tagGroup SexIntroducing Peter & Gloria

Introducing Peter & Gloria


I’ve not written much about Tanya and me over the last several months. So, here’s an instalment, another glimpse into our active sex-life that we’ve enjoyed intensely over the last couple of years. And yes, when you read my stories, the ones with Tanya and me in are true; only the names of our friends are fictional to protect their identity. So, get yourself comfortable with a long cool drink or a cup of cocoa (whichever takes your fancy) because this is a long one, and enjoy.


Looking back over the last two years or so, I’ve realised how lucky we are and how fruitful our lives have been, particularly since our holiday in Tenerife. Tanya and I have attended several swapping parties since I last wrote and we’ve enjoyed them very much. I’m sitting at my PC, recalling visions, smells, tastes and conversations, typing these words with a smile on my face and my cock dribbling in my pants just remembering the times we’ve had…


Tanya’s old school friend, and first lover, moved into the estate in October. She bumped into Peter at the local grocery store just before Christmas. Peter was organising a house-warming party and invited Tanya along, “…and bring your boyfriend, along” he added as she accepted his invite, telling him she was now a married woman.

When she arrived home, she didn’t stop talking about Peter until I had to tell her to change the subject. Even as we lay in bed that night, the conversation changed rapidly from our planned holiday in the New Year to Peter this and Peter that.

“What’s the matter love? Is that a little jealousy I hear in your voice?” she chided.

I had to admit, I was fed up with her keeping on about how good a lover he once was and how she still felt something for him, even though it had been more than fifteen years since she had seen him and he was married with a couple of kids.

“Don’t worry babe,” Tanya whispered affectionately, “he’s no match for you, and no replacement either. It’s just that he was the one who took my virginity back at college. We have a lot of history… but I’ve never really forgiven him for dumping me for the college slut, Naomi fucking Jones.”

“So,” I replied, “you out for a little revenge?”

“Hmmm, perhaps, or maybe out to show him what he’s missing. I wonder what Gloria’s like?”

I could see where Tanya’s thoughts were leading. “I don’t know, I wouldn’t even know Peter if he knocked the door right now. Anyway, why haven’t I heard of this Peter chap before now?”

“Too many bad memories I guess,” Tanya eventually said after some thought. “Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now, I suppose. Come here lover,” she pulled me to her and teased my cock with her fingers, guiding it into her pussy.

It was a relatively quick fuck that night, no foreplay, just a ‘wham bam thank you mam’ kind of fuck. I didn’t complain, it had been a long day and we were both tired anyway, and besides, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional ‘quickie’.


Christmas came and went in a wink of an eye, and before we knew it, we were dressing up as vicar and tart for Peter and Gloria’s house warming party on New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t looking forward to the party, but Tanya couldn’t wait to get over to their house, nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac at the far end of the estate.

I recognised only one other couple that lived locally (Peter’s neighbours, I think), everyone else were strangers to us.

Peter took Tanya’s arm and escorted her around the room, introducing her to his friends and neighbours. I stood like a lemon at a table that doubled as a bar and poured a tall whiskey. I could see this was going to be a long night, and I needed to loosen up.

“Do you know, he’s not stopped talking about your wife since he met her the other week,” Gloria hissed as she sipped a brandy. “I’m Gloria.” Peter’s wife offered her hand and we shook. Amazingly, she looked remarkably similar to Tanya; same hair colour, eye colour, even her body shape was comparable. Gloria and Tanya could have passed as sisters or cousins to anyone who didn’t know any different. After shaking hands and more formal introductions, Gloria introduced me to several other guests to help make me feel more at home.

“What’s up lover?” Tanya asked when she eventually returned from her world tour of Peter’s Party.

“I just met your half-sister, Gloria,” I smiled.

Tanya looked quizzically at me as she tilted her head to one side, then looked around the room as I pointed out Gloria at the hi-fi, selecting more music from a large CD collection.

“Now that you’ve mention it, the penny’s dropped. Several people have asked me if I was Peter’s wife and one couple actually called me Gloria. She does look remarkably similar, doesn’t she, no wonder Peter hasn’t introduced us yet,” Tanya finished making the sentence more of a statement than a question.

“Perhaps Peter realised what he missed when you two broke up and went out searching for a replacement ‘Tanya’,” I laughed. We sipped our drinks and mingled with the other guests, introducing us as Gloria’s sister and brother-in-law.

Needless to say, Tanya, like a majority of the other ‘tarts’, was dressed to kill. Tanya used the excuse to wear as little as possible, and that she did. Her breasts were barely covered, and her newly pierced navel held a large diamond stud, a Christmas present, that attracted the eye of most men in the room (little did they know, she had a matching clit ring for Christmas too that had a half-inch gold bar that hung from the ring, with a small diamond mounted at the other end). Her laddered stockings and over-done make-up finished off her fancy dress. I must admit, after several whiskeys, I was beginning to stir and wanted to fuck Tanya there and then. But, the night was young, and I was intent on seeing in 2003 with more than a bang.

As we all got progressively drunk, so the atmosphere loosened up and soon enough, everyone was getting into the spirit of the vicars and tarts. Tanya and I danced to several old 60’s, 70’s and 80’s tunes and soon, everyone was up dancing. As hands waved in the air, I saw at least five different nipples peek from under loose tops. One woman had a nipple chain that was probably attached to her other nipple, judging by the way the gold line of links looped away under the cover of the woman’s high/low cut top.

“This is giving me ideas for a swinging party,” I told Tanya as we poured ourselves another drink at the bar/table.

“Yeah, it’s great isn’t it? I didn’t expect this to be so lively.”

The room quietened down as we counted the remaining ten seconds of 2002. Everyone joined in with the countdown… “7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year” everyone cheered as poppers popped filling the room minor explosions and paper streamers, cheers and clapping, kissing strangers and handshakes.

“This has turned out to be some party,” Peter added after wishing me a Happy New Year. I agreed. He kissed Tanya and hugged her, and then Gloria joined us and gave me almost a carbon copy of Peter’s New Year welcome. I couldn’t get over how similar the girls were; even the faint smell of perspiration mixed with an expensive perfume from the nape of Gloria’s neck was similar. If the room was darkened, and I didn’t know any better, I could have easily mistaken Gloria for Tanya.

“You know, you two could pass as sisters,” I told Gloria, “you even taste the same,” I added as I licked my lips. Tanya jokingly thumped my arm as Gloria blushed.

“Yes, I couldn’t believe it when I met Gloria,” Peter interjected, “I thought she was some relation of Tanya. I guess that’s what prompted me to talk to her, and since then, well,” Peter lifted his hands in declaration as if to state the obvious path that led to marriage, kids and now this party.

“We’ll have to get together and compare notes,” joked Gloria with Tanya. We all laughed and agreed to have coffee the following afternoon.

“What have you done with the kids?” Tanya asked after realising we’d not seen any children.

“They’re staying over the neighbours with their kids. They’re having their own New Year’s party,” Gloria smiled as she thought about her children knocking back cocktails of orange-juice and apples.

Several guests decided it was late enough to leave. Tanya had had enough too and whispered we should go home and celebrate in style. We thanked our guests for their hospitality and I took the opportunity to taste Gloria’s lips once more in a ‘goodnight kiss’. Peter kissed Tanya goodnight and we headed home.


“Well, what did you thing of that?” Tanya asked with a slight slur in her voice.

“Better than I expected,” I answered.

“You’re drunk!” giggled Tanya as she slapped my ass.

“No, just merry,” I replied, pinching a nipple that was fighting to escape the thin material of her cropped top. The chilly night had Tanya’s nipples fully erect. In the lamplight, they looked extremely sexy. “I’m going to fuck you hard when we get home.”

And hard we fucked. Tanya was soaking; her panties were stained with her juices.

“Looks like Peter still has an effect on you,” I commented as I tossed her panties onto the bedroom floor.

“Don’t be silly; he’s old news,” Tanya refuted, “it was seeing you licking your lips, tasting Gloria, after kissing her goodnight that made me hot. I had visions of the three of us having sex in an old church, straddled over an altar, you the vicar, with two tarts to play with.”

“Hmmm, nice idea,” I mused, lifting my mouth from Tanya’s diamond ornamented clitoris.

“Come up here, I want you in my mouth,” she ordered. We made each other orgasm, cumming in each other’s mouth.

That night, I dreamt about Tanya’s thought, how I had Tanya on my face and on my cock, both at the same time. In my dream Gloria was Tanya too. When I woke up, I could barely remember the details, but what I did remember, I recounted to Tanya over black morning coffee and aspirin.


Three evenings later, Peter called, asking if I wanted to join him for a beer.

“We really enjoyed your party,” I told him as we sipped our second beer.

“Yeah, we did too. Gloria is up for another one. She was really hot after you guys left. We had the best sex of our lives, and it’s continued over the last couple of nights too. I don’t know why, she won’t tell me.”

“Perhaps she liked being a tart,” I countered. Peter looked up from his beer. “No no, I mean, perhaps she enjoyed the party, dressed up as a tart and she wanted to play out the role. Perhaps it turned her on. Tanya and I had a great fuck when we got home too.”

“Hey, listen to us. We’re talking like we’ve known each other for years,” Peter grinned.

“I feel like we have. Tanya hasn’t stopped talking about you since she bumped into you at the supermarket,” I told Peter.

“Yeah, well, it looks like we’ve got something in common then,” Peter said after taking another sip.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Tanya and I do have a bit of history. But don’t take it the wrong way, Dave, which is what it is, history. What I mean is, well, Gloria has an active imagination. When I told her about Tanya, I showed her an old picture, and she was intrigued and amazed at how similar they looked. She’s been telling me her fantasies and imagining she’s Tanya or I’m you,” Peter took another sip of beer. “Listen, this is a bit embarrassing, but I feel we can talk openly with one another, yeah?”

I nodded “Sure, Tanya and me, well we have a special relationship now.” I told Peter how we transformed our routine sex lives in Tenerife and how we haven’t looked back since. I told how we only have sex with others when both partners are there, to stop any jealousy and to add as insurance… just in case. Peter’s eyes opened wider with every word. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing about his ex-girlfriend.

“That’s amazing,” he finally breathed after I’d finished. “I’ve read stories, but never believed them, this is amazing. Are you pulling my chain?” I shook my head. “Wow. I tell, you; this is something else,” Peter lifted his glass.

I told him of the Literotica site and to look for the stories under BigDave1340. “The true stories are the ones with Tanya and me in them, the others are just figments of imagination or fantasies me and Tanya have sometimes.”

That night, I told Tanya of my revelation to Peter. She was cross at first, but realised that this is who and what we are. And, at the end of the day, we had our ‘rules’ and we were going to stick with them. I think Tanya was afraid that Peter might try it on with her when I would be at work.


The following Saturday, Tanya and I called over Peter’s place for the coffee we never had when offered on New Year’s. It was obvious by Gloria’s body language that Peter had told her our story. Peter and I opened a beer and sat in the lounge whilst the girls talk ‘girl talk’ in the kitchen.

“I read every one… the stories,” explaining ‘one’. It’s hard to believe the true ones really happened,” Peter shook his head in disbelief.

“Well, you can take them for what they are. We, no, I enjoy writing them; Tanya enjoys reading and reliving them. We get a fair bit of email from other readers too. Perhaps, one day, we might just take one or two up one their offers.”

“What offers?” asked Peter.

“Oh, all sorts, from requests to see pictures of Tanya’s piercing and tits, to invites for parties. We’ve had a couple from the States, ‘If you’re ever in the US, just give us a call, we’re there for you buddy’,” I quoted in a poor American accent.

“Amazing,” Peter whispered, then giggled at my attempt at mimicking a Texan.

“Have you told Gloria?”

Peter looked a little uncomfortable. “Well, yes, I did. She laughed at first and said you were pulling my leg, having me on. But when I showed her the Literotica sight and explained more about what you said in the pub, well, she gradually believed me, you. Anyway, our sex has been really hot since. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Gloria as the girls joined us from the kitchen.

“Football,” Peter snapped.

“Hmm, I don’t think so,” replied Gloria with a little smile. “Do you know, since you two went out for a beer in the week, all he’s done is talked about you two guys,” meaning Tanya and me.

“So, what’s too bad about that?” I challenged.

“Hmm, nothing I guess,” Gloria returned, not saying what she really wanted to say, judging by the coyness on her face and her body language.

“What Gloria is trying to say is, well,”

“Peter!” Gloria snapped.



“Don’t what?” Peter quizzed his wife with a devilish grin on his face, knowing exactly what she meant.

Tanya looked at me, me at Tanya. We both knew what Peter was trying to say and I knew Tanya’s thought were pretty close to what I was thinking, ‘I bet they want to know more about our sexploits’.

There was a moment’s silence, then, “Do you want another drink?” asked Gloria, a little uncomfortably.

“Umm,” I considered.

“No thanks, we’d better be off,” answered Tanya for the both of us. “Perhaps we’ll stay a little longer next time, or perhaps you’d like to come over one evening for supper?”

Gloria looked at Peter and they both nodded acceptance.

“Perhaps we’ll have a ‘vicar and tart’ supper, eh?” Peter said jokingly.

“Perhaps,” Tanya answered.

Gloria blushed a little as she took our empty tumblers. Another round of goodbye kisses convinced me that Gloria must have been Tanya’s sister, perhaps in a former life. My thoughts began to intrigue me further.


“You haven’t said much since we’ve got home,” Tanya stated a fact. “What’s up?”

I hadn’t, I was thinking about my dream on New Year’s and getting to taste Gloria’s pussy, just to see if it tasted like Tanya’s. “Nothing,” I replied, “just thinking about the conversation Peter and I had when you were in the kitchen with Gloria. What were you talking about?”

“Oh, nothing really,” replied Tanya. “I think your conversation must have been more interesting. The look on Peter’s face when we came into the lounge was funny, especially when he told us you were talking football.” Tanya knew Peter had fibbed, I can’t stand football; rugby is more my choice of contact sport, along with sex, of course.

“Gloria thinks you are kinda nice,” Tanya continued after several second’s thought. “I think they’re thinking about experimenting. It was something Gloria said just before we came into the lounge, something about how Peter was behaving in bed since you and he went to the pub in the week.”

“Well, if they’re interested, let them come to us. It is a little close to home, don’t you think?” I asked, hoping that Tanya would disagree.

And she did, “Perhaps, but as long as they’re discreet, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t. They have two kids to think about. It would be interesting to see if Peter has learned, and improved, his techniques over the years,” Tanya mused.


“We’ve managed to get a sitter for the kids tonight. Do you two fancy a drink in the pub, or something?” Gloria asked Tanya over the telephone.

“Sure, why not. Wait a minute, it’s Thursday, there’ll be a pool match at the pub tonight, it’ll be heaving and full of cigarette smoke, I hate that; how about some supper? I can knock up something pretty quick, it won’t be much, but at least we can have a meal as well as a drink without having people around us listening into our conversations and staining our clothes with the stench of smoke,” Tanya countered Gloria’s invite.

“Okay, what time shall we call over?”

“Make it 7:30?”

“Okay, 7:30 it is then,” Gloria confirmed. “Oh, I’ll bring some of the pictures over from New Year’s. There are a couple of good ones of you and Dave.”

“Great.” Tanya felt that Gloria was becoming a new friend and getting closer with every conversation. She liked Gloria; not only were they ‘sisters’, they also had similar tastes in music, food and clothes. Tanya was beginning to really like Gloria, and she felt Gloria genuinely liked Tanya, not just for Peter’s sake (excuse the pun), it was genuine feelings.

“What shall I wear?”

“Oh, come as you like. I’ll probably have a blouse and jeans on… no, wait a minute, how about we surprise the boys?” Tanya explained her surprise to Gloria.


“Can you get that?” Tanya asked as the ringing from the door chimes faded. I need to finish off here.” Tanya continued to lay out the table as I answered the door.

“Hiya,” Peter and Gloria announce in harmony.

“Come on in, let me take your coats.” It had been raining heavy and although they had only walked from their car to the house, they were wet enough for me to give them a towel to dry their heads.

We had general conversation over dinner, drank several bottles of red wine, and told the occasional joke.

“Let’s relax a little in the lounge,” Tanya suggested.

“I’ll get the photos from New Year’s,” Gloria said and headed for her purse.

“Would you look at that,” Tanya laughed as she studied a picture of me dancing, eyes staring at some woman.

“Oh yeah, I remember her, you could see all she had from the side. She had one of those nipple chains.” We all laughed. This broke the already melting ice. I put on some easy listening music and turned down the lights a little, making the room appear warmer than it was. Fresh drinks all round and conversation restarted from where we left off in the dining room.

As always appears to happen, when in mixed company, several glasses of alcohol loosens the tongue. Surprisingly, it was Gloria who turned conversation to sex.

“So, I’m curious; are those stories true?” Gloria asked, a little red faced.

“What stories?” I teased.

“You know what I’m talking about; the stories Peter showed me on the Internet,” Gloria continued.

“Only the ones with Tanya and me in them,” I answered.

“Wow,” exhaled Gloria.

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