tagIncest/TabooIntroduction Ch. 03

Introduction Ch. 03


It was spring break at the college, so I'd gone home to Savannah for a few days. My uncle Jason and his wife, Maria, were already there. They have a house in Savannah, too, but they had decided to stay overnight for my homecoming. My dad was only going to be there for one night, then he and his new girlfriend were flying to France for a while. We had dinner; the new girlfriend was ok. Sarah something.

It's a large house, two stories. My dad was on one side; my bedroom was on the other. Jason and Maria were next to mine. They came into my room after Dad and Sarah had gone to bed.

"Let's see," said Jason. He pulled back the covers. I was naked except for my collar and wrist and ankle cuffs. I stretched, my arms overhead. He chuckled. "Slut."

Maria slipped off her night shirt. Jason was already naked. Maria slid her hand over my breasts, down my hot skin, put her hand between my legs, lifted up a little. My arms were still over my head, my hands clasped behind my head. That's how Jason likes it.

Maria kissed my breasts, licked a nipple, moved up and kissed my neck. Jason was watching. There was only light from my bathroom and the moon through the window, but he watched, and saw.

Maria kissed me, biting my lower lip, tugging at it a little with her small even teeth. She inserted two of her fingers inside my pussy, her thumb on my clit. She kissed me again. I could feel her breasts rubbing against mine.

"More," said Jason. Maria turned and began to suck on my clit, her tongue flicking around it, her teeth nibbling it a little. I moaned a little.

"Is she wet?"

"Yes," said Maria softly, looking up.

Jason got on the bed and knelt over me. His cock was up and hard. He made it bounce a little in front of me, and grinned.

"Kiss it."

I obeyed. My mouth went on the tip of his cock, slid over it a little, back off, then on again, teasing. He sucked in his breath. "Good."

He scooted back. "You know how to hold her," he said to Maria. She nodded, got on the bed. I unclasped my hands, my arms still over my head. She knelt, legs on each side of me, and held my wrists in her hands, leaning forward and pushing down with her weight. She pushed her pussy against my mouth. I began to suck on her clit, my tongue flickering on the lips and against the clit, dipping into her.

Jason is fast and can be rough if he wants to. He was rough tonight. It is my duty to my owners to please them both at the same time. I worked my mouth against Maria's pussy, sucking, licking, flicking my tongue inside her again and again. She wriggled against my mouth. Jason shoved into me with one big thrust. Maria had to work to keep hold of my wrists, because the bed jerked then. Jason fucked me, talking all the time: "You like that? You like having your uncle inside you? You do, don't you?"

Maria moaned, pushed harder against my mouth. I could feel her shuddering.

Jason finished after Maria. "You know what that means," he said. "You're supposed to make us cum at the same time." I nodded. That almost never happened, but it was all part of our game. I looked at him and Maria. "Tomorrow," he said, and they left the room.

The next day after my Dad and Sarah whatever left, Jason, Maria, and I left in his car and drove to their house, on one of the small islands that dot the Savannah coastline. Their house overlooks the ocean on one end through a set of windows. They have some servants, but they are used to us.

When I stay at their home, I am naked, unless told otherwise. I serve Jason and Maria any way they tell me to. Maria follows Jason's orders, but both of them can give me orders.

That morning I wore my collar and wrist and ankle cuffs, white lace stockings, and nipple rings. My nipples are pierced, but sometimes I just wear studs. Today I wore the rings at Jason's order.

After breakfast, Jason took me to the entrance beneath the double staircase of their house. He placed my back to one of the columns. Maria was upstairs and lowered the restraints. She always enjoyed watching me being tormented.

There are restraints and bars and chains and links and hooks hidden in places all over their house. Pull up a tile here, open a small cabinet there – instant dungeon.

Before we began, Jason linked my nipple rings together with a piece of fine rope. He pulled on it until the rings were very close to each other, then he had me to lean forward a little. He pulled the slender rope through the D ring on my collar, lifting my breasts by the nipple rings.

Then, my arms were overhead, cuffs linked by D rings to a bar that was about 3 feet long. It was placed behind the column. The bar was linked overhead to a sturdy, heavy hook in the ceiling. This meant that my arms were up and back a little, pushing out my breasts – pulling hard on the nipple rings.

Jason put another bar of about 4 feet behind the column. He cuffed my ankles to each end of that bar through their D rings. He called out to Maria, who hit a switch. I was lifted off the ground a little, all of my weight on my wrists. Now my legs were spread wide and back a little, so my body was arched outwards against the column. I could feel cool air from a nearby ceiling fan. My nipples hardened even more. Jason noticed, and smiled.

He put harsh clamps on my nipples; a set of several clamps were put on the base of my clit, another on the tip of it, two more on each side of the clit on tender flesh, and three on each lip. Fine chains hung from all of these. He attached small weights, several weights on the end of the chains that were clamped to the lips. He grabbed up the chains when he was done, tugged a little, causing a little pain, then let go suddenly. They dropped, pulling on my skin. I yelped.

"That reminds me..."

He fished around in his pocket, then pulled out one of his fine handkerchiefs. He flipped it over a few times until it made a nice rolled length, inserted it between my lips, and tied it behind my head.

All of my weight on my wrists; my body arched, the nipple rings tugging fiercely, the weights dangling from my pussy and clit, more weights hanging from my nipples.

Jason smiled. He pulled out two vibrators, turned them on high, and pushed one inside my butt, and the other inside my pussy.

"Next time, remember to make us both cum at the same time."

He called over a couple of his friends, one a tall black man named George, the other a thin Asian of medium height who went by AJ. By the time they got there, the clamps were hurting, but the vibrators were delicious.

George was impressed. AJ acted bored, but when they went into the other room for a drink, AJ stayed in front of me, staring. He finally started tweaking the chains with his fingers, making the chains and weights swing. He giggled a little. He pushed his hand against the clamps, pressing the metal against my flesh. I moaned. The vibrators and the pain were meshing and sending me into a zone.

"You want her?" asked Jason. He'd walked back into the room.

"Sure." AJ shrugged, as if it didn't matter.

Jason took out the vibrators. "Go ahead."

AJ shrugged again, unzipped his pants, grabbed my waist with his hands. For a smaller guy, he had a big cock, and he knew it. He leered at me. With him fucking me while the weights and clamps were still on, this made the clamps dig into my pussy, the weights swinging crazily. My breasts jounced and tugged on the slender rope that tied them together. It hurt and yet it was blissful at the same time. AJ finished and wiped his cock on my thigh.

"You want a turn?" Jason asked George. George shook his head.

"Naw. I'd rather not have an audience."

"I can put her in a room for you."

George thought about that. "Ok."

Jason called to Maria, and they unhooked me, removing the weights. Jason untied the thread from the nipple rings. The sensation came flooding back to me and made me cum again. My knees felt weak and shaky. We went into a guest room downstairs.

"You want pictures of it?" Jason asked.

"Shit. You got a camera?" George asked.


"Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that."

Jason asked George his preferences, so Jason put the clamps back on me, with the weights. He added a fine chain to my waist, then two longer chains attached to the waist chain hung down in front, went under, then latched onto the back, pulled up tight. The chain bit into the skin between my thighs and crotch, pushing the pussy together a little. George was fascinated. Jason found out that George liked watching this, so Jason took out the little nipple collars, as he called them. These are like tight rubber bands that fit over the nipple and down around the base, but on the inside are tiny little spiked nubs that dig a little into the nipple. The band makes the nipple swell up, and the little spikes dig into the flesh even more. It can hurt unless you are in a zone. Then it feels like heaven.

Jason linked chains between my wrists, and a second one between my ankles. I could move, but slowly and only with small steps. He linked another short chain between my nipple rings, then up to the D ring on my collar.

"Be a good girl for George," he said, patting my head, then he left and closed the door.

George stood there a minute. "Huh," he said. He thought a minute, then unzipped his pants. "Here. Start here."

I scooted forward and knelt in front of him with my legs open as wide as I could, like I had been taught. I took his cock in my hands, put my mouth on it. I licked slowly, as ordered, nibbled the rim gently, flicked my tongue on the end of the cock. I sucked slowly, moved my mouth back and forth.

"Yeah. Yeah, that feels good. I like seeing a white girl with a black cock in her mouth," George said. "Makes me feel hot. Yeah."

I put my hands on his hips and took more of him in his mouth. He moved back and forth, then stopped. I looked up.

"We gonna try something," said George. He fumbled around in Jason's box, found what he wanted. "Here. Get on that bed and open those white legs of yours."

I laid down on the bed and bent my knees, opening my legs. He pushed my legs apart with his shoulders and arms, then put a clamp on the end of my clit. "That hurt?"


"Good." He dished around in the box again. He came back and put another clamp midway on my clit. I already had one at the base. I jerked a little.

"That hurt more?"


"Good. Now I can fuck you. That gets me really hard, you spread out like that, knowing that hurts."

He slammed into me. After he fucked me, he turned me over so I was bent across the end of the bed, and he put his cock in my ass. "You feel those clamps on you, whore?"


"You feel them, pushing in on you?"

"Yes, yes."

"You like having me inside you like this?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Good." He finished, then he smacked his hand on my bare bottom, hard. He smacked it again, then again, leaving his hand imprint on my butt. He looked around the room. I was holding onto the bedspread.

"Get on the bed and turn over."

I did. He took the clamps that were hooked on the pussy lips already, and he took off the weights. Then he hooked them onto the fine chains that ran from the waist chain, between my thighs and crotch. He did this with four clamps, two on each lip. My pussy was spread really wide. He twisted the clamps that were pinching the skin on each side of my clit, and I yelped. He laughed.

"We need something else." He thought a minute. He saw a chaise lounge in the corner of the room, dark red leather. "Lean over that." I did. He undid my ankle chain, then hooked it back so the chain was behind the two legs of the chaise. That kept my legs apart, while I was bent over. He lifted me by my waist until my hips were braced against the broad curved end of the chaise lounge – pressing all of that metal into my flesh. He laughed. He undid my wrist chain and hooked them underneath the chaise, so my hands were apart.

"Hey, I like this! I got to remember this one." I felt his hand smoothing my bottom. All of my weight was really on my clit and hips, digging into my pussy, pushing the clamps and twisting them. I squirmed.

"That hurting?"


"Good. That's what I like to hear." He leaned forward, whispering in my ear. "You making George all hot again, whore."

I heard a swooshing sound but didn't know what it was, until I felt his belt pop against my bottom. He did that a few times, smacking me, then stopped. He moved away, came back. I felt something hard and cool going into my pussy. "That's the flogger handle. You like that? Tell me you like that."

"I do. I like that."

He gripped my hair with one hand, and shoved the flogger handle back and forth inside me with the other. "Tell me you love this."

"I do, I do! I love this." To tell the truth, the pain had made me completely zone into sub space, and I really was enjoying it. The humiliation, the helplessness, the pain, the sensation of a flogger fucking me – it was feeling good.

"I think you're starting to like this too much, slut." He stopped. He left the flogger handle inside me, and smacked my bottom with his bare hand again. I jumped a little. He smacked me again and again with his bare hand, until I came, all over the thick flogger handle inside me..

"That's good. That's what George likes to see," he said.

He finally took me off of the end of the chaise lounge and then jerked off the clamps, one by one. I whimpered and squirmed. He pinched the nipple nooses hard. The little spikes dug in. I was very wet, though. He finally decided to take me back to Jason and the others. Jason took off the nipple nooses and chains.

"We're going to eat lunch now," he told us all. He looked at me. "You know what to do." I nodded.

The food was served and the guest sat with Jason and Maria. The butler never looked at me. He always tries to act like he never looks at me, but he does, of course.

There are two slender poles in the dining room, one on each side of the table. Normally, they act as holders for plants. Jason had taken the plants off of one pole. He hooked my wrist cuffs overhead to a sturdy hook that usually holds a big overflowing begonia basket. I was standing on my toes, facing the pole. The guests were facing the pole I was on, with Jason and Maria sitting at each end of the table.

"Show us what a slut you are," Jason said, sipping wine. The others ate.

I faced the pole, my hands overhead, and began slowly rubbing my body up and down the length of the pole.

"More," said Jason.

I was sore from the clamps, but that also meant my flesh was tender and eager. I tugged against the wrist restraints, pulling myself up a little, arching my back.

"Not enough," said Jason. He got up, walked over to me. "Look at her," he told them. He pushed my bottom against the pole with one of his legs, and I shuddered. "She's already been fucked, and she's ready for more!" He pushed my bottom against the pole again, harder this time, making me grind into the pole. My eyes closed, and I heaved against the wrist cuffs, pulling myself up a little more. I felt the first tensing in my pussy, and I pushed against the pole harder. I knew Jason would want me to please him. I pulled myself up again, arching my back, opening my legs and grasping the pole between my thighs. I was very tired, though, and did not cum on the pole like Jason had wanted.

AJ left; George stayed, watching. Jason had left me hooked up to the pole. I knew he was not happy.

"So what are you going to do now?" George asked Jason.

"She didn't cum on the pole like I ordered her to. She'll have to be punished."

I shuddered. Jason was deliberately saying this near me, so I could hear, and anticipate, and have time to think about what was going to happen. George laughed. "I want to see that!"

"Of course."

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