[This is fiction. There is pain and pleasure. If you are reading in this category I assume you want to read about someone who is robbed of their freedom and used. If you are offended by how she is used, please remember this is fiction. No actual people or animals were harmed in the creation of this story.]


She was brought in by the military police. They found her hiding in a warehouse on the base. She looked to be about twenty and in terrible condition. She had been dirty for so long that the dirt was ground into her skin. She smelled like very old sweat, bad food and almost like something died on her. In the green military clothes she looked like a kid wearing filthy clothes that were way to big for her. She was short for an adult, maybe five feet tall.

She fought the police all the way in. They ended up using ty-wraps to bind her feet and hands together. They bound her hands behind her and to her belt. Her feet they just bound together. That didn't stop her from trying to kick anyone who got within range.

Three officers carried her in. One holding the ty-wrap for her feet and one each holding her upper arms. When she was in a cell they dropped her on the floor and quickly got away from her.

My job was to interrogate her, find out who she was, why she was in the warehouse and what her intentions were. I would be left alone with her for five days. What I did was up to me. The higher ups only wanted results.

After half an hour lying on the cold concrete floor she stopped struggling to get loose. She had looked at me many times over the half an hour but had not spoken. I needed to wait for her to speak first. If I picked the wrong dialect she would never speak to me.

I showed her the cutters that could free her from the plastic ty-wraps. I cut a ty-wrap to show her what they were for. She watched and waited for almost five minutes before she moved. When she moved she scooted on the floor until her back and hands were against the bars right in front of me.

I am cautious. I moved out of her arms reach and then leaned in and cut the ty-wrap at her wrists. She surprised me by not moving for a few seconds. She moved, when she moved, slowly turning until the ty-wrap holding her feet was next to the bars.

Using hand and body signals I convinced her to lie on her back with her hands as far from me as possible. Then I quickly cut the ty-wrap and backed away. She didn't make a move. She was free of the ty-wraps and had freedom of movement, but she didn't move.

Long seconds past and finally she moved. Her head turned and she looked at me.

"Thank you." She said. The dialect was of the mountains, easily two hundred kilometers from where she was found.

I answered in her dialect, "You are most welcome." I kept my voice soft, gentle and just above a whisper.

She sat up, never losing eye contact.


"And water." I stood slowly and went to the small kitchen that was part of the larger room where her cell was located. I heated the stew I had been eating earlier and put it in a bowl. I put a metal cup on a tray next to the bowl of stew and filled the cup with water.

"Back against the wall or I cannot give you the food." I said.

She didn't stand but she did move to the back wall of her cell.

"You may eat and drink all of this. I recommend you eat slowly. If you haven't eaten in a while, eating fast will make you sick. Do not leave the wall until I am sitting in my chair. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Please hurry. I'm hungry."

I slid the tray under the bars of the cell and sat back in my chair. She pounced on the food and took two quick bites. She chewed both bites and chewed them a long time. Every minute or so she sipped the water. She moved the tray away from the bars and rested. It took her almost an hour to eat the small bowl of stew. She had not finished the cup of water.

"I am tired. May I sleep?"

"Yes. I will dim the lights." I did. I moved my chair to my computer and began doing some things that could occupy my time. I turned on the video and motion detection system so I would get a beep in my earphones if she moved. One quarter of my monitor screen was a video of her, sleeping on the floor.

She slept two hours and ten minutes. When she woke she said, "Excuse me. May I have more food?"

"Slide the tray under the bars and back up. I will give you more."

She ate just as carefully with the second bowl and this time she drank the whole cup of water. When she was done she pushed the tray back to my side of the bars. Two minutes later she was asleep again.

Three hours and thirty minutes later she spoke again.

"What will you do with me?"

"Whatever I wish."

"What do you wish?"

"I have not decided. I have decided that you are filthy and stink. I will give you clean clothes to wear if you will wash first."

"In front of you?"

"Your life is in front of me. When you sleep, I watch. When you use the toilet in the corner I will watch. When you eat, I watch. One price of being caught is a loss of privacy."

"Will you rape me today?"

"Probably not. It will take two days and four showers to get the stink off you. I make no promises about then or even now."

She stood and started unbuttoning the jacket she had on. I watched. The officers told me they had checked her completely before they dumped her on the floor. I rolled my chair behind the protective screen. I could still watch her but, even if she had a weapon, she could not harm me.

She took off everything. I cannot tell you what color the garments closest to her skin were. Or even guess when the last time was they had been exposed. With my foot I slid a trash barrel to the bars and told her to put the clothes in it. She did.

What stood before me in the cell was a waif. Five feet tall, maybe eighty pounds, short, short hair on her head. No hair anywhere else that I could see. Breasts smaller than the cones we used to get sno-cones in. Back at home she would need to pad an "A" cup bra. Her ribs were visible, her hip bones, collarbones and knees stuck out because she was so thin.

I got a small tube of soap and a wash cloth from my supply and put them on the floor by the bars.

"What is it?" she asked.

"When the cloth is wet squeeze some soap onto the cloth and wash yourself."

I turned on a hose and adjusted the water temperature until the water was nice and warm. I directed the stream not on her but near her. She stepped into it and said, "Warm!"

It took her twenty minutes to wash her tiny body. Layer after layer of filth came off. She washed her hair twice. After the second time I saw she was blond. The tube of soap was empty when she was done.

She gave back the tube and the cloth. I gave her a towel to dry with. When she was dry she wrapped in the towel.

"You can keep the towel or we can trade for some clothes."


I found some sweat pants I thought wouldn't be too big and a t-shirt that came to her knees. She put them on and then returned the towel.

"What do you wish, now?" She asked.

"I love stories. I wish you to tell me your story."

"So you can use what I tell you to kill my family?"

"No. So I can figure out how to best end the conflict. Killing isn't good for either side, any side."

"I don't want to tell you anything."

"Ok. You have four days to change your mind. At the end of your fifth day here my higher-ups will call me. If I have nothing to tell them they will say, "Terminate her." I will have to do it. Hours later they will bring me another person to talk to. You will only be a memory."

I rolled my chair to the computer and started hitting keys. My sensor array showed me her pulse rate, blood pressure and internal stress levels. She believed what I said.

She curled up on the floor and slept. When she woke up she said, "I am hungry. May I eat?"

I made some more stew and added some fresh vegetables to it. She ate the whole bowl and drank the cup of water. An hour later she sat on the toilet and released a little.

I waited ten hours and then told her to get up and disrobe again. She was having another shower. She said she didn't want another shower.

"You will be wet, in the clothes or out of the clothes. If you give me the clothes I will wash them, dry them and give them back. If you will not then you can wear them wet."

She took off the clothes and pushed them between the bars. I wore gloves when I picked them up and put them in the washer-dryer. I gave her soap and a cloth. She washed just as thoroughly as she did the first time. When she was done her skin had turned a healthier pink that the gray it was after the first shower.

"Walk over her to the bars," I said as I shut off the water. She did.

"Closer." She moved closer and when she was very close I reached through the bars and suddenly grabbed her throat. Her eye widened and fear gripped her. Her hands started up to grab mine.

"If you touch my hands you will die, right here, right now. Stop struggling."

She stopped moving. Her eyes still showed fear but she stood still. From behind me I retrieved a belt and ran it around her neck and the two bars closest to her neck. I pulled her up tight to the bars and let go of her with my hands.

"I get bonuses when I get what I want before my deadlines. I don't want to wait the full five days. I am going to give you incentives to cooperate. You will both love and hate the incentives. Are you willing to talk now?"


I knelt and spread her feet as wide as the hold on her neck would allow. Then I ty-wrapped the foot to the bar. I repeated with the other foot. I opened a drawer and found a vibrator. I turned it on and touched it to her bare pussy. She jumped away, but only half an inch away. I touched her again and again, holding the vibrating pressure for a few seconds and then pulling away. Her body betrayed her. Her body wanted the orgasm. I brought her to the brink and then withdrew so many times I lost count. She screamed her frustration. She pulled at her restraints and screamed.

I stopped. I cut the tys and released the collar. She sat on the floor and thrust her hands into her pussy. If I wouldn't give her release then she would give it to herself! Just as she got her release I turned on the water and sprayed her pussy with cold water.

She screamed, shook and passed out.

I shut off the water and brought her back to the bars. Her thin legs fit between the bars and I pressed her torso against the bars. I belted her belly to the bars and went back outside the cell. She would talk to me.

Her tiny breasts stuck between the bars. The nipples were big, given the smallness of the breasts. I cleaned off the piece of stainless wire I had found and I sat in front of her. I reapplied the belt around the bars and her neck. Even if she came to she was helpless. Her hands were ty-wrapped behind her. Her waist and neck were tied to the bars.

I held her right breast in my right hand and the length of wire in my left. Stainless wire is not limp. The twenty inch piece I held was straight. I put the end against her nipple, right at the base of the nipple and I pushed.

Her eyes flew open and she screamed. My right hand took the end of the wire that had just penetrated her nipple base and pulled it along to her left breast.

"No, please don't! It hurts so bad! Please!"

My left hand took the end of the wire and pushed it through her left nipple, right where the nipple and breast met. She screamed as I did this.

I used a pair of pliers to bend the end of the wire back on itself, making it impossible to remove the wire from that end. With my left hand I pulled the wire back over an inch and then bent to wire at that end as well.

She stopped screaming. Tears still streamed down her face.

"That hurts, doesn't it?"


It will stop hurting as much soon. Then we will talk. You will talk to me. Think about this. I can use the vibrator on you for hours. You cannot move or get away. You can't even reach your own pussy for relief. I can release the belts holding you to the bars but keep your legs through the bars. Then when I touch you with the vibrator you will want to pull back, but your nipples are wired so if you pull back you might rip the wire out through your nipples. I would think that would hurt even worse than when I put the wire in."

I waited. She didn't speak. I reached up and touched the wire. It was the response I would have expected from an electric shock.

"Please, don't hurt me any more. I don't know anything."

I turned on the vibrator. She tensed her muscles to resist. I touched her clit with it. She pleaded. Tears ran down her cheeks.

"It feels good doesn't it?" Remember how good the orgasm felt? Another one is coming. Then another, and another. I've wondered if someone could die from too many orgasms. Maybe you and I will find out."

When she was close to her first orgasm I moved the vibe up to the wire. Both offended nipples began to vibrate and she screamed. Not in pain, in orgasm.

I returned the vibe to her pussy and she spasmed again. After six strong orgasms she was exhausted. I stopped and let her rest. She was soaked in sweat so I gave her water. When she was calm I sat down over her legs again.

"Want to talk?"

"My name is Anyal Kroplic. I was born 5 September 1990. I don't know where. My mother died when I was ten, my father left me with an aunt. He went to fight. At sixteen soldiers came and took my aunt and I. We cooked, cleaned and fucked them. When my aunt got hurt from a bomb they let her die. I ran away and I have been running ever since. I tried three times to hook up with soldiers but each time I was just their fuck toy. About a week ago I saw a small band of fifty soldiers headed for Mispink. I avoided them."

I wondered if she had more. I turned on the vibrator and touched the wire.

"Thank you. That was very nice. I'm wondering if you can remember more. Perhaps another orgasm will awaken another memory."

It came swiftly. She shook and screamed and her juices spilled onto the floor between her legs. I lifted the vibe. She slumped against her bindings.

Her story took hours to tell. I recorded it so I would not need to remember or take notes.

While she slept I made my report. The higher-ups were pleased. They did not say, "Terminate her." They didn't give me any orders at all.

When she woke up I told her the good news. I didn't need to kill her. I cut the wire and was about to remove it when she said, "Can you leave the wire in my nipples?"

I trimmed the wire so each piece bent around her nipples without being connected to each other. I released the belts holding her in place. I gave her another shower with warm water and fresh clothes. She didn't put the clothes on.

"Will you release me?"

"Yes. Don't you want to be dressed when you leave?"

"You have given me a hundred orgasms. I want to give you at least one. I am clean. If you want to fuck me it won't be rape. I want you to fuck me. I want to wrap my legs around your hips and feel your weight above me, your cock inside me. Please."

I undressed and opened the cell door. The last two women had wanted to fuck me as well. She spread her legs and welcomed me inside her. She wanted me hard and fast. I gave her hard and fast. She wanted me from behind her. I held her hips and pounded into her from behind. She wanted to ride me. I put myself on my back on the floor and she bounced above me until I screamed, "I'm cumming!"

Suddenly she was outside the cell, closing the door. The key was in the door. I was trapped in my own cell, naked and covered in my own cum. She sat in my chair.

"What will you do?" I asked.

"I have not decided. Let's begin by giving you a shower. You smell like cum."

She turned on the water and I washed. When she shut the water off she said, "Good. Now, lay down next to the bars and go to sleep. That's what men do after sex."

I did sleep. While I slept she was busy. My hands got ty-wrapped to the bars away from my body. My cock stuck through the bars. When she was ready she stabbed the wire through my cock!

I screamed and thrashed. The more I thrashed the more it hurt. She threw water in my face. I stopped thrashing and she grabbed both wire and cock. She pulled and I followed.

My cock stuck between the bars. She wrapped the wire around two bars with my cock between. She twisted the ends around the wire itself, locking me in place. Then she found the vibrator and smiled.

She strapped my legs to the bars. She put the vibe between the bars and my cock and balls. She used tape to secure it in place.

"Remember you asked if someone could die of too many orgasms? You may just find out." She turned on the vibe and shut off the lights when she left. My last thoughts were of her.

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