tagRomanceIntroduction to Sex Ch. 08

Introduction to Sex Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

Ava Gardenia was quick to give Ellie the next few days off after she handed her the $2500 that was her part of the fee for the previous night's work.

"You were right," Ellie told her, "he was an animal. I'm sore all over."

"Oh, you poor thing," Ava sighed and gave Ellie $500 back, saying, "You deserve a little more for putting up with him. I've lost a girl because of him and his perversities."

Wisely, Ellie accepted the money without a word, and shortly thereafter, made an excuse and left Ava's sumptuous apartment.


Since it was a beautiful day, Ellie, decked out in a new yellow sundress that cost her three hundred dollars, along with an almost matching pair of designer sunglasses, decided to have lunch at one of Atlanta's better hotel restaurants; one with an outdoor patio affording a gorgeous view of a garden full of blooming azaleas.

She was quickly seated at one of the better tables, ordered a glass of Champagne as she sat down and crossed her legs as she waited for it to be brought to her table.

Two tables removed, a young architect studied her, memorizing her subtle features, from her large, round eyes, to her small snubbed nose and pointed chin. He spent a full minute taking in her Angelina Jolie -like mouth, and marveling at her immaculate complexion. He took his time and it was another full minute before his eyes moved down to devour the slope of her breasts, and later still, the calves and ankles that the sundress permitted to peek out.

The server brought the champagne to Ellie and after taking a small sip, she noticed the young man sitting across from her.

And when she glanced at him for the first time, he thought he would drown in the blue of her eyes.

Ellie was not surprised when the young man got up and made his way to her table. She was used to being "hit on" by men, especially now that she was much more experienced in dealing with them sexually. She had a gift for letting them down easily, and not damaging what she and her girl friends called, "little boy egos."

"It's a very pleasant day, isn't it?" he said.

"Yes, it is," Ellie replied with a slight smile.

"I prefer the spring to fall, and of course, Atlanta is so hot and sultry in the summer," he added.

Ellie recrossed her legs, this time providing a view some six inches above her knee. She watched his eyes widen through her sunglasses, and broadened her smile.

"Have we met?" she asked, as if he would supply the place and date of that occasion.

"Only just this minute," he answered.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Devin, Devin O'Brien.

"Well, Mr. O'Brien, as much as I love talking with you, my reason for being here is to gather my thoughts, and talking to you isn't the way to accomplish it. I'm sorry, perhaps another time...."

That said, Ellie picked up her glass and took a sip, summarily dismissing Mr. O'Brien.

But Devin would not be dismissed that easily.

"But of course," he said, "I shall leave you to your thoughts. But when you have finished, might I invite you to join me in a walk through the Botanical Gardens down the street?"

She didn't answer him; instead she looked away and pretended to be lost in thought. There was something about Mr. O'Brien that puzzled Ellie.

His use of the English language was unusual, at least to her way of thinking. He was handsome enough, well dressed, and he was a gentleman. She reassured herself that he had no idea what she did to earn a living, and silently debated whether or not to accept his offer to tour the botanical Gardens.

As he turned to walk away, Ellie followed him beneath the veil of her eyelashes; and finally called after him," I would be delighted to join you, Mr. O'Brien; perhaps in twenty minutes, or so?"

He turned back to face her and said, "I've got a car. We could go in that."

"I'd prefer to walk, thank you. But take your car. I'll meet you there."

"All right," he said agreeably. "I'll meet you there."

Ellie, not familiar with the Gardens, asked,

"Where shall we meet?"

"Why not just come with me in the car?"

"No, I don't know you, and I don't ride with strangers."

"All right, I understand. Look for me at the café there."

"All right, say in about twenty minutes then," she said, and looked away, once again pretending to be lost in her thoughts.


Devin was waiting just outside the café when Ellie strolled by.

"Hi," he called out.

"Oh, there you are," she replied, and gave him her best smile as she added, "Hi."

"Would you care for a drink?" he inquired.

"No, thank you," she said, moving next to him.

Devin took her arm and they started walking along a narrow garden lane, through some late blooming tulips that were strikingly beautiful.

They walked for over an hour, stopping to comment on this flower bed, or that particular ornamental tree. Gradually, they became comfortable with one another, and when Ellie laughed at Devin's poor attempt at a joke, they bonded for good.

After a cocktail at the café, they agreed to go to a nearby petting zoo. Ellie joined Devin in his car, and they drove a few blocks to the zoo.

Ellie was taken with the monkeys, goats and ducks and was almost giddy with delight at having met Devin. She had been taking stock of him ever since meeting him at the café and realized that he was the best looking guy she had ever been out with.

Among other things, she was more than pleased with his reaction to her embarrassing moments with a mischievous goose that kept darting under her yellow sundress and pecking at her thighs.

"Oh, were I that duck," he said.

Ellie slapped his arm, and told him it was a goose, and not a duck.

Then they were both laughing as the goose turned its attention to Devin's crotch, which caused him to run away from it while Ellie howled with laughter.

After the zoo, they headed downtown, parked the car, and began to explore the various shops in the Underground. By this time they were walking a little closer to one another. They didn't buy anything, just browsed and chatted with the various proprietors.

When the first hunger pangs set in, the sun was setting. It was just after eight o'clock.

"I know just the place to get a bite to eat," Devin said.

"Let's go, I'm starving," Ellie said.

He was pleased that she agreed to go to the restaurant of his choosing, and not countering with a place of her own.

Devin drove down Piedmont Rd, NE, to a place called CoCo Loco, telling Ellie that he had been eating there since it opened.

"Ellie," he said, testing her name on his tongue as if it were a rare dessert, "this place has thrived through all the trendy Tapas joints, and the Latin revival. Just wait and see how we're greeted."

Ellie couldn't have been more pleased. She was on a date, a real date. And suddenly she realized that it was really her first true date. She put her hands up to her face and let go a silent scream of delight.

"What's wrong, Ellie?" Devin asked the alarm evident in his tone.

"Oh, nothing ... I just had a thought."

"Well, think happy thought, Ellie, because the cuisine here is the type that melts in your mouth."

They arrived at CoCo Loco moments later, a valet took the car from Devin and they were greeted by the proprietor as they entered the restaurant. Ellie's neck swiveled as they were being seated, trying to take in all the colorful murals on the walls.

Devin quickly ordered them both large glasses of Sangria, and Ellie told him she would have whatever he had. Pleased at her deferring to him, Devin ordered the Habanero Grouper, telling her that, "I know the word Habanero might cause you to think the fish is extra hot, but it isn't. Actually the word stands for Havana, or more to the point, Cuba, from where this fish is found. The vegetables have a light coating of cheese on them, and the fish is sautéed in a butter caper sauce, and is to die for."

"So it's a Spanish dish," Ellie said.

"Yes, and no," Devin replied.

She gave him a quizzical look, and he said, "Let me explain."

Ellie smiled as she nodded.

"There is a French version that is almost exactly the same I've had at the Café de la Place. They're closed now. They used to be behind Houston's on Peachtree. But I'm getting off track. This is probably the best fish served in town. And wait until you try the Cuban coffee!"

Their meal came and both set about devouring their respective platters of fish. Later after two cups of fabulous Cuban coffee, they got back in Devin's car and drove about 20 miles to another place Ellie had not even heard of called Provisions.

It was located on a lake and they had a couple rum flavored drinks and ended up with shrimp cocktails while watching the sailboats criss-crossing the lake thanks to a brisk breeze.

Ellie found herself scrutinizing him. She was certain that she liked him. He was really nice, and she hoped that he would ask her for a date, and soon. It also occurred to her that in all her time in Atlanta, she had not even heard of the places she'd been that afternoon. It was all new to her.

She felt like a giddy tourist. But it wasn't so much where they'd been that day that made everything so special. None of would have been half as interesting if she'd been with someone other than Devin. He was so charming, quick-witted, and full of fun and energy that he made the bright day brighter.

She wanted to hear what he thought about everything, from the latest TV shows to politics and art. She wanted to listen to him talk about people, dogs, religion, sports, Beethoven, fashions, food, woman's lib, Saturday morning cartoons, and a million other subjects. She also wanted to tell him what she thought about all these things and she wanted to know what he thought of what she thought of what he thought, and pretty soon she was telling him what she thought of what he thought of what she thought.

Ellie was drunk, not on wine, but on the fluidity and intimacy of their conversation. She was intoxicated by this communication, something which had been absent from her life in recent months, even years.

By the time he parked the car in front of her place, she had made her mind up to invite him up. She was certain they would go to bed together. She wanted him very much; the thought of it made her warm and tingly. She knew he wanted her. She could see the desire in his eyes.

"Care for some coffee before you head home?" she asked.

"I'd love some," Devin replied.

"My place isn't all that..." she said, caught herself, and stopped.

And on entering, Devin made sure to find several nice things to say about the apartment. And he meant what he said, pleasing Ellie immensely.

They needed to let dinner settle a little, and with that in mind, she made and then poured them both large cups of coffee. Soft, romantic music flowed from her stereo speakers, and time passed without either speaking. They just looked into each other's eyes and sipped their coffee.

Finally Devin leaned over and kissed her. Ellie opened her mouth to him, and for a brief sweet moment, their tongues met. He pulled back and said, "I think we're in the mood for something more than this."

"Mmmm," she sighed agreeably.

"But I don't, or won't take advantage of you," he said and stood up.

Ellie took note of the bulge in his pants, but her face clearly registered surprise at Devin's action.

"But..." she began.

"No, Ellie, I can't take advantage of you. I like you ... I like you a lot, and want to see you again. But right now I think you're too vulnerable to what I might do. I'm leaving, but only with your number. I promise I'll call you as soon as I get home. Are you open for dinner and a movie tomorrow?"

"Yes... sure, but...."

Then I better get out of here, before I lose control."

He kissed her eyes, then her lips, put one hand gently on her breast. "Until tomorrow then."

And before Ellie could protest, he was gone.


True to his word, Devin called about forty-five minutes later. They talked for several hours, until Devin begged off as he had to work the following day.

"You've got to go in too, right?" he said.

"Yes, but I can get a later start than you. My hours are flexible," Ellie told him, crossing her fingers as she spoke the words.

And so the call ended, and Ellie imagined them going together and getting engaged, then married, and having several children.

In her mind she wanted four, two girls and two boys; and Devin wanted five, with the fifth being either girl or boy to break the tie.

To her surprise, Ellie went off to sleep without masturbating about him, and woke up at six, reached for the phone and called him.

He answered on the third ring and she grew wet on hearing his voice. Devin couldn't talk very long and on hanging up, Ellie fumbled around in her vanity, seeking her vibrator. Finding it, she turned it on and had several enjoyable climaxes, dreaming it was Devin fucking her rather than the pink colored vibrator.


Ellie called Ava and requested an early date, and Ava was only too happy to oblige her.

The John was a middle-aged businessman, who was easily satisfied with a leisurely blowjob.

Ellie rinsed her mouth out and left the hotel room before the John; hurriedly caught a passing taxi, taking it to the nearest Harris Teeter where she shopped for some essential ingredients for the dinner she planned on making Devin later.

Later, following a sumptuous dinner of beef stroganoff, they sat quietly in her living room listening to Mozart, sipping after dinner drinks.

Devin put his arm around her shoulder and was preparing to kiss her when he noticed a tear running down her cheek.

"What's that for?" he asked startled. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no," she sniffed into a napkin. "Nothing's wrong. In fact, it seems everything is right for a change, and I'm ... I'm so happy that I'm crying."

"Oh, Ellie," Devin said, pulling her close to him. He kissed her cheek, and then licked the tears away.

Turning into his embrace, she put her arms around him, feeling the strength in his arms and shoulders, and parted her mouth slightly as he moved to kiss her lips.

The kiss lengthened, tongues came into play and then they were touching one another. Devin's hands began to move up and down her sleek back, and he marveled at her exquisite contours; became excited by the firmness and suppleness of her breasts beneath the blouse.

Ellie's hands roamed over him too, stroking and squeezing his hard muscles. She kissed the corners of his mouth, and he eagerly returned the kiss. Their tongues met and the kiss became hot, fiercely hot and liquid; it left them breathing harder as the hunger behind the kiss rose to the surface.

They took turns sucking the other's tongue into their mouths; but it was she who was first to lick his teeth with him following her lead and even teaching her a thing or two in the process.

By unspoken agreement, they got up from the couch and went to the bedroom. Ellie switched on a lamp in the living room as they left it, and that light spilled into the bedroom, affording the only illumination they needed.

They stood beside the bed, embracing, kissing. Their mouths moved to one another's ears, neck and throat. Devin's hand gently caressed her breast and he groaned as it rose against the heat of his palm.

"I want to taste you..." he sighed breathing heavily.

"I want you too," she said, granting him permission to forge ahead.

He unbuttoned her blouse, deftly removed her bra and bent to sample her right breast.

She moaned with pure pleasure as he bit the nipple.

Ellie had to fight a powerful impulse to suck his cock. 'Later, ' she told herself. 'Later I'll do everything, but I have to wait.'

She had no way of knowing it, but Devin wanted her to take him in her mouth as well. He also wanted to bury his face between her legs and taste her juices, knowing they would be as sweet as honey.

He pulled his mouth from her breast, felt her hand gripping his erection, and studied the breasts inches from his face. They were gorgeous, full riding high on her chest, two perfect spheres, with large areolas and half-inch nipples poking out from their centers.

He bent to them again, taking one in his mouth. As he drew it in and licked a small circle around the areole, Ellie took his head in her hands, and lifted his face from the nipple and bringing to her mouth. It was a prolonged kiss, gentle at first, then moving from firm to savage in its intensity. Finally it ended, and he actually shook as she unbuckled his slacks, unzipped his fly and took his member out and looked it over.

"Well?" he said.

"It's lovely, and big!" Her obvious pleasure at viewing him brought him a vicarious thrill, as he was proud of his seven inch cock. Ellie stroked him several times before he had to place his hand on hers, preventing further masturbation on her part.

"You'll make me cum," he said simply. "We don't want that ... not yet."

He had Ellie stand and he took great pleasure in removing the remainder of her clothing, leaving clad in only panties and heels. Then he joined her, removing his as well.

"Do you like me?" Ellie asked, shyly.

"Yes I like you. Damn it Ellie, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

"Oh!" she gasped, thrilled at his words.

He dropped to his knees, intending to pull off her panties; but before doing so, he thought of a way of making the moment more memorable. He smiled up at her, then gripped her panties with his teeth and slowly tugged them down.

He prolonged the experience, stopping to kiss and lick her bushy mons through the material, sucking her outer lip for just a delicious moment and feeling Ellie shiver with anticipation before he returned to the job at hand.

'His hands, ' she thought, 'his wonderful hands, ' as she trembled yet again with the feel of those hands traversing up her legs, over the lovely curves of her calves, over the smoothness of her thighs.

'Her scent, ' he thought, 'I'm gonna cum just from those fragrant, musky wisps.'

And when her panties finally lay at her feet, Ellie flicked them off, and stood trembling waiting for Devin's next move.

He did nothing for a moment, only paused to savor her beauty, and then he blew softly blew upon her glossy pubic bush and her knees buckled. He caught her before she fell; placed her gingerly on the bed, spreading her legs apart as he released her.

Quickly he knelt between her legs and buried his face into her sparsely bush, and licked slowly up and down her outer lips luxuriating in the feel of the bristles of pubic hair, sharp against his face.

"Ohhhh," she sighed, and placed her hand on top of his head as if to hold it in place forever.

He cupped her firm buttocks in both hands, gently kneading the firm flesh and she moved closer to him, widening the spread of her legs in the process. His tongue located her opening and entered, causing her to gasp aloud.

He rose up, found her mouth, and they enjoyed another long, drawn out kiss.

When it ended, Ellie croaked, "Please ... put it in!"

As soon as he entered her, he was overwhelmed by the warmth of her, already excited by the promise of her body; he started counted backwards from one hundred to keep from coming too quickly. He desperately wanted to hold out as long as possible to make this special for her.

Devin was deeply affected by her unique murmurs and movements under his ministrations, but they soon became secondary as his need nearly overwhelmed him. He sent his member deep, and held it there while they found one another's mouth for another long, lingering kiss.

Ellie tasted herself on his tongue and gloried in it, making a mental note to suck him long and hard when the opportunity presented itself.

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