna with the big dildo. Anna came about 5 times during that session. She was exhausted after her workout with Donna. The video started to switch again and went to the living room area. Donna was entertaining three men I never saw or met before. She started to suck each off as they sat on the couch naked and in a row.

The video then continues on to her being gangbanged by all three. They started to do triple penetration and fucked Anna for over two hours. Towards the last hour you could her one of the guys talking on a cell phone off camera.

"Tommy thanks for the use of your slut. I owe you big time … yes, bring your car by tomorrow and I'll look at it. Later!" one of the guys told Tommy my neighbor.

My pimp of a neighbor was getting his car fixed by letting some strangers fuck my wife. I don't even think she knew about the sex for car repair deal Tommy worked out. My dumb ass wife was nothing but a paid whore now, even if she didn't know it at the time.

The more I thought about Tommy the more pissed off I became. His time would come sooner than he thought, and I knew just how to take care of him.

While I was thinking about Anna, Tommy and this whole mess, the guy on the cell phone was talking to someone else after he called Tommy.

"Billy, if you can get to this address before the hour, there is a hot slut just waiting to be fucked." The guy said to the other person on the line.

"Yes you can bring him too. Just be quick, we only have until 4:30pm before her jerk of a husband is expected home. Anything goes before that so get a move on. Later!" he added to the other person.

The doorbell rang about 15 minutes later. You could see one of the guys going to the front door and letting 3 people in.

"I thought you said you were only bringing your brother over?" the guy from the phone was telling them.

"Sorry but Ralph was with Bobby when you called and I couldn't just leave him at our house." Billy told the naked guy who answered my door.

"Ok Billy, you owe me a big one for this." The guy said as he high fived Billy going through the door. The other two guys followed.

Well my wife looked surprised at the new comers but just kept on sucking and fucking as the new arrivals got naked and joined the others. They really started to fuck her harder than ever, with the new guys adding more energy to the room. Soon they were all fucking, sucking or feeling up my wife. Anna seemed to love the attention and never missed a beat.

"Suck it cum queen"

"Push back on my cock you fucking slut"

"Open your mouth my hot whore, here comes your prize!"

"Do it my pussy slave, push your ass back against my hard cock, now!"

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