tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Bordello: Mokians

Intergalactic Bordello: Mokians


Sasha stormed into the Anavin space dock, passing her pilot's license to the deck commander. He only looked her over once, her fuck off attitude not endearing conversation. She dreaded the visits to Anavin but she was contractually obligated to protect crew morale. She sighed, accepting the inevitable stresses this would bring. Only an all male crew would keep their morale in their dicks.

As Captain of the freighter vessel Fentress, Sasha Petrovich was always the last to leave the ship, locking the dock door so none of her crew became enamored and tried to stow away one of Anavin's companions. Normally, when docked, the crew could come and go as they pleased. But five years in space without a woman often proved too much for a man, even if they were married back on Earth.

"Will you be requesting a companion, Captain?" The deck commander inquired.

Sasha almost snorted. "And what exactly do you expect me to do with one of those three-breasted females?" She glared at the commander. "Not all lady Captains want tits, commander. And until you start catering to both ladies as well as gents, you won't be making money off this ship's Captain!"

Granted most explorers and space workers were male, but it still rubbed Sasha the wrong way that all bordello workers were female or female oriented. Of course she could always abuse her station of power as Captain and take one of her crew as a lover. But the opportunity had never presented itself. The men never looked at her as a desirable woman but as a strong, capable leader. Of course her imposing Russian heritage didn't help matters. At 6'2", Sasha either towered over or met most men head on. Neither was she the tall waifish type, her muscles strong and imposing she could match any of her men's work load.

"Ahh. But Captain Petrovich, we have taken your feedback to heart and hired on a Mokian. It's been fabulous for Anavin's morale. He keeps the women busy during dry spells. I wish I'd thought of this sooner!"

"No offense, Brak, but you have a dick. Why would you think of it sooner?" Sasha threw her duffel over her shoulder and headed to her usual accommodations for the 78 hour dock. Usually she slept through the docking at Anavin, catching up on sleep while her crew rested up in their own way. But her curiosity was piqued. Maybe she'd at least meet the Mokian. What's the worse that would happen?


Baen didn't look up when Brak, the bordello commander, shouted into his room. "Room E42, and she's a Captain so see that she's taken care of!"

"Yes, sir." Baen muttered softly, not meeting Brak's eyes. He'd been on Anavin only three months, the time passing by quickly. He'd had very few actual clients. Most of his time was occupied by the companions experiencing dry spells, keeping their bodies satisfied.

As a Mokian, Baen was ashamed to be relegated to a Bordello for work. But he'd been banished from his home planet for falling in love and seducing the King's daughter. As punishment he was sent off planet to this place where his only job would be mating with women he did not love. For a Mokian, it was quite a punishment.

Admittedly, Baen acted rashly when he compromised Nedia. Several years younger, she had succumbed to his classic Mokian looks and enamored praise. Granted she was beautiful and charming, but he knew now it'd been the challenge she presented that made his body burn.

Baen quickly showered and draped his service robe over his body. The garment was a simple drape, covering his body but easy to remove. It was one of the perks of his job; he preferred as little hindrance to his body as possible. He'd never enjoyed the large buckled outfits on Moki. They had been stifling in the heat of his home planet.

When he came to room E42, Baen stood outside for several minutes, bracing himself for the job he had to do. Obligation made sex increasingly unpleasant for him. Before it had been the joy of winning over a beautiful woman's trust and making her fall in love with him that aroused him. Now he was obligated to become aroused to whatever creature he was ordered to please. Baen took a deep breath and conjured the image of Nedia in his head, knowing her body would instigate his arousal to sufficiently service a client.

He knocked on the door and the woman who answered made his tongue swell. Standing a good two feet shorter than him, she was exemplified the definition of round womanhood. Her breasts were high and well formed, her hips spreading wider than her shoulders. By no means was she stereotypically beautiful, but her eyes screamed at him, daring him to live up to her expectations.

"I am Baen," he introduced himself, bowing low.

"Are you?" She snapped. She confused him with her anger. He could clearly see her body was aroused, her pupils dilated, her nipples clearly puckering beneath her uniform.

"I am the Mokian companion. I was led to understand my services were requested." Baen met her challenge, implying she had to accept him in order to receive his services. She stood still for several drawn out seconds, the gears in her mind clearly working.

"You'll have to forgive me, Baen. I'm not accustomed to receiving the services of a companion."


Sasha blushed, embarrassed by her defensiveness. How could she find him attractive? He was a bordello worker! The man must have been seven feet tall with the widest shoulders she'd seen in her life. The robe covering his body barely did its job, stopping in the middle of his thighs, with an open V at his chest, exposing his defined pectoral and abdominal muscles.

"I suppose you'd better come in," Sasha swung the door wide, inviting him inside. She wasn't sure what she'd do with him, but she couldn't let any of her crew see him sitting outside like a lost puppy. The last thing she needed were rumors on the Fentress undermining her authority.

"Mistress," he bowed low and entered her quarters. He wouldn't look her straight in the eye, his head keeping to the floor. How very odd, Sasha thought. A man that large shouldn't be shy. A man that good looking definitely shouldn't be unsure of himself.

"My name is Sasha. I'm from Earth." Sasha invited him to sit down at the small settee in her quarters. "Have you heard of my planet?"

He sat down, his body so big she was scared he would break the small chair. He looked like an adult sitting at a small child's tea table. He only nodded at her question, still not meeting her eyes. And for some reason his timidity just bothered her.

"What crawled into your cereal, Mr. Baen? Or are you just pissed off you scored the chubby human chick as your client? Maybe you'd like to see what the men from my ship have to offer you?" If the man was heterosexual that oughta put a bee in his bonnet. Sasha hated it when men acted like she was supposed to be the aggressor. Couldn't they at least take the lead in the bedroom?

"When I agreed to this employment it was with the understanding I would not be required to service men." Baen scowled. Ha! She hit a soft spot there, Sasha thought. But his next words stopped her, "What is chubby?" He mispronounced the word, making it sound like choppy. She had to smile; his confusion was actually kind of cute.

Sasha sat back and looked at him, not sure she wanted to explain what chubby was. The thought of explaining how she wasn't top shelf back on Earth felt like telling a child Santa Claus didn't exist.

"It means highly sexed," Sasha grinned. "You have your work cut out for you tonight." Sasha crossed her legs gingerly as she ran her finger along the edge of her government issued ribbed tank top. She watched his pupils dilate and his nostrils flare, happy to get some kind of reaction from him.

Baen leaned forward, braced his elbows on his knees and stared at her. "On my planet such a state is natural for our women. It is our duty as men to see to the needs of our females."

"Really?" Sasha smiled, the corners of her lips turning up. "And how do you do such a thing?" Sasha cooed the question. It surprised her how natural it came, teasing this Mokian. She wasn't sure how he would respond, or even how the people on his planet mated, but someone had to initiate this activity or they'd be staring at each other all night.

Baen stood, towering over her. Rarely did a man actually stand taller than her, the sensation was heady, making her feel like a submissive female ready for her man to pull her away by the hair. Sasha was surprised when pulling her by the hair was actually what he did, albeit very gently. He grasped her head, tugging her hair gently until she stood up, her chin barely reaching his pectoral muscles.

"Wow, you're tall!" She croaked, surprised her thought so quickly slipped from her mouth.

His response was to bend down, lift her up against him by her ass and carry her toward the bed. "Perhaps it is not I who is tall, but you who are small?" He whispered against her ear as he placed her down on the small bunk in her cabin.

Sasha gasped as his weight pressed her down, the length of him sending shots of desire pulsing through her body. He was so large he made her feel petite, a sensation she'd never experienced. It rendered her speechless, unable to move beneath him.

"I do not know what it is you mean by chubby, Ms. Sasha. But I believe your body will do quite nicely." Baen looked down at her breasts pushed up by his chest pressed against her.

"Oh, you Mokians are tit-men eh?" Sasha wiggled, taunting him.

"If by tit-men you are referring to these," Baen leaned down and nuzzled the mounds peeking from her tank, "then yes, I am." Sasha leaned her head back, arching her chest toward him.

"Oh, that's lovely," She groaned when his tongue snaked into the crevice between her breasts.

"Lovely you say?" It was Baen's turn to groan. "Then you will find this exquisite." He took the hem of her shirt and ripped until her breasts were fully exposed. He palmed her with his giant hand and brought her nipple to his lips. He took her almost completely in his mouth, his tough tongue rasping against the sensitive skin of her nipple.

"Don't stop!" Sasha grabbed his head, pulling on his long black hair. And he didn't. He continued sucking on her left nipple as he palmed the other, making her squirm. The attention overwhelmed her, her nipples becoming taut needles standing almost an inch off her skin. When he switched to her other nipple she began tearing at the garment covering his body. It came off easily, allowing her to touch his smooth skin. Other than his head she couldn't feel a whit of hair on his body.

She was close to orgasm when Baen stopped. He moved up her body and kissed her voraciously, taking her mind as well as her body. Sasha didn't know kissing could be so erotic until Baen's teeth nipped on her bottom lip. She cried out in pleasure.

"Let's get you out of these..." Baen mumbled, moving down her body. He unzipped her pants, slipping them down her round thighs. Sasha didn't feel embarrassed about her body, his dwarfing her by comparison. She was amazed at how waifish her thighs appeared under the stroke of his massive hands.

"You're so big..." she gasped when his hand moved between her thighs. He slipped his finger between the folds of her arousal, exposing her completely. It felt so vulnerable, spreading herself for this man she barely knew. But at the same time it aroused her to no end, baring herself to this servant of the sensual arts. She spread her legs wider, giving him full access to the center of her arousal. And he took full advantage of her vulnerability, moving his body down until his mouth consumed the center of her.

Rarely had a man forced such a delicacy upon her. And never had it felt so exquisite. Sasha lifted her legs up around his shoulders, grasping his hair with her hands as he assaulted her with his tongue. Baen slipped his fingers inside her in combination with manipulating her central nerve with his tongue.

It wasn't long before her body tensed with her orgasm. Her body spasmed. Her legs gripped Baen as she released, drenching him with her pleasure.

For several long minutes Baen lay between her thighs and licked her in long, luxurious strokes of the tongue, soothing the aroused flesh. Sasha lay back, sighing with relaxed pleasure.

"Have I pleased you Ms. Sasha?" Baen lifted himself up to face her, his beautiful green eyes boring into her.

"Of course you did. Can't you tell?" Sasha lifted her hand to his chin, cupping his exquisitely chiseled face.

He only smiled, lazily running his hands across the full flesh of her stomach. She felt his arousal pressed against her leg. But there was something else. Something else was there, pressing against her leg.

Sasha looked down and stared at what lay between Baen's legs. She couldn't believe what she saw there. Did Mokians really have two penises? What was that? Sasha looked at the massive arousal springing up between Baen's thighs. It was quite impressive, especially by human measures. But beneath this, slightly smaller, was another appendage. Sasha could only stare, her brain not comprehending what she was looking at.

"I am sorry if my anatomy offends you," Baen whispered. Sasha's head whipped up, her eyes meeting his. She immediately felt bad for her morbid curiosity.

"No!" She exclaimed. "I just haven't seen before..." Sasha began but stopped when he smiled.

"Where I am from, we require more than one." Baen smirked. "Hence my relying on other means of pleasuring you."

"Can you...with both of those..." Sasha couldn't finish her sentence her cheeks blushing bright pink. But she had to know if it were possible.

"Yes." Baen cupped her cheek and pressed his forehead against hers. The intimacy was reassuring. "I can pleasure you with one. Or both. If that's what you choose."


"Yes," he smirked. "There is more than one method of pleasuring you." Baen began rubbing her thigh, tickling her skin into a deeper arousal. "I can press my primary into you, and pleasure you as a human man would. Or, I can press my primary into you, and use my secondary to pleasure your other..." Sasha smiled that even Baen, a pleasure professional, couldn't say the word 'asshole.'

"You mean put one in my pussy and one in my ass?" Sasha said it for him, making it sound so dirty yet so erotic. Baen responded, pushing himself on top of her.

"Would you like that?" He growled.

"Yes!" Sasha lifted her legs up, cradling them with her hips, showing him how serious she was. She reached down and grasped his primary, pulling him toward her opening.

"Impatient are we?" Baen laughed, smiling at her eagerness.

"Please, Baen. Please."


Baen responded to her plea. Never had a woman begged him to pleasure her. Always it was an order or demand, a recitation of the dollar amount they had paid to receive his services. He wasn't a person per se, he was a servant. It was his punishment. Having pursued the daughter of his King and deflowering her, Baen was sent to Anavin. At Anavin he was forced to wallow in the vice which had forced him away from his home.

And now he was here. Pleasuring Sasha. A human begging him to pleasure her much like Nedia had. His gut reaction was stop but her hands pressed against his ass, pulling him into her.

How could he deny this woman who begged for the pleasure of his body as if she truly wanted him? As if she needed his body to survive?

"Yes, Sasha," Baen grasped his primary and led it into her channel. She was pure heat surrounding the tip of his arousal. Before he lost himself in her he grasped his secondary and led it to her smaller entrance, pressing against the taut ring of muscle. He didn't want to hurt her, but knew some pain would be inevitable. Luckily, the juices from her arousal lubricated her sufficiently allowing her to slip into her without causing her to clench down.

"Am I hurting you?" He groaned, praying she was in no pain.

"No. Please give me more." Sasha wiggled against him, her hips lifting, forcing more of his length into her.

"I don't want to..."

"Fuck me, Baen! Fuck me!" She screamed at him, her frantically begging him to finish what he started.

In one quick thrust he sunk himself entirely into her body. His primary pressed against her cervix, his secondary slipped entirely past the ring of muscle. He could feel her tightening over him, responding to his invasion.

"Are you...?" Baen asked, still concerned.

"God, yes! It feels so amazing, Baen. I feel so full!"

Baen began to move, slipping his dual lengths slowly out of her body. When he pressed back in she gasped again, scratching her nails down his back. Baen could only stare at her face as he moved in and out of her at a steady pace. Her eyes rolled back, her face crunched up in pleasure. She looked like a woman drunk on ambrosia. And he was that ambrosia. The knowledge gave him a heady sense of power like he had never felt before.

Sasha began muttering incoherent phrases, her legs jerking up in time with his thrusts. Baen quickened his pace, matching her need to reach the precipice of her pleasure. He was quickly approaching his own limit, the end of the race coming quickly. But he wouldn't pass the finish line without her, determined to see to her pleasure before his own.

"Come with me, Sasha. Let yourself go," Baen groaned, moving his body even fast in and out of her burning heat.

"Yes, Baen!" And she did. Her body squeezed his tightly, hugging him, pulling his orgasm from the center of his body. The came together, she throwing her head back and shouting her pleasure, he burying his head in her shoulder, releasing his fluids into her heat.

For several long minutes he lay on top of her, holding her gently in his arms. He could feel her heart beating hard as she panted with her exertion. When he finally had the energy he lifted up his head and saw her eyes misted in passion. He wondered if his eyes looked the same.


Two weeks later.

"What do you mean the Captain went back to her cabin? She's not off duty for another sixteen hours!" First officer Cable shouted at the comp tech. His frustration was increasing. Ever since they left Anavin the Captain was increasingly unavailable and distracted. If he didn't know better he'd think she was acting like a girl. Which, considering her gender would be appropriate, but highly unlike the Captain he'd been serving under for the last ten years.

This was the third time she'd left duty claiming the need for a short 'break.' He didn't know what the fuck was going on, but he was going to find out.

Cable marched to his superior officer's quarters and stopped outside her door. He was going to knock and demand to be let in but he heard screaming inside the room. Concerned his Captain was being hurt he threw the latch open and stopped short at the horrifying sight before him.

Captain Petrovich was impaled on the genitalia of a giant Mokian, her head thrown back with her hair loose around her waist. He was so shocked he could only stand and stare for several long seconds. When it looked like they weren't going to stop despite his presence he became even angrier.

"What the fuck is he doing here? Stowaways are against regs!" He screamed. Apparently his voice broke through their passion because she finally stopped bouncing up and down his dual dicks.

"She is chubby, and requires my consistent attention," Baen chuckled, grasping Sasha's hips and moving her body upon him again, ignoring their intruder.

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