tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 08

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 08


Saturday morning as usual, they were up out of bed and had breakfast. This would be their last day at home before leaving for college on Sunday. Clara called to invite Joan and Eric for lunch. They knew the desert in the afternoon would be very erotic. As far as Eric's parents knew, it would be for lunch and conversation.

John served wine while Clara and Joan did the finishing touches in getting lunch ready. Clara said, "We've have just a light lunch so that we won't be feel drugged and sleepy for our party." After lunch, John served cocktails while the four sat around to talk. True to John's past procedure to get the party started, he took Joan's hand and tugged her to her feet to walk her to the master bedroom. He always like his private time with her. Clara and Eric went to the other bedroom where she did her usual naked show for him before starting sex.

John kept telling Joan how sexy and beautiful she was while he was undressing her. She always liked the complements and responded with sexy kisses for him. He started kissing her breasts as they laid on the bed. She liked John and had always enjoyed sex with him. She closed her eyes and felt her whole body tingle as she lightly moaned. His hands were roaming all over her body. She felt as she was floating on a cloud. She wanted to submit her body and mind to John to do whatever he wanted to do. She felt as if she didn't want to open her eyes and kept floating in space. Did John drug her?

Surely not. He did fix their last cocktail. Anyway, she felt so good under his spell. She felt his cock entering her mouth and wanted to suck him. She had the feeling of a cock entering her pussy. Was there someone else in the room? Then she felt the vibrator turn on. John was now moving a dildo back and forth while she was sucking his cock. She put her finger on her clit and started moving her butt in rhythm with her finger. Soon John was practically yelling as she felt him shoot cum in her mouth and throat. She had to concentrate on that to keep from gagging while she was swallowing. But she kept her finger working on her clit while John was fucking her with the vibrator. She reach a high and groaned while she had an orgasm. When she came down from her high, she continued to suck the remaining cum from his cock.

They remained in bed for awhile with his arms around her. He again complemented her on her unusual sexiness. He was going to miss her while she was gone.

Eric and Clara heard the climatic noises from the master bedroom. They had tried different positions, but now decided to have their first orgasms. She sat on top of him and rode him fast until they both collapsed with orgasms. Clara went to the hall bathroom to clean up, then they joined John and Joan in the master bedroom.

The two couples enjoyed sex for a long time before they all dressed and went to have coffee in the living room. Eric and Clara said they would see them again in the spring between the end of the semester and before summer classes started.

Late on Sunday afternoon, Eric and Joan arrived back at their apartment in the college town. Phil was already there. Phil said he had missed them and was glad to have them back. Eric thought that meant he had missed his sex with Joan. Phil was thinking of the same thing. He hadn't had any sex since they left before Christmas. He had whacked it several times thinking of Joan. He had refrained the last four days because he wanted to be really horny this Sunday night. He assumed she would let him fuck her and he wanted a big load to give her mouth or in her pussy, which ever way she offered her body to him.

They ordered pizza for dinner then decided there was no studying tonight. Phil had brought a bottle of vodka with him and they would have drinks and celebrate their return. After several drinks, everyone was getting tipsy. While in the living room, Eric and Joan started kissing and feeling each other.

Joan said, "Before we go any farther, lets all take showers."

With that said, all three started removing clothing. Eric was first to get in the shower, then Joan joined him. Eric stepped out and suggested Phil get in the shower with her. This was a first for Phil and he quickly got in the shower with her. She let him wash her some more. His cock was punching her as if he would like to fuck her in the shower, but she told him she would take care of that later.

After they returned to the living room, Eric started kissing and feeling Joan's pussy. In the past, they had always gone to their bedroom for sex. This was something new to Phil as he watched Eric fuck her on the couch. His cock was rock hard watching them. They became very vocal as Eric emptied his cum in her. She held tissues to catch the cum that oozed out as Eric got up. Then she motioned for Phil to get on top of her. When Phil was moving to get in position, he saw her swollen pussy lips gapping ready for his cock. Eric's cum was still oozing out.

As she held his cock to give it a good aim, his rather large head easily entered and he shoved it all the way in her very sloppy pussy. He wanted to go slow to enjoy it longer, but he was tempted to speed up. He overcame the urge and slowly moved his cock back and forth. He knew Eric was watching all the action. She hunched up in time to his rhythm. He couldn't hold back anymore and gave a final plunge to dump his cum. After he relaxed some, he could feel her pussy muscles pulsate to milk the remained cum from him. Since he had not whacked it during the last four days, he had deposited an unusual amount in her.

She walked to the bathroom holding tissues at her crotch.

She said, "Phil, would you like to watch the cum drain out of me?"

The two guys quickly followed in the bathroom. She sat on the commode, spread her legs and removed the tissues. Gobs of cum ran out of her.

She loudly proclaimed, "Wow! Phil, I think most of that was yours. You really unloaded in me."

She noticed Phil was already getting another erection. Watching her sitting on the commode and looking between her legs was really a turn on for him.

They went back in the living room.

She said, "Let's all have another drink, but make mine rather weak. I don't want a hangover for the first day of classes tomorrow."

The three sat on the couch with Joan in the middle. She was sitting on a towel. Phil kept looking at her breasts and her nakedness as they sipped their drinks. He already had a very hard erection. Eric started kissing her while Phil didn't know what liberty he could take with her right now. Eric and Joan moved to the carpet where she sat on his cock. Phil watched assuming he would have another chance for sex with her. It seemed to Phil that she gyrated on Eric's cock for a long time before they had orgasms. Of course, he was waiting his turn.

She looked at Phil, "Do you want it this same position or doggie style."

"I would like doggie style."

"Do you want me on my knees on the floor, or do you want me to get up on the couch for you to stand behind me?"

She was giving him choices.

Phil responded, "Just stay there on the floor, please."

She got up on her knees as he positioned himself behind her. He could see her ass and gapping gooey pussy as he moved up behind. Even though she had wiped herself, Eric's cum was still oozing out. This was what he saw the first time he fucked her tonight. He plunged all the way in, then started slow back and forth movement.

She said, "Eric just gave me an orgasm and I won't have another one now, so just have your fun."

He wanted to fuck her slow to make it last. Since he already had cum once, he had lots of staying power. Her head was resting on a pillow on the floor with her butt sticking up in the air.

She commented, "Take your time, I'm comfortable."

When he stopped movements, she would pulsate her pussy muscles on his cock. He could see her ass hole when he looked down to watch his cock go back and forth. He would fuck for a while, then enjoy the feeling when he stopped and let his cock soak in her hot body to enjoy letting her squeeze his cock. She started wiggling her ass. He thought that meant he should speed up and cum which he did. He yelled and grunted when he shot spurt after spurt in her each time his cock jerked.

They cleaned up and went to bed. The next morning they were lucky to feel good without a hangover. As the weeks went by, they again got in the routine of getting up of a morning, going to classes, studying in the evening, and having sex before going to sleep. She usually had sex with Eric in their private bedroom, then came into the living room to satisfy Phil. She was enjoying the two guys.

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