tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 05

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 05


Eric remained with Clara while John drove Joan to her apartment. He escorted her to the door. She was saying goodnight and thanks for the evening when John said he would like to come in. She reluctantly agreed.

Once inside, John sexily kissed her and said, "I really like you and I didn't get quite enough of you tonight. It's going to be a whole week before we get together again"

As they kissed, she could feel his cock push against her body. She knew he wanted to fuck her again.

She said, "Won't Clara wonder what happened to you if you are delayed going home."

He kissed her some more, "We don't know, but Clara may be in bed with Eric. Let's forget about them right now." They went to the bedroom and stripped.

She asked, "What position do you want?"

"Ride my cock, please." She impaled herself on his erection. He reached up to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. She liked that causing her breath to become irregular. She pulsated her pussy muscles on his cock as she sat still. Then she gyrated on him.

He said, "You are so sexy, I sometimes can't believe I am having sex with you."

She responded to say, "I think you are a very good lover and I like sex with you too."

He then said, "I know you are dating Eric. Are you in love with him and what is your future?"

"Yes I like him very much. We have a lot in common and I may be falling in love with him. I don't plan to get married anytime soon, but I like to be with him as much as I can. I think he was a little bit disappointed tonight because he didn't have sex with me. I know you want to be with me, but next time we could change partners after our first orgasms." John agreed with the stipulation that he could have more sex with Joan when he brought her back to the apartment. She agreed. While this conversation was going on, Joan was slowly riding his cock. She decided to speed up so John could go home. She leaned forward to share a sexy kiss with him now and then. They were building up to a high and soon the vocalization started and was followed by their orgasms. When she raised up, the cum ran out of her on to John's cock and balls. They both went to the bathroom to clean up.

John again said, "You are a very beautiful desirable girl. I could easily fall in love with you myself if I wasn't already married. I do love Clara very much. I can hardly wait until I see you again next Saturday night."

John dressed and left. Joan was beginning to think John wanted to possess her.

Eric had kept Clara company for a while, then went home. He looked at his watch when he saw John drive into his driveway. He thought it took a long time to drop Joan off at her apartment. What were they doing all that time? Sunday afternoon Eric and Joan went to the park for a picnic. They talked about their lives and began to get more acquainted. Joan said she was thinking about going to college somewhere. Eric suggested she should go to his college, then they could be together. They decided it was a subject for further discussion. They went back to Joan's apartment for the evening and satisfying sex. Eric visited Joan every evening after she got off work. But Friday was approaching and she would be with her older man friend again. Again, she suggested Eric could come to her apartment after he left around nine. Eric accepted the invitation this time.

Eric was at home fretting and upset Friday evening because he knew Joan was in bed with her fifty year old man friend. He was turned on by the thought of her sucking him off, but it upset him too. He could hardly wait until she called him to come over.

As soon as Joan kissed her friend goodbye, she called Eric. Now the wait was over for Eric to see her again. When he arrived, he kissed her deeply and could taste and smell her mint breath. He knew she recently had a mouth full of cum and had freshened her breath for him. She was wearing a thin nighty which Eric quickly removed to view her nakedness. Eric was like a madman and carried her to the bedroom to ravish her. He forcefully pushed her back on the bed, then buried his face at her crotch. Her juices had been flowing while her lover was here and she had a sexy odor which turned him on even more. He moved up on her body to ram his cock fully in her very juicy pussy. He pounded her until he groaned and yelled as he exploded in her pussy. He knew she already had at least two orgasms this evening with her friend and he was going to catch up with her count.

When he simmered down, she commented, "Wow, you are a tiger tonight. Does it turn you on to know I had a lover before you arrived? I think it does. Now I know how to really get you sexually excited. Would you like to watch him fuck me next time? I don't know if he will agree to it."

Eric didn't say anything. He wasn't sure he wanted to see or hear about her lover, but he knew he was really turned on. Eric and Joan went into the kitchen to mix a drink, then sat on the couch in the living room. Eric said, "I like to be with you all the time. It would be nice if I could stay over tonight."

She looked at him, "I've never had anyone stay all night with me before. I think that would be nice, then we can have breakfast together."

Eric picked up the phone to tell his parents he would not be home. Eric and Joan talked for quite a while before going back in the bedroom. They tried some new positions and finally had orgasms. They laid in each others arms to sleep. Joan woke up first to see daylight coming through the window. She gazed at Eric still sleeping and wondered what it would be like to be living with him. Joan moved her hand down to feel his cock. She slowly moved her hand back and forth causing it to harden. Eric was waking up and thought he was dreaming of a beautiful girl feeling his cock. He woke up enough to remember he was in bed with Joan. He kicked off the covers so he could see her nude. He rolled over on top of her as she spread her legs. His cock needed a little guidance from her hand to aim for her hole. His cock head spread her lips and started stretching her pussy. He pulled back a little, then went all the way in with his balls now resting on her ass. They laid still in that position for awhile to savor the feeling. She squeezed her pussy muscles now and then. He started back and forth movements while she pushed up to meet his thrusts. Soon they were in an enjoyable rhythm. They didn't rush because there was no hurry. It was Saturday morning and she did not have to leave for work.

She commented, "It was so nice for you to stay over until this morning. This is the first time I've done this in the morning. I like it."

Eric responded, "We need to do this more often."

It surprised Eric when he blurted out, "I think I am falling in love with you."

She stopped her movements and responded, "I know I love you."

She squeezed her pussy muscles some more. Eric's cock jerked each time she squeezed. Their minds were thinking about what they had just said and continued to lie still. Eric kissed her long and sexy, then started vigorous thrusts. She responded by pushing up in rhythm with him. They both became vocal as they had fantastic orgasms. They were sharing not only their physical love but their personal love for each other.

An unusual quietness came over them while they dressed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Both were thinking about being in love. That was something new for them.

Eric remembered that Joan mentioned she might like to go to college.

Eric said, "You should enroll at my college this fall semester and we could live together. I share a small two bedroom apartment at the college town. I have a roommate, Phil, to share the cost. He is a real nice guy and we get along just fine. Each room has as standard size bed and you could stay with me. I'm sure Phil would not mind having a pretty girl around to help with the housework."

She gleefully said, "Oh! That would be so nice. I've been wanting to go to college and I have the finances for it, too. I would like to live with you. I meant what I said about loving you. I really do. I'll apply for entrance right away."

Eric said, "I assume you will give up your relationship with your older man friend."

Joan responded, "I never thought about that. No, I want to continue seeing him on Fridays nights until we leave. He may get married by then and not need me anymore. He is such a nice guy, please let me see him for a while longer. He needs me. I just can't disappear in his life just now. Let's continue our present lives, but you can sleep over with me when you want to. Going to college in the fall will change all of our present activities."

Eric reluctantly agreed. Eric and Joan spent most of the day together just hanging out. Eric went home for dinner. He knew he would be seeing Joan later at Clara and John's home.

Eric went next door and arrived as John brought Joan to their house. This time all four went to the master bedroom together much to Eric's relief. He didn't want to be separated from Joan as he was in the past. Eric had sex with Clara on one side of the king size bed while John was with Joan on the other side. Eric continue to watch John's cock slide in and out of Joan's pussy. He could see her juices shining on his cock when he withdrew before plunging in again. He was mesmerized by watching them. Eric knew that Joan was his girl now. He was proud of her that she was so sexy and other men desired her. The moans and groans started for the two couples as they approached orgasms. Eric watched Joan's body go through sexual spasms as John gave her an orgasm.

Everyone went to the bathroom to clean up and then sat up in bed to make small talk. Eric and Joan told them that she was going to college and live with Eric. John seemed to be a little disappointed because he could not have sex with Joan after the summer was over. John and Clara made the best of it and congratulated them. Joan made the first move to change partners. She moved over in the bed close to Eric, got up on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. Joan's butt was facing toward John. John evidently was interested in feeling Joan's body instead of Clara's body. John was quickly up on his knees to get behind Joan. He plunged his cock back and forth in Joan's pussy a few times, then withdrew. Clara tugged at him to get in a six nine position with her. Eric was now happy to be having sex with Joan. The two couples continued for quite a while often changing positions before they had orgasms again. Now it was time for coffee and ready for John to drive Joan home.

John reminded Joan of her promise to have more sex with him when he brought her home. She invited him in and they proceeded to the bedroom.

John said, "I just can't get enough of you. Wish we could get together more often. I'm sure going to miss you when you are gone. Clara will miss you too as she enjoys your love making. You two girls didn't take time for that tonight, maybe next time."

It was at least an hour for the two of them to be in bed before John put his clothes on and left. Joan felt that she had enough sex for one night, but she would be ready next Saturday to visit John and Clara again.

Eric knew that John wanted more sex with Joan in her apartment and decided to hang around with Clara for a while longer. They sat on the couch together. They kissed and fondled each other.

Clara asked Eric if he would like to see her naked. She liked to pose naked.

Eric said, "Of course. You have a beautiful body. I'm glad you like to show it off."

She responded, "Yes, some would call me an exhibitionist. I like to show off when it is appropriate. Sometimes when I wear a dress, I don't wear panties which allows me to sit in positions where I can show off. I like to see men look at me, especially up my dress."

She posed in several artistic positions as Eric applauded. Eric thought her breasts and body were beautiful and told her so. She then posed in erotic positions. One position was to lie on her back on the carpet and spread her legs giving Eric an excellent view of her pussy and ass.

She said, "How do you like that? Watch as I use my fingers to part my lips. Now watch as I insert a finger. Wouldn't you like to poke your cock in me? I'll pull my finger out if you will fuck me." Eric's cock was rock hard watching her. He couldn't resist getting down on the floor with her. First he licked her pussy.

She said, "I like your big cock in me."

Eric positioned himself and slowly slid the entire length of his meat into her. As her pussy lips spread to receive him, she let out a loud gasp of ecstasy. He started to fuck her slowly. He looked down between their bodies to watch his cock disappear in her. He knew it was spreading her swollen pink lips. Then he began pounding her pulsating pussy. She had posed nude in such an erotic position to entice him to fuck her, now he was giving her what she wanted. Eric shot spurt after spurt in her pussy as she had a violent orgasm.

When they simmered down, she said, "I think that was one of the best times we've had. I really like your big cock. John can fuck Joan in private when he takes her back to the apartment all he wants to, but we won't let that stop us from having a good time here. That orgasm was so good, I feel like having sex with you all night. Stay with me for a while longer."

Again they sat on the couch together while finishing their drink. Her hand strayed to hold Eric's cock again.

She looked at it and said, "Maybe I can get it hard again."

She got down on her knees to take his half hard cock in her mouth. Eric thought, this girl is wild about sex. He wished he could get it hard enough to fuck her again. Eric watched as she licked and sucked on it. She played with his balls and kissed them too. Eric suggested she get down on the floor again for him to see her pussy and ass. She told him to wait a minute and she would be right back. She came back with a dildo. She laid on the floor and spread her legs again.

She said, "This turned you on before, so I'll do it again. Watch me spread my lips and run my finger up and down my slit. Now I'm putting a finger in, now two fingers. Wouldn't your cock feel good in me. Now watch me play for a minute or so."

She started finger fucking herself and massaging her nipples. Eric was playing with his cock to help make it grow while he watched her play with herself.

"Now watch me as I pull out my finger and insert this dildo. Watch it spread my pussy. Does that turn you on? Now I'm easing the dildo in a little, now back a little. Now I'm pushing it in deeper. Wouldn't your cock feel good going in? Now I'm moving the dildo back and forth. Watch as I rub my fingers around my pussy lips to get a little juice on them. I'm moving my juicy finger down the crease of my ass to tickle my ass hole. Does that turn you on? Would you like to watch me insert a finger? I think you would, so now I'm easing one finger in my ass. Is that making you hard? I hope so because I want your cock in me. Wouldn't you like to fuck me?"

Eric couldn't believe he already had another good erection. He got down on the carpet between her legs. He could tell by their first sexy kiss that she was really in heat. They heard the door open and knew John had just arrived home.

She said, "Let him watch us."

She aimed Eric's cock at her hole and he slowly shoved it in. He could see out of the corner of his eye that John was in the living room watching them. Clara wanted her husband to see this big cock in her because she pulled her legs up high with her knees at her breasts to give him a good view. She saw John walk around to get a view of Eric's cock fucking her. Eric had cum several times and knew he would have to work a long time before he would cum again. Clara started moaning and practically screaming as she had an orgasm. She wanted to be extra loud for John's benefit. She wanted him to know she thoroughly enjoyed Eric's cock. He could fuck Joan in private all he desired, but she could really enjoy having another man's cock in her and she wanted him to know it. Maybe she was a little jealous of her husband's privacy with Joan.

Eric was not anywhere near an orgasm and continue to pound her pussy all through her orgasm. He didn't stop and just kept fucking her even though she was hardly moving and still gasping for air. Then she started bucking under him again. Eric didn't know if he was going to cum or not but his cock felt so good in her pussy. Clara doubted she was going to have another orgasm. She kept up with his rhythm and was wondering when he was going to cum. Eric kept fucking her for quite a while as she responded to his plunges. Clara was surprised to realize she was building up to another orgasm. She cried out and dug her fingers into Eric's back as her body shuddered and shook and loudly moaned. This finally put Eric over the edge for him to cum. When they began to relax, they both collapsed exhausted.

Eric got up and dressed and said his goodbyes. It had been a very erotic and satisfying evening for all of them.

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