tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInside the Garden Shed Ch. 09

Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 09


Chapter 9 -- Changing places

Gary stood looking out of his window watching for Tom, his next door neighbour, to leave for work. He was waiting for him to go so he could nip around next door and fuck Tom's wife. He was not having an illicit affair; Zoe wanted a baby and wanted Gary to father it. Tom was capable enough in the fucking department - pretty good as far as Zoe told him: not that he had seen it - but Tom was just not capable in the baby making department. Zoe had asked Gary to add his fertile sperm to Tom's infertile semen; not in a test tube but in the proper place. Gary was happy to help, happy to mix the two in a natural way

The day before Zara had been there; had come around to help. But she was away for a few days. It was a shame. He liked the idea of assisted intercourse; having Zara's ready hand there. It was not that she was really needed but Zoe had clearly found it a support. He hoped it would not upset her that Zara was missing.

Tom's car started. Gary turned and headed downstairs and out into his garden, out through the gate into the loke and up Zoe's garden path, heading very purposely for her own garden. Gary was a gardener and he had seeds to plant. Through the French windows; Gary dropped his clothes on the lounge floor - it seemed right to approach Zoe all ready for intercourse - and headed up the stairs. It seemed so appropriate; him to go up where Tom had just come down!

"Morning Zoe, and how are you today?"

Zoe had a sheet around her and was sitting up in bed. "Morning Gary, but not a good morning for you. Tom did not want to... make love so we can't. Sorry. I feel so fertile, so ready, but I tried my best but he would not come back to bed.

"We could still..."

"No, I know it might well work and conception happen - but not without Tom. I've got to have his semen and your sperm; I really have."

"Didn't you fuck last night?"

"Well, yes, but so we did yesterday and last week. No, it's got to be a fresh mixing. Anyway Tom didn't come inside me where he should."


"He was silly. I told him so, but there was not much I could do about it - then." She reddened delightfully, "You see... my bottom's a bit sore this morning..."

"Oh. I..."

"And you can't fuck me there, Gary: it's too sore, you're probably too big; leastways I don't want to try and, of course, it would be touching and I certainly can't get pregnant like that!"

Gary looked disappointed. "It's a very nice bottom..."

"Thank you but it'd be touching and I'm rather sore anyway."

"Couldn't I just..."

"Oh, all right, because it's you and you're being so sweet about this you can wank over me, come over me anywhere you like - even my hair if you really want as I'm going to wash it anyway - but not where babies come from. I expect though it will be on my bottom, you'll be thinking about Tom lodged there and, if you want to know, Gary, he got it all in!"

Zoe got out from under the sheets all chubby and desirable, crawled over the bed and settled down with her knees just on the bed, right at the edge and with her bottom uppermost. She spread her legs so Gary could stand between them. She was certainly letting him see everything; she was being kind; he could come right on her bottom hole if he wanted -- it was there in full view!

"It does look a little battered, Zoe. Would you like me to put some cream on it?"

"I thought that was why I was lying in this undignified position. Go on, wank away."

"No, I meant proper soothing cream."

"Gary, Gary that would be touching."

"Medical application like a plaster!"

"No, it's not. I'll do that later. Get on with it."

Gary was nicely erect, well of course he would be! He was looking down on Zoe's lovely rounded bottom and imagining himself actually pushing his cock where Tom had been, into the little wrinkled orifice and repeating the job, or at least positioning himself so his cock was pressed against it so could try and force his ejaculation up into her to join Tom's work; not quite as good but certainly erotic - when he heard a car come into the drive.

Zoe leapt up, her boobs bouncing delightfully, "Fuck, it's Tom back. Probably to fuck. Into the wardrobe, Gary. Oh fuck!"

A key in the lock and a shout from below, "Zoe, I changed my mind!"

Gary hardly dared breathe. He was classically in a wardrobe, in a lady's boudoir, stark naked (and actually with an erection) with the husband come home. Not so much a Whitehall farce as a very serious situation. Through the crack between doors - at least it was a run of fitted wardrobes, which gave him a bit of room - he saw Tom tearing off his suit, shirt and springing out of his boxers. It was not so much Tom who sprang as his cock in fact!

Gary had not often seen another man's erection in the flesh, so to speak, before and certainly not so close. It was a very respectable size and put his stumpy little thing to shame. He could not imagine what Tom would think if he discovered Gary and saw his pathetic erection; could not imagine how he would understand why his wife was having sex with Gary - an apology for a man. He might notice the girth - but probably not - and it was just a bit unlikely they would have a wanking contest to see who could spunk the most. Gary knew that what his cock did produce, when he came, would impress another man even if his cock did not. He was capable there -- impressive even!

"I was driving along but my cock wouldn't go down thinking about you so I came back. It's got to be quick. I've really got to get to work. Zoe, down on all fours."

"Oh, no, Tommy not my bottom again. Please. No. Proper fucking."

"Yeah, yeah that's what I meant." There was a pause. "Ooh yes, that's what I need. Fuck you are wet, Zoe, this is just so good. I love you."

"I love you, Tom. Fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fill me, make me a baby."

Through the crack in the door Gary could see them 'at it,' could see Tom banging against Zoe's bottom and moreover could hear the slap of his balls against her. He could not help it; his hand stole to his cock. This was Peeping-Tommery at its best! He had rarely watched intercourse in the flesh before -- just that one time in the countryside. It was good.

"Fuck, I'm coming Zoe. Wow - oh here I come!"

There was some rapid movement against Zoe's bottom, a faster slapping sound than before and some inarticulate noises. Gary's hand moved a little faster too. How odd the sight and sounds of human intercourse - but oddly exciting as well (to another human!)

"I've got to go, Zoe dear." Tom pulled out; his cock still erect and fully revealing what he had just been doing. Again, another first for Gary. It really did put his own cock to shame. Standing proud, its streamlined helmet shining wetly, the prominent ridge running up from his hairy balls clearly visible. It had not started its descent into flaccidity,

There was the sound of boxers, shirt, trousers and shoes being pulled on, a jacket grabbed and footsteps on the stairs.

"Bye Zoe, love you."

Footsteps on the stairs, the front door slammed and Gary opened the wardrobe door and stepped out. There was Zoe, still as Tom had left her, kneeling on the bed with her bottom high in the air. The sight erotic and inviting.

Gary had not cowered in the wardrobe terrified of discovery. He had thought discovery unlikely and instead had taken the opportunity of watching and wanking. He was at a peak of sexual excitement and simply hopped onto the bed, grasped Zoe's hips and slid himself full length up into her, a position occupied by Tom not two minutes before. She was relaxed and well lubricated - actually by both types of sexual fluid making everything really, really slippery and so Gary did not have to push too hard -- his penis just slid. Outside the car started as he began to thrust with his hands firmly grasping Zoe's hips.

"Fuck, Gary, you don't waste any time and fuck, Gary, I can feel how much thicker you are than Tom! But you could have waited until my husband had left the premises!"

"Job to do, seemed best to get started."

Gary had wanted to fuck Zoe from behind, had planned to ask her:"Can I take you from behind?" that very day. But he had not had to ask and explain that it allowed for deeper penetration and therefore was better for making babies. Instead she had been presented like that; all ready for doggy style intercourse. Well, more than ready -- she had just had intercourse with her husband after all!

Lovely to push against her bottom cheeks, lovely to reach under and hold her breasts; lovely to be able to do what he was doing having been a mere observer just moments before -- as smooth a change from wanking to the real thing as there ever could be.

The sucking, slurping noises coming from the action of their two sexual organs joined was loud but not loud enough to drown out the sound of Tom's car reversing down the driveway.

"This is so lovely Zoe and, yes, I'm coming, I'm really coming already - just like Tom." It was deliberate on Gary's part; very deliberate.

Outside the car moved off, gaining speed and before Tom had reached third gear, another man, Gary Roldern his next door retired neighbour, was ejaculating strongly within his wife, spurting wads of fertile cum towards her cervix to join Tom's own more modest efforts - semen he had sent there not three minutes before!

The sploshing, slurping, sucking noise was loud as Gary pumped and Zoe's vagina filled. Each spurt a delicious pleasure for Gary. So wonderful to be having intercourse with Zoe for real -- and you did not get more real with what he was actually seeking to achieve!

"Wow-eee" breathed Gary as the seventh pulse left his penis. He slowed and eased to a halt, giving Zoe's breasts a last squeeze -- his job done. "There you are, Zoe, you are done for the day."

Zoe slumped forward onto folded arms with Gary still embedded. The connection between man and woman maintained. "Where's Zara?"

"Couldn't come today."

"Just as well. I'm not sure she could have kept quiet in the wardrobe with you."

"Best left out with you. You could have blagged that. Explained Zara and you are having a bit of fun together, no, not an affair - just sex. You could have asked her to show Tom her little girl bits. That would have focused his mind away from the wardrobe! Suggested Zara joins you both in bed. I think you would have got away with that though I think Tom would have been very late for work after he had taken care to really examine her girly bits!"

"Phssh! I suppose so. Tom certainly has eyes for Zara but I suppose men do. You're the lucky one though. What she's let you do! I wonder if I'm pregnant?"

"I don't know. Best to keep going for the week to make quite sure."

"Best for you; you mean."

"You told me to enjoy your body Zoe. I am certainly doing just that! And it really is lovely too. But I do hope you get pregnant, Zoe. Shall I unbung you now - I think it will be a bit like that."

And it was. Gary pulled and whilst the noise was not like a cork coming out of a bottle the result certainly was. Zoe gushed. Her hand came under to hold it in and she slumped fully forward on the bed.

"Don't worry Zoe, plenty is still in you. Now you have a bit of a nap."

Gary kissed Zoe in the middle of her back, pulled up a sheet and left her -- fully fucked.

His clothes were still where he had left them in the middle of the lounge floor. It had been lucky Tom had not gone in there and found them!

Gary walked back home down the garden path -- a merry naked gardener heading for his breakfast after planting some seed. It had all been a bit rushed but, crikey, to have fucked Zoe so soon after Tom left was quite something. The only thing that would have been even better, or even madder, would have been to have fucked her whilst Tom was still in the house. He imagined on the Saturday coming being in the house and creeping into Zoe's bedroom just after Tom had gone to the bathroom for a shower post fucking; perhaps even being in the en-suite talking to Zoe as he showered. Gary imagined himself creeping into the bedroom, seeing Zoe's horrified look and shaking of the head as she kept up a conversation with Tom; Gary pulling her legs apart and fucking her whilst Tom and she talked. Perhaps he would make her come. Gary imagined just as he climaxed so did she. Tom catching her inarticulate noises. "What are you doing, Zoe?" A gasping, "Oh, I was just bringing myself off; you hadn't quite got me there." Gary's penis filling her as she spoke. Gary making a strategic and quick exit. A departure just in time as he imagined Tom coming out of the shower and seeing his wife spread-eagled on the bed, creamy cum simply pouring from her sex and asking, "Did I do that?"

Well, no actually!

Gary stepped into his house to make breakfast. Day 2 of his week of intercourse with Zoe. He was enjoying it! It would be nice if there were further weeks but he had the feeling there would not be any more. He had a feeling that he had just made Zoe pregnant. Funny really; had Tom not come home then he, Gary, would have come very enjoyably over Zoe's bottom, probably some of his cum would even have touched her anus - where Tom had been the night before - and some might have run a little further down to her vagina and crept in. So Zoe might have got pregnant anyway but most likely not.

Tom coming home, though, so unexpectedly had caused Zoe and Gary to have sexual intercourse so Tom's actions were actually very, very contributory to the baby's existence. Gary smiled. It really was a joint effort with Tom! Zoe would like that idea.

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