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Author's note: This story has been edited and expanded upon since its initial posting. Please let me know through your comments or feedback whether you like it.

It is the story of a star-struck husband who unwittingly encourages his pretty white wife to be seduced by a black football player that he admires. If you don't like interracial relations, don't force yourself to read it.


A pro football player befriends a big fan, and scores with his wife

Robert "Rob" Parker anxiously glanced at his watch and called to his 28-year-old wife, who seemed to be dawdling in their bedroom.

"Come on, Belle! We've got reservations for 7 o'clock and it's quarter of."

"Okay, I'm ready," Belle said as she trotted toward the front door in her three-inch heels. She didn't wear such shoes very often because they weren't comfortable, they weren't practical, and to top it off, they made her stand taller than her husband. Rob was a "good enough" looking guy with an average build and slightly less-than-average height.

Rob smiled and said, "Hey babe, you look great! Five years ago today I married the most beautiful girl in the world and you're even hotter today. That new dress looks amazing on you!"

Belle was beautiful. Tall and lean with long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a dazzling smile and boobs that were so full and round that people suspected she'd had her breasts enhanced. And her good looks were paired with a vibrant, fun-loving personality.

Belle lifted her boobs as she shifted the front of her dress a bit. "I didn't expect to show this much cleavage. Guys will think I'm out trolling, not celebrating my anniversary with my husband!"

"Good!" Rob beamed. "Let them think that! It's not our fault that we're the best looking couple in town!"

As they drove to the swanky restaurant for dinner Belle reminded Rob that expensive meals were not in their budget, although they deserved to splurge a little on their anniversary. Belle was an accountant but had recently switched jobs, becoming a financial planner. Her client list was just starting to build and she wasn't making a lot of money. What she did earn was still more than her husband. Rob was an insurance salesman, but not a very successful one. He always trailed the other agents in his office in sales. His income was dependent on commissions, and while he always had a couple of prospects lined up, he was seldom able to close a deal and write a big policy.

"Oh, by the way, Honey," Belle said from the passenger seat, "your anniversary present is going to be those pro football season tickets that you're supposed to renew. I can't believe what they charge for two seats at that freaking stadium. We could pay our light bill for a year with what they charge! And the worst part is, you don't even take me to the games! You always go with one of your football fan buddies."

Rob laughed and said, "Well, thank you, Sweetheart, for my season tickets. You know I'd take you if ever wanted to go, but you hate football. Anyway, I'll give you your present when we get home and I get you into bed tonight!"

Belle leaned toward Rob and kissed the side of his face as she purred seductively, "Now that's a gift that I could really use! And it's affordable too, as long as I remember to take my pill!"

They both laughed out loud.

The dance

The restaurant where they wined and dined was the largest and nicest around. There was a big bar and a live band that drew couples to the dance floor. After dinner, Rob and Belle moved to a table near the dance floor and ordered drinks. Rob didn't like to dance but Belle did, so he didn't mind if she accepted an invitation to shake her booty a little. In the course of half an hour Belle danced with two different men, just one dance each. Then Rob and Belle were both taken aback when a big black guy approached their table and asked for a dance. Belle hesitated at first, but then agreed, not wanting to appear prejudiced or anything. Rob watched from his chair as Belle began to loosen up and smile, smoothly moving in synch with her dark dance partner. Belle decided to have a second dance with the stranger, and then a third. Rob saw them talking a little as they walked back to the table where he waited.

"Oh honey," Belle panted, smiling and slightly out of breath. "That was fun! Delvon, this is my husband, Rob. Rob, this is Delvon."

Rob stood to shake hands with the black guy and then his eyes lit up and his jaw dropped open.

"Delvon!" Rob practically shouted. "I thought you looked familiar. Delvon Smith! Holy shit! I can't believe it! Let's take a selfie with my phone! No one is going to believe that I met you and you danced with my wife!"

As the three huddled together for Rob's selfie photo, Rob figured his wife was wondering who in the world this "Delvon" was.

"Honey," Rob said excitedly, "Delvon is a wide receiver and he led the division in completions! Delvon, I was there when you ran in two touchdowns against the Dolphins!"

"So, you play professional football," Belle said with the lilt of a newly enlightened admirer. "That explains why you're so big and strong and you move like a cat on the dance floor. You get a lot of practice trying not to get tackled all the time, right?"

"That's exactly right, Belle!" Delvon chuckled as he pulled up a chair to sit with her and Rob. The three of them sat and talked for a few minutes. Delvon said that since it was the "off-season" he could stay out late, socialize, and have a few drinks, or whatever. He said he had a few months off, to have a little fun, before he had to report to training camp to begin a new football season.

After chatting some more, Delvon rose to his feet and took Belle by the hand, saying he liked the song that was playing and just had to have one more dance. They actually danced two more times. Rob noticed that Delvon was touching and bumping his wife a little bit, here and there. But it was nothing terribly inappropriate. Exiting the dance floor, Delvon headed toward the bar to buy a round of drinks and Belle returned to her seat.

Belle sat down and leaned close to Rob and said, "Honey, I mentioned to Delvon that I was a financial advisor and he said that he might want some advice. He asked me to give him my phone number, but I don't think it's ..."

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Rob interrupted, loudly and happily. "He's a fucking millionaire! He gets paid six million a year to catch a football! Maybe when you're giving him your advice you could steer him to me for some insurance! If you don't give him your phone number I will!"

When Delvon returned to the table and set the drinks down Belle smiled and handed him her business card. "My cell number is on the card. Call me anytime!"

Delvon flashed a big white-toothed grin and said, "Thanks, Belle. I will definitely be calling you."

The three new friends sipped their drinks, then Rob said it was time for them to go. When Belle stood up Delvon gave her a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek as he whispered in her ear "I'll call you real soon."

Belle and Rob left and drove home. When they arrived, Belle said she was a little drunk and tired, but she reminded her husband that he still needed to give her "his gift". As Belle headed straight to the bedroom Rob said that he would be along in a minute or two.

Belle sprawled herself, naked, on their bed, waiting for Rob. It took a few minutes for Rob to join her because he was busy posting the selfie of him, Belle and Delvon Smith on his Facebook page.

As she waited, Belle moved her right hand to her smooth-shaven pussy and began to rub her clit. Rob loved to watch her masturbate, so she had no reservations about diddling herself when he was nearby. As she worked her dainty fingers into her vagina Belle's mind drifted back to images of Delvon. It was only natural that the big black man would be in her mind's eye, considering that they had been bumping and grinding on the dance floor just an hour before. Belle's pussy quickly got wet and she could feel a powerful orgasm building. As Rob stepped into the room Belle caught a glimpse of him. Their eyes connected as she began thrashing and moaning, secretly thinking of Delvon and not Rob. She came loud and hard, her hand just a blur as it moved at a feverish pace. As her climax subsided, Belle looked at Rob, who stood naked beside the bed, and she smiled.

Rob smiled too, and as he climbed onto the mattress he said, "It looks like you got started without me, sweetheart."

"Yeah, well, you shouldn't keep a lady waiting," Belle said softly, rolling toward Rob to kiss his lips.

The couple normally engaged in some foreplay, usually kissing, tit sucking, and oral sex in a 69, but that wouldn't be necessary that night. They both knew that Belle was as hot as she'd ever be and Rob's five-inch dick was as stiff as it ever got. Rob climbed on top of his wife and his dick easily slipped into her soggy slit. Rob pumped in and out for nearly five minutes before grunting "oh, baby, here it comes!" His penis started squirting its ejaculate and Belle wrapped her arms around him, happy that they both had found pleasure in their love-making.

As Rob rolled off of Belle she smiled, kissed him and said, "Happy anniversary, honey."

"Happy anniversary," Rob repeated. "I think this might have been the best anniversary ever."

Rob was actually thinking more about the thrill of meeting Delvon Smith, rather than the time he spent celebrating with his spouse. Coincidentally, Belle was thinking the same thing too.

Strictly business

Two days after making his acquaintance, Belle received a phone call from Delvon. Belle's heart raced when she got the call. She'd been wondering since her anniversary whether Delvon would actually contact her, and, lo and behold, he had!

Delvon told Belle that he wanted to take her to lunch to talk about his personal finances, and so forth. He didn't seem very interested in coming to Belle's office before lunch, but he agreed to do it when she said that she needed to work up a personal profile before they started talking business. Delvon joked that he liked the word "personal". Belle scheduled the meeting for the next day at 11 AM. When she got home and told Rob that Delvon called and they were going to meet at her office he actually jumped for joy. Belle didn't mention that they'd be having lunch too, thinking that Rob didn't really need to know that.

The next day at work, Belle told her boss that she had a new client coming in. He said okay and told her not to tie up the conference room for too long. The boss happened to be a football fan and his attitude changed abruptly when a well-dressed black man walked through the front door and told the receptionist that his name was Delvon Smith and he had an appointment with Belle. The boss ran to shake hands with Delvon and asked if he could get him some coffee or water. Other people in the office flocked to Delvon too and it took a little effort for Belle to even get close enough to say hello. As Belle led Delvon to her desk the boss flashed her a big smile and a "thumbs up".

After exchanging the typical pleasantries, Belle pulled out a long form and started asking Delvon the questions listed on the paper. When Belle asked Delvon what his goals and objectives were, he answered that his goal was to make as much money as he could, while he could, and his objective was to enjoy the company of a beautiful white woman. Belle blushed and went on to the next question. After completing the form, Belle tried to engage Delvon in conversation about investment strategies, but he was clearly getting antsy and suggested that they finish talking over lunch.

It took a few minutes for Belle and Delvon to get past his admirers and leave the office. As they walked to his Corvette in the parking lot, Delvon asked Belle where she wanted to eat. She said there was a Denny's nearby. Delvon said he knew a place that was better than Denny's. As he drove out of the parking lot Delvon stomped on the gas pedal and squealed his tires. Belle laughed like a school girl at Delvon's playful antics.

Delvon drove clear across town to a nice steakhouse on the river. He remembered from two nights before that Belle drank Chardonnay and he ordered an expensive bottle as soon as they were seated. They had a leisurely but not-too-productive lunch. Every time that Belle tried to get Delvon to talk about himself from a business perspective he turned the talk to Belle and her life. Two hours later, Delvon drove his somewhat tipsy companion back to her office. Delvon parked the car and quickly dashed around to open Belle's door. She gladly accepted his hand and help in climbing out of the low-slung sports car. As they said goodbye, Belle turned her face to accept a kiss on the cheek. Delvon surprised her when he put two fingers to her chin and rotated her head far enough to plant the kiss on her lips. Delvon smiled and said he would call her again soon, then he hopped back in his car and sped away. It took a few seconds for Belle to catch her breath.

Party time

The first time that Delvon had called her, Belle followed her usual practice and stored the number and caller's name in her phone. Ever since their lunch meeting, when Delvon said he would call again after kissing her goodbye, Belle eagerly checked the caller ID every time her phone rang, hoping it would be Delvon. She let out a big "yes!" when a few days later Delvon called.

"Hi Delvon!" Belle answered. "Thanks for calling."

Belle smiled when Delvon said, "Hey beautiful! I warned you that I was going to call again."

They chatted for a few minutes and Delvon said that he wanted to meet again to talk seriously about his finances, but then he explained that business was not the reason for his call. Delvon said that he was having a party at his place, with a few friends and some fellow football players and their wives and girlfriends. Delvon insisted that Belle should come to his party. Belle immediately accepted the invitation and asked Delvon to text her his address. Then, almost as an afterthought before they ended the call, Belle asked if her husband was invited too. Delvon sounded a tad blasé when he said, "Sure, Belle, you're welcome to come alone, or bring anyone you want."

Rob was beyond excited when Belle told him they were invited to a party at Delvon's house. Belle decided to wear the same dress that she wore on her anniversary, since it was the newest and nicest thing that she had, and Delvon had told her how hot she looked in it.

When Rob pulled up to Delvon's address he and Belle simultaneously said "what a place!"

Delvon's place couldn't really be called a house. It was a small mansion with its six bedrooms, a six-car garage, swimming pool, living room, family room, game room, home theatre, and so on. Rob and Belle were met at the front door by a plain clothes security guard who checked their names against a guest list before opening the door and telling them to enjoy their evening.

Both were understandably impressed when they stepped inside. There were a lot of people everywhere along with a large serving staff to offer hors d'oeuvres and glasses of champagne. The large mahogany bar was staffed by two bartenders. The food and booze were flowing. Rob was like a kid in a candy store, telling Belle "look at that!" and "do you know who that is?!" Soon after they entered, Delvon came their way, smiling, and saying "glad you could come" as he shook Rob's hand and gave Belle a peck on her cheek. He said "we'll talk later" as he wandered off to welcome other guests.

Rob and Belle got separated as Rob migrated toward the football players that he idolized, thrilled to meet them in person. Rob managed to pass out a dozen of his insurance agency business cards before Belle walked over and quietly asked him to stop.

As women tend to do, Belle paid special attention to all the other females. Every one of the players were black. Every one of their wives, or girlfriends, were gorgeous, and white. A couple of them looked barely 18 and none appeared older than 35, although one or two might have had facelifts along with their boob jobs.

The women were stylishly dressed in sexy and suggestive outfits, with their hair done and their nails manicured. They all were adorned with diamond necklaces and earrings. Belle also noticed that every female there was wearing a gold or silver chain on her right ankle. She didn't know if it signified anything, but she felt oddly inadequate and underdressed not wearing one herself.

Belle quickly realized that she was the only one wearing a bra. She felt so out-of-place that she carried her purse into one of the downstairs bathrooms, took off her bra and stuffed it into her bag. Later, Rob sidled up to her and told her that her nipples were showing and he asked her what happened to her bra. Belle quietly told Rob that, in case he somehow hadn't noticed, bras were not in style at that particular soiree.

Belle found that the women were all friendly enough, almost like members of a team, much like their male partners. When she struck up a conversation with one woman, Belle mentioned that she had recently met Delvon. When another lady approached, the woman introduced Belle as "Delvon's girlfriend". Belle laughed and said, "Oh, no, I'm not his girlfriend, just a friend!" But, internally, Belle was thoroughly flattered and thrilled to think that she could be seen as Delvon's girlfriend. A little while later, when two other women introduced themselves and said they'd heard that she was Delvon's new girlfriend Belle just smiled, inferring that it was true.

In addition to all the booze being drank there was a lot of marijuana being smoked, especially on the expansive outdoor patio. Rob and Belle had reconnected and were outside looking at the huge pool and hot tub when Delvon approached them with a lit joint in his hand.

Delvon smiled and said, "This, my friends, is the best weed in the world."

Delvon extended his hand to offer the joint to them, but Rob said, "Thanks, Delvon, but no thanks. Belle and I don't..."

Before Rob could finish his sentence, Belle took the joint from Delvon's fingers and brought it straight to her lips to inhale a big hit. She playfully exhaled toward her husband's face and took two more long drags before she exhaled the intoxicating smoke and passed the joint back to Delvon.

Delvon smiled approvingly, happy to see that Belle had a sinfully daring side and she wasn't afraid to indulge it, even when her husband disapproved.

Belle and Rob spent three hours, wandering around, meeting new people, eating, drinking, smoking weed (just Belle), and simply having a wonderful time hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

As the party started to wind down, the guests all approached Delvon, who stood near the front door, to say "thank you and goodbye". When Rob and Belle got close, Delvon thanked them for coming and asked, "Well, how do you people like my little shack?"

Rob grinned and said, "This is the nicest shack that I've ever seen!"

Belle smiled too and said, "I think I could learn to live like this!"

"I'll have to keep that in mind," Delvon quipped, looking Belle in the eyes.

Everyone laughed but Rob was a bit perplexed, not knowing quite how to take that last remark.

Before they parted, Delvon asked Rob if he had seen his brand new Maserati, parked out front. Rob excitedly said that he had not and scooted out the door to check out the pricey sedan. Delvon seized the opportunity to seize Belle's waist and he pulled her close and kissed her lips for a solid four seconds. Then he smiled and said, "I'll be calling you."

When Belle approached Rob, who was still ogling the car, he noticed that his wife's face was flushed and her breathing was uneven.

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