Jacqueline sits at her computer and closes her eyes. Her heart races a little and she feels that sweet wet warmth begin to form between her legs. She and Tony split four months ago but have been sending one another sexual text messages for a few weeks now. She admits to still not being over him and the erotically charged exchanges have been keeping walking around for days turned on beyond belief. Whether or not they are headed for a reuniion the exchanges with him, and the growing possibiility she may seem him again have her nipples continually hard. An aching moves from the pit of her stomach down to her continually moist pussy and has her masturbating for hours upon end each day.

The last few days he's been making reference to her dominating him; a role she never took in their relationship. This morning he more than ever appears to desire her to punish him, control him. She feels ready for the challenge. For the thrill. She begins to write.

When she is done she reads through the email one last time from start to finish, then smiles to herself as she hits send. She sits back in the chair, reaches for her vibrator and hits play on the computer monitor. She begin to plays with herself as she watches two busty young blondes eat each other. Jacqueline moves the tip of the vibrator to her clit as one girl begins licking the other's asshole. She closes her eyes as the first moan escapes. Waits for his reply.

The message reads:

"Dear Tony,

Here are your instructions:
Every two hours you will send me a photo, the
details of which are listed below.

At 9:00pm tonight you need to be at my front
door. Naked. Cock in hand. Begging to be let in

Bring the following items with you:
Nipple Clamps
Lube (lots)
Butt Plugs


Put a raw egg in your mouth
Tie a string around the middle of your cock
Write across your chest "The best teacher is pain"
Put the nipple clamps on
Tie the string to the chain the connects the clamps
Tie another string to the chain and then tie that the bedpost
Get down on your knees
Reach back and finger your asshole
Two fingers please
Send me a picture of your fingering yourself
Don't let the egg break

Find a photo online of a girl you would like to see me play with
Send me her picture
Write to me and tell me what you want to see me do with her while you watch
Be explicit
Make it good
After you write me take a wooden spoon from the kitchen
Spank your ass hard 40 times
I would like there to be a mark, if not a small welt
Look at her photo and think about me with her
Put an ice cube in your ass while you play with your cock
Send me a photo of the ice cube in your ass
You are not allowed to cum

Write the words "I don't deserve to be fucked" across your ass
Tie a piece of dental floss around your cock
Tie a rope or piece of cloth around your neck
And attach that to a door handle
Get on your knees
Stay there for 30 minutes
Make yourself cry if you don't on your own
Send me a photo of your sad little tears

I don't want you to cum too quick tonight
So we need to relieve you just a little
But only a little
Write the words "take ownership" on the inside of your right thigh
And the words "I exist for you" inside your left
Watch a homosexual porno
Two men fucking each other in the ass hard
Send me the link
Watch it until it turns you on
Make yourself cum just a little on a piece of dry bread
Send me a photo of you eating it

Now you can take a little break
Clean up
But leave a trace of the writing
Get your supplies together
You may want to bring wine
But I will get you a bottle too
You'll need something to dull the pain

You have a 4 minute window to be tardy on the photos
Each time you're late beyond that is an extra time I'll fuck your ass

I am wet and shaking
So excited
To finally make you my whore

Be here at 9:00 exactly
Be scared
Be ready


At 12:00 she receives the first picture. She is somewhat surprised. She wasn't sure he would do all that she asked, but he has. And perfectly. Beneath the photo he has included a note – "Teach me". She plays with herself again as she looks at it. Begins to fantasize about their night.

Every two hours the photos arrive as she has asked. Sometimes he has done exactly as she wanted, but he sometimes makes small mistakes she reprimands and belittles him for. She is cruel, dismissive, crude. He is apologetic, obliging, vulnerable. All usual dynamics of their relationship has shifted. Roles have been traded. Power swapped.

Jacqueline sits in her living room as the clock moves to 9:00. A knock is heard at her door and she rises to answer. A black lace teddy cuts low as it cradles her small breasts. Straps extend down from it to connect with thigh high black fishnets. A pair of high black heels completes the ensemble. Her panties have been purposefully forgotten revealing a small tight ass. A bald pussy.

She opens the door and motions his in. His eyes drink her in, linger between her legs. "Can I....", he begins to say. "Shut up," she tells him, "Take off your clothes and do what I tell you." When he is naked she makes him kneel down on all fours. "You're no better than a little bitch so I'm going to treat you like one." She places a dog collar and leash around his neck. When he starts to beg to lick her pussy she slaps him hard across the face. His momentary flash of surprise is replaced by a kind of resolve. He is going to take whatever she gives him.

She takes a sip of wine from a glass and kneels down in front of him. Draws his mouth up to meet hers. She spits it into his mouth and then starts to run her tongue over his. She kisses him deep and then pushes him away. Her hands press his head down between her legs. "Eat my pussy baby." He eats her hungrily, hastily. Her wetness covers his mouth and she brings her own down over it again. Tastes her own excitement. Her own sweet scent.

She tortures him for hours. Forces him to crawl to the kitchen and drink wine from a dog dish. Writes derogatory statements all upon his chest and back, the word "whore" across his forehead. She forces him into a pair of her panties, paints his lips red and makes him shave every last hair off her pussy while she mocks him. She puts the nipple clamps on him and licks his ass before fingering him. If he complains he is hit. Slapped. Spanked. The belt let loose across his tender flesh. When his cock goes soft she mocks him. Decries his lack of manhood. His inability to bring her pleasure. She kneels on the kitchen floor and he must eat her ass. Lick her and tell her how good she tastes. Bang her pussy until she comes and lick up her juices.

She leads him into the bedroom and makes him kneel by the bed and beg to be allowed up. Beg to eat her out again. She ties him up. Teases his cock. Bites his nipples. He is red. He is raw. He is ready.

She opens up the strap on and he must put it on her. It slings low on her hips like a tool belt; the smaller of two black dildos in place. He reaches down and places a small silver bullet into a front slot. He turns it on and vibrations between to rub against her clit. He watches as she takes the lube. Pours some onto her hand. Glides it over the top and down like she does to his cock. She looks straight into his eyes: "Are you ready my little whore?", she asks. "C'mon and take it like the bitch that you are."

She turns him face down on the bed, ties his hands above his head and spreads his ass open. She takes her tongue and places it on his asshole. Moves it up and down. It and out.She feels him wince as she places the tip of the dildo on it. She laughs as his fingers tighten around the sheet and she begins to force her way in. She isn't gentle. Even when he bites down. Even when she pushes his head down into the mattress to lessen the sound of his cries. The small dildo gets swapped for the big one and now she spares him nothing. Deeper and deeper she dives into him. Her hands claw his back. Slap him. He begs her to stop but she rides him until she is covered in sweat. Rides him until she has had her fill and he can do nothing to stop her.

Tonight, he is her bitch.

Tonight, there is no choice but to follow the instructions.

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