tagErotic HorrorIrdu-Lili Pt. 07: End of All Flesh

Irdu-Lili Pt. 07: End of All Flesh


Centuries ago...

Nimeth pulled out the entrails just as he thrust in her. Red up to her elbows, she pushed them aside and deftly sliced out the liver.

Steady hands wrapped around her torso and a strong voice whispered in her ear, "What do you see?"

Nimeth studied the liver, "There is a slight lesion on the lower region, the tissue is folded back, representing the labia I believe. The omens say she will not bear a child this year."

The priest moaned as he slid into her over and over, "Very good, you have learned Bārûtu well. You would make an exceptional baru Nimeth."

Nimeth put the liver side, then looked up as she saw sheep's heart pulsate briefly, before returning to its dead state. She reached forward, severed the arteries and inspected the organ. The priest grunted, "The heart is a minor organ of little consequence, don't seek answers from there."

Nimeth looked over the muscle, entranced, "It says the woman can have a child this year, just not her husband's. She must open her legs to her favourite slave and ensure that he meets an untimely end soon after. Then as the baby develops she must keeps silent regarding its true father."

The priest chortled, "What an imagination. Put it aside, besides, there is another organ you must see to."

Sighing at the priest's ignorance, Nimeth dropped both heart and blade. Seeing the sheep corpse she recalled her own near death several decades ago when she led the Lullubi rebellion. She recalled the strong hands holding her under the water, the burning sensation in her lungs, the panic and the struggle. She also recalled how she had orgasmed as she was dying, she was certain that was what had kindled her mother's interest in her, making her Ardat-Lili. She was turned on by death, by violent death, and her mother approved.

She got up and pushed the sheep corpse aside, seating herself on the table. The priest pulled her legs apart and re-entered her. Intently, Nimeth took his hands and laid them on her throat, "Squeeze hard." Seeing the hesitation in his eyes, she percolated his mind and bent it to her will, "Throttle me as you fuck me, don't stop until you cum."


Kilili lay on her bed, numb.

She had arisen from the ashes of her temple, her body healed as though it had never been at the centre of a conflagration. The authorities had cordoned the site off, the fire brigade still dousing the smouldering embers of the buildings the fire had spread to. Indeed, that entire block had become embroiled in the inferno. Before anyone could notice her, Kilili 'shadow jumped', as she thought of it, melding her being into the nearest dark corner and fleeing the site. A trick that she had used to escape Levant's incessant questions several times.


She had returned to her bookstore, intending to burn the place down also. But as she stood in her basement, amidst the countless artefacts and literature telling the story of her kind and the other denizens of the qliphotic planes, she found she could not bring herself to do so. It was too much to destroy so much art so painstakingly collected over the centuries, yet to be distributed to those she found worthy. She is a priestess of lust and ruin, destroying such treasures should come naturally to her. But she could not do it.

Is that why she had not dragged to Satariel? That twisted realm which her kind are eventually dragged to when their lusts overpower their fears. She had screamed to be taken, to lose herself in the ceaseless pleasure and suffering, to be sexually tormented in ways unachievable in this world. Anything to lose the agony she felt now. Yet she had been ignored. Woodenly, she had climbed the stairs to her bedroom, choked back a sob when she saw one of Levant's shirts discarded over a chair, and flopped onto her bed.

She had also noticed her distorting mirror, but gave it only a cursory glance. Shadowy claws were reaching out from it, as though the glass were made of cling film. She was on the brink, then, it would not take much for those claws to pierce through, grab her and drag her to her mother's plane of existence. Yet it seemed her mind had not quite destabilised enough, something was still keeping her tethered to this world.

She did not know how long she lay there for, she lost sense of everything. Time had never meant much to her. She lay there, lost in the pain that had replaced the emptiness she had so wanted to fill. Strange, she had spent centuries seeking to fulfil that void within her, now she desperately wanted it back again.

Her body raved for semen, were she not inert she would have gone feral in her need for it, seeking the nearest human male to drink from. But now she ignored it, ignored her mother's demand that she feed. She had never been ashamed to be ardat-lili, always she had been proud to be as such, accepting her eventual destination as the place best suited for her, with the added bonus of perhaps seeing Silili again. But now she despised herself, despised everything. She just wanted this feeling to end.

"Mistress?" Kilili dimly acknowledged the voice as Esther's. Odd, she had assumed she had burned with the rest of her deranged followers. That she fled the sanctuary of the temple, not too lost in her lust to fuck even as she burned, suggested a great strength of will. A potential to even become ardat-lili perhaps. A glimmer of interest sparked in Kilili.

Just as fast as it came, it faded. What does it matter? Levant is gone, he rejected her, despises what she stands for.

"Mistress." Esther said, gingerly stepping in. "I, well, I saw Levant leave and thought I should follow him. I swear I never put on clothing, I hid in the dark recesses of the streets like you once showed me. I saw Nimeth take him, she has gathered an army of thralls."

Please shut up. Kilili thought, wanting only to be left in her self-loathing. She could even bring herself to speak her thoughts aloud.

"Well," Esther continued, "I did it because I thought you would want to find him later, plus I wanted to speak to him. Forgive me mistress, but I don't think you explained...well...your kind very well to him. You seem to forget that this time is not the time you are from anymore. What was considered the norm then is suppressed and publicly reviled now, even if it is secretly revered. As such you came across as a creature of perversion and ruin to him."

I am, and that is beautiful. Or I thought it was. Kilili sniffed as she thought, But I am disgusting to him, something vile.

"Do you recall when you first found me? Do you know how pathetic I was before we met?" Esther held out her wrists, criss cross scars lined them, "The world hated me, I was certain of it. Everything about the world seemed designed to ensure we live miserably, live in fear, so that those at top can keep us under tabs. I turned to drugs to get through it. I was considered a slut at school, the guys would just fuck me to give me my fix, the girls would not give me the time of day. I hated myself for being so dependent on drugs to get me through each drab day.

"Then I return home after earning my latest hit to find you feeding from my father. You could have killed me offhand, could have willed me not to see or recall you. But no, you flooded my mind and let me have my turn on father that night.

"I should have been revolted, disgusted, tha is what society commands me to feel in this situation afterall. But never was I more thrilled. You spurred me to things I never thought I would stoop to, and I loved it. I was no longer ashamed of myself after that, I am a whore and proud. As an artist paints, a musician plays, so a harlot fucks. I am an artist! When I realised that, I knew I had to come with you to your temple and dedicate myself to my chosen art until I break."

Kilili blinked, the first time she had done so since returning here. What is Esther driving at? Harlotry is an artform? Of course it is, is it not obvious?

No, times have changed. Only the negative side of it is shown know, only the side which repulses people.

"What I am trying to say is, mistress," Esther continued, "Is that you need to show Levant that you don't just go around destroying things, you create things to. Things horrid and beautiful at the same time, things this world has forgotten, but are kept alive by you. By our mother."

Realisation began to form in Kilili's mind. She is a sex priestess of Lillake, a lady of lust and ruin. Lust destroys, but is also creates. She brings ruin, but to make way for something new. Throughout the ages she had influenced and inspired some of the greatest mins known today, bringing to creation art that shocked and awed the world. What a fool she had been! She had assumed Levant would see this, she had failed to consider the world she had plucked him from, the world that foolishly seeks to suppress and control through lust, as though it would never lead to a catastrophe.

An idea came. Abruptly Kilili sat up, making Esther jump then kneel. Kilili looked at the claws reaching for her, where so many of her kind that had been reborn in this world now enjoyed an eternity of rape and defilement, an ardat-lili's idea of heaven.

Or is it? What if that entire realm is but another test of their will? Whenever she glimpsed that realm the ardat-lili have fully surrendered to their lust just like one of her broken mortals here, albeit more spectacularly, surrendering themselves to those monsters fully. Kilili was certain they had the strength to slaughter those things if they wished it, but never had she seen as such. What if one were to refuse to surrender to the temptations of that realm? To master the lusts brought about by that world just as she had here? Was that entire reality really just another means of filtering out the weaker willed?

Esther looked up from her supplicant position, "Mistress?"

Kilili kneeled and kissed Esther fully, setting Esther trembling in pleasure. "Thank you Esther, I see more clearly now because of you. I shall save Levant, but first..." she stood and faced the warping mirror, "First I must go see mother, and become something terrible." Spreading her arms, Kilili walked towards the reaching claws and began crying out in Lilutian, causing the mortal realm to shudder violently miles around. Esther screamed as her senses were mashed by the loosing of reality. "Mother, I am coming for you! Do not think I will succumb to these laudable shades. My lusts demand greater pleasures, pleasures beyond such bestial whims. Is that not the sort of being you seek? I know your plan, the reason you create us. Well, I am the one you have been searching for!" With that, Kilili reached forth and tore the mirror open. She laughed as the claws retreated, inhuman wails of terror spewing forth from the break as the creatures sensed something greater and more monstrous than they was coming through.

Kilili leapt in.


"Kilili kept you in the dark, but you shall find me a more open and honest lover dear...Levant is it?" Nimeth spoke over the slapping of flesh.

Levant found himself in a scene straight from a horror movie, albeit a highly pornographic version of one. He had been hauled to a mansion, owned by a wealthy businessman that had become enthralled by Nimeth's gifts as a succubus. The estate was as good as hers, and she had furnished it to reflect her own sick mind.

He was in the main hall, nailed by several iron pikes against the wall. Judging from the several corpses that were pinned similarly it was not an infrequent event. Each had their chests torn open, a cavity where their heart had been. Hung here and there were portraits of Nimeth, done in the fashion of medieval canvas paintings, only they depicted Nimeth in various gory positions. One showed her impaled on a wood pole, another being drawn and quartered, another being gutted, everytime with a smile of ecstasy on her face. Clearly she had used her immortality to explore darker areas of sensation and had lost her mind in the process.

Now she was bent over one of the leather sofas as one of her enslaved servants pounded savagely her from behind, all the while she admired Levant. Levant knew they were not Irdu-Lili, they were broken from Nimeth's presence but in a different manner to Kilili's. Those at Kilili's temple still had some semblance of personality in them, some variety. The men surrounding him here were like blank slates, tabula rasa. They stood like empty vessels, living only to obey Nimeth's every command.

"You'll have to excuse me for a moment Levant, mother demands I feed and I always oblige. You see, what Kilili would let you believe is that we are like vampires, except we drink semen to sustain ourselves. But that is not true, we are actually more like gateways." Nimeth gasped as the servant came, she immediately dismissed him and signalled the next to come and begin on her. Back to feeding, she resumed, "You see, it is our goddess Lillake that maintains our strength and immortality through her blessing. She does this because she wants semen, always wants semen. That is why we can kill your kind, you are actually useless to her, just an amusement for us her daughters, we on the other hand cannot die. We are necessary for her wish. Our vulvas, nay our whole body, is a gateway, taking and sending semen to her for her designs." Nimeth laughed, "Is it not funny? All this power and when it comes down to it, we are just immortal cumdumps. Just a set of holes for her to gather seed. Amusing and thrilling!" As this servant finished, Nimeth grinned mischievously and had Barbossa come forward, "Alas, it does take a lot to thrill me these days. Selawa!" Nimeth cursed as Barbossa thrust through her small frame, "Yes! That's more like it! Tear up my insides!"

Levant winced, but did not turn way. Dire as his situation was he now had the chance for answers, "I had dreams of being a monster..."

"Yes." Nimeth breathed, "That is what you will become eventually. In an hour, in a century. Who knows? Like us you will be dragged to Satariel, to become one of those who torments us, as if in punishment for our hold over you here. I yearn for that day, but first I must learn how to make your sort. Not these unthinking pawns, but intelligent servants who can carry out my will via their wit and intellect."


Nimeth shrieked laughter as Barbossa pulled her hair, "So that I may establish a new order, one to replace this dull society. An order where harlotry is not just a dirty profession, but a way of life. But not just the mundane form you know. No, mortals shall sacrifice themselves to delight me with their art. Displaying themselves in lurid positions as their fragile existences snuff out. I shall bring about the twin of Satariel here, where Eros and Thanatos shall be as one!" The giant bucked savagely as he orgasmed, NImeth's broken but rapidly healing body twitched as she was filled with his warm seed. Barbossa drew out and respectfully retreated, allowing Nimeth to heal fully before rising from the sofa and going to Levant.

She placed a cool hand against his cheek, "The answer is on your heart , I am certain. They said I should be looking at the liver, but I knew the answers lay in one's heart. So give me yours Levant, that I may bring about this wondrous age."

"I thought Kilili was sick," Levant shook his head, "But you are outright mad. I hope she finds you and brings all your plans to nought."

Nimeth tutted, "Don't you get it? She's gone now, in Satariel. You were all that was keeping her here. She relied on you to save her from falling to the temptation of going there. She relied on you to help her maintain some semblance of humanity. Instead you turned your back on her."

The words were like a lance through Levant. He had assumed she sought to make him like her, he never dreamed that perhaps in turn she wanted to become a little like him. He thought of that realm he had glimpsed in his nightmares, thought of Kilili there now, and felt sick to his stomach in worry for her. You have destroyed me. Levant had thought those words melodramatic, now he realised how true they were. "What have I done?"

"Ah, fret not, she will be loving every unending minute of it. It is where we belong afterall, otherwise we would never have managed to become one of Lillake's children, instead just another mentally damaged mortal. Now," Nimeth tore open Levant's shirt, "It is time. I cannot begin to describe how long I have sought this. Fret not for your life, for all life is "Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.""

Levant grunted as he felt Nimeth's deceivingly frail looking fingers press into his chest. He struggled but could not get his limbs to move, the tendons severed by the iron shafts and blocking them from regeneration. He screamed when Nimeth broke the first rib, then the next, then the next, casually ripping them out and tossing them away. Her pale body was splattered crimson by her efforts, Levant felt terror like he had never done before when Nimeth's face split into a macabre yet beautiful smile. His chest lay open, his heart revealed. "Yes." Nimeth breathed, "It is just as I hoped, I can see the signs." Pain flared through Levant as he felt Nimeth wrap her fingers around the organ and begin to tug.

""Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.""

NImeth paused and looked round in time to see Barbossa explode in a fountain of blood and meat. In his place stood Kilili, somehow not a drop of blood had alighted her. Kilili gave a Nimeth an insane look, the look of one who had seen things that rivalled even Nimeth's exploits, then vanished.

Frowning, Nimeth looked around. Kilili may be able to move faster than mortals eyes can detect, but not a fellow ardat-lili's. She called out, "Sister, so wonderful of you to join us. I had assumed you have left this world for more enticing pastures."

"I did." Another servant's body silently toppled as his head flew across the room. Kilili reappeared, casually lying on the cum stained sofa, "I beheld our mother and returned. I am Kilili, and I am not." She disappeared again.

"Seize her, don't just stand there dying you fools!" Nimeth screamed at her servants, then regained her composure, "Returned? Who are you fooling? We never return from there, why would we want to?"

She spotted Kilili intimately holding one of the pinned corpses, "I am not one of you. I am the incarnation of her will. I am lust, I am love, I am hatred, I am rage." Before the servants could grasp her she was gone again, one of them fell into two pieces.

"You certainly are lofty." Nimeth tutted, then reached for Levant's palpating heart, "Will you be as such when your beloved Irdu-Lili is but another corpse?"

Nimeth felt an overwhelming presence behind her, she turned back and felt her loins orgasm painfully as she looked into Kilili's eyes. In the few seconds she had looked away all her servants had been slaughtered. Nimeth's eyes widened as Kilili's presence flooded her, sending her body into a paralysing ecstasy. She feel to her knees in adoration of her, sensing her mother's presence within this incredible being. Nimeth recognised what Kilili now was, and realised her games were at an end. "You are a Lilitu now? How?"

Kilili blinked, her eyes changed from green to pitch black, her voice took on an otherworldly tone, "Because I will it."

Nimeth trembled and pressed her face to the floor, "Mother, I am honoured."

"Your antics bore me, and the seed you collect proves ineffective these days. The way you used your body so thoroughly has been admirable Nimeth, but now you are good only as a plaything for my sons."

"But I planned..."

"I make you not for grandiose designs, you know this. You are vessels to be filled with semen, nothing more, you accepted this when you walked my path. I have found the one I sought amongst you. Behold the End of All Flesh."

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