tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIntruder Ch. 09

Intruder Ch. 09


Only thirteen weeks along and my pregnancy was already starting to screw with my internal body clock. I awoke at five in the morning and simply wasn't tired enough to fall back to sleep, so I got up and started the day with a shower before making myself a hearty pre-dawn breakfast. My rapist had been gone for nearly two months, and I had never felt so much emotional turmoil in my life.

The awe of his presence near me, and especially inside me, had now faded far enough into the past that I could look back on our time together with real objectivity. Underneath the genuinely emotional connection I had started to develop towards him, along with the raw physical and sexual attraction that had made me such a cooperative rape victim, there had been something else there; a faint, sickly after-taste beneath the whirlwind of other, sweeter feelings I had felt towards him: it had been fear.

Its presence was so obvious in retrospect, and yet it hadn't really occurred to me that it was even there. I had been afraid of my rapist all the time that I had been his prisoner, of course I had been. That was why I hadn't dared to try and kill him in his sleep or run screaming out of the apartment, there was always the underlying fear that he would exact some terrible reprisal against me and my unborn child. Thinking about how much of my acquiescence was fear and how much of it was genuine attraction or even lust was making my head hurt; or maybe it was just dehydration. I poured myself a glass of water and downed it like a shot of whisky.

I would probably be hungry again in a few hours, but in the meantime I returned to my bedroom and switched on the TV. There was the usual assortment of pre-dawn Adult channels with naked tarts wiggling their junk on screen, but eventually I found the news.

"...Another bizarre twist in the case of the alleged serial rape of an 18 year old girl in Beverley Hills, California. The alleged victim's mother, identified only as KZ, who told investigators that her daughter was sexually assaulted over the course of a month by the man she had hired for domestic chores, is now being questioned by police with the possible charge of soliciting prostitution looming over her head after she admitted to being in a consensual relationship with the alleged rapist and after the alleged rapist's cell phone number, provided by KZ to investigators, turned out to be the main contact number for a male escort agency called California Cupids.

The Chief Executive of California Cupids, Marina Horowitz, has denied that KZ was ever a client of her firm, and has strenuously denied that California Cupids is a prostitution ring, even though one of the company's employees, a man identified as 23 year old David Gilmore, has been named by BHPD as the prime suspect in the alleged rape of KZ's daughter, who cannot be identified for legal reasons..."

I switched off the TV again, not in the mood to be reminded too much of rape. That being said, the photograph of David Gilmore did bear a superficial resemblance to my rapist. He wasn't nearly as handsome and he lacked the entrancing emerald eyes of the man who deflowered me, but there were enough similarities that I couldn't shake it from my head. Did my rapist have something to do with that case? Was David Gilmore one of his aliases?

I thought of him taking those women in the dead of night, selfishly filling them with his seed before disappearing into the darkness, never intending to be a part of the new lives he had brought into being. I imagined he would have executed some ingenious escape plan before anyone could catch him, using David Gilmore as a decoy, or perhaps as a fall guy. I imagined him secretly returning to this city, to my apartment, to me. I imagined him sliding onto the bed, sliding on top of me, sliding into me when I was at my most vulnerable...

I shook my head clear of such fantasies. I had no guarantee that he was ever coming back, in spite of the promise he had made to be back in time for the birth. Besides, the man was a rapist; the fact that a part of me actually missed my rapist was rather perverse. I looked at the time; it was still only 6am. What the hell. This was my apartment, I could fantasise about whatever I wanted. I slowly reclined onto the bed and spread my thighs a little, reaching down into my bathrobe to touch the tender folds of my sex.

I closed my eyes and rolled my head back, picturing my rapist in all his naked glory towering over my vulnerable frame; his beautiful green eyes set into a chiselled masculine face, his exquisitely muscular torso, and his beast-like manhood, standing tall and proud, ready to make a woman out of me again and again. A tender finger rub couldn't possibly match the feel of his horse-like cock inside me; but I would just have to make do until he came back, if he ever came back.

My feminine fluids began to leak from me down onto the sheets as I circled my clit with my fingers, and the fuzzy warmth of sexual pleasure began to pool in my groin. I had seldom, if ever, pleasured myself before he had come to me, but ever since he'd left I couldn't get enough of this activity. I wanted him back; I wanted him back on top of me; I wanted him back inside of me. Carrying a part of him inside my belly simply wasn't enough.

I stuck two fingers into my pregnant pussy, imagining as best I could his thrusting manhood inside me, aggressively probing my feminine depths, threatening to fill me with his virile seed as he had done so many times before, and to so many other women before. A digitally induced orgasm began to build and build inside my groin, making me frig myself until I arched my back in an orgasmic state and moaned out load as the pleasure swept through me.

I lay on my back for the next hour as my orgasmic afterglow slowly receded; as it faded, so too did the rather fantastical image of my rapist that had clouded my mind. I was fully entitled to some self-pleasure once in a while, but fantasising about the man who raped me smacked of Stockholm syndrome. As my alarm clock beeped, I disabled it and got ready for the day...again.


Once I'd eaten my second breakfast and was dressed and ready for work, I set the alarm and locked the door. In addition to a clothes shopping spree, I had also spent a chunk of the mysterious $500,000 deposit in my account on boosted security. The windows were now double glazed, making them intruder proof, and supplemented by an air-conditioning system that was actually quiet as well as effective. My home alarm was state-of-the-art and the front door was reinforced with multiple bolts and a single extra-strong lock. As mixed as my feelings about my rapist were, there was nothing ambiguous about my need for security.

I locked the front door and headed towards the elevator. David was already there and he greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and greeted him with a big two armed hug.

"Morning beautiful," he beamed at me, "how are you today?"

"Tired," I admitted with a slight yawn, "I woke up at five in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep."

"The hormones are taking effect already, I see." He noted sympathetically.

"Yeah, it's probably a girl." I told him.

"How do you know?"

"I'm starting to get really bad mood swings."

"Isn't that a stereotype that women are more emotional?" he asked me attempting to affect a disapproving look.

"Absolutely not," I replied adamantly, "at for me it runs in the family. My mom told me that once, when she was pregnant with me, she burst into tears because the milk in her cereal wasn't cold enough."

"Ok, now you're just yanking my chain." David answered laughing.

"No, I'm deadly serious," I said, joining with his laughter.

"Maybe I'll ask your parents when I get to meet them."


The elevator arrived and we rode it down together. David was tall and handsome with a cute button nose, pearly white teeth, and a little stud in his earlobe. His eyes were green and they lit up when he smiled. He worked as a doctor at the same hospital I did, and had even moved onto the same floor as me shortly after the other man in my life had gone on his merry way. David had been my shoulder to lean on ever since, and he never expected anything from me in return. He was also the only person to whom I had confided my pregnancy, though I couldn't bring myself to tell him how I had come to be that way, or who was responsible.

We were chatting and laughing all the way to the hospital before beginning our separate shifts. He was a full-time gynaecologist and obstetrician, and I was still just a nurse. My bump wasn't showing yet, but I was already heaving to wear bras that were a cup size larger than before. I also found it more comfortable to wear pantihose under my clothes, and I felt sexier too.

"Hey Leah," called a masculine voice. A rugged and mischievous looking young man approached me with an endearing smile. Dean looked happy to see me, he usually was.

"Hi Dean," I answered, trying to affect a friendly acknowledgement, "I was just gonna start doing the rounds on the 2nd floor."

"Oh, mind if I join you?" he said enthusiastically.

"Uh, not at all," I said with slight hesitation.

"Good, we should get it done twice as fast."

Dean was a nice enough person; with messy hair and a bad boy glint in his eyes, he was enthusiastic about his job and liked to make people laugh, especially young women. I was a little wary of him; then again, I was a little wary of guys in general since getting pregnant. Every girl knows what guys are ultimately after, and rumour had it that Dean had already scored with a few of my more naïve female colleagues. Still, he was civil enough to me.

We worked our way down each corridor until the entire floor was done, with Dean making small talk all the way. It was a little distracting having him talk to me whilst we were doing our jobs, but I listened as attentively as I could, laughed at his jokes, and even found some of them genuinely funny. Before I knew it, it was time for a lunch break, and Dean invited me to join him at the staff cafeteria; I politely declined since I hated the food there, and ate a salad with David instead. David was better company and I felt a lot more comfortable when he was around, plus I could freely discuss my condition with him.


The end of the day was nearing, and I had finally finished the afternoon rounds of the 3rd floor, plus I helped a doctor stabilise a patient who was undergoing a myocardial infarction. It had been a pretty good day, and now I could head home and relax.

"Nurse L. Taylor, report to 21-C on the 3rd floor, Nurse L. Taylor to 21-C, 3rd floor."

My heart sank at the announcement of the surprise errand, followed by a flash of anger and disappointment sweeping through me. Then I shook my head in bewilderment, it was just one more errand to run. Being pregnant was making angry, happy, and miserable at even the smallest things. If and when my rapist ever returned, I was going to slap him across the face for screwing up my previously well balanced emotional swings by impregnating me. I probably wasn't going to do that; but until then, one last job and I could go home.

I was already in corridor C and room 21 was at the end of the corridor, so I made my way to my required destination. As I approached 21-C, it did occur to me how odd it was to summon a specific nurse to a specific room in the hospital. Normally, if there was a problem, whoever was unoccupied would be sent down to fix it.

The light was on in the room and the patient was buried under the covers, presumably fast asleep. As I stepped into the patient's room, I noticed that the heartbeat and breathing monitors were switched off, and that they weren't actually hooked up to anything. With a nervous feeling suddenly clenching my stomach, I reached over and pulled back the covers. There was just a pair of pillows arranged to resemble a person.

The lights snapped off and a masculine hand grabbed my mouth. I squealed in terror through the hand, knowing that no one would hear my cries for help as my attacker shut the door behind me and locked it. He then spun me around and pushed me up against the bed, keeping my mouth covered whilst he grabbed my pants and yanked them down, roughly groping the crotch of my pantihose, which was already getting wet from the excitement of this attack. My attacker was already completely naked and I struggled against his powerful hands and muscular body as he pinned me to the edge of the bed and assaulted me.

After getting my juices flowing through my underwear, my attacker gripped a handful of my pantihose and ripped a hole in it. I yelped in indignation as he tore through the expensive material and aggressively shifted my panties to one side before expertly rubbing the nub of my clit with his fingers. My eyes rolled back as the pleasure began to coarse through me in pulses, my feeble resistance melting away as the assault progressed. Balanced on the edge of the hospital bed, I involuntarily lifted my feet off the ground and held onto my attacker's powerful shoulders as he violated my bodily integrity.

His hand went from rubbing my love-button to sliding in between my lower lips, making me gasp aloud as he released my mouth and began to undo the buttons on my shirt, exposing my black lace bra to him and copping a feel of my ample breasts. I hugged him ever closer to my body as he assaulted my body and the pleasure assaulted my senses. His fingers wriggled inside me in a come-hither expression that reached my precious g-spot, driving me absolutely wild. His massive horse-cock poked at me, smearing pre-cum onto the bare skin of my thigh, and his well filled balls rubbed up and down my leg as he humped at me.

I stifled an ecstatic squeal to avoid being overheard as he brought me to a digitally-induced orgasm, and wrapped my legs behind his in eagerness for more. I felt suddenly empty as he withdrew his fingers from me and took hold of his man-rod, lining it up with my pussy. I was dripping wet down there and could barely contain my anticipation as the head of his cock made contact with my womanhood. He rubbed his cock up and down my entrance, soaking the head of his penis in my copious juices before plunging himself into me in one stroke.

I gave out a high pitched moan as I felt his cock fill me up to the back of my pussy, our groins connecting fully at the crotch. His thrusts were long and strong, his hips slapping into mine with audible force at each stroke. I mewled helplessly at each stroke and held on for dear life as he took hold of my hips to guide his cock home. He grunted with masculine determination as he humped me, ramming his groin into mine and gradually increasing the rate of his strokes. My bump was barely visible, but I leaned back a little to protect my tummy from the force of his humping, just in case.

My attacker increased his speed to a feral frenzy, rutting my helpless pussy like a champion stallion balls deep in a mare in heat. My orgasm was fast approaching, and judging from the intensity of his mating thrusts, so was his. I couldn't help but let out a high-pitched squeak of ecstasy as my climax overwhelmed my senses, and I scratched at his back whilst reflexively crossing my ankles behind his back to trap his cock inside me.

With a furious snarl, my attacker forced himself all the way up to the hilt and ejaculated with the force of a fire hydrant. I felt his man-rod twitch and writhe inside me as the hot liquid of his man-seed gushed into my feminine depths. I snuggled into my rapist's hold, nestling into his neck as he filled me with his seed; if I weren't already pregnant, this would surely have done it.

"Where have you been all this time?" I asked dreamily, still in a post-orgasmic fugue.

"How did you know it was me?" my rapist asked in his deliciously British elocution.

"You had your way with me every night and day for nearly two months," I replied, caressing my intruder's muscular back, "after that, I think I'm pretty familiar with what your body feels like, against me and inside me."

"So absence really does make the heart grow fonder."

"Apparently; and besides, if I'd even suspected it was anyone but you, I'd have zapped you with enough juice to power this hospital for a week."

"Is that right?" he replied with sceptical amusement. A loud electric zapping noise wiped the smirk off his face as I demonstrated my taser, "ok, now that I wasn't expecting from you."

"A girl can't be too careful these days," I said, locking onto his eyes with a disapproving scowl, "with dirty, no good rapists on the prowl, attacking helpless women at home and at work."

I held my scowl for as long as possible before we both broke down into mutual laughter.

"I'm so glad you came back," I murmured affectionately, hugging my rapist close to my body, "part of me was afraid you wouldn't."

"I'm glad to be back," he replied reassuringly, reciprocating the hug whilst still buried inside me, "especially after that nonsense in California."

"That was you in Beverley Hills?" I asked in genuine surprise.

"Yes," he admitted, "although it's not quite what it sounds like on the news."

"I bet."

"Your shift is over, I believe." He said, releasing me from his hug and withdrawing from me, "how about we go home to talk about it?"

"Only if you promise to buy me a new set of pantihose," I qualified, putting my taser back in my pocket and shifting my panties back into position.

"What for?"

"Because you tore the ones I'm wearing!" I complained, indicating the rip in the crotch of my pantihose, "plus, you need to make up for the fact that you never called me, and the fact that you've just criminally assaulted me...again."

"OK, I promise."


Once we were both dressed again, my rapist and I exited the unused room and walked back down the corridor together. He was dressed as a hospital orderly, complete with a fake ID tag and a small bag full of technical equipment which he must have used to issue the bogus intercom announcement. It did occur to me how perverse it was to be glad that my rapist was back, and yet I was; he was still the father of my child, after all. Plus he was ten times more handsome than any man I'd ever met, even David. As we headed towards the exit at the other end of the corridor, the door opened and Dean appeared.

"Hey, I was wondering where you'd gotten to." Dean called to me with a relieved smile on his face, walking towards us and not noticing the intruder beside me.

"Yeah, I had one last errand to run before my shift ended," I replied, trying to simultaneously suppress my hesitation and my puzzlement at why Dean had been looking for me.

"Oh, you mean an emergency?" prompted Dean.

"No, someone just needed their IV solution swapped out," interjected my rapist with a smooth American accent. Dean's eyes turned to the towering male beside me and the smile was wiped right off his face.

"You swapped out a patient's IV solution?" Dean asked suspiciously.

"That's what I just said." replied my rapist.

"And it took two of you to do that?" Dean continued with his eyes narrowed.

"Well I'm not qualified to do that so when I saw something was wrong I called Ms Taylor over to help me." I was impressed and slightly unnerved by how smooth a liar my rapist was, but the suspicion on Dean's face was slowly giving way to grudging belief.

The two men were unconsciously flexing their muscles in front of one another. Dean was glaring up at his much larger rival with a faintly aggressive look on his face, and my rapist – who stead several inches taller than Dean – was looking down at him with the superior sneer of an alpha. Even though I was trying hard to resist the urge to roll my eyes at this macho stand-off, it was pretty clear who the dominant male was.

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