tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIs This Turning Me On? Pt. 02

Is This Turning Me On? Pt. 02



This is only my second story. Thank you for all the positive reviews and constructive feedback on my first. I hope you enjoy this one as well. I had a lot of ideas and had a hard time choosing the right one for part 2. Hopefully you like it and I can continue with Ashley's adventures with your constructive feedback, please let me know what you like and don't like, I write these stories for myself but will keep your feedback in mind.

Everyone is over 18.


Part 2: Ashley Becomes Almost Famous

Chapter 1:

Yes, Yes, I know!

"You have to understand I had never done AN-Y-THING like that before." Ashley reiterated into the phone. I was growing bored as Ashley rambled on about last Sunday, "I come from a very conservative family and Christian community..."

I rolled my eyes as I adjusted the volume on my headset. I perused her main email account while listening to her, and in between the work I was supposed to be doing. Her email account was chalk full of peeks into her social life, or lack thereof. Annual church picnic coming up, clothing store sales, a request for her to read at a local elementary school, school and homework related questions, all work, charity, church or school related emails, poor girl.

Ashley was in the process of lecturing me on how delicate an issue this could be for her if anyone were to ever, say, "find out", about her little teasing problem.

The problem for her was that I had never expected to get this far. Ashley had just fallen into my lap and now I knew that while I couldn't just let her slip away, I also couldn't care too much about the outcome or I would lose all my power. She had sought me out after our little adventure, not the other way around.

I think she could sense the fact that I had nothing to lose in this situation, and that she could lose everything. 'Well... that's a bit dramatic.' I thought. I'm sure her family and close friends might be a bit traumatized. If they saw Ashley parading around town dressed up in outfits that would make sailors stumble over their words when approaching her they might just think twice about inviting her to their next Christmas party.

So what if they disowned her? She could make new friends, and family is overrated. I hate Christmas, oh lord let me tell you, but I'm sure no one else would really care about what she chose to do with her free time. I paused, perhaps that was too harsh, when did I become so jaded I thought. Ashley was a nice girl. I actually did like her.

"I mean if anyone ever foun..." she broke me from my thoughts.

"YES, yes, I know you have been very clear." I said waiting for her to get to the point. She obviously didn't trust me, and well, she shouldn't after what I had done.

"Have I been?" She asked suspiciously. I sighed.

"I know, I know, I get it, you are Ms. Churchy girl from an upstanding community. Don't worry I'm not going to let anything too insane happen to you." I said as I looked over production schedules for the software company I worked for in between reading her emails.

"Ok, ok, ok." she said calming down and sensing my impatience with her ramblings, "I just wanted to make sure you understood." I could hear her walking around GCU's campus between classes. I wasn't sure what she wanted from me, well other than the obvious, but she seemed to need some reassurance I wasn't going to get her arrested or something.

"You have been perfectly clear Ashley. Now can I PLEASE get back to work? I have deadlines and I know you have school work to do so..."

"Sorry, sorry. Ok well, just let me, know?" she said awkwardly. I laughed. It was like a teenager buying pot for the first time, she didn't know how to act. Quite frankly neither did I, but I had the good sense enough to fake it.

"Yes, don't worry, I'll be in touch." I said as I pondered where to go from here.

"Ok, I have to get to class. Bye."

Finally. I thought the conversation would never end. For the last two days I had been racking my brain trying to think of ideas for Ashley's next adventure. I had some of my work friends 'acquire' her email addresses and passwords. I had been going through them relentlessly learning what I could, how I could surprise her or set her up. It was all in the name of the game she wanted to play. I wasn't sure if either of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. I continued reading her emails.

Ashley lived her life through her phone, email and Facebook. I didn't know where she found the time to do charity, read at local schools, work at soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

I had a million ideas for her. I just had to choose one. One hard to pull off idea had been sticking into my brain for a few days now. I'd been going over it and researching locations on the internet trying to find the perfect place to hold it at. I had gotten everything into order which was why I was so anxious to get off the phone with Ashley. I looked around to make sure my co workers were busy with their projects then picked up the phone and dialed.

A chipper woman answered the phone, "Paradise Valley High School, administration office."

"Yes I'm calling on behalf of a performance art student that offers free shows to local schools. In exchange she gets college credit, who would I speak with about that?" I said while tapping my pen nervously.

"That would be Principal Moore."

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2:

What are you doing here?

It was a little work for my friend Steve to set up a dummy email. All I had to do was show him a picture of Ashley with the possibility of more revealing photos later on, but in order for that to happen he needed to get me an email account that looked legit.

He arched an eyebrow, as if to say 'seriously?', and then immediately got to it. No man, especially one as socially awkward as Steve, would pass up revealing pictures of a girl like Ashley.

Once he set up the account for me I promptly emailed Ashley and asked if she was interested in doing a reading of Alice in Wonderland at the PVHS auditorium for young latchkey children. She emailed me back within hours.

Subject: Re: Charity Opportunity

First off thank you for the opportunity to help out, I love reading to kids that age. I would be thrilled to read Alice to them. You can expect to see me there at the auditorium at the scheduled time.

Everything was working out perfectly. I had picked a time when I knew she'd be free. On Monday around lunch I took off early from work and headed to the high school to set things up.

A drama student helped me unload a large easel, a tall stool, and a cartoonishly large picture book of Alice In Wonderland from my car to the stage of the auditorium. The curtains were down and we were the only two in there, it was kind of creepy. I hated public speaking and being up on stage freaked me out even with the curtains down.

It was approaching 1:30 and the show was scheduled for 2:00. Ashley should be here soon. I told the kid I was fine from here and he took off eager to pretend that he was still helping me and then ditch class.

I had brought in a large back pack containing everything Ashley needed to put on the 'show'. From backstage I heard Principal Moore's secretary Jane leading Ashley in my direction.

"I think it's great that you do these shows for free. What college do you go to?" the old lady said as she ushered Ashley backstage.

"Oh well I..." Ashley began to answer as I quickly put myself in to her line of sight. She froze. We locked eyes and Ashley momentarily forgot Jane was there. I took the opportunity to admire Ashley, she looked amazing even in her casual school clothes. A GCU t shirt and tight blue jeans did nothing to hide how gorgeous she was.

"Ummm Grand Canyon..." Ashley said after finally snapping back in to reality.

"OH. I didn't know they had a performance art division there." The old lady said, Ashley looked confused because of the comment. Jane continued oblivious, "Well, anyway, I'll leave you to it and take my seat." Jane smiled at Ashley, then at me, and headed off.

Ashley looked dumb founded. She slowly put her purse down on a table near the door and walked up to me slowly while looking around deliberately with suspicion, as if someone with a hidden camera was going to pop out and tell her she'd been had.

"What...", she paused to look around again, "...are you doing here?" I could see her internally trying to figure out how I could possibly know she would be here.

I smirked while hiding the nervousness I felt.

"To bring you your costume of course!" she stared back at me, her eyes glazed over in confusion.

"The show starts in 30 minutes so you need to hurry up and change, come on." I grabbed the back pack. "You can change back there." I pointed to the dressing rooms. I shoved the back pack into her chest, forcing her to grab it, and started pushing her towards the dressing room. "Go on." I said in a reassuring tone. She walked slowly towards the dressing room still puzzled at what exactly was going on.

I waited nervously. I was only able to let down my guard and show my anxiety while Ashley wasn't around, but after about 10 minutes I heard the door open and I immediately composed myself. Ashley walked out with a dumb look on her face and her mouth agape.

The Alice costume I had bought for her was ridiculous. Black Mary Janes and white thigh high stockings with black bows atop them was just for starters. The short blue skirt had a tiny white apron on the front and white ruffles underneath. The skirt was barely long enough to keep her decent, but was a tad longer than the school girl skirt from the church.

The upper half of the costume was a matching bra top with white ruffle trim on top of the cups. The straps were designed to be loose and fall off the shoulder. The top also had a black bow between her large breasts where the white trim from each cup met each other.

The top was wired in a way to stay up and still look loose creating the illusion that the only thing keeping it from falling off were her large tits.

Overall the tiny top left little above the waist covered. Finally she had a black band in her hair, it finished off the 'sexy Alice' look perfectly. If I didn't know Ashley I would have sworn she was a professional model for these types of outfits. I was doing my best to hide my growing erection.

"What is this?" she whispered with raised eyebrows as she gestured down at the outfit. She was also holding a small black book that had been in the back pack. I wasn't sure if she had read the fake Alice in Wonderland book yet.

"You don't have to whisper they can't hear you." I said loudly illustrating my point. "It's for the reading of Alice. You want to play the part don't you? Put on a good show for the kids right?" She looked at me dumb founded.

"I'm not wearing this in front of a bunch of 7 year olds you idiot!" she seethed. I smiled at her trying not to laugh.

"Don't worry you don't have to. Just trust me." I looked at my watch, it was 1:45. I could hear the rumbling of footsteps and people taking their seats. She looked at me puzzled by the statement. I grabbed her school clothes from the dressing room and put them in my backpack.

"Your instructions are in there." I pointed at the fake Alice in Wonderland book as I zipped up the bag and put it close to the exit door. She frowned at me, opened the book, and saw that all the pages were blank but the first few, on which I had written her instructions.

She began to read the instructions and immediately got an amused look of disbelief on her face. "Oh you've got to be kidding me." she said looking at me incredulously.

"Keep reading you don't have much time before the show starts and those instructions might save you from making a fool of yourself in front of the audience and the principal." The amused disbelief turned to shock.

"You're serious? I'm gonna look like a fool either way! These instructions are ridiculous!" she yelled as she shook the book at me. I just stared at her with no reaction on my face. She looked back down at the instructions, read them all the way through, and then read them again just to be safe. I looked at my watch, it was almost time.

"Go take your stool." I took her hand and led her to the wings of the stage where she could see the stool and easel. "Do you think you can remember all that?" I asked referring to my written orders.

"Yes, but how did you know about this, what exactly is going on?" she asked whispering again. We could hear people on the other side of the curtain bustling. I smiled.

"Don't worry about it, just get on your stool." I urged her, show time was approaching. Just then she started to breathe sharply.

"I usually read to small kids or no more than 10 people." she said as her breath quickened. She turned and looked at me wild eyed.

She looked on the verge of a panic attack. She clutched the book with a death grip. She looked like she was about to start hyper ventilating.

"I can't do it. Tell me who's out there first!" She demanded as she grabbed my sleeve in terror. She was making me nervous now. Being up there in the wings, knowing there was a large crowd behind the curtain, was giving me anxiety as well.

I swallowed.

"Don't worry. Trust me." I said in as calm a voice as I could manage. I took my right hand and put it over her eyes and then used my left hand to guide her on stage. Ashley slowly walked to the stool trembling. Her heels clacked on the wooden stage, the heels seemed so loud and the walk seemed to take forever.

"You're here." I whispered as we reached the stool. Ashley reached out with her free hand and felt around for the stool. She realized how high it was, her feet wouldn't touch the floor.

"They will see up my skirt." she whispered accusingly at me. I could hear the crowd being quieted down in preparation for show time. Ashley picked up on the feel of a show about to start and suddenly hopped up onto the stool.

The skirt was so short that she was bare assed on the seat. The ruffles made the skirt all poofy and it came up a little in front, but if she kept her legs closed and her feet on the rung of the stool no one would see too much.

I pulled my hand away from her eyes and started to leave. I walked backwards off stage while pointing at my watch to indicate that we were almost out of time. The panic in her eyes was unreal. I actually felt bad for her, she had no idea what was behind that curtain.

I saw her take a deep breath and put her game face on as I hit the button to raise the curtains. Any noise in the crowd was hushed and everyone including Ashley waited in anticipation.

She had no choice now. Ashley was stuck up there on display for whomever was in the audience. As the curtain slowly rose the audience began to see her Mary Jane shoes and the beginnings of her stockings. There were some curious murmurs among the crowd. I saw Ashley breathe deeply in an attempt to compose herself. She sat up straight preparing herself for the unknown voyeurs.

The bottom of the curtain raised even higher and the audience could see that there was definitely a girl, a very hot girl at that, in a very sexy Alice costume up on stage. I began to hear whistles, 'wows' and 'oh yeahs'. I watched as the curtain revealed Ashley in all her beauty to the senior class of Paradise Valley High School.

Ashley's eyes adjusted to the bright lights shining on her and she looked out over the crowd of 18 year old students and the older faculty members of the school. A look of disbelief washed over her face. She froze. Stage fright, panic, embarrassment, I couldn't tell, but if she didn't act soon she was going to start getting heckled.

The males in the student body watched her in anticipation, the females with disdain. The faculty looked at each other skeptically. I stared at her in hope, hope that she would follow the instructions.

Ashley finally cleared her throat.

"Ahem. Alice is a young girl sitting on a riverbank with her sister." Ashley slid off her stool, careful not to reveal too much. A few whistles, and a reprimand from a teacher to the culprit followed. Ashley cleared her throat again and opened to the first page of the large picture book. The skirt was so short that I was sure the first few rows, mainly faculty, could see right up it and some of the male teachers were excited to see that her thong matched the blue outfit.

The first page of the picture book had a picture of Alice pointing at a white rabbit in glasses running by. Per my instructions Ashley went on.

"Just then Alice saw a white rabbit wearing glasses!" she pointed at the picture. "The rabbit ran buy hopping as fast as he could," Ashley got into position putting her hands up making little rabbit paws, "and he went hop, hop, hop." She hopped forward with both feet, her Mary Janes made a loud clack each time she hopped. Ashley's skirt flew up a bit each time as well, but the ruffles kept it from revealing too much to the audience in the back of the 1500 seat auditorium. Ashley's chest heaved with each of the three hops, and her breasts strained the wired bra top. She turned around and faced the other direction. She swallowed her humiliation and continued with her orders.

"He went hop, hop, hop." She repeated the process in the opposite direction, I started to see flashes from camera phones.

"Alright that's enough!" Principal Moore yelled. Moore was a large white man with a bald head and thick neck. He began to head to the stage. "Put those away!" He yelled at the camera phone offenders over his shoulder.

Ashley just stood there relieved she didn't have to go on with the humiliating charade. He bypassed the side stairs and came right up onto the stage using his large muscles to lift himself up. In a flash he was right next to Ashley, he grabbed her arm and started to lead her in my direction. He pointed at me angrily, "That's enough!" I got the hint and hit the button to lower the curtains.

Principal Moore turned to Ashley, "What the hell was that?"

"That was Alice. It's a classic." Ashley stated matter of factly, and maybe a little too cute.

"Uh huh." He eyed her up and down and then glanced at me. "I don't know what the hell you two think you are doing but you aren't doing it at my school."

"I don't understand, everyone loves Alice in Wonderland. Is it the mushrooms? You know hallucinogens, don't wanna endorse drug use, is that it?" Ashley leaned in and nodded knowingly. The principal just glared at her. She was following my general instructions to a tee and perhaps a bit too well.

"What's wrong Principal Moore?" Ashley asked like a little girl trying to get out of trouble with her father. She teasingly played with the bows on the tops of her stockings, and turned one knee inwards cutely. "No one's ever complained before, well one school did but we settled it pretty easily. It was simply a misunderstanding probably like what we have here."

She was making me uncomfortable with how good she was at the whole act, who was being taken for the ride here?

"Oh really." The Principal did not look amused, he probably had to deal with slutty girls trying to get out of trouble every day. But Ashley wasn't your average girl, and she wasn't one of his students. "And how exactly did you settle it?" he asked giving in to the game she was obviously playing.

Ashley frowned knowing what she had to say next.

"They called my father, and, well, let's just say it wasn't pleasant for me." The principal raised an eyebrow, that wasn't quite what he expected her to say. Ashley looked uncomfortable with the subject of her father in the charade.

"Oh. Well why don't we call him then." I couldn't tell if he was calling her bluff or if he really would just rather pawn her off to her father.

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