Introduction to Sex Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

"Good question. I have two places that I frequent. One I get half price."


"No wow about it. It costs me a blowjob later on that evening. Still, it's worth it considering the money saved. Sometimes I even get the john to pay for the room. Then my 'friend' splits the cash with me after the john leaves."

"You think I should take Freddie to one of these rooms tomorrow?"

"Not a bad idea, Ellie; if he's paying three hundred, why not? You never know if he'll turn out to be a cash cow."

"A cash cow, gee, I never heard that one before."

"I should fill you in on the cops."

"What about them? I mean, they catch me doing it, I get arrested, right?"

"Not necessarily. See, if the john you're with is somebody important, they may let you both go. Or, they might take the john's money ... and yours too, for that matter. And before they let you go, you'll have to give them a freebie or two."

"That's it?"

"Oh, no, it's never that simple. They'll ask you questions; all kinds of questions. They do this to see if you know anything about any crimes committed recently, or to see if you know anyone they happen to be looking for. In other words, they try to make you an informer. Whatever you do, don't give up any information too easily. They won't believe you. Let them slap you around a little, or threaten you with serious time first."

Ellie didn't care for the part about getting slapped around at all, and said so.

"Its life, sweetie, think of the alternative - jail time."

"Oh, yeah," she said simply. "That is worse."

The two talked for another hour before calling it quits and left the diner. It was two in the morning, fairly early for hookers to knock off work.


Ellie met Freddie the following night in the park, and sure enough, he had the money, handing it to her as soon as they met.

"I've never done it with a girl as pretty as you," he said right off.

Ellie flushed. She was not used to compliments from men. Usually she was gaga over them and so horny she couldn't wait to spread her legs. But Freddie was different; she found herself growing sweet on him. She was well aware that Vivian had stressed that she not get involved with her johns, but still, there was something about Freddie.

She brought him to the room Vivian recommended; she would blow the desk clerk afterward. That had already been established. She did not gouge Freddie for room money, thinking three hundred should entitle him to a warm bed.

To her surprise, he was shy at first. She chided herself for not rubbing his dick and making him hot right away, but she was enjoying her time with him, wanting to prolong it as long as necessary. Part of her reasoning was that Viv would have her out walking the park as soon as she finished with him. The other reason, of course, was her liking him and wanting to have him return again, 'And,' she told herself, 'Viv can't bitch about that.'

They started off sitting in the only chair in the dingy hotel room, a rickety armchair. Ellie coaxed Freddie into a brief necking session, kissing him on the mouth, encouraging him until he sent his tongue out to meet hers.

"Touch me, Freddie," she cooed, and he ran a hand along her leg, up and down and Ellie found herself growing aroused.

'Hmmm, ' she thought, 'I think I'm liking this," and she began to work the zipper of his fly.

Once his reasonably sized cock came into view, Freddie suggested they get on the bed.

"Sure, baby," Ellie replied. "Want me to get on top?"

"Sure," he said, "you lead, I'll follow."

"Oh, you're so cute!" she giggled as she fitted a rubber on his weenie.

Settling down on him and drawing his dick into her recesses, she began to rock to and fro. Freddie came quickly, jetting a full load into the tight fitting rubber. Ellie took pains in removing the rubber from his limp dick. She had never used one before, and marveled at the amount of life-forming fluid contained in the skin-like sac.

Freddie started to put his underwear on, but Ellie touched his thigh and shook her head. "We're not finished lover boy," she said in a husky tone.

"I thought..." he began, but Ellie put a hand round his neck and pulled him to her and kissed him. They necked for almost thirty minutes, Ellie thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Freddie couldn't have been happier and he was rock hard when her mouth closed over him; and as she blew him, he explored her finely toned body, ending up by fingering her pussy, already wet and receptive to his single digit entry.

Then, to Freddie's delight, Ellie began to buck against his finger.

"Are you gonna cum?" He asked, almost frightened at the prospect.

"Yeah..." she gasped, having taken his member from between her lips. "I'm gonna cum all right. Keep that up Freddie, just like that!"

Ellie couldn't believe it when instead of proceeding, he stopped.

"What ... Freddie!" she cried in way of complaining. But Freddie, highly inflamed by her words, picked Ellie up and brought her back to the armchair and bent her over the chair so her face was buried in the cushions, her behind up in the air. Freddie roughly pulled her legs apart, and Ellie offered no resistance as she was breathing heavily, turned on by his actions, and caught up wondering what he was up to.

She found out soon enough, for Freddie started feeling her ass with one hand and her pussy with the other.

Ellie liked it and said a few encouraging words to that effect. He responded by slipping two fingers into her sodden snatch, while his other hand clutched at her ass and gave it the hardest squeeze she'd ever had. Several finger thrusts later, Ellie felt her orgasm building.

Freddie had no idea of the response he was extracting from his rented lover. So when he experimented with trying to send his thumb into her asshole and she went over the edge and screamed with pleasure, poor Freddie thought he'd done some type of damage to her cunt and stopped cold.

"No! No! Keep going!" she screamed even louder, thinking her climax was about to be taken from her.

Then his cock was pushing into her cunt, and with one thrust she cried out, "Yes! That's it! That's it!"

Each subsequent thrust forced her face deeper into the chair's cushion, muffling her cries and moans, sounds that mingled with that of his stomach slapping against her dampened flesh aroused Freddie all the more.

Ellie was into it in a big way, and looped her feet around his legs and bore down, shoving her ass back to meet his thrusts. They continued in this fashion until Ellie remembered how wonderful his finger had felt in her as.

Twisting her head to one side, she called out to him, "Freddie, do my ass again ... you know, with your finger!"

Freddie had a way to go before he came a second time and so was happy to oblige her. He had never experienced anything like this and didn't know what was right or wrong. His fingers moved to her rectum and two of them pushed against her tight hole.

"One, Freddie! One finger!" she yelped, feeling the pain from his anal intrusion.

Glancing down, Freddie realized his mistake and pulled away, only to send his middle finger into her as she had asked. This time his finger slipped deep inside and Ellie had to stifle another scream of pleasure. Of course the sudden penetration of his finger hurt some, but the subsequent exhilaration far outweighed the minor discomfort.

"Now fuck me!" she cried out, and he began pounding away at her, his finger finding an accompanying rhythm that revived the swell of Ellie's orgasm. This was much deeper than the one she had experienced earlier.

"Freddie! I'm coming!"

Freddie doubled his efforts and within seconds her orgasm hit her so hard she was overwhelmed and appeared to blackout. Freddie slowed down but did not stop his thrusting. He did extract his finger from her ass and tendered it to her mouth, and like a baby accepting a mother's nipple, she took it between her lips and gave suck.

She laid there, her ass sticking up, face buried in the cushion, breathing hard. Freddie stared at her puckered asshole, now partly open, making it as erotic an invitation to an anal fuck as one could imagine. Reasoning that she wanted him in there, having demanded he stick his finger in, he took careful aim, centered his cock on the quivering pucker and sent it into her ass.

"Freddie, stop. It's hurting me," she yelled. And to his credit and her surprise, he halted.

Ellie felt sorry for him, he was the john, yet he'd gotten her off and here he was trying to cum and she was denying him. 'What the hell do I think I'm doing?'

"Fuck my pussy, Freddie," she cooed in her sexiest voice, "My pussy."

He was into cunt instantly, fucking her harder than ever. She started to cum on his fourth thrust and clutching his cock with her vaginal muscles, kept coming until after Freddie had emptied his balls into the rubber he had on.

When they had both calmed down and cleaned up. Ellie thought to ask him why he'd gone after her asshole.

"You ... you" he stammered, reverting to the shy young man he had been when they first met, "... told me to stick my finger in. I ... I thought you wanted it back there. I never... I'd never hurt you, Ellie, it seemed like you wanted it and I...."

"It's all right, Freddie. I forgive you. I was a bad girl asking you to finger me there. I don't know why I did it. I never have before. Maybe I'll let you do me back there someday. But I'll have to use a lot of lubrication first."

"You'd let me do you there ... after what just happened?"

"Sure, I'm a professional, but I'm new at it."

It occurred to her that her next trick might want her ass, and she changed her mind, thinking, 'If it's going to happen sooner or later, so why shouldn't he be the one to do it."

She studied him, an n innocent as far as she was concerned. She decided to let him have her ass if he wanted it.

"Freddie," she said, "you know, I copped your cherry, so this would only let you return the favor, see?"

She rummaged in her small purse, came out with a tube of KY Jelly and showed it to him. "When your wiener is up to it again, we'll try it okay?"

"I... I don't think we'll have time to do it tonight, Ellie," he said, and the expression on his face was so forlorn it made her want to cry.

"But, why?"

"I have to get back... I have obligations," he said, pulling out each word with the greatest reluctance.

"I don't understand?" Ellie said, caressing his flaccid member, hoping it would revive and prolong their time together.

"Ellie... I'm a priest," he blurted. "I shouldn't be with you... I'm committing a grave sin. I've taken a vow of chastity and, God forgive me, my being with you, while the happiest time of my life, and is a mortal sin in the eyes of God."

"You're a priest?" she gasped.

"But you're a john... priests don't walk into the park looking for a blowjob," she murmured, not fully comprehending the situation.

"I... I knew you girls were in the park. Several men came into the confessional and told me so. It preyed on my mind for months. Then yesterday I found myself walking into the park. I was looking for you."

"Freddie, I... I only began yesterday. You were my first... really, you were my first customer."

His brow furrowed, "Strange," he said, "very strange. I was your first, you say?"

"Please, Freddie, don't go away!"

"I have to go," he glanced at his watch. "I'm running late already. I have to say Mass in thirty minutes. Oh, God, how will I manage it?"

She took his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips as softly as she could manage. "You'll manage. Think of me while you're up on the altar."

"Think of you? Are you crazy? I'd be carrying the host to the parishioners sporting an erection. Everyone would know."

"No one will know anything, Freddie. Not unless you tell them. You being a priest, won't they all be looking up to you, and not at you? I mean, you set the example, right?"

"I suppose. But I can't ever come back to you, Ellie. It's impossible."

"You do what's best, Freddie. If you want me, I'll be in the park tomorrow at seven. Think about me," she said, teasing him, but not understanding why she was doing it. Think about my ass, and how inviting it is."

"Ellie!" he cried and sounded lost and forlorn. "Don't torment me that way!"

"Okay, then, its goodbye. Freddie, I want you to know that you weren't just a paying customer to me. I really like you, I mean it. I really, really like you." She kissed him again, and since he was now fully dressed, shoved him toward the door.

"See ya!" she called after him as he left to return to his parish. She took her time dressing, examining herself in the dresser mirror every step of the way. Imagine that, a priest. Wait 'til I tell Vivian that.

Ellie picked up her purse and got ready to leave, and as she closed the motel door, remembered she had a blowjob to bestow on the desk clerk.

A girl's work is never done; she thought, imagine that, I fucked a priest ... and got paid for it.


Ellie's mother, Mavis Jones, was at her wit's end. A week had raced by since her daughter had run off. She had gone to the high school and questioned most of Ellie's classmates, including Margie on several occasions. She had badgered Margie's mother into eavesdropping on her daughter to see if Ellie was calling her after hours. None of this had proven beneficial.

The police offered little if any help, telling her there were thousands of runaways and since Ellie was eighteen there was little if anything they could do to force her back if they should find her.

She tried the FBI and received much the same message, only they were more polite. That afternoon, Donny, the boy who had seduced Ellie and induced her into the orgy, knocked on her front door.

"Mrs. Jones," he had begun, and his eyes were full of concern that Mavis refrained from slamming the door in his face.

He may have heard from her, she thought as she ushered him into the living room. Wringing her hands in front of her, she turned to face Donny and asked, "Have you heard from her? Have you heard anything?"

He looked at her and saw the resemblance to Ellie. It was remarkable. This woman didn't look old enough to have had a teenager. Remembering why he was there, he grew embarrassed and blushed, then stared at his feet as he replied in a monotone, "No, ma'am, I haven't heard anything. Um, neither have any of the others."

On hearing the word "others' uttered, Mavis flashed back to the scene that had greeted her when the door to Donny's apartment had opened and she'd stepped inside.

Donny had opened the door in the nude. His semi-erect penis came to mind, and she glanced at his crotch. Donny was becoming excited by her closeness and resemblance to Ellie, who had been perhaps the best fuck of his life.

Ellie's girlfriend, Margie had just ended a kiss with another woman and if she had seen correctly, and she knew she had, there was sperm trickling from the corner of the teen's mouth. The two had been swapping the man's sperm ... Mavis thought back to her formative years in high school and the time she had swapped spit with Norman Banks in his backseat, while enjoying her introduction to French kissing. But sperm ... it was disgusting!

And that had only been a fleeting glance, for Mavis was searching the seemingly crowded room for Ellie, and had found her lying nude on a couch, a strange man's penis against her cheek. Mavis knew her daughter had just blown him, for he was not at all hard. She dismissed the sane thought that they had not done it yet, for this was insanity, pure and simple. She had arrived too late to prevent it and felt totally humiliated for her apparent failure as a single parent responsible for Ellie's safety.

Mavis did not recall screaming out her daughter's name, nor telling her to get dressed and hustling her out and into her car. What she remembered vividly was Margie's refusal to leave with her and her own thoughts at the time, that the young girl was doomed to become a whore of the worst sort. But Maggie was back in school, had not been punished for her actions as she had punished Ellie, and it was her daughter who had run off, not Margie.

The image of Margie absorbing that man's penis into her mouth as she was herding Ellie out the door remained fixed in her mind. Unconsciously she found herself staring at Donny's crotch as the bulge within his slacks grew larger and larger until a stain appeared and he made an attempt to adjust himself, and caught her staring at him.

"I ... I'm sorry," he stammered, positive she would be on the phone to the police in seconds.

"No ... It's me who should be sorry. I was staring at you. You're a man, you can't help yourself."

"But ... I..." he started to say.

"You're obviously aroused, but why? What did I do to get you that way?"

"How... how can I put it," Donny said, trying to formulate the right words and not offend Mrs. Jones. "I find you... attractive, of course. You are you know."

Mavis held up a hand as if to cut him off, but she found herself strangely excited at his compliment. His words as well as the erection she had brought about had made her wet, and she was wondering what exactly she was going to do about it.

Donny's next sentence settled the matter for her.

"You bear an uncanny resemblance to your daughter," he said so softly that Mavis had to strain to hear him.


"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to offend you," he blurted, knowing he had gone too far.

"No, don't be sorry," she said almost as quietly as he. "Please, repeat what you just said a moment ago."

"You... bear a strong resemblance to Ellie."

"And... you're attracted to me because of that?"

"I don't know about that. I do know that I'm attracted to you and only you, right now."

Looking at his erection pointing at her from within his slacks, she said wryly, "I can certainly see that for myself."

Donny had not been with many women in his short lifetime, but he knew an invitation when he heard one.

"Shall I take it out and allow it to breath?"

Mavis pondered the invitation for a macro-second, and then answered him. "By all means, all good things should be allowed to age... and to breathe."

Donny wasted no time, and in a moment, Mavis was staring at his rigid pole, poised and ready to engage her.

They were on each other like animals. "Hold me," she told him. And when he wrapped his arm around her she moaned, "No, no! Tear my clothes off!"

Instantly he complied, frightening her, delighting her and causing her to wonder what other nasty things they would do with one another.

With her clothing shredded and pooled around them, they lay on the carpeted floor a tangle of arms and legs as they sought to find the right way to culminate their frenzied tryst.

Donny's hands gripped her wrists, not roughly, but not gently either.

"That's it," she husked suggestively. His legs were straddled outside hers. His cock prodded and fumbled to find her opening.

Mavis rocked her hips from side to side, half helping, half not. Then with a guttural grunt, he was in thrusting firmly until he was fully seated.

The friction of his cock as it dragged along her labia and tugged at her clit, made her shudder.

They rolled over and then rolled over again, and now Donny was on top, his legs constraining Mavis' from the outside, pushing her knees together.

To Mavis, so long without sex, his cock was huge.

"I can't believe how you fill me," she gasped, and followed with, "Now fuck me."

Donny obliged, using short, half-strokes that culminated with a straining, bending thrust.

Mavis's body twitched, as he brushed over or against her clit with each movement, as she was forced by her position to just lay there, squirming helplessly as he kept her pinned down.

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