tagErotic CouplingsInvoked Ch. 01

Invoked Ch. 01


She walked into the house, heels clacking against the floor. The shopping bag was in one hand and her case in the other. Heading straight for the kitchen, she didn't see him sitting at the computer in the corner but she knew he was there. Her voice called out to him as she opened the refrigerator door.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Alright...what ya got tonight?" He asked while typing.

"Just picked up some girlie beer." She laughed, ruffling his hair as she walked by.

He glanced at her retreating form and smiled. She usually arrived home from work after him. He loved it when she was in her business attire: navy blue jacket with a matching short skirt, heels, and silk white blouse. They made her look so sexy and tempting. Most of the time her hair was loose but tonight it was gathered into a ponytail.

Once a week she'd buy some drinks, they would get drunk together and talk the night away. Those were the best nights to him. Lately, those nights have been getting better. They would discuss all sorts of things. Tonight, they would talk about god-knows-what and he couldn't wait.

He went back to his work on the computer when he heard his name being called. Stopping for a moment, he looked down the hall toward her room. Silence...until she called out again.

"Hey Michael." She yelled from her room.

"Yeah Tori, what's up?" he replied.

"I updated my story today," she said with a giggle.

"This chapter is extra good."

"Oh really?" He questioned, getting up from his seat.

She stuck her head out the room, "Oh yeah, you'll love it. It took me forever to write but it's pretty hot."

Michael walked down the dark hallway and stopped in front of her open door. Tori stood at her closet in nothing but her gray and white camo pants. Her back was toward the door where Michael stood waiting. He noticed the smooth skin of her bareback, the curves of her body, and the sides of her breast that he could just make out. The little bit of light in the room didn't help him much.

She was looking through her closet to find her white cotton tank top. Once she found it, Michael watched her slipped it on and walked over to her bed. He felt a twinge in his pants because of her hardened nipples that where very visible through her top. Most of the clothes she wore around the house left nothing to the imagination. That was the way he liked it.

Tori pulled her laptop out of her bag, turned it on and looked for her roommate. She saw Michael standing at the door in his usual getup: a black t-shirt and a pair of Fubu's torn at the bottom, missing the knees. She motioned for him to come sit on the bed. He obeyed and relaxed on her queen size mattress, adorned with pillows. Resting the computer on his legs, she went to put her stuff away. After the room was fixed, Tori checked the screen and saw that it loaded already. She opened the folder that contained her story, then the story itself. Turning the computer so that he could see, she kissed him on the head and told him to enjoy.

"Call me when you're done," she called out as she left the room.

Michael smiled as he watched her clean up the room. He watched her body sway back and forth. When she left, he started her new chapter. Not a paragraph into the story and he was already enjoying it. He knew this chapter would be good. Knowing the chapter might leave him wanting, he continued to read anyway.

Tori went to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of Twisted Smirnoff, which she brought in earlier. Once she had her drink she opened it and sat down at Michael's computer to check her email. She quietly sipped and read her mail. 'Junk mail as usual,' she though tilting the empty bottle to her mouth.

"Damn, done already."

She got up and this time brought two bottles back with her just in case. Already, the first one was taking effect. She was drinking on an empty stomach but didn't care. No work the next day and no obligations; she didn't care if she was puking the whole night, just as long as she wasn't sober.

About ten minutes later Michael was done. He sat there for a moment letting the story sink all in. He moved the laptop off his legs and onto the bed. As he stood, he adjusted his pants trying to move his newly acquired bulge out of view. 'I need a cigarette... bad,' he though as he left the room. Michael closed the door behind him and walked down the hall pulling out his pack and lighter. He saw Tori sitting at the computer, reading and working on her third bottle of alcohol.

Lighting his cig, he walked up behind her and placed his hand on her neck.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You are one naughty girl."

Tori shivered at the closeness yet grinned at the words. She knew he liked it, which was all that mattered. She felt his hand caressing her neck and melted to the feeling. Leaning her head back, she looked up at him as he took a drag.

"That good, huh?" she asked letting her head fall back forward.

"You bet," he replied.

"So how drunk are you?" He let go of her neck and went to retrieve his astray.

"I'm tipsy already because I didn't eat," she answered getting up to get another bottle.

"Oh," was his only response.

She threw the three empty bottles in the trash and grabbed more. Michael was at the window with his ashtray, watching her every move. Tori walked by, handed him a bottle and then returned to the computer. She worked on her next bottle and finished reading her mail. Closing her account, she turned to face Michael who was just finishing up his cigarette and was half way done with his drink.

"Well?" she asked expectantly.

"Well what?" He put the butt in the tray and walked over to the couch to sit.

She followed him and lay down, placing her head on his thighs. Michael turned on the TV and began to run his fingers through her hair. Closing her eyes, she took a sip from her bottle and enjoyed the relaxing feeling his fingers were creating. Tori blinked and remembered her question.

"The story...what did you think about the story?" Her voice was smooth and low.

He looked down at her and cracked a small smiled. She looked so peaceful. He hoped to god that she wouldn't move her head any higher. If she saw his reaction to her story, there was no clue to what her reaction might be. She was the type of girl that you could never tell what she would do next in certain situations.

"It was intense," he stated, taking another drink.

"Is that all?" Tori asked, moving her head to the side to look at him.

"You must be frustrated," he laughed, a bit nervous.

Her brown eyes focused on his gray-blue ones then dropped to his lap. She thought about putting her head there but saw a bulge. Tori reached out to see what it was but Michael grabbed her hand. She looked at him confused for the moment but then understood. She lifted the bottle to her lips, emptied it, and placed it on her legs. Feeling that she was drunk enough and he wasn't even close, she opted on not drinking any more for the time being.

Tori noticed that he still held her hand and she sat up. She used her free hand to hold herself up and placed it in his lap, directly on the bulge. Michael took a deep breath and closed his eyes when he felt the pressure of her hand on his hardened cock. She looked at him and grinned, knowing exactly what it was and where it came from.

"So you liked it that much?" Humor laced her voice as she got up to throw her bottle away.

He opened his eyes and watched her walk away. Michael tried to take his mind of his need as he flipped through the channels. 'Great, nothing on.' Finally, he put it on an old movie and dropped the remote on the table. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes again and relaxed. Suddenly he felt pressure in his lap and realized that Tori was sitting on him.

Tori came back and saw him relaxing. Deciding to tease him some, she sat down sideways on his lap and placed her legs on the couch. She moved around a bit to get comfortable, knowingly rubbing against his dick. She glanced up at his face and saw his mouth open and eyes closed. Tori laughed lightly and laid her head on his shoulder putting her face in the crook of his neck.

Feeling something cold against his face, he jerked away and opened his eyes. He grabbed the bottle and gave her a half smile. Michael couldn't believe she was teasing him like this. Half of him was saying 'she's just playing' while the other half was saying 'take her now'. He maintained his control, opened his bottle and took a drink. Noticing she was holding another bottle he reached out to open it but felt her shake her head.

"I don't want it yet. You need to catch up," she whispered next to his ear.

"Whatever you say," Michael responded.

Tori placed her bottle on the table and went back to snuggling into Michael's warm body. She wanted to talk but had nothing really to say. Absentmindedly, she ran her fingers through his hair realizing that she was getting way to comfy. Remembering she wanted to tease him, she sat up, straddled his waist and laid her head in the crook of his neck again.

"Tori..." Michael said in a soft voice.

Placing his bottle on the floor, he moved his hands to her back and lightly caressed it. She felt so warm, so comfortable, and so damn right against his body. Maybe he was right and she was frustrated. Her breaths became short as he slid his hand under her shirt and made skin-to-skin contact. Michael moved one hand to her head and lightly stroked it feeling her nuzzle into his neck more. God, she was turning him on bad. He returned the nuzzling with some of his own by placing his face in the crook of her neck.

Small, gentle kisses were placed along her neck. Tori made small moans under his ministrations and lightly rocked against him. Michael worked up and down her neck, enjoying the shivers that ran through her and the light rocking against his erection. He moved her head to his other shoulder and continued his kisses.

Tori in return began to nip at his neck and then lick it. Michael tried hold in his moan. He removed his hand from her hair and placed it on her thigh, sliding his hand up and down her inner thigh. She moaned hard against his neck.

His control was slipping little by little and he didn't much care. He let his tongue slide across her neck before tilting her back. Her brown eyes opened and a small smiled graced her lips. Tori pulled him close and kissed him savoring his taste. He eagerly returned the kiss, licking her lips in a silent plea to open. She parted them and allowed his tongue into her mouth seek to her out her own. Their tongues danced and rolled, his tongue ring rubbing against the inside of her mouth making her moan more. They broke for air, both panting from the intense kiss.

Michael wasted no time and started kissing and licking down her face, to her neck and then her chest. Tori leaned her head back as she felt his lips descend on her full breast. He gently bit her nipple through her white tank top and it instantly hardened. Michael sucked on the hardened nipple enjoying the soft moans of his name from her lips. Getting tired of her shirt, he lifted her arms and pulled it off her. He placed his left hand on her lower back and his right hand on her left breast as his mouth worked on the right. His tongued continually worked on her nipple, often tickling it with his tongue ring. He put as much of her breast as he could fit into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily.

Her head was back, eyes slightly closed and mouth open emitting moans and pants as she felt her breast being devoured. Tori grabbed his arms so that she wouldn't fall off his lap. The things he was doing to her felt amazing. She knew the alcohol enhanced the feeling but it was still incredible. After she felt his mouth leave her breast, she looked down and saw him looking back up at her before putting the other in his mouth and paying it the same attention as the first. Immediately her hands went to his hair: gripping some and running her fingers though it.

Michael moved his right hand down to her thighs again, moving up to the top of her pants to undo them. He removed his left hand from her back and unzipped her pants. Then he eased them down her hips, never stopping his torture on her nipple. He pushed them down as far as they could go and rubbed on the exposed skin of her hips. His fingers slipped under the hem of her panties, teasing her soft skin.

She bit her lip trying to keep from sounding the way she was feeling: needy. He made her skin tingle and it was driving her mad. If she were a bit more sober then she would reciprocate but her drunken mind could only handle receiving at the moment. Once again her body was flush with his as he moved his mouth to her ear.

"Tori..." he breathed, "what do you want?'

She released her lip and caressed his face with hers, "You."

He nibbled her ear before reuniting their mouths in a lustfully, heated kiss. She once again started to move against him, rubbing her heat against his throbbing erection. Tori slid her hands down his chest and under his shirt, running her fingers over his nipples. Their kiss was broken because of their need for air.

Deciding that he needed to get her pants off, he slid forward on the couch and stood up. He told her to hold on. She wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his waist. Michael made his way to his room, holding her tight against him. He walked in and closed the door with his foot. Once he reached the bed, he crawled onto it and laid her down underneath him, never letting her go.

For a moment he took in her features and upper body. He let go a breath he didn't know he was holding. Tori gazed back up at him with a gleam in her eyes. Smiling he kissed her again and started to eased off her pants. She now lay underneath him in just a small white thong with white ribbons that tied on each side. God, he had to take her soon or he would go crazy. Michael kissed down her body, going lower than her breast this time. He tickled her belly button with his tongue ring before kissing down her hips and to her thighs.

Kneeling on the floor, he parted her legs slowly. Michael ran his fingertips up her shapely legs to her inner thighs. He felt her shudder at his touch and smiled. He was really going to enjoy this. Starting at her ankle, he placed small wet kisses up one leg to her knee. Then he did the same to the other leg. Again, he worked up the opposite leg but this time past the knee and stopping at her inner thigh. He looked up at her as he stuck out his tongue and licked her again. His tongue accessory was pressed into her flesh as his tongue caressed her thigh.

Tori's breath hitched as she watched his mouth close in on her skin. She moaned loudly when his piercing caressed her thigh. Her head fell back and her legs spread wider, giving him more access to her. His right hand caressed her left thigh as his mouth worked on her right. He looked at the seat of her thong to see it soaked with her juices. Michael felt as her fingers ran through his hair. She was so engrossed in the feelings he was making on her thigh that she didn't feel when he pulled the strings of her thong loose. What she did feel was his breath against her wet lips as he moved from one thigh to the other.

"Oohh," she moaned out.

Smirking against her thigh, he nipped at it and continued to lick and suck. Michael pulled the thong completely off of her and dropped it to the floor. He moved his left hand up to her core and slid a single finger from the top to the bottom of her lips. Her pussy was dripping with her juices. His finger moved back up to her jewel and stroked it softly, barely touching it.

"Michael!!" Tori half moaned, half screamed as she gripped his hair.

He continued his licking higher up her leg. When he reached her outer lips he stopped and blew on her core. The finger that was gently stroking her, stopped for a moment before sliding in between her lips and moving inside. Michael felt her walls contract against his finger. Deciding that he held off long enough he flicked his tongue against her clit and circled around it. He fingered her slowly and then picked up speed as he repeatedly licked her pussy lips.

Tori couldn't control herself, her hips bucked against his face. His mouth was making her even hotter than she already was. Her body was convulsing as his tongue ring slid between her moist lips and over her clit. She pulled his head closer to her, wanting him to engulf her. Tori was disappointed that he stopped fingering but was appeased when she felt his tongue slid into her. She screamed and her back arched off the bed. His tongue ring was encircling her entrance and occasionally penetrating her.

"Oh god, Michael...please...please," she begged him pushing her needy cunt into his mouth.

Michael stopped for a moment and looked up at her.

"Please what?" He asked in a low and sexy voice.

She didn't know if she could answer. Her head was spinning, her vagina throbbing, and her heart was beating against her ribcage. Tori knew she wanted him, but she didn't know how to word it. God, he was making this so difficult. He should just take her already. She looked down to see him flicking his tongue out like a snake waiting for her to answer. No words came out as she parted her lips trying to answer his question.

He looked into her brown eyes and saw confusion. Smiling as she tried to speak, he slowly made his way from between her legs to above her body, never breaking eye contact. He hovered above her, licking his lips letting her know how good she tasted. Michael lowered his lips to hers and ran his piercing across them. Her eyes followed his tongue as it traced her lips. She opened them for him and touched his tongue with hers. Tori pulled him down flush against her body and into a deep kiss.

Michael moaned into her mouth as he grinded himself against her. She slid her hands down his body to the bottom of his shirt and lifted it. He sat up and pulled it completely off then returned to her mouth. Her hands went to the waist of his pants and fiddled with the button. Finally getting it free, she unzipped and slid them down some allowing his erection to spring free. Tori slowly moved her hands to his crotch and grabbed his cock. She squeezed it and gave it a few strokes. Realizing that he was a quite big, she started to get a bit nervous.

Michael broke the kiss and grazed his lips down her cheek. He felt her removing his pants and grasp his member in her soft hands. Thrusting into her warm hand, he moaned hard feeling her caress him so gently. He licked the shell of her ear and nibbled her earlobe. His breathing was deep and his voice ragged as he whispered to her.

"Tori..." he started, making her shiver, "push them off."

She complied and did her best to slide his pants the rest of the way off. Her feet pushed them down his calves and to the floor. When his pants were off he sat up pulling her with him. Then he turned her around and pushed her back onto the bed.

"Hands and knees," was all he said and she obeyed quickly.

He crawled up behind her and wrapped his left arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Michael grasped his member in his right hand and stroked her lips before penetrating her in one hard push. She jolted against him as he entered her. He filled her to the hilt and she couldn't stop the endless moan that escaped her. Tori pushed back against him. Michael started pumping into her with hard and fast strokes. His head was spinning at the feeling of her surrounding him. 'Damn she's tight,' he thought as he used the arm around her waist to push her down onto him. The only sounds heard where the hard moans and screams coming from Tori and the quick breaths coming from Michael.

Michael reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back. The pull on her hair caused her body to pushed back onto his rod harder and he liked that feeling. He fucked her bodily mercilessly, wanted to feel her cum around him. Another tug on her hair brought her closer to him and he leaned down to bite her neck.

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