tagIncest/TabooIntimidating Mother Ch. 03

Intimidating Mother Ch. 03


While my friends were home doing their homework and dreaming of tits and ass, I was with my mother, in the back seat of her car, in the middle of the woods. Her naked tits and enormous pregnant belly were pressed against my chest and I could feel the heat of her panty-covered pussy nudged against my rock hard cock. If there was a heaven, this had to be it!

Mom fumbled with the buttons on my pants.

"Take them off." She said.

I did so, stripping down to my underwear. Mom guided me into a normal sitting position on the seat and she carefully straddled me. The sight of her long legs taking position on both sides of mine and her swollen pregnant belly and giant knockers rocking back and forth as she moved towards me will forever be etched in my mind. It was the most ball busting site I had ever seen. Her panty covered nest came to rest against my 9-inch bulge and I could feel my shaft sink into a warm damp groove. I was slouched a bit and as mom sank down on top of me I was smothered in tit-flesh and the swell of her pregnancy. She stared into my eyes and gave me that melting smile.

"How are you doing?" She asked.

"Okay, I guess." I answered.

"I want you to relax and enjoy the wieght of my pregnancy." She said.

Mom began to slowly roll her hips and I could feel the deep groove in her panties glide up and down the length of my cock.

"I want you to rock with me." She said.

I knodded and rocked my hips with hers. My cock pressed tightly against the cleft of her love-nest, like a hot dog surrounded by a warm, smothering bun. The smooth roundness of her baby-filled stomach slid up and down my own and the softness of her milk-filled breasts were almost flattened out against my chest as she rested all her weight against me.

"That's it sugar, rock with me, feel me surrounding you." She whispered.

Mom rested her head on my shoulder and we rocked for about 10 minutes before she unstraddled me. She gracefully removed her panties but her tummy hung so low that I couldn't see her pussy. She grabbed the waist of my underwear.

"Let's get these off." She said.

She slid them off and my cock spang into the air. Before I knew it mom was straddling me again, her muff moving right down onto my rock hard dick. Again, the length of it was tucked snuggly into deep fleshy groove. She began to rock again and her wet sex lips traveled up and down the length of my shaft. Mom arched her hips a bit and the head of my cock became surrounded in warmth as it nudged down into a warm hole. Then it struck me. I was about to fuck my own mother! She paused and looked me in the eyes.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

I knodded and she smiled and watched my face as her big matronly pussy swallowed my cock to the balls. I could feel the tip of my knob crushed up against her cervix, only inches from where my baby sister lay. Again mom rested her weight on me and brought her lips to my ear.

"Let's fuck." She whispered lovingly.

And that we did. Words cannot discribe the feeling as my cock traveled up and down moms pouch. She worked her cunt like a pro on me, knowing when and where to apply just the right pressure. She must have had a very large clit because I could feel it grinding against my pubic bone. Somehow mom seemed to know when I was about to cum and slowed her movement to make me last a lot longer than I thought I would. Up and down and up and down...grind!!! Up and down and up and down...grind!!! For a good hour, mom worked her magic. Every five minutes I could feel mom's body quiver as she let out a long moan and my balls were soaked in a stream of hot liquid. I couldn't believe I was making my own mother cum.
After about her sixth orgasm, mom got off me, lay on her back and brought her knees to her chest, spreading her long legs as far as they could go. As she reached out for my hand I gazed in awe at her giant sopping pussy, her large inner and outer lips splayed open around a creamy fuck hole.
Her enormous pregnant tummy looked ready to burst and her jugs hung off the sides of her chest like big rolling sacks of milk. Mom took my hand and smiled.

"Come on, back in mommy's cunny." She said.

I lay down on her best I could with the swell of her stomach against me. My cock easily met its target, sinking into her depths once again.

"This time I want you to go fast and hard." She said.

My instincts took over and I began to spear my mothers cunt, humping it wildly. My balls beat against her ass as I jackhammered in and out. I was in heaven. Moms legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and my eyes were feasting on her boobs as they rolled violently across her chest.

"Squeeze and suck them!" Mom demanded.

I buried my face in her breasts and licked and sucked her giant nipples as we continued our incestuous hump. For a good half-hour we went at it. Mom came three more times with me on top and screamed so loud, I thought the windows would shatter. I couldn't believe the things that came out of her mouth. During our sex, she screamed things like:

Fuck me, fuck me, harder!!!

Deeper!!! Fuck your cock deeper!!!

Oh, you're fuckin' your pregnant mother so good!

Finally, my cock erupted, bathing mom's cunt with rope after rope of boiling cum. It seemed like I came forever until I finally rested exastedly against mom. She rans her finger through my hair, catching her breath.

"That's my baby, you lay there and rest a few minutes, then we'll start again." She said.

I couldn't believe my ears. This was going to truely be one hell of a dream day.

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