tagRomanceInternational Relations Ch. 05

International Relations Ch. 05


The party was starting to quieten down, so I suggest we go somewhere a little more private.

Smiling you suggest your hosts parents wouldn't like that but take my hand anyway as I lead you quietly out of the function room and into the waiting elevator.

Once again with mock innocence in your voice you ask "Where I am taking you?" - Your smile and the eagerness to stay close to me completely contradicting your mock concern.

Playing your game I inform you I just need something from my room and then we can get some fresh air maybe, as we step into the elevator and the doors slide shut behind us.

I press the button for the sixth floor reaching across you to do so and once pressed turn my movement into a clinch and then into another passionate kiss, alone in the elevator we kiss but now it isn't enough and for the first time this evening our hands begin to roam and explore each other gently.

You slip your hand inside my jacket onto my chest and run your fingers around towards my back then slid your hand downwards and eventually grasp a firm handful of butt at the same time pulling me closer to you so your breast press against my chest.

Equally I have one hand in your hair, running my fingers softly through it the other arm around your waist giving me enough purchase to push my hips into your so I can feel you pressing against my swelling cock.

My hand on your waist drifted down a little onto your ass, squeezing it gently almost mirroring the action your hand was doing to me.

The slight jolt from the elevator stopping and the ping as the doors slide open bringing us temporarily back to reality.

Taking your hand I lead you out and left not exactly pulling you but not moving slowly either, as we turn again and we are faced with the two large oak doors your face begins to look a little surprised as this obviously wasn't the same standard little room that you and Alex had checked out earlier.

The key inserted and the door dutifully swung inwards, immediately followed by two bodies already beginning to press together again.

With the door closed and safely inside the world was no longer important and nothing short of a fire or an explosion was going to ruin this night.

Apparently you had similar ideas as you roughly grab my jacket and pull me into you leaning forward to kiss me hard. My hands flying to your head returning your kiss, then breaking away to kiss your neck and shoulders on both sides before returning to your lips.

You push my jacket back and down off my arms and body, forcing it to fall in a heap just behind me before beginning to tug at my tie to take that out of the equation.

You have a sense of urgency about you and the tie disappears quickly. Your hands moving lower, bypassing my shirt and going straight to my belt which in turn gives in to your touch swiftly followed by my trouser button and zip.

You are on a mission and don't stop there, your hands now pushing my trousers and underwear as one downwards on my thighs releasing my hard cock that had been straining to escape for its confines.

I am hard and my cock springs up almost vertically against my belly as one hand finds it and you wrap your fingers around my length, slowly stroking up and down.

My idea of a slow romantic seduction seemingly now cast aside by your actions I run my hands down your body on to your stocking clad legs. This doesn't seem to be the time for finesse and grasping the bottom of your dress at either side I tug it upwards over your thighs and up towards your waist, dress out of the way my hand slips between your legs and a finger curls inside the black thong and roughly jerk it down as far as I can reach. Both of my hands now behind you on your upper thighs I lift you slightly and step you backwards resting your ass on the minibar counter, then dropping down to fully remove your thong.

My hands on the inside of your thighs urging them apart but not meeting any resistance from you as you raise your knees and still firmly holding my cock pull me towards you.

Inches apart standing between your spread legs you position my throbbing head at your wet pussy and teasing yourself rub my cock up and down your lips coating my tip in your moisture, not being able to resist any longer I push forward and with one thrust I am buried deep inside you.

My cock feels so hot inside you and the pressure from your tight little pussy is amazing. We build up a gentle rhythm at first with long deep thrusts grinding my pelvis firmly against your with each slow thrust. Your legs now hooked behind me, knees raised high and your ankles crossed and pulling me into you with each thrust, our lips still locked in a lingering kiss.

Slowly the tempo builds, my hands gripping around your arse to give me purchase allowing me to fuck you harder with each thrust, smoothly sliding my glistening shaft harder and deeper into you.

With the increased tempo, our body temperatures rise and the smell of our love making begins to fill my senses, our noise level begins to rise too, you start with small intakes of breath coinciding with each hard thrust followed periodically with a moan as you let all of your breath back out, trying to keep a constant pace and pressure I can feel the telltale signs of my release build up inside me, your moans become more regular as we grind together and your clit gets banged with each forceful thrust, your arms around my neck holding on tight as we both begin to work towards a shattering explosion, your moaning and murmurs of yes driving me on as I pump in and out of your little pussy as hard and as fast I can manage now. Slamming hard against you driving deep between your legs still locked firmly around me.

Your screams signal your orgasm and you bit your lip and throw your head back still holding on for all you are worth your pussy contracting around my throbbing cock still penetrating you, being covered in all your glorious juice until I can hold back no longer. Still inside you, pumping hard as you writhe and buck to prolong your own orgasm I feel my own cum well up and release. Uncontrollable floods spurting jet after jet of hot sticky fluid deep inside you mixing with your own cum and creating a cocktail of love juice covering both of us in the area of our intimate connection.

Panting heavily and still tightly locked together we slowly recover our breath and you delicately plant a few kisses lovingly on the side of my neck as neither of us seems inclined to release our embrace. I kiss you full on the lips but softly, urgency now gone completely and my grin makes you smile.

Slowly you unclasp your legs from behind me and lower your knees, still perched on the minibar counter and still intimately locked together. You hands move from around my neck and travel towards my shirt buttons, unbuttoning from the top downwards, to the point that you can then remove my shirt now covered in my sweat.

Running a hand over my damp chest you put on a disapproving look and suggest as I am all sweaty that I should go and take a shower. One last kiss from your lips and I take a slow step backwards withdrawing my softening but by no means limp cock from you, pulling you with me and onto your feet I suggest that maybe you could help wash my back, and taking you by the hand I lead you into the main room of my suite.

Having only made it as far as three steps inside the door so far the spacious and elegance of the Orange room make you go wide eyed, first spotting the huge four poster bed, then the balcony then back to the bed which you realise is covered in rose petals, red, orange and pink – a little touch from the concierge to make you feel special. The trail of petals leads from the foot of the bed in a thin line towards a slightly ajar door at the side of the bedroom. Dress still half on and bunched around your waist you follow the petals as I stand and watch captivated by the sight of your black stockings and bare bum slowly walking away from me to the door.

You step through the door, and out of my sight only to return a few seconds later, one hand held in front of you, a finger casually making a come-hither gesture. Who am I to refuse a Lady, especially one half dressed and as sexy as you.

As I approach the gesture changes to a stop sign and indices for me to get down on my knees. Two feet in front of you I find myself on my knees eye level with your exposed sex but my eyes are fixed on yours waiting for the next move.

You begin to smooth your dress back down into its normal position and the look of disappointment on my face makes you laugh. You pause for a few seconds for effect before you reach to your left side of the dress and lower the previously unnoticed zip downwards. The straps are dropped off your shoulders and with a little wriggle you lower the dress over your hips and it drops onto the floor around your feet.

You stand in-front of me naked except for your stockings, pussy still visibly wet, nipples pert against your soft rounded breasts still high above my head as yet un-touched tonight as you lift your stocking clad foot and plant it firmly against my bare chest.

I run my hands up your offered leg, gliding along the smooth material from your ankle up over your calf, past your knee towards the high top and onto your milky skin contrasting sharply against the black stockings. My hand on your inside thigh continues to climb higher to a greater glory and receives a playful slap from you halting its progress. Both hands descend a little to the top of your stocking and begin to roll the materiel down and over your knee, slowly revealing your leg, inch by inch as the stocking lowers to leave you even more naked.

You remove the pressure of your foot against my chest and I slip the stocking completely off, bending forward a little I tenderly kiss the top of your foot and supporting your leg in my hands kiss my way upwards working left and right on your calf, your knee and onto your exposed thigh. As I kiss your inner thigh I feel a push from you again and you put weight back on your raised leg before lifting the other and again placing your foot high on my chest.

I once again slip my hands up your leg this time leaning forward and planting kisses on each exposed area of flesh slowly as the material in lowered towards your toes. With a small tug the stocking is removed and I begin to kiss my way back up when your foot still on my chest pushes me off balance and unceremoniously dumps me on my arse. You quickly step out of reach as I make a grab for you laughing and run into the next room shaking your naked bum at me then disappearing from sight.

I stand up a little awkwardly, trousers still around my thighs tend to limit your freedom of movement so quickly push them downwards and step out of them, followed by the socks so I too am now totally naked. Before following you I quickly scoop up my clothes and your stocking and lay them out over one of the sofas, then stride boldly after you.

As I enter the room I am met by a waft of sweet aroma's carried on a light mist of steam rising up from the hot tub that you are now half submerged in. Waist deep leaning back against the wall arms spread out wide along the hut tub rim, breasts pertly displayed in their full glory, a light film of water shining between them. The sight of you causing a stirring in me as my body begins to twitch as I walk around the tub.

I circle the hot tub and brush past where you are resting, intriguing you a little that I am not immediately joining you. Your eyes watch me as I move towards the tall glass door leading to the balcony, opening it to allow a light cool breeze into the room making the heat from the hot tub that little bit more welcoming.

The gentle cool air washes over you and you react in a couple of positive ways, your eyes close as your head tilts back basking in the contrasting senses of the hot and cold against your skin.

As I take in the rest of the surroundings in the room I realise my second request to the concierge has also been met. Almost at your fingertips is a large ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne and two thin tall flute glasses, lifting the bottle the condensation from the hot tub steam and the chilled bottle causing small icy cold rivulets to cascade down the glass. I fill the two glasses and gently lower myself into the tub. You don't stir from your position, whether you know my eyes are locked on you, drinking in your beauty I can't tell but there is a satisfied glow and a delicate smile adorning your face.

I sip a little champagne and holding both glasses above the water sink down so my shoulders are just out of the water.

The tub is deeper in the middle and has a seating ledge around the inside although it seems to have three different levels. You are sitting on the middle level, the water covering your body just up to the level of your belly button.

Slowly still submerged I move closer to your waiting body eyes on a level with your breasts, water lapping gently up your belly and splashing lightly against the underside of your hanging breasts, you can sense me honing in on you but don't move anticipating my touch assuming your breasts will be the recipient of my attentions, but pleased as my lips softly press against yours your head still tilted back and eyes closed.

Pressing our lips together I feel you part your mouth slightly and your tongue pushes up to meet mine, you get a little more than you expected as the still cold champagne I held in my mouth gushes down and into your un-expecting mouth, as we break the kiss and you swallow, you open your eyes to see me taking another sip and move back for a second kiss. This time you are ready and as our mouths connect and the cold liquid transfers you enjoy the sensual exchange filling your mouth.

Another break and I pass your waiting hand the second champagne flute, once again filling my mouth with the cold bubbly liquid as I sink lower into the water.

My mouth closes around your soft nipple and the tingling sensations of the cold bubbles immediately harden the nub and I feel it stiffen between my lips. Mouth empty I continue to suck and roll my tongue around your point, nibbling softly and squeezing it between my teeth causing small yelps of pain and pleasure from your half open mouth.

I transfer my lips to your other breast and slowly pour a stream of champagne onto your breast, my tongue underneath the hardening nipple to catch the fluid as it runs down your body and cascades off the tip of your nipple to be lapped up eagerly like a faithful puppy.

Out of champagne I place my glass on the edge of the tub freeing my hands to caress and stroke the underside and the sides of your breasts lifting them and kneading them beneath my hands while my mouth flicks at each nipple and I kiss the fleshy area all around to the sounds of your pleasure, as you lazily lounge back, sipping champagne and enjoying the undivided attention I lavish on your body. Your hand occasionally resting on the back of my head sometimes taking a handful of hair in response to a bite or pulling me onto your breast harder when you want to increase the sensations but generally allowing me to dictate the pace and savour you as I want.

Taking a break from your chest I kiss upwards towards your neck and across your collar onto your outstretched arm, delicately kissing in small spiralling patterns towards your fingers, which take me nicely back to the champagne and my empty glass.

With a fresh drink in hand you decide it's my turn for some attention and you seat me on a high ledge in the hot tub. The water only just laps above the high ledge with the result being with the exception of my legs I am completely out of the water, my very hard cock standing proud above the surface while my balls just dip into the hot water, sometimes emerged sometime completely out depending on your splashing and sloshing of the tub.

Standing up you move towards me my legs are already parted to allow you to come in close and we lean together and kiss tenderly for a few moments. From my seated position and your natural height I have to lean down to kiss you, your breasts as you stand only being held a few inches above the water level. Breaking our kiss, you kiss down my chin and neck spending time kissing side to side from my throat to my shoulder and the top of my arm before reversing the pattern and kissing back across. Then you move lower, licking down to my nipples toying with them with your fingers, teasing me like I had done to you only minutes before.

Lower you kiss, lower you lick, your hand curling between my legs and gently cupping my balls. Your kisses go past my manhood down to the water level and kiss, lick and suck the area of my inner thigh and just above my cock, one hand delicately moving me out of the way of your mouth so my cock is twitching even before you have started in anticipation. Glancing up so you can look into my eyes your lips part and you lick the head of my cock kissing it at the tip then down the side to the base, repeating the tease and going down the other side.

You dip you face briefly towards the water and then your mouth engulfs me not fully but with amazing sensation, your mouth full of hot water. Your tongue swirling it around my head, the hot sensation almost painful but the flick of your tongue exquisite driving me wild with desire.

Your lips part and the hot fluid runs down my shaft, no respite as you push your mouth deeper sucking, licking running the tip of your tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft. You change tack and your fingers close around the base like a small ring of iron and slowly begin to massage me up and down. Your head pulls away to watch your handiwork and as my skin glides up covering the head and pulling the skin tight at my base then as you push down the skin retracts exposing the bulbous head and slightly pinker skin not normally accustomed to seeing so much light.

Your touch is wonderful and you switch between wetting me with hot tub water and the occasional drop of champagne – now I understand the conflicting and strange sensations of ice cold bubbling on my most sensitive skin. You dip your head again and the tingles of the bubbles popping on my skin are replaced by the sensual warmth of your mouth taking me deep inside. I lean back lost in the joy of your actions your mouth and tongue working in combination with your hand gently stroking my balls knowing I'm not going to be able to stand this much attention for long before I lose it again.

Maybe sensing my state you slow the pace and you let me drop out of your mouth, but that isn't the end of your tricks. Leaning forward you capture my cock between your breasts and squeeze them together my cock engulfed in your warm flesh. From your position between my legs you easily manage to work your breasts up and down massaging my throbbing cock, my breathing becoming more difficult and I look down to see my tip disappearing and emerging from between your gorgeous mounds. So far I have been leaning back and allowing you to dictate the pace but my need begins to control my actions and a hand slips to toy with your nipple and you continue to masturbate me with your breasts, losing control I can't help but to start thrusting upwards between your breasts. Smiling knowing my needs you brace yourself and allow me to take the lead as I increase my fucking of your tits, you maintaining the pressure against my shaft as I pump now feeling every sensitive inch of skin contacting with yours as I slid between your fleshy globes, one hand in your hair now half for purchase half to push you towards my almost bursting cock.

"Please Cum over me, cum in my mouth! I want to taste you, I want to feel you on my skin" – your words push me over the edge and I feel my balls contract and begin to pump my hot salty seed spurt after spurt of thick gloopy love juice on to your breasts and neck, bending your neck you capture my cock between your lips and take me deep into your mouth as I continue to pump more of my fluid into your mouth to be hungrily swallowed as you suck and lick at my twitching cock, your head bobbing quickly up and down sucking hard to try to extract the last drop out of me.

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