tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 07

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 07


Around midmorning one day, Joan told Eric she was taking the car to go shopping for the day. She went to the mall to look around.

When Joan left, Eric walked over to Clara's house in the snow covered yard. He knocked on the front door. When she opened it, he asked, "Pretty lady, do you need your yard mowed today?." She laughed and invited him in.

Joan had gone to the mall, but she was getting bored and decided she would like to go see the older man she used to have an affair with. She drove to his office just before lunch. He got up to greet her and said he was so glad to see her again. He suggested he would take her to lunch. The last she had heard of him is that he was probably going to get married again after his invalid wife had died. He told her he did get married, but it didn't work out for him. He wife evidently was faking the enjoyment of sex with him before they were married. Now after she was wearing his ring, she was actually cold natured. That wasn't their only problem, but they were getting a divorce. Joan told him about living with two men while they attended college. He said he was taking the rest of the day off to celebrate meeting her again.

They went to his apartment after finishing lunch. They sat on the couch together while sipping a glass of wine. Soon they were kissing.

He said, "I've dreamed of holding you like this for a long time. I thought I would never see you again."

Joan knew he would like to have sex with her. She said, "I like you a lot, I always did when we had our affair. I'm ready to go to your bedroom again if you want me."

They continued to share sexy kisses as he undressed her.

He said, "Maybe I'm dreaming, I can hardly believe we are here together again. I love you Joan." They moved up on the bed and she took his cock in her mouth. He groaned and said it was so good. She told him to lie on his back and she would ride him. She eased down to impale herself until his cock completely disappeared in her. She leaned forward for sexy kisses. She remembered how much she always enjoyed sex with him. Even though he was in his early fifties, he could maintain a very hard one for a long time without cumming. She moved all around and up and down on him until she was approaching an orgasm. He pushed up to her as she moaned through a very good orgasm, then slumped forward to lie on his chest.

She said, "That was so good, I feel so comfortable with you."

She knew he cum only once and he nearly always wanted to cum in her mouth. She rolled off of him to lie cuddled in his arms. She held his very hard cock in her hand while they laid still. In a little while, she moved to a six nine position, his favorite position for him to cum. She sucked him, she licked all around the head, up and down the sides, and deep throated him as he moaned and groaned.

He kept saying, "I love you, Joan. I would like to keep you forever."

While he was doing this, he was kissing and licking her pussy. Soon he erupted in her mouth and throat as she had another orgasm. When they used to have their affair, he would left right away to go home to his invalid wife. Now he was no hurry.

They sat up in bed to talk. He said, "Joan, I really love you. I want you to be my wife. I know the problem, I'm in my fifties and you are twenty-one, I think. I'm healthy now, but my life expectancy could make you a widow at an early age. I've recently inherited a great sum of money. I could put enough money in a trust that would give you all the money you need to live the rest of your life after I die. I've been thinking about quitting my job anyway. You would not have to work and we could travel and have lots of fun together. I hope you will say yes."

Joan was astounded at this proposal. She knew she loved Eric but he never said they would get married some day. She liked this guy and sex with him was great. She felt so cared for here in his arms. But he was older and his sexual stamina would fade in a few years. She needed sex and lots of it. Also, she liked variety.

She finally was able to speak, "I'm flattered for the proposal. Thank you for loving me. I like you a lot, but I'm not sure about love. As you know, I need a lot of sex and I've had a variety of guys. You can maintain an erection for a long time, but how will it be a few years in the future?"

He responded, "I've thought of that. My son, age 25, is married. He says his wife doesn't want sex very often, but he doesn't believe in divorce. I'm sure he would be more than happy to visit us without telling his wife. Here, let me show you his picture. Joan thought he was a handsome guy.

Joan said, "I'll think it over and let you know. Right now I have to go home to Eric. He will be missing me."

Eric stayed with Clara for a couple of hours. She gave him an erotic show and then had gratifying sex. She fixed sandwiches for lunch. Eric thought he should go home, but Clara said she would give him another show if he would stay a little longer. Her naked modeling gave Eric another erection so they romped on the bed for a while longer until they both had orgasms. He then said he had to get home before Joan missed him.

Joan was still gone when Eric went home. He decided to go to his room to watch TV. Joan finally came home and walked in the front door to be greeted by Eric's mother.

Joan asked, "Where is Eric."

"I haven't seen him lately. Earlier, Clara had him over for lunch, but I don't know where he is now."

Joan then knew that Eric had been fucking Clara today. She went to the room she shared with Eric and saw him there. They talked for a little while.

Then Joan said, "Your mom said you had been to see Clara. Did you enjoy sex with her?"

Eric looked a little flustered and stammered, "Yes, sorry if it bothers you."

She responded, "That's alright. Now I can tell you what I did today."

She explained about meeting her older man friend for sex, then gave Eric the news about the proposal.

Eric looked worried, "What did you tell him?"

"I told him I would let him know my answer later. Eric, you and I need to do some serious talking. I love you and would like to marry you some day. You have never given me any indication we would be married. I want children someday and we must be married to have them."

Eric was worried that he was about to lose the girl he really loved and wanted to live with.

He said, "I do love you very much and want to live the rest of my life with you. We can't get married until we graduate and have good jobs."

She responded, "What if we plan to get married when we graduate?"

Eric seriously was concerned about losing her. He said, "That would be fine. Let's plan it that way. Let's continue to attend college through the summer terms so we can graduate sooner and get married. You tell that older man to go fly a kite. He can't have you."

She responded in a very emphatic voice, "Good. I'll call him right now."

She used the cel phone to dial her friends number. She wanted Eric to hear her conversation. Eric heard her tell him in a nice way that she was going to marry Eric when they graduated. She thanked him for the proposal. She also told him that if she and Eric broke up, she would seriously consider his proposal for marriage. Eric was a little concerned when she told him that. She said she might see him again when they came home next summer for a few days She did add that she would need Eric's approval.

After she hung up, she said, "Let's go tell our parents."

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