tagIncest/TabooIntercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 03

Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 03


If you started reading my story by reading this chapter, you should know that my name is Peggy, but all the girls in my freshman dorm at college call me Pygmy. It's because I'm very short. I'm only four feet, ten inches tall and I weigh 86 pounds, soaking wet. Because of some stupid genetic or hormonal thing, I didn't mature like other girls. Oh sure, I reached puberty at age 16, but you'd never know it by looking at me. My little chest is flat, even though my little pink nipples are super-sensitive. I never grew hair anywhere on my body. My voice is juvenile. In other words, I'm nineteen, but I look like I'm eleven years old.

My auburn hair falls in soft ringlets to mid-back. My eyes are hazel. I've been told I'm very pretty.

I'm also pretty kinky about sex particularly masturbation, even though I don't look old enough to even think about sex let alone do it. I decided to use both my kinkiness and my Lolita looks to make money, doing Internet porn. My dorky friend from high school, Jerry helped me make my first video and take some hot still photographs. I then built a website, arranged for online money transfers and started selling my pygmy body over the Internet. The first month, I made nearly enough to pay for a full year's tuition and fees at my exclusive private college. By the sixth week, I had made enough to pay for two full years!

One night while I was uploading some new photos of myself playing with a carrot, my Dad walked in on me. "What the hell...! Peggy! Explain yourself!"

I boldly told my Dad what I was doing on the Internet, then showed him a recent bank statement. He fumed for a second, then shook his head. "Not acceptable, Peggy. I work very hard to pay for your college, and you don't need to act like a slutty little whore to make money. What happens if you're trying to get a high-profile job or start a career that requires a security clearance?"

He always says things like that. He thinks of his half-pint daughter as officer material or maybe entering high-level politics. My Dad is still in the Army, kind of. He's a Master Sergeant, whatever that means, and he still serves in the reserves, leading a platoon in the infantry. He is built like a fire hydrant, short, squat and square. His steel-grey hair is cut to a military style. He has huge biceps, and Lord help me, but when he grabbed me then and threw me across his lap, I felt myself getting hot.

I wasn't surprised that he grabbed me for a spanking. Throughout my nineteen years, Daddy has always seemed to enjoy pulling my panties down and paddling my bare ass. As he first grappled me, I activated the camcorder, which was sitting on my desk. I knew that it would capture the spanking beautifully.

True to habit, Daddy pulled my shorts and panties to my knees. He had me in three quarter profile to the camera, and I knew the lens could easily see my hairless little cunny, which I knew was juicy. Daddy's big hand slapped down over and over, and soon I was crying dramatically. "No Daddy, no! Daddy, I'm sorry! Ow! Daddy, it hurts!! Ow-wee!"

Then my Dad did something which shocked me. He shoved his middle finger deep into my juicy cunty and snarled, "You want to act like a little whore, I'll help you. How does that feel, you little slut?"

He began to stroke hard into me, and soon my exaggerated howls of pain turned into very real cries of lust. "Oh! Dad-deeeee!" I was cumming all over Daddy's thick, strong finger. He continued to relentlessly stroke me, occasionally using his other hand to smack my bottom.

I had my third screaming orgasm, and Daddy released me. I quickly stood up and attempted to pull up my shorts and white cotton panties. "No!" he thundered. "Turn around and pull up your shirt for that camera!"

I was surprised again. Dad had seen me turn on the camcorder! As I exposed my pre-adolescent titties to the camera, I felt my Daddy start to kiss my ass. I cried in surprise and delight, as Daddy bent me over and began tonguing my puckered pink little hole. It felt fantastic! As he worked on my asshole, he continued to play with my hot bare pussy. Soon I was creaming hard for the fourth time since Daddy walked in on me. "Oh! Oh God!! Ooh-h-ooh-oooh! Unh! Unh! Oh sweet Daddy! It fee-eels so-o-o good! Daddy!!" I again screamed, my knees buckling from beneath me.

When I had recovered, my Dad told me to rewind the scene we had just filmed. The shot was framed perfectly. You couldn't see my Daddy's face at all, but his punishment and abuse of his little girl was perfectly, vividly captured. "Add that to your website, whore!" he exclaimed, and then knocked me to the floor with a powerful backhand. "You love to perform, you little bitch! Well, Daddy's gonna think about how we can both benefit from your little online sex racket!" With that, he strode from the room.

I watched the film again, then began to think about what Daddy might have in mind. I didn't have to wait very long to find out.

The next weekend was the last free weekend of the summer, and I had to move back into the dorm. This year, as a sophomore I was no longer required to live in the frosh girls' dormitory. I planned to move into a coed dorm known for its wild parties and wilder couplings.

Daddy would not hear of it.

"I've arranged for an apartment for you close to the campus," he explained. "It's simple, but it's fine, and you have plenty of money to pay for it." It was true. I had posted the video of Daddy spanking and finger-banging me the night it happened, and had already received nearly four thousand bucks in pay-per-view revenue.

It turned out that the apartment was really cool. Daddy had the apartment renovated to his liking. "Money Central," he announced as he unlocked the three security deadbolts.

I soon understood what he meant. One room contained a desk, office chairs and filing cabinets, a telephone set and a brand-new computer. "This is the office and server room. You're going to be connected to the Internet by a T-1 line, lots of bandwidth."

The bedroom almost made me giggle. It would be any eleven year-old girl's dream bedroom. The bed was a huge white wrought-iron monstrosity with a frilly white canopy and luxurious bedding. The walls were painted in pale pastels, and the room was full of stuffed animals. There was a vanity dresser and a rocking chair with no arms, a nursery rocker. He showed me the closet, which was now filled with little-girl outfits: Catholic schoolgirl uniforms, babydoll nighties, even a pair of all-in-one jammies with attached booties and a flap over the but.

The kitchen and living room looked pretty normal. The glass topped coffee table was very large and was positioned in front of a huge sofa. A matching loveseat and armchair also resided in the room.

Then Daddy opened a locked door and gestured for me to come inside. I gasped! The room was set up like a medieval torture chamber, with all the frightening stuff you'd expect to find in a dungeon.

"There are cameras hidden all over!" Daddy gleefully exclaimed. "Shower, facing the toilet, in the bed canopy looking down, behind the vanity mirror. There's even a camera under the glass coffee table, and of course the dungeon is fully wired. Webcams will make you a lot of money. Guys will pay big bucks just to watch you brush your hair, pee-pee, take a shower, watch TV. The cameras are always active when the heat sensors detect your presence. The computer automatically streams the video out to subscribers.

I had to admire him. I resented his horning in on my wealth, but I liked his ideas. Most of them, I guess. The dungeon made me nervous.

We began unpacking Dad's truck and hauling boxes into my new crib. I hoped that Daddy wouldn't want to help me unpack. But of course, he did.

It wasn't long before, to my horror, Daddy found the huge, black, inflatable, vibrating butt plug. His wicked grin set my stomach churning with butterflies.

"It would appear that it's time to take a break from unpacking," he laughed.

I stood horrified as he approached me, the anal rape device in his hand, the gleam of lust in his blue eyes.

His chronograph pinged loudly three times. "Shit!" he exclaimed, glancing at the watch. "I've got a meeting in twenty minutes. Grab a pad and pencil!" I answered his barked command and was ready to write. "You got a lawyer? Get one. Have him witness and photocopy your I.D. and keep it on file. Tell him we need age proof for a website. What's your site called?" I answered him. "Have the lawyer register it as a trademark, along with Pygmy, your new stage name." I could only nod in acknowledgement.

He continued, ticking off tasks on his fingers. "Secondly, the name of the ISP and all the information is on that business card," he pointed to the keyboard where the white card rested. "Call them, set up everything and then e-mail me a backdoor password. I'll want to keep an eye on my new partner."

"Speaking of that," I demanded "What is your cut. What do you want?" He smiled dismissively and left the apartment.

I needed help and I knew where to get it. Jerry was totally in love with me. I made a pretense for the cameras of looking for cleaning supplies, then walked into the living room. I was dressed in a wife beater and gym shorts, and I knew the camera under the coffee table would get a nice shot. Even though I hadn't yet set up the website, I knew that the cameras were recording to hard disk. I wrote a shopping list using a dark, medium-point marker. Not only was the coffee table cam looking up the hem of my loose fitting T-shirt, it would also show my shopping list. I knew for sure that my Dad would be watching me. He wasn't stupid, and there were guys in his Reserves thingy that could have set up the computer. I knew he might already have access to the cameras. I used the desk phone to call the ISP and made arrangements to mirror my site through the end of the month, then take over all server chores. I already had a lawyer and already had my I.D. on file.. Gosh, does Daddy think I'm just a dumb little girl? He's seen my straight A's for thirteen years.

He should know better.

Despite my concern about my Daddy and his forcing his way into a partnership in my new role as Internet exhibitionist, I felt flushed and horny. One of the strongest kicks I got was knowing that guys all over the world were jerking their hard cocks to massive cums watching me masturbate or do other sexy things. I suddenly realized I was in no hurry to leave the apartment...well, not just yet. Time to tinkle.

I took a long time slowly lowering my gym shorts and panties over my kneehigh white socks. My back was to the camera, and I giggled knowing that my pert, adolescent-looking bottom would be turning on hundreds of guys tonight. I turned slowly, my bare pelvis right out in the open. Rather than sit on the throne, I squatted over the bowl and let a golden stream pour from my bladder. I sighed with relief, then daubed my underside with toilet paper, flushed and stood up. Not bothering to pull up my pants, I pivoted to the sink on my right foot and washed my hands, my naked back open to view of the camera. I wiped my hands on a towel and then bent to slowly pull myself together.

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