tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Courtesan Ch. 05

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 05


Desirée woke to pain. Every part of her body hurt, even her eyelids. She stared up at the pale colours of a sickbay ceiling, blinking against the glare of the overhead lights. Even through the bed, she could still feel the omnipresent rumble of the ship's engines. An IV drip was attached to her left arm.

"She's awake." She understood the words but her ears told her she had only heard a strange croaking sound. She looked down, the nerves in the back of her skull shrieking; she was strapped down to the bed. A nearby monitor beeped contentedly. She couldn't make out any of the symbols.

Ssurhuk-T'at moved into her line of vision, his three eyes bright with concern behind his spectacles. The froglike alien looked gray, as if he hadn't slept in far too long. He croaked something at her.

Two seconds later, her brain caught, "Can you understand what I am saying to you?" Her ears swore they hadn't heard a thing.

Desirée opened her mouth. It was dry, parched. "Water," she barely croaked. "Please . . . water."

He croaked again. "Of course," the words entering her brain half a second later. He picked up a strangely shaped glass filled with water. The glass had a narrow tube extending out from it, like a straw permanently attached.

He croaked once more. "Here." Desirée realized that she was hearing a translation, somehow routed directly to her brain. The water was clear and cold, and tasted wonderful. She sipped from the glass for several seconds before he took it back and placed it on the side table.

"You cannot have too much too fast. Now do you understand what I am saying to you?" he asked again, the translation now coming simultaneously with his croaking.

She ran her tongue around her lips, and found she could speak. "Yes, but it feels strange . . . in my head." Her voice was rusty from lack of use.

"That's the Universal Translation Device working," Veronica walked into her line of vision, black circles under her eyelids and her dark eyes bright with unshed tears. "We installed it while you were unconscious. It works by bone induction, and takes a while to calibrate. But are you all right?" She stood on the right side of the bed, her fingers lightly stroking Desirée's cheek.

"What happened?" Desirée asked as memories came flooding back. "Why am I here? Why did you shoot me?"

"I am sorry, dear, but I had no choice," the older woman said, still stroking her cheek. "In the state you were in, you might have seriously hurt yourself."

"It was a very near thing," Ssurhuk-T'at said soberly in what Desirée was beginning to realize was his native tongue. Her UTD was now giving her the translation almost simultaneously. "You were infected with one of the highest concentrations of Asmodii venom I've ever seen."

"Asmodii what?"

"Meljahza, the Asmodii attendant who seduced you, had falsified her records to conceal the fact that she was a fertilized female." Veronica's lips compressed with rage. "She's currently in the brig, under arrest for attempted murder."

"Asmodii have a very unusual gestation cycle," Ssurhuk-T'at added. "Once the male fertilizes the female's eggs, she carries them for a period of eight of your months. Once she has done so, she injects the fertilized eggs into a carrier. After a period of another 10 months, the Asmodii infants eat their way out of the carrier, killing it as they are born."

Desirée shrank back, horrified. "That means . . . she was trying to . . . and I--"

"Sssshhh," Veronica said, still stroking the teen's plump face, wiping away the sudden tears. "It's all right, darling, it wasn't your fault."

"When the fertilized female is preparing to find a carrier for her eggs, she secrets a hormone through her sweat glands," Ssurhuk-T'at continued. "That venom is the only known aphrodisiac in the Confederation. It will make almost any creature do what a fertilized female asks it to do, which allows the female to plant her eggs inside them. In turn, the fertilized eggs have a special enzyme that counteracts the venom, which is why the infected creature will almost beg the fertilized female to implant her eggs in the subject.

"This venom is highly dangerous," Veronica said. "The Guild occasionally uses it, but only in highly diluted states. When you first interviewed for the Guild, I injected you with a serum that contained a single drop of the venom."

Desirée remembered that incident. Even when diluted, the venom had caused her to masturbate uncontrollably. It wasn't surprising that the undiluted substance from Meljahza's body had made her crave such a violation.

"Ssurhuk-T'at is the Confederation's leading expert on Asmodii venom." Veronica's brown hair hung down in tangles, her hand was still pressed against Desirée's cheek. She looked like she hadn't slept either. "He smelled it on Meljahza and immediately went to find me. Like a fool, I consulted the records, found her file, and told him he must be wrong. Thankfully, he convinced me otherwise before it was too late."

"Thank you," Desirée said to the froglike alien. She shuddered at how close she was to dying.

"It was my pleasure," he replied, smiling at her.

"But why . . . how?"

He understood what she was trying to ask. "As a requirement for joining the Confederation, the Asmodii promised that they would never place fertilized eggs into Confederation citizens, or other sentient beings. However, Meljahza admitted to belonging to a minority sect that believes injecting fertilized eggs into dumb animals weakens their race. In order to purify and strengthen their bloodlines, members of their order seek out intelligent but naive beings and make them carriers."

"Injecting a potential Guild courtesan would have been a major coup for them," Veronica said softly. Desirée pressed her face against the older woman's hand, trying to wish the nightmare out of her head. Her lower lip quivered and tears slid down her cheeks.

"On the plus side, I was very impressed that you were able to absorb such an incredible concentration of Asmodii venom and survive," Ssurhuk-T'at said. "The amount that you received from Meljahza should have killed you. It very nearly did."

"You can thank Ssurhuk-T'at for that as well," Veronica said. "He took care of you and worked hard to get the venom out of your system. You've been in this bed for over a week."


"Unfortunately, there is no known antidote and vaccination has had a limited effect." He suddenly grinned. "However, the endorphins released through sexual release do speed the venom's breakdown."

Desirée digested the implications of that for several seconds. "Oh."

"I hope you realize just how lucky you've been, young lady." Veronica's lips twitched. "You've had the exclusive services of one of my best courtesans for more than a week. There are governments in this galaxy that couldn't afford his rates for that extended period of time."

"Thanks again," Desirée said to the tall alien. Then, feeling daring, "I'm only sorry I wasn't there to enjoy it."

Ssurhuk-T'at threw his head back, croaking his distinctive laugh. Veronica joined in, shaking her head in amusement.

"Desirée! Desirée!" Kalyani rushed into the hospital room, tears running down her dark cheeks. "Are you all right? Please tell me you are all right!" She had lapsed into her native Hindi in her excitement, but Desirée's UTD was calibrating itself quickly.

"Gentle! Gentle!" Veronica cautioned, just as the young Dalit was about to fling herself onto Desirée. "She's still very fragile!"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Desirée soothed her friend, who was running her hands all over her face. "I'm -- can I get out of these?" Her wrists and ankles pushed against the restraints.

"I'm not certain." Ssurhuk-T'at turned to the sickbay doctor, a tall spidery looking alien who was studying the monitor readouts. "Is it all right for her to be released?"

The blue-furred doctor shrugged his four shoulders eloquently. "You are more of an expert than I am," it said, Desirée's UTD providing a running translation. "Whatever you think best; I have no experience with these creatures."

"I think it should be all right," Veronica said softly. "She seems to be herself again."

"I agree." Ssurhuk-T'at pressed a button and the restraints vanished. The sickbay doctor removed the IV from her arm, eliminating the scar with a quick hypo-spray. Desirée moved her arms and legs with relief. However, she felt incredibly weak and every muscle ached.

"You look much better," Kalyani said, brushing Desirée's hair back from her eyes. "I came to see you every day."

"You look better, too," the sandy blonde replied. "Are those new clothes?"

"Do you like?" Kalyani proudly touched the red and gold sari she was wearing. "Signora Franco found the cloth for me. She says these are the Guild colours."

"It looks amazing on you," Desirée said, meaning it. Now that Kalyani was eating regularly, her face and figure were filling out. She was more voluptuous and her green eyes and hair were brighter. It was easy to see why Veronica had chosen her for the Guild.

"Well, I'm for a shower and a nap." Veronica rubbed her eyes. "Now that you're on the mend, I have neglected business to attend to. If you will excuse me . . . Ssurhuk-T'at?"

"Not just yet," he replied. "There are still some things I need to take care of here."

"All right." The small woman walked out the door of the private room, yawning as she went. With a final check of the readouts, the sickbay doctor followed her.

"How are you feeling?" Ssurhuk-T'at asked Desirée quietly. "Really?"

"I feel incredibly weak," she said, looking at Kalyani. "And every muscle in my body hurts."

"The muscle ache is due to the venom still being in your system," he said. "But now that you're awake, the worst is over." He prepared to leave.

"Wait!" Desirée said. He stopped, and looked at her. "You said . . . that orgasm speeds the absorption of venom and eases the soreness, right?"

"That is correct."

"So . . ." She took a deep breath. "Will having another orgasm relieve the pain even more?" She avoided looking at Kalyani: her green eyes were as wide as saucers at the turn the conversation had taken.

His wide mouth twitched. "Is that a request?"

"Well," Desirée tried to smile, "if I have the exclusive services of the best courtesan in the galaxy . . ."

"Not the best," Ssurhuk-T'at, said judiciously, his three eyes twinkling. "But certainly in the top 5. And yes, a few more orgasms should help speed the absorption of Asmodii venom." He was grinning now, walking towards the bed.

"I must leave." Kalyani gathered up her sari, almost running for the door.

"Kalyani, wait!" The whip-crack voice stopped her in her tracks.

Ssurhuk-T'at eyed the two teens. "The first night on the ship, did you two observe me with Signora Franco?"

Desirée and Kalyani looked at each other for an endless moment. They both nodded. Kalyani's shoulders were scrunched, as if she expected to be beaten. From what little Desirée knew of her history, Kalyani was too used to abuse from men.

"I see," he said. "Why did you not leave, or let us know you were there?"

"It was my fault, Professor," Desirée spoke quickly. "I wanted to see you and Ms. Franco having sex and I made Kalyani stay. If anyone should get in trouble, it should be me."

Ssurhuk-T'at looked at her scornfully. "The last time I checked, Ms. Tanner, Kalyani was a grown woman. If she had wanted to leave, she would have left." He turned to the trembling Dalit. "If you had wanted to leave, would you have left?"

Desirée could see the wheels turning in Kalyani's head. Finally, she raised her eyes to Ssurhuk-T'at's. "Yes," she said in a small but defiant voice.

"Did it excite you, watching me with Signora Franco?"

An even smaller voice: "Yes."

The alien smiled down at her. "That was the correct answer. If you wish to join the Guild, you will have to treat every sexual experience you witness or participate in as an opportunity to learn something. It's no crime to have an interest in sex; in fact, it's encouraged.

"It's now time for your first lesson: go over to the door and lock it. Then, you will closely observe what I do with Desirée. Is that understood?"

Kalyani nodded. She locked the door, then went over to stand by the wall.

Ssurhuk-T'at paused by the bed. "Not there, Kalyani. I want you a lot closer. Kneel by the bed." He pointed where he wanted her to go.

Desirée smiled at her friend while she tried to control her breathing. "You can hold my hand," she told her friend.

Smiling nervously, Kalyani knelt by the bed and gripped Desirée's right hand in hers. Her left hand slipped under Desirée's shoulders.

"Excellent," Ssurhuk-T'at smiled at them both. "Then let's begin."

With a practiced motion, he removed the topsheet and blanket. Desirée was naked: she could already feel the warmth pooling in her hips. Although she had previously never considered sex with an oversized frog to be erotic, she remembered what he had done to Veronica that night in the observation lounge. The alien's towering reputation, and his confidence in his skills, excited her.

He began by massaging the balls of her feet, every touch sending tendrils of heat shooting up her legs. She bit her lip. Despite his bizarre appearance, Ssurhuk-T'at's fingers were nothing less than magical.

Is there something special about your hands that's making you do this?" Desirée said, her voice more close to a moan than she would have liked.

"Merely practice making perfect," he said softly, intent on his work. "If manipulated properly, virtually every part of a being's body can become an erogenous zone. The trick is knowing how to touch it right."

Desirée gasped when his fingers brushed the arch of her foot. She already felt more turned on than she could possibly believe. Ssurhuk-T'at waggled his eye ridges. "Of course with someone this responsive, it's not that difficult to arouse."

"Is that a compliment?" She was already finding it difficult to breathe. She heard Kalyani gulp by her right ear; her palm was sweating.

"Very much so." His fingers moved to her ankles. "It's a pleasure to work on you."

"Could you . . . bring someone to . . . completion merely by touching their feet?" Kalyani asked, her eyes as wide as saucers.

"Now that's a trade secret," the professor murmured, massaging Desirée's ankles and calves. He bent down to run his lips along the inside of her legs, slowly spreading them. She hissed on an intaken breath. Her nipples grew long and hard, blood darkening the aureoles. The smell of her flowing juices permeated the air.

"Very easy to arouse." He lowered his mouth to her inner thighs, just as he was massaging the backs of her knees. Desirée closed her eyes: enjoying the sensation of his lips and tongue working her soft flesh, she barely noticed the way he was spreading her legs, opening her vagina to his view. Already she knew his reputation was well deserved; if he was in the Top 5 of Guild courtesans, she briefly wondered when she'd meet the other four.

Kalyani's palm was sweating heavily from where it was clasped in hers; Desirée could feel her friend's breath hot on her neck and shoulder.

Ssurhuk-T'at shifted his grip, stroking the back of her thighs as he pushed them higher. His long tongue caressed her legs, a pleasant counterpoint to the hardness of his lips. She whimpered, her gentle lassitude replaced by a hard urgency. Her left hand slid down her stomach, pressing against her hip. Beads of sweat formed on her flesh, a large drop rolling down the cleft of her taut, heaving stomach.

He propped her legs on his narrow shoulders, his thumbs pressing the muscle of her inner thigh right where it joined her hips. His lips and tongue slid closer to her aching pussy, breathed lightly on her dewy folds then back up the other thigh. She whined at his tender torture, her left hand clutching the sheets underneath her.

"So close, so very close now," he breathed on her dripping pussy.

"Oh God. Please, please, just . . . please!"

He chuckled. "Well. If you insist." His lips encompassed her folds, his tongue burrowed inside her.

Desirée screamed, her hips rising off the bed then crashing down with the force of her orgasm. She whimpered in time with the waves of pleasure rippling from her hips. Her whimpers slowed and stopped, her slender body loose and relaxed.

"That was . . . incredible." Kalyani's face was flushed as she brushed Desirée's sweat-soaked hair from her friend's forehead. Desirée was panting from the aftermath, her face and body slick from her exertion.

"I cheated a little," Ssurhuk-T'at admitted. "She still has some Asmodii venom in her body and that's making her respond much more quickly to my technique." He watched Desirée carefully, waiting for any sign of movement, his 3-fingered hands making small circles around her hips and stomach.

The sandy blonde moved her head, murmuring. Ssurhuk-T'at smiled. "And so it begins again," he said, his hands starting to move with more urgency.

"Please, stop." Desirée ineffectually tried to move his hands away. "You can't."

"Oh yes, I can and so can you." His three eyes were wicked. His 12-inch tongue flickered out, caressed her vaginal lips and brushed her clit. She moaned and her hips briefly lifted in response. "By now, I probably know your body even better than you do. We have to get as much of that venom absorbed as we possibly can in one session. And besides, this is as much for Kalyani's benefit as it is for yours."

"Why?" Kalyani demanded, still holding Desirée's hand. A bead of sweat slid down her dark forehead. "What do you wish me to learn?"

Ssurhuk-T'at smiled at her. "First, the idea that sex is an art form: about giving and receiving pleasure, not just something to be endured."

Kalyani flushed, lowering her head. Ssurhuk-T'at nodded, his suspicions confirmed. "Second," he continued, "I want to give you some idea of how much pleasure a body can take, and it's a lot more than you might think." He briefly went back to caressing Desirée. She was no longer resisting his touch; her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, once again beginning that upward climb towards ecstasy.

"And third, " he spoke finally. "These are basic techniques that any Guild courtesan must learn, and can apply to virtually every race in the Confederation. You will pleasure a great many guests during your career, and not all of them will be males. So it's good to get a head start."

With that, he plunged his tongue deep into Desirée's wet pussy, making her arch her back. The long tongue slid around inside her, touching every part of her vaginal walls, leaving waves of pleasure wherever they passed. It plunged deeper than any man's penis had ever gone, sliding past her cervix and touching her womb. Desirée bucked her hips against his tongue, moaning uncontrollably. Her fingers pressed against the ridges of his head, pushing it against her hips.

Then, his tongue was gone. Desirée whined from the loss, but gasped when his fingers replaced his tongue in her pussy. His fingers flexed in a come-hither motion, stroking the upper wall of her vagina. Her legs, spread to allow him complete access, were trembling from the intense pleasure his touch was unleashing in her.

"Come down her, Kalyani, and see what I'm doing," Ssurhuk-T'at said softly. The Indian woman left Desirée's side and walked down to the foot of the bed to stand beside the alien professor. She trembled, a mix of fear and desire on her dark face.

"And . . . now," Ssurhuk-T'at said, licking Desirée's clit at odd intervals, making the blonde teen quiver in response." We find . . . her G spot."

His fingers touched a place inside her. Desirée wailed in response, her hips just about leaving the bed. He slid up her body to hold her against him, his fingers still buried in her pussy. She screamed into his chest, more aroused than she ever thought she could be in her life. She could no longer tell if she was having multiple orgasms or just one gigantic climax. Every nerve in her body was alive, craving sensation, each touch and caress brought her higher and higher until she thought she'd have a heart attack.

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