tagInterracial LoveIntroduction to a Black Dom

Introduction to a Black Dom


My fantasy was to meet a muscular black man at a club; dance with him, make out and let him feel me up in front of my husband. My husband and I would live out a fantasy, go home and fuck. I never would have dreamt that what ended up happening would ever happen.

I am a very attractive, fit, married, white, 38-year-old woman. I am 5'9" tall and weigh 135 lbs. I work out regularly and have very nice B cup titties with "perfect" nipples as my husband says. After several months of talking about fantasies and getting "psyched up" to finally try to fulfill some of them, we posted an ad on the internet looking to meet an attractive, muscular, black man to meet us at a club. The posting basically said this:

"Slutty white wife seeks muscular black man to make her feel naughty in front of husband. This is for fantasy fulfillment only and not sex."

All we really wanted was to meet someone and let him feel me up a little bit so that my husband and I left feeling kind of naughty. We had no idea we were going to meet my future Master.

I received many replies to my posting. Most were the generic "You sound good. Let's meet" kind of reply that are not worth responding to. Others included dick shots, but that's not what we were interested in. One reply did stand out. It said:

"My name is Mr. Johnson. I am an attractive, professional, muscular black Dom. I know what you want and I can provide the experience that you are seeking. I have met couples like you before and I know how to provide the type of excitement you are looking for. I will turn you on like you have not been turned on in a long time."

The reply was intriguing so we responded back. After a few emails and pictures, we decided to meet "Mr. Johnson" at a quiet bar that he suggested. When we arrived Mr. Johnson was already there and seated in a back corner. As he had requested, I was wearing a very sexy, short mini-skirt and a loose fitting blouse with no bra. He saw us arrive and waved us over. Mr. Johnson was professionally dressed, about 6'3" tall, muscular, attractive, and bald headed. We introduced ourselves, sat down, and Mr. Johnson ordered us all drinks. He asked me to sit next to him and I did so.

For the next 30 minutes or so we proceeded to get to know each other and Mr. Johnson ordered several more rounds of drinks and asked a lot of questions about what we wanted and how far we were willing to go. We sort of double clutched when he asked that and my husband said that we only were here for a little flirting. Mr. Johnson looked at me while my husband was answering that question and he put his hand on my leg and began stroking it very slowly and seductively, unbeknownst to my husband who was sitting on the other side of the table. Mr. Johnson gave me a smile and asked if I would like to dance. Of course I said yes and, after ordering my hubby another drink, he took me out to the dance floor and we proceeded to dance to a rather suggestive hip hop song.

Next up was a slow song and when he held me I could feel the large hardness in his pants. My lips met his as he kissed me softly on the dance floor. My fantasy was coming true!! I looked over and hubby was smiling. We continued to kiss and his hands roamed down to my ass. After a few seconds of rubbing my ass over my skirt, his right hand traveled further south and began caressing my ass under my skirt. It was at this point that we reached a crossroads. He whispered in my ear that he wanted my panties as a momento of this occasion. We went back to the corner booth and I was so caught up in the fantasy that I proceeded to take off my panties and hand them to him under the table so my husband did not see. Mr. Johnson then discretely placed my panties in his pocket, ordered my dear husband another drink, and began stroking my leg again. Now that he knew that my panties were off, Mr. Johnson became even bolder. His fingers began stroking closer and closer to my pussy and he started to become more dominant in his conversation with my husband. Mr. Johnson said to my hubby that he thought that we wanted more than flirting and titillation. Mr. Johnson said that he thought that I was basically a white slut looking for black cock and that hubby was a cuckold. I was about to speak up when his fingers reached my pussy and took my breath away. My husband, who was fairly buzzed by this point, began to protest when Mr. Johnson said that he knew it was true because his fingers were in my pussy and he pulled out my panties to show hubby. Mr. Johnson increased his intensity on my pussy and all I could do was close my eyes and lose myself to the feeling of another man's fingers in my pussy – something that had not happened in many years – and moan softly.

Just at that time, two other black men, who were obviously friends of Mr. Johnson, and had obviously witnessed my reaction to what was happening under the table, came over to the table to say hello. I was embarrassed and tried to push Mr. Johnson's fingers out of my wet pussy, but he would not be denied and continued his assault on my pussy with his right hand while shaking hands with his buddies with his left hand. Everyone knew where his right hand was. My husband sat in stunned silence as I tried to pretend that nothing was happening, but my rapid breathing and low whimpering were giving myself away. Mr. Johnson had a big grin on his face as he introduced his friends to my hubby and introduced me as "his new white wife." Hubby was too drunk at this point to notice the implication and I was too far into a sexual haze to understand myself.

Another slow song began to play. Mr. Johnson bought another round of drinks for everyone and pulled me back out to the dance floor while the others watched. Mr. Johnson held me tightly, with his rock hard cock pressed tightly into my stomach and his hands roaming freely under my skirt. He unbuttoned several of my top buttons so that he had a better view of my cleavage. Since my top was very loose fitting, he pretty much had a view of most of my tits, basically. Actually, although I didn't realize it at the time, he had been raising the back of my skirt while we danced, giving his buddies, my hubby, and anyone else who was paying attention, a view of his hands feeling up my bare ass. As we were dancing, Mr. Johnson was talking to me. Asking me if I could feel how big and hard his cock was. Asking me if I was truly ready to experience my fantasy. I was so horny and buzzed that I found myself saying yes to everything that he was asking, lost in another world of lust, enjoying the "naughtiness" of what was going on.

After a few songs we sat back down. Mr. Johnson's friends had moved into the booth so I was sitting between one of them and Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson looked at my husband, and told him that I had beautiful tits. He then asked his buddies if they would like to see my tits. Of course, they said yes and he unbuttoned the last few buttons on my shirt and pulled the sides open so that they could see my tits and inserted his fingers back into my pussy. The man next to me fondled my breasts for a while, winked at my husband, and told him he was a lucky man to have such a fucking sexy wife. Mr. Johnson looked at hubby and said that he was also lucky to have such a slutty wife with such a wet pussy and pulled his fingers out of my pussy and put them into my mouth where I vigorously sucked my own juices off his fingers like a complete slut.

At that point, Mr. Johnson said to my husband that it was obvious that I wanted more than simple flirting. He said that I was a slut and that hubby was a cuck and that he (Mr. Johnson) was willing to become my Dom. However, he said, as his sub, I would require regular training and that we must both be willing to accept the fact that I would be his slut, his property, to do with as he wished. Mr. Johnson said that I would learn to not only take black cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, but also crave it and would learn to desire black cock. Mr. Johnson looked directly at my husband and said, "Your sweet wife is a slut. I will train her to become a black cock loving white slut. Not only will I use her for my enjoyment, but my friends will also often enjoy fucking her over and over again. The tender lips she uses to kiss you good night are the same lips that will soon be wrapped around my cock. The beautiful face in front of you now will often be covered in cum, and I will send her home, more often than not, with several loads of cum either in her pussy, in her ass, or drying on her body. "

He then looked at me and asked, "Isn't that what you really want?"

I looked at hubby and replied, "Yes." And that is how it began….

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