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This is the prelude to a short series of stories based around a love lost.

Please be gentle with comments this is my first attempt.


The beginning of innocence lost.

It was the summer of '89, and although my memories of a few precious hours with you still seemed clear and crisp in my mind from the previous year, my imagination was working overtime as to how you would react when we would be together again.

For a year, in fact almost fourteen months, we had been writing to each other since we made our initial tentative first contact and in that time we had both grown more confident and knew details that of each other's lives that few people other than close friends were aware of. Yet I was nervous you may have moved on, grown up or just didn't feel the same.

We first met in the April of '88, me a gawky teenager, no discernable dress sense with big 80's style glasses and hair better suited to a primate who didn't own a mirror. My 5'11" frame on the skinny side of athletic but not from a lack of effort. I was fit and healthy but just couldn't add weight to my frame to get to a more defined body. It always bothered me, especially being a little shy and reserved that most girls always went for the good looking guys with muscles but no sense of humour or depth of personality. Amazingly you were different, maybe we had more in common, but you looked past the exterior finish and somehow saw a potential that no other girl had even come close to noticing before.

Oh I had friends who were girls, quite a few but none of them actually translated to girlfriends, I was sweet, kind and thoughtful! All the things a girl wants apparently, but it didn't come in a package wrapped in muscles with a confident attitude so friendship was the line drawn in the sand -- and it seemed never to be crossed.

I guess I was guilty of my own prejudices too. I didn't notice you until your friends arranged a small get together under the pretence of a karaoke party -- Dirty Dancing was the current hit movie, but just forgetting to invite anyone else along making it quite an intimate gathering.

I remember there were five of us that night. You, your best friend (guilty of arranging this little encounter), two English girls who were also part of the exchange programme and me. Innocent to the point of blindness I had no idea this was a set up or where it would eventually lead.

Nothing happened that night, we all messed about and sang dirty dancing songs, laughing and enjoying each other's company. But I noticed you, which I think was the whole point of the evening. You were pretty, a little unusual in my reserved British eyes having never seen a combination of Indy, gothic and rock chick spliced into one. You had braces, and small boobs probably 32 or 34 A/B not that I was an expert but they were in proportion with the rest of you as at 5'3" with a small to average build you almost managed to hide in background until you smiled. Your face lit up the evening, and everyone else melted away. Every time I saw it made my heart beat a little faster. I was captivated.

I should have said something that night but I never got you alone and I wasn't confident to approach you with other people around.

Luckily the first barrier was now passed and it was easier to talk to you at the school or at the socials that we all enjoyed, we talked more often and seemed to enjoy each other's company, laughing at our language differences and joking about our tastes in music and clothes. Music led us to exchanging addresses, I remember promising to send you the latest New Order double tape, that for some reason you couldn't get in the States, you promised to send a Def Leppard tape -- not that I was into Def Leppard but it was a chance to keep in touch with you so I took it.

Sadly a week or so later the exchange ended and I returned home to England, the extent of our time together being memories and a couple of photos.

I was thrilled and surprised to get a letter from you within a couple of days of being back in the UK, air mail normally takes about ten days so you must have posted it to me before I left. That was the start of a blossoming romance that unencumbered by awkward spoken words filled page after page of letters and put a mark on my heart forever.

By the next summer when you came to the UK on the return visit a few things had changed, we had both recently turned 18, your braces had gone, you oozed an air of confidence and sexiness and you had a hunger in your eyes that made me feel like I was carefully being sized up as lunch -- which for an innocent but horny teenager made for an interesting combination. As you got off the coach at the airport I noticed your body had changed too, a year before you were dressed down and covered -- hiding away behind dark colours and layers, now still conservatively dressed, you simply wore jeans and a t-shirt but it could have been a Versace dress, you looked amazing.

New curves pressing against the Iron Maiden t-shirt in all the right places, while your snugly fitting jeans showing off your gorgeous butt.

Although my first glimpse of you was a bit blurred as you bounced down the steps of the coach and rushed at me keen to say hello after a year of waiting.

I was surprised by your approach and before I know it you have dropped your hand luggage and thrown your arms up around my neck and pulled me into our first ever kiss, pressing yourself firmly against me as the first of my dreams about you is made into reality. The warmth from your body pressing against mine was causing an immediate effect as the blood in my body decided to head south and engorge my swelling cock.

After a few seconds we break away to the mild amusement from your fellow travellers and the assembled masses of parents and hosts all eager to collect their teenage charges and prepare for the events to come.

Begrudgingly we go our own ways, you to your host family, whereas I introduce myself to the guy staying with me for the next month still in a slight daze from your kiss but happy at the prospects of what may be to come.

The month ahead is looking like we are going to have a lot of fun together.

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