tagBDSMInto the Darkness

Into the Darkness


Gail was expecting this to happen, but not now. Not like this. There it was. On her LG Chocolate cell phone. A text message from David.

im braking up w u

What the fuck? Six months of dating. Of kissing. Of fucking. This is what he had to say?

Tears streamed down her pretty fair-skinned face. How could he do this to her? Especially after....

Before they began dating, David had been dating another girl. She was pretty and popular. Her name was Danielle. And she and Gail were friends, not best friends, but friends none the less. But then David had come between them. He was handsome. With black hair and blue eyes. Most of the girls in high school wanted him. And Gail eventually got him, all it took was a flirty little skirt, a lollipop, and a few suggestive comments.

Comments that would later come back haunt her a few weeks later.

"Let's make out." David said, ushering Gail into the storage closet at gym after football practice.

"Here?" Gail asked. Eyes big. Fingers nervously twirling a strand of blond hair. This was scary. Someone could walk in at any moment.

David didn't bother to answer. His arms wrapped around her. His mouth searching for her lips. Kissing her possessively. His hands roamed her inexperienced body. Gail knew how to flirt. She watched enough on TV to be a pro. She had lifted the lines she had stolen David with from a movie on HBO. But this was new. This was real. Big hands gripping her firm bottom. Molding it. Spreading it. Then moving up her sweater. Beneath her bra and pinching hard nipples.

Finally she was able to pull her mouth free for long enough to say, "David, I don't know if we should. I mean - someone could walk in."

"Don't worry," he said. "I used to come in her with Danielle all the time."

He unhooked her bra and then pulled her sweater up taking the bra with it.

This was going further and faster than she had imagined. He was kissing her hard nipples. Sucking at her breasts. She wanted to say no. To tell him to wait. But he had been down here with Danielle. What had they done? Probably more than Gail was ready for. Would she be considered a prude if she said no? Then his fingers slipped down thin cotton panties and rubbed her increasingly wet sex.

"Ohhhhh," Gail cooed. It felt so good - good but scary. Her knees trembled, she could barely stand.

She didn't have to for long. David pushed down on her shoulders. She found herself on her knees. Her fair face level with David's crotch. His shorts bulged from his hardness. He pulled them down to his ankles. His hard cock bobbed up and down. He poked the purple helmet at her pert lips.

It was foreign to her. She could smell his masculinity. His cock, so hard, was larger than she had imagined. It poked at her lips again. Trying to force its way in. Her inexperience grew palpable. Had Jennifer done this? Had she gone down on David? Sucked him? She must have for David to be moving so fast. How would she have done it?

Gail opened her lips and took it in. She blew at bit. Then sucked it inexpertly. She tried, but still she provided little friction. David grew more and more frustrated at her incompetence. Finally, he took matters into his own hands and grabbed her ponytail and pushed her down on it. Pushed it toward her gullet. At last. Hot - wet- and tight. This was the feeling he craved.

But not so much for Gail. She couldn't breathe. Worse, it hit the back of her throat, triggering her gag reflex. She pulled back. Choking. Gagging. "I'm sorry..." she gasped between coughs.

"I thought you said you could deep throat?" he accused..

Gail remembered the lollipop. Remembered teasing David as she sucked. Running her tongue over it. Saying she could deep throat it. Saying she could deep throat other things. But she had never deep throated anyone or anything. She knew the concept. Knew from watching movies that men wanted it. Knowing the concept wasn't the same as having a huge hard cock forced down her throat without gagging.

"I thought I," she began.

"Nevermind," David said. "It's okay."

Thank heavens. Gail had been worried of their relationship - worried he'd go back to Jennifer. Then he was behind her. Hugging her. Reassuring her. Pushing her forward onto her hands and knees. Sticking his finger in her pussy. Fingering her.

"Wha-what are you doing?" she asked.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" he asked.

She wanted to tell him to stop. But it felt so good. God, the way he touched her, it set her afire. She decided to wait for just a few moments. Decided to answer his question.

"Finger-fingering me." she said, her voice husky.

"You have a tight pussy," he said.

It should be. I'm a virgin, she thought, but stayed silent, moving her hips in time to his finger.

"You're wet," he said.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. This felt nice. Glorious. And then his hands were on her ass. And then something else, something much larger entered her.

"What are you doing?" she tried to pull away. Panicked.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" David asked. Slow and easy he pushed his hard cock deep into her tight pussy. It felt good. Much better than her attempt with her mouth.

"Stop it." Gail grunted. She didn't want this. Yet it felt good. So very good. Opening her. Exploring her. But she knew she had to stop this. Stop the tingly feeling that had permeated her lower half. Or at least make sure they were protected. "Do you. Umph. Do you have a condom on?"

"Aren't you on the pill?" he said.

He must have assumed she was more experience due to her earlier flirtatious comments. How she regretted them over and over again. "No. Ah- I'm not."

"Don't worry," David grunted. "I have everything under control."

Did he? How could he possibly? "Put on a condom."

"Watch," he said. "I've done this with other girls. I'll show you."

He kept pumping. Took her by her ponytail and pulled her on his cock - pulled her hard. Spearing her. Impaling her tight body. Wedging his thighs between hers and forcing them wider. Giving it to her. Fucking her.

"See," he said. "When I get close to coming, I'll pull out."

Then he pulled out, leaving her empty inside. Pulled out, and with his cock bobbing up and down, moved back in front of her. His wet purple helmet back at her pink lip sticked mouth.

It was then he noticed the hint of red.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked.

Gail couldn't deny the evidence. "Yes," she said blushing.

He poked his cock at her lips again.

"When I pull out, you have to suck it," he said. He prodded her mouth again. "Jesus, I gotta tell you everything."

His cock no longer smelled of masculinity. Now he smelled of musk. Of her musk. He was covered by her secretions and a hint of blood. It wasn't so appetizing this time. But there was little alternative. She opened her mouth and took him in.

"That's good. Suck it." He said. "Suck it deep."

Gail tried. This wasn't how she had imagined her first time. Not even close. Not like this. It was supposed to have been special. This wasn't special at all. It was awkward and cheap. But these were the sacrifices that girls sometimes made. And David was a hunk.

David on the other hand wasn't into making sacrifices. He had discovered his new girlfriend wasn't good at blowjobs. Not at all. But she had a tight cunt. And unlike Jennifer, this one was willing to put out. I'll just get close to coming and shoot it down her throat he thought and he pulled out of her mouth. Then moved around to her rear.

"Wait," Gail said. "I'll finish you off."

But David had other ideas. He'd be all day waiting for her to finish him off with her mouth. So, instead he put it where it felt so good. He inserted his fat helmet in that sweet hole. Her cunt was tight. Much better than her mouth.

"Just a few more minutes like this," David said. "Then I'll let you suck it off. I'll fill your mouth with cum."

Gail knew this was a bad idea. But it felt so good. And David was enjoying it so much. He would pull out when it came time. He already showed her how he would do it. She wondered what it would taste like when he came.

David took her by her ponytail and pulled her tight on him. Made her moan. What a tight cunt. A virgin. He'd never had a virgin before. He fucked her hard. He fucked her softly. Making it last. Drawing it out. She would never be a virgin again. Ever. She might not be able to suck, but she could fuck. God, she could fuck. David was close. He could feel his cum boiling in his large meaty balls. He took a few shallow strokes to let the feeling pass. God, so good. So tight. He should let her suck him off now. That's what he was thinking. Thinking that with his cock buried, nestled in her tight pink pussy. Wondering how he was going to get it out without coming.

"Hold on," he said. He was so close. "Don't do anything. Don't move. Don't squeeze. Ah Ah...just hold still."

Poor Gail. She had been taken to the brink. The tingly feeling had possessed her. She could feel the lightning in her cunt. Then to be told not to do anything. Not to squeeze. She tried. God how she tried. But the thought that he was in her and ready to blow. To come in her. To fill her full. The terrifying fear of getting pregnant. Those thoughts didn't make the feeling go away, they magnified it. Intensifying it. And then it happened. Her sex spasmed. Contracted. Flexed. Again and again.

David felt it tighten. He gasped in pleasure and disbelief. She hadn't moved, but her pussy had. He wasn't expecting it. Squeezing him again and again. Practically milking him. Begging for it. He couldn't help it. His cock burst. He could have still pulled out and jerked off on her back side, yet it was too late for that now. His self control gone, David plunged it in. Again and again. Fucking her. Filling her. It felt like liters. It was heaven.

Heaven only lasted a few minutes of sated bliss.

"Goddamnit, I told you not to squeeze," David said as he pulled his jock and shorts back up.

"I couldn't help it," Gail groaned. "Who doesn't have condoms?"

"Who isn't on the pill?"

It was a short fight. And David did buy some condoms. And Gail did put out again. However, in the back of her mind, she was terribly afraid. Afraid of the consequences of this one time. She never came with David again.

A month later , when her period was late, she grew terrified. She got a pregnancy test and it was positive. Fuck. What would she do? She wasn't ready to have a baby.

She called David. He didn't take the news well.

"You're going to take care of this aren't you?" David said.

"Yes," Gail said, but she thought she wanted to think about it more. "But."

"This is all your fault," David said. "What did I tell you? Don't squeeze. Did you want to get pregnant?"

"God no." Gail was crying. David as a nice enough boyfriend for some things, but empathy wasn't his strong suit. He made no move to comfort her. She didn't get anything, except for a brief hug after it was all over. And that was only after she went to the clinic and had the pregnancy terminated.

But it was for the best. There was some guilt. And sometimes she wondered if David was the sort of boy she should be with. At the moment, she didn't care. She just wanted to be with someone. Someone who understood what she was going through. And now with that text message.

I'm breaking up w u

The one person who knew wasn't going to be around anymore. Even if he didn't seem to be having such a hard time of things.

Then her phone buzzed again. There was another text message. This time from Jennifer. It was too close to be a coincidence.

I know everything bitch. My house at 5 or I tell everyone.

It was the worst possible outcome. Jennifer knew. That was why David had broken up with her. And now to keep it quiet, she would have to go to Jennifer's house. And discover what she planned. Whatever it was it wouldn't be good.

It was the fastest 3 hours of her life. She knocked on Jennifer's door at 5:00 on the dot. She had driven around the block to waste some extra time. Dreading it.

"You're late bitch," Jennifer said. She was holding a fly swatter and pointing it threateningly at Gail's face.

Gail meekly entered. "It's only 4:59..." she stammered as she walked past, looking down at her watch.

"Not by my watch," Jennifer said. She pointed the fly swatter back to the stairs. "Upstairs. Now."

She opened her bedroom door and ushered Gail inside. She stopped - flabbergasted at the site. There was a black girl sitting naked on the bed. She was fairly pretty as black girls go, with dark chocolate skin and cute short dreads atop her head. She had her legs crossed and her arm held over her breasts. Gail thought she recognized her from school.

"Get those clothes off whore," Jennifer said, taking her fly swatter and striking Gail on the bottom. "Now." she struck her again.

"Wait..." Gail said, swiveling away from the blows. Instead the swatter struck the bare skin of her thighs.

"Now." Jennifer said. "Or would you rather me tell your parents about you fucking David or about the abortion."

No. That couldn't happen., Never.

"Take it off. Now." Jennifer ordered. "Start with the skirt."

Gail wriggled out of the tight denim skirt.

"Panties whore." Jennifer said, all the while searching for a tender patch of skin to swat.

Gail stripped faster and faster. She stumbled and almost fell trying to disrobe while being swatted over and over again. Shedding panties. Her shoes and socks. Her shirt and bra. Until she stood in her altogether. Naked as the black girl watching from the bed.

"Gail meet Toni." Jennifer said. "Toni meet Gail. The whore bag. Say hi to each other girls."

"Hi, Toni," Gail said to the other naked girl. She wondered why she was here. Wondered if it was under a similar circumstance.

"Hi, Gail," Toni said quietly meeting her eyes in sympathy.

" "Call her whorebag."

Hi - ah...whorebag." Toni said. It was clear she was being forced as well.

"Now that we've introduced," Jennifer giggled. "It's time to play. Go ahead whores. Give each other a kiss."

What the hell? What was going on? This situation had taken a turn for the worse. Gail looked at the black girl with alarm filled eyes.

"I ain't kissin' that girl," Toni said. Her eyes were hard and determined.

"You want your parents to know about your abortion? How about your friends at school? Your church." Jennifer said. "I'll tell everyone. I swear it."

Eyes growing wider, more uncertain. Toni slowly stood up. Looked at Gail. "Get it over with," she said.

"Kiss her," Jennifer ordered, swatting Gail's backside again and again.

Gail moved close. Pursed her lips. Toni it seemed, had no intention of meeting her half-way. But then again, she wasn't being swatted repeatedly by a fly swatter. It was beginning to really smart. She leaned forward. Kissed her on the mouth. A chaste kiss. Like she would have given her mother. It wasn't the sort of kiss that Jennifer had in mind at all. She swatted Gail's pale cheeks, turning them a brighter and brighter red.

"Give her a kiss," Jennifer said. "Kiss her right. Kiss her like you kissed David you whore."

Gail kissed her again. Trying to think of how she kissed David. She closed her eyes. Met full dark lips. Kissed her again. Snuck her tongue into her mouth. Felt her body touch another girl's, as she was forced to move in close to attempt to flee the blows being rained on her ass.

"Open those eyes whore," Jennifer said. "Get 'em open. I want you to see who you are kissing. See that it isn't my boyfriend. Isn't even a man. And sure as hell isn't white."

Gail forced her blue eyes wide. Jennifer was right. She was kissing a woman. A dark skinned girl. Dear Lord! With her eyes open it was so hard to continue. Toni was looking at her too. A look filled with disgust and anger. Gail prayed the girl would whip Jennifer's ass and end this nightmare. It would be the only way to end it because unlike Toni, Gail couldn't face the thought of Jennifer telling everyone what she had done.

"Get your new girlfriend on the bed whore," Jennifer said. "It's time you became a woman. A new woman. A woman's woman."

"Wait just a damn minute," Toni said. "Who the hell is this David you are talking about? I don't know no Davids."

"David was - is my boyfriend," Jennifer said, and struck Gail with a particularly hard blow. "That this whore stole. And fucked. And got pregnant by. Till I found out all about it from my mom. She works at the clinic. Imagine that."

"So you don't have any grief with me?" Toni said.

"It doesn't matter whether I do or whether I don't," Jennifer said. "You are here whether you like it or not. You are here because of her."

"So you ain't no dyke?" Toni asked Jennifer.

"Hell no," Jennifer said to Gail instead of Toni. "But you two are going to leave today as girlfriends. I'm going to see to that." Then to Gail: "No more dick for you whore, that's for sure. At least for the rest of the school year."

"What if I told you there was a way we could both win?" Toni asked. Gail didn't like the look the dark skinned girl shifted her way.

"What do you mean?" Jennifer asked.

"I ain't no dyke," Toni said. "I ain't gonna be no dyke. Especially, for no white bitch. You can tell anyone you want, but that's final. But if you want to dyke this little bitch. I'll do it for you."

Her eyes suggested that she would do it gladly.

"Maybe," Jennifer said. "But I'll have to see what you have in mind."

Toni sat back down on the bed. Spread her dark muscular thighs a bit wider. "I mean, I ain't gonna lick. But I'll be licked, if you get my drift." She nodded over to a pile of clothes on the dresser. "Shut the camera off and I'll show you."

A camera. Oh fuck! Gail looked and saw the tell tale red light coming from the dark recesses of the clothes pile.

"It stays on," Jennifer said. "I'm going enjoy looking at this in the future. I'm especially going to enjoy showing David what I did to his little whore. Put her ass playing for the other team. Dyked her ass."

"You ain't gonna blackmail me with it?" Toni said.

"No, not you." Jennifer said. "But I'll do whatever is necessary to keep this whore on a short leash."

"I guess that will have to do." Toni spread her legs wide. Turned to Gail. "What are you waiting for whorebag? It's time to get lickin'"

No. Dear Lord no! Now they were both against her. Jennifer was still swatting her. More forcefully now. It was so hard to think. Not a camera.

"Please Jennifer," she begged. "I'm sorry. I'll never go near David again. I swear to God."

"Too late whore," Jennifer said punctuating each word with a loud swat. "Get to it. You heard her. Kneel down thee and lick it. I'm dyking your ass. Now, lick that pussy or I tell everyone about your abortion."

But she couldn't bear the alternative. What would she tell her parents? Her friends? Everyone? And the stinging swats. Making it so hard to think.

Gail knelt between those dark muscular thighs. Just to get a moment to think. A brief respite from the fly swatter. Now that she was obeying, Jennifer only hit her infrequently. Just to serve as a reminder. Yet even the reminder made it so very difficult to think To come up with a solution other than the one in front of her topped by a dark triangle of kinky wet curls. The shape of it was similar, but there were certainly differences as well. One, it was the color of dark chocolate. Second, the hair was shorter, kinkier. The lips were more dark purple than pink. And it was bigger. Not just the lips and clitoris, but the whole mons of venus was larger-fatter. It rose out from her, full and plump. Gail's was almost dainty in comparison.

The fly swatter gave a wicket snap with every blow. Her hips bucked in an attempt to escape. The pain was growing too much and so was the hopelessness of the situation. Her attempts to flee brought her closer and closer...closer to the crinkled purple lips awaiting her own. Closer and closer. Till she could smell the musky scent of the dark girl';s arousal. Her nose wrinkled in revulsion, and yet she was closer still. Close enough that those lips made contact with her own.

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