tagIncest/TabooIron Rain Pt. 06

Iron Rain Pt. 06

byLost Boy©

There she stood, just outside the circle of moonlight that fell from the skylight, painted in shadows and I could see that she had followed my instructions and dressed for the occasion. She wore her hair down framing her lovely features yet concealing her kissable neck from my view. The leather bustier lifted her breasts up and pushed them together. Her pussy was freshly shaved and the garter belt and stockings clung to her athletic legs. My mouth became dry and my dick hardened almost painfully when I thought of all the naughty things I wanted to do to her. I motioned for her to step into the light so that I might see her better. She took three small steps at first her knees shaking and then another three and she stood in the center of the silvery radiance and I knew it was going to take all my willpower not to drag her to my bed and have my way with her immediately. I could now see that in her right hand were the brand new blindfold and ball gag we had picked out together and in her left the note I had left for her on her pillow. It had read...


Come upstairs at midnight so that we might play a little game. As with all games there are rules. One, dress for the part, two, you may not utter a single word (moaning and whimpering do not count as words), and three bring your new toys we picked out. Expect to climax many times over the hours while you play the part of my toy. I won't hurt you... much.


I motioned for her to turn around so that I could get a better look at her and wouldn't you know the little minx had put in anal beads for the occasion. This was going to be a fun night. I approached her and took the blindfold and ball gag from her and put them on her slowly. Her body shook and I could see that her sex was already drenched with need. I moved to stand behind her and caressed and teased her exposed flesh with fingers, lips and cock. Her moans drifted up to the heavens as our game began. The bustier was long in removing and as I worked to take it off I slid my iron hard cock beneath her soaked pussy letting her know how hungry I was for her. By the time the leather garments hit the floor she was panting and close to her first climax. Things were proceeding perfectly. I cupped her tits and pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and that was all it took to set her off. Her body shook so hard I nearly slipped into her pussy as I continued to thrust my hips forward. It was time for the ropes to be applied now. Slow and methodical I tied the silk rope about her body. My hands roamed over her curvaceous body and felt her shiver and squirm in delight. Her muffled moans had gotten me even harder if that were possible and our bondage game had barely begun. There were another few minutes to go before all the ropes would be in place. Unlike Linda this particular technique would allow her to move about but not without the lengths of silk caressing and teasing her flesh. With a subtle tug on the rope the loops around her tits tightened just a bit sending delicious sensations through her. Her low moans were driving me wild and I wanted to bend her over and fuck her right then and there but that would defeat the purpose of teasing her.

"I want to ram my cock into you and fuck you rotten," I told her and that sent another deep shiver through her echoed by a growl/moan.

I leaned closer and nibbled her earlobe as I cupped her tits and teased her nipples. She pushed back forcing my cock to slide beneath her drenched slit with the length of rope between her flesh and mine. I continued to fondle her flesh as her hips rocked forward and back a bit. Reluctantly I took my hands from her breasts so I could finish the last of the knots and then our game could begin in earnest.

I removed the ball gag and touched her shoulder she knew immediately what I wanted. What a sight, she was on her knees with my cock sliding in and out of her throat her tongue and lips working their magic on my hard flesh.

"Such a naughty girl you are sucking a cock without being sure it's mine," I moaned but she knew I would never do that to her... yet.

I gripped one of the strands of rope and pulled watching it tightens between her legs causing her to suck in her breath and thereby drive me wild.

"You love that don't you?" I asked and she proceeded to deep throat me for an answer. "Good response I think you are close to ready for my cock."

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN," she moaned as I fucked her throat in earnest now.

"Or should I fuck your throat and shoot a load for you to swallow; I just can't make up my mind... your cock sucking feels so damn good."

She went wild and renewed her attack on my cock and began to allow the entire length to slide in and out of her throat now. Then she sat on her feet and wrapped her fist around the shaft and began to pump it while teasing the tip with mouth and tongue. As I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer I told her and there was no doubt she would be swallowing cum very soon. My cock swelled in her mouth as I hollered moments before the blast of sperm hit the back of her throat and she gulped it down greedily. Panting my knees buckled and I joined her on the floor.

"Damn I needed that," I purred.


I pinched her sensitive nipples and watched her squirm and moan as I decided what to do next. I knew she would let me do anything and I think she would adore me for whatever I desired so I started with something simple. I stood up and took my ever hardening cock in my hand and tapped her forehead with the tip and her mouth opened and she mewed like a kitten hungry for mother's milk. I tapped her left cheek and she quickly turned her head trying to snare me in her mouth. This went on for a bit until I was painfully hard and needed release again. I took her hand and settled her fingers around the shaft and she instantly began to stroke me but when she leaned forward to take me into her mouth I touched her forehead and again she knew my desire. Her fist squeezed and stroked while she licked her lips in anticipation of her face being painted with cum.

"You want my cock down your throat don't you?" I asked and she nodded vigorously.

"You want to taste my cum as it paints the back of your throat," this time more of a statement and again she nodded.

"I bet you want my 'cock' buried deep in your pussy even more," I said as she began to stroke me faster now. "Sliding in and out of you... filling you up... stretching that tight pussy of yours..." She was double stroking me now and I was panting louder and faster now as I felt my toes start to curl. "Slamming hard into you... oh gods that feels so fucking good..." she was smiling now and edging her mouth ever closer to the tip of my cock. "I can see what you're doing..." she stopped for a moment until I continued. "It's okay... be a good girl and wrap those talented lips around me." Her head shot forward and formed a tight seal around the head of my cock as she continued to jack me off. "Soooo fucking close..." I moaned and her tongue swirled around the tip and that sent my orgasm crashing over me. "FUUUUUCK!!" I cried out as her throat muscles began to work swallowing her second load of cum for the night. She continued to lick and suck until I was a six foot pile of jelly. "Your turn I moaned... on your back with legs spread."

Eagerly she obeyed and I walked over to where I kept the surprises and retrieved the double headed dildo I had borrowed from her toy box. With one end well lubed I returned to her and knelt between her legs and eased the long thick monster between her pussy lips. She moaned and whimpered as I fed her an inch at a time until her pussy was full of false cock.

"Now I want you to fuck yourself with this while I watch. I want to see what you find so arousing about just watching." I told her and her face lit up as she grabbed the toy and began to thrust it in and out of her soaked sex.

Her ass lifted off the ground as she fucked herself and I knelt close observing my cock stirring even after two powerful climaxes. Her moans started off soft as a whisper but soon as she thrust the dildo into her with more force her volume rose and rose. The naughty wet sounds the toy made while she rammed it into her pussy and her expression and noises was really getting me going.

"I think it's time those anal beads were removed... get on your hands and knees but don't stop playing with the toy."

What a sight there she was head down and ass high in the air with a dildo in one hole and the string for the anal beads sticking out of the other. I slid my finger into the plastic ring and as I had done before slowly pulled until the first bead emerged with body shaking orgasmic results. God this was fun!

"One down nine to go," I muttered as I began to pull again.

One by one the beads popped out with such delicious results and by the time the last one was out she had taken my place as the quivering mass of flesh. I let her catch her breath so while she lay on her side I lubed up the free end of the dildo and when I felt she was ready eased the business end into her ass where once the beads had just resided. Her moans of surprise and pleasure were music to my ears. I grabbed the middle of the toy and proceeded to fuck both her holes at once.

"NNNNNNNN NNNNNNNN NNNNNNNN," she moaned weakly as I slowly thrust the toy into her.

"Its times like this I wish I had two cocks," I said and she nodded in agreement. "You look so weak lover are you going to up to me fucking you when I take this toy out of you?"

Even blindfolded she managed to give me the look of 'death' and I smiled from ear to ear.

"Now I just have to decide which one to fuck first," I said my cock as hard as steel and twitching with need to be buried in woman flesh.

She gave me no clues and I felt that either would do but I think I would save her ass for last. I ever so slowly pulled the toy from both holes and with a touch on her hip her butt was high in the air and my cock slowly pushing her pussy lips open.

"NNNNNNNNNN," she moaned and I could tell was fighting the urge to thrust her hips backward.

I fed her my cock inch by inch until I was grinding against her. I knelt there for a short time just enjoying the feel of her tightness around me before I started fucking her. I moved slowly at first savoring the pleasure her body was giving me but soon I was jack hammering into her thrusting as fast and hard as I could. All she could do was grunt each time my cock was buried in her and the harder I thrust the louder she got. I closed my eyes and let my other senses take over for a while. The feel of her pussy as it gripped me as my hips moved forward and back. The smell of sex so strong in the air you could almost taste it. I ground my hips against her ass while I leaned forward and licked the salty sweat from her neck and felt her moan. I nipped at one side of her neck and then the other before we began to move in unison now. I thrust forward and she rammed her ass backwards with a wonderful jarring sensation. I wanted to taste her lips so I slowly and carefully rolled her onto her back before lowering my body atop hers and our lips met with an almost electric spark. As our tongues dueled she wrapped her legs around my waist and I slowly thrust into her my pleasure building into what could only be a titanic orgasm. Thrust after thrust and soon I was moaning loudly into her mouth as my cock swelled inside of her and she squeezed her legs all the tighter around me.

"Fill me up with your cum lover," she said breaking our kiss and biting my neck.

I was long passed caring about the silly rules to our game all I wanted was to climax and spray her insides with my sperm. I rammed my hips forward drilling my cock as deep as it would go and even as my cock began to spurt deep inside of her, her teeth broke the skin on my neck and she licked at the tiny rivulet of blood. I almost came twice.

She followed me to the shower and simply stood there her body molded to mine her lips pressed to mine and we shared a long moment of closeness and the gentle caress of the falling water. But all good things must come to an end.

"Mom! Nick! I'm home!" Kat's voice drifted up from the front door and I dried off as quickly as I could and threw on a kimono from my closet while Petra finished her shower.

I walked downstairs and there in all her drunken glory was Kat and one of her friends whose name escaped me propping her up.

"Nick... Nick... Nick... I am so drunk!" her breath smelled like a distillery.

"Yes sweetie you are," I said taking her from her friend.

"I promised to get her home in one piece," her friend stated with a wry smile. "She's all yours Nick, Kat as always a blast. Nite nite."

I watched as Kat's friend left closing the front door behind her before scooping Kat into my arms and carrying her to her bed.

"Wee!" Kat cried out but that didn't last long as sweet oblivion claimed her and for that I was very grateful.

I carefully slid her into her bed, took off her shoes and covered her up. I just prayed she didn't wake up to puke so I could get a good night sleep.

I climbed the stairs and found Petra lying in my bed her long hair caught up in a towel but by her measured breathing I could see she was fast asleep. Then I looked to the boxes arrayed at the foot of the futon and felt if I crawled into bed with Petra I was unlikely to get any sleep. She was in her sexual prime and I needed some down time, at least until morning. I walked over to the closet and opened the concealed door and began carrying to boxes into the entertainment room. It was big enough and little used so perfect for my purposes. After I had lugged the heavy equipment to its new home I checked the manifest and began checking off each and every item. Included in the shipment of a six pack of energy drinks; the note attached said they were not yet on the market and William wanted my opinion on the product. That boy always had an angle going on. I shrugged and cracked open the first plastic bottle and gave it a tentative sip and damn but it tasted great. I wasn't likely to sleep until dawn so why not kill two birds with one stone? Two bottles of the fruit flavored drink later and most of the modular equipment was reassembled in the center of the room. All that remained was the power source a portable generator of William's and Jerome's own design. The gleaming metallic sphere reminded me of something Nikola Tesla would have invented. I pulled out the matching base for the device and connected the cables to the crystal growth chamber and set the output on the generator and flicked a switch. A dull hum rose from the sphere and I swore I heard something move inside the sphere first slow then quickly picking up speed until a insect like whine filled the air. Last to leave the boxes was a black metal cube about six inches on a side with a single on/off button. According to William's notes it was a white noise generator to deal with the racket from the equipment. That too was plugged into the generator and I depressed the LED switch and poof not a single sound could be heard from the machinery. I was going to have to ask William or Jerome how the hell that cube works that is amazing!

Despite being up all night I wasn't tired in the least but running didn't feel like an option just yet so I decided to crawl in behind Petra and snuggle. I carefully opened the concealed door and found no one about namely Petra this was still my secret for now. I crept into my bedroom and there she was sleeping the towel now on the floor and her mane of blonde locks spread out around her head like a silken cloud. Smiling I pulled back the cool sheet and slid my naked form behind hers. The moment we touched her butt did the scoot thing and was pressing against my growing hardness in seconds flat. I closed my eyes and felt my mind quiet even as the length of my cock slid beneath her sex where it stayed happily until she woke. I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her to me and waited until Petra made the first move. I drifted but I could never really call it sleep it was more like the meditative state I reached when I was in the dojo. Strange.

Smoke and Mirrors

William Bell paced from one side of the chamber to the next his eyes moving from one holographic screen to the next to the next. So many projects being juggled at once but soon very soon it would all be a done deal and all his efforts would have reached fruition. He stopped at the screen that hovered in the northeast quadrant examining the center image and the data scrolling left to right below it.

"What is the status of the yacht's construction?" He asked the not so empty air.

"Well good afternoon to you too William," came the sensual voice of his BORG avatar.

"I am sorry Moira, how are you this fine afternoon?" He asked insincerely.

"Oh like you care," Moira replied with a definite bite in her tone. "It is ahead of schedule and will be in dock on time. By the way you wanted me to remind you that you have a seven o'clock dinner date with that whore again."

"Moira how many times do I have to remind you than Cyan Michaels is not to be referred to as 'that whore' anymore." William chastised his A.I.

"Really," Moira replied as all the screens changed and were suddenly filled with the footage of Cyan on her hands and knees with William behind her having what could only be described as misogynistic sex.

The most interesting part of the scene was the toy inserted into Cyan's ass that performed two functions. The first was an anal vibrator and the second was the biomechanical cat tail that moved and swished in the air as William pounded her pussy from behind.

"Hmm that was an interesting evening," William mused.

"According to my scans she left with two cracked ribs and a very bruised ass." Moira stated matter of factly.

"Like I said a good time had by all," William replied.

"I see that you have a slot slated for her to meet Nick, is that wise Will?" the A.I. asked using the shorter version of his name to attempt to get a rise out of him.

"They have to meet sometime, better sooner than later and if you call me Will again I will rewrite your subroutine and effectively lobotomize you."

"Just checking to see if you're still human sweetness," the machine stated for the record.

"Speaking of Nick..." William mused.

He knew that Nick was in trouble and it was up to him to solve his little crisis before things got out of hand. Nick's searches and activity with BORG alerted William to his dire situation and William had waited to see if Nick could handle things on his own but it was obvious that Nick was way out of his league and who can blame a young man of eighteen from being overwhelmed after all.

"What is the status of my search for Operation Effigy?"

"I have located thirteen candidates who fit the criteria above the ninety percentile."

"Excellent display one at a time with qualifying data if you please."

One by one women who had fled the USSR and fit the physical and age criteria were displayed and when all was said and done one of these women would die. William looked at what they had done with their lives since arriving here in the U.S. and three stood out as complete wastes of oxygen. Two had spent some time in prison and all of them had been arrested on drug or prostitution charges or both. What a complete waste he thought and discarded the other ten women and focused on these three. Of those remaining one stood out as a close physical double for Petra Shaw. He had his lamb for the slaughter now to call the wolves down on her.

Two days later in the Las Vegas news of a nameless woman was found beaten and stabbed to death. The Jane Doe was later buried in a mass grave along with the other Jane Does that the state provided for. What the news did not publicize was how slow and brutal her death had been and the police were linking the murder to gang related activity. They were right in one sense a criminal organization was responsible but they were just dead wrong in believing it was local.

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