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Island for Dickgirls: Health Class


Author's Note: This story is one in a series of inter-related stories regarding women with penises. The stories will be related but will not be true sequels. That means you can read one "Island for Dickgirls" story and never read another, read them in any order, or (hopefully) read them all. To aid readers, I will include the same "introduction" section in every story. If you have already read an "Island for Dickgirls" story, feel free to skip down to the start of the story.


San Clemente is a small island off the coast of California in an archipelago known as the Channel Islands. It is about 55 miles out to sea and is the property of the United States government. The island is around 57 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan). It is a very long and narrow island shaped a bit like an old fashioned straight razor blade. The coast line is craggily and the interior is relatively flat and grassy. The island was in the custody of the U.S. Navy from 1934 until 1958. It was taken over that year by NASA, around the same time the Administration was created. Initially it was a small research facility but it quickly grew and the government's plans for the island also expanded. A small town was built just north of the center of the island and an airport was put on the northern tip of the island.

NASA acquired the island from the Navy with plans to initiate a massive full-scale. Since the outset, NASA began planning for eventual interstellar travel. The distances between stars, even at unbelievable speeds, is daunting. It would take a human built craft several generations to travel to the Sun's nearest neighbor. The stresses that would be placed on human beings, spending their entire lives inside of small spaceships, would be intense. NASA decided to genetically engineer the perfect specimen for long term space travel. Through the decades they perfected their new specimen.

By 1985, they had created what would be the final design. They named the creatures Hish (Human Inter-Stellar Hybrids) and their characteristics were alarming. For all intents and purposes they appeared to be exactly like normal human women. They had the ability to become pregnant, they had breasts, and appeared to be woman in face and body shaped (most, in fact, were beautiful as the genes of only the best and brightest were engineered into the Hishes). However, these women also had something different. The NASA engineers who had worked on the first generation of Hishes in the 1960's had nicknamed them "dickgirls." Notwithstanding their vaginas, breasts, and generally feminine physique, the Hishes had penises and testicles.

The theory for creating such creatures were quite sound. Women, in general, are more passive and better able to cope with the stresses of space travel. Their bodies are smaller and therefore more efficient. Further, if all of the Hishes were both able to become pregnant and impregnate others, they doubled the productive output of the species. They were further engineered to be unable to impregnate themselves through some accident or other. The Hishes had been engineered all over the country but in 1986, they were moved to San Clemente Island and a new colony was created to test the ability of the Hishes to cope with life on their own and wait for at time when other technology necessary for space travel caught up.

Through an accident of rapid evolution in the test tube, three distinct classes of Hish were created. They were given class names A, B, and C. A-class Hishes ar born with full sized, often very large penises and large testicles. A-Class Hishes are around 40% of the population. B-class Hishes generally have medium sized penises which retract into the body and only became fully visible and erect during stages of arousal. B-class Hishes are around 50% of the population. C-class Hishes have small penises that are constantly visible but hardly ever erect. They are around 10% of the population.

The Navy patrolled the island and ensured that no unwanted guests ever stepped foot on the island. Very quickly, the intelligent and industrious Hish population grew and began to thrive. Aside from their general isolation, the women (as they called themselves) lived relatively peaceful and prosperous lives on the island. They were given jobs as government contractors and produced many of the new and exciting innovations which helped the United States gain technological dominance in the last decade of the twentieth century.

By 2020, the island was a thriving community with a population of over 52,000 Hishes. 30,000 of these women lived in the city of Camelot in the center of the island, another 10,000 lived in Athens near the airport, and 5,000 lived in Caroline of the Southern Coast of the island. The remaining 7,000 were scattered throughout the island in isolated homes and small towns. The style of life on the island was remarkably American and if not for the fact that the entire island was occupied by beautiful women, it could be confused for many small counties in the United States. However, looks can often be deceiving and things are not always what they seem. This is the story of life on that island.

Health Class

Andalee Winthrop was more than a little bit nervous. She didn't know how she had managed to start work on a day like today but she knew that there was nothing she could do to get out of it; it was hard enough to get a job without being picky. Andalee was 22 years old and as she walked into Mara Woods High School, she officially became what she had always wanted to be, a school teacher.

She knew a lot of people who thought she was weird for wanting to teach high school kids. They told her kids were dangerous and that they had raging hormones. She just shrugged it off most of the time. It was hard for her to articulate that it was such an awkward age and that teens were the ones who needed to most help. She was very excited about being there for kids when they first became adults.

Another piece of criticism, if you could call it that, was that she was far too young and pretty to be a teacher (especially since she was taking a position as a health and gym teacher). People told her that she should have been in Camelot making movies or anchoring the news, not stuck in the tiny town of Lindor on the south west coast of the island. Andalee was often very embarrassed by the idea that she was beautiful, but it was the truth. She was 5'10 and weighed around 135lbs. She had small, perky breasts (32-A) and a slim, athletic body. Despite her lanky physique, she was incredibly feminine and even managed to have widely flared hips and a sexy silhouette. She had wide, blue eyes and long jet black hair. Her lips were pouty and large and her skin was slightly olive. She had a cute, pixie nose and tiny, pierced ears. She was a C-class hish and her penis was usually 3.5 inches, but would grow to 4 when erect, though that had only happened a few times in her life.

She was worried because she had somehow managed to start work on sexual education day. This, in and of itself, was not particularly scary to her. The problem was that she was a C-class Hish, and today she would be teaching A-Class Hishes about their bodies. Traditionally, this was not done. Usually, C-class Hishes taught C-class girls, B-class Hishes taught B-class girls, and A-class Hishes taught A-class girls. However, this was a very small school district and they were desperate. She was getting paid a bit extra today, and so she was prepared to do her best. Andalee had never even seen an A-class Hish's penis before, but now she had to answer questions about it.

Despite the fact that she was a gym teacher, she had decided to dress up for the day. It seemed like an important event in these 12th grade girls' lives and so she would look as though she were taking it seriously as well. She wore a white blouse with short, puffy sleeves. It had a tight collar that looked appropriately conservative. This blouse was tucked into a tight black skirt that fell to her knees and she was wearing high heeled black shoes. She considered it a very nice business ensemble and thought the girls would appreciate her seriousness.

She walked quickly down the hall, all of the children were out of it, in home room. She hurried and found classroom G. It was a small room, no more than ten desks with attached chairs. There was a large desk with a removable lectern at the front of the room with a small wooden chair. There was a large blackboard at the front of the room with an American flag hanging over it. The solid wood door crashed behind her, sealing her into the yellow painted cinderblock room. She felt her heart beating a hundred miles an hour and she felt a bit faint. She sat in the chair and waited for the bell to ring, trying to get her emotions under control.

The first bell rang and Andalee could hear the girls moving through the hallways, but she could not see them. The school was rather small, only around 100 total students scattered throughout three grades. The 12th grade had 15A-class Hish girls. She would see five of these girls at a time in 1st, 3rd, and 5th period. Although today, for this purpose, they were double periods. A total of 1.5 hours for each period. The second bell rang and quickly five girls rushed into the room, carrying notebooks and wearing their uniforms.

M.W. High School had a similar dress code to other schools on the island. All girls were expected to wear a pleated, plaid skirt, knee socks, a white blouse, and a black beret while at school. The girls came in and they looked almost exactly like Andalee. They were almost her contemporaries, after all only 18-year-olds could take the class. It felt strange to teach them about sex. if it was anything like her high school on the other side of the island, some of these girls already had sex.

Slowly the girls got settled and Andalee began, "Hello everyone, my name is Andalee Winthrop and I am the new Health and Gym teacher. Usually, I would ask that you call me Ms. Winthrop, however today is not a usual day," she began, "Today we are going to be talking about your bodies and about sex in general. Because this is such a personal subject, if you would like to call me Andalee today that is fine. I am going to talk to you just very briefly. Today is going to be mostly about your questions in regards to your bodies, sex, and relationships. I want you all to know that everything we say in this room stays here. As a matter of fact, you are not even to discuss your Hish class with other girls. I make the same promise to you, complete confidentiality. If any of you cannot abide by this one rule, then you can go to the principal's office and wait quietly. Anyone wish to take that option?" There was a bit of giggling when she talked about sex, but in general the girls didn't react. She waited a few more moments.

The girls remained passive in their seat, "Wonderful," Andalee continued, "Then let's begin first with introductions. Again, my name is Andalee and I am 22 years old. I just graduated from Camelot Teacher's Academy and today is my first day. I want each of you to stand up in turn, tell me you name and something interesting about yourselves." There was a moment of shear panic in which no one moved. Finally, the girl sitting closest to the door stood up next to her seat and introduced herself.

"My name is Jasmine Dahl," the girl said, "and something interesting about me is that I am captain of the volleyball team." Andalee smiled at the girl. She was very pretty. Jasmine was around 5'5 and weighed about 120lbs. She had cropped blonde hair and brown eyes. She had a somewhat chubby but pretty face and had perfect teeth. Her body was that of an athlete, it was a bit round but also muscular. Her legs were her best feature and she had medium sized breasts, probably 36-C. She had a 6.5" girlcock. Andalee smiled at her and nodded her approval. She then turned to the next girl and beckoned her to stand up.

"My name is Kassandra Wen and something interesting about me is that I am Island High School League 100 yard dash champion," she said and Kassandra looked like a sprinter. She was tall at 5'9 and weighed only 115lbs. She had tiny breasts, barely needing the sports bra she wore. She had the build of a supermodel, with slender arms, thin stomach, and athletic legs. Her skin was black like chocolate and her hair was black and tied back in a bun on the back of her head. Her eyes were brown and she had delicate, beautifully feminine features. She had a 6.5" girlcock.

"My name is Kylin Farr," the next girl said as Kassandra sat down, "and something interesting about me is that I am going to be in the school play next week." Kylin was a very cute young woman. She was 5'2 and weighed no more than 95lbs. She had long straight hair which she now had dyed a sort of deep, crayon red color. Her face was sweet, angelic, and incredibly innocent. Her body, on the other hand, had everyone who looked at her drooling. Her breasts were medium sized, B-cups, but they were in perfect proportion to her hips. Her skin was milky white and her entire body screamed sex in a very subtle sort of way. Everyone would have been surprised to find that such a delicate young girl had an 8" girlcock tucked between her legs. Andalee couldn't help but think that THIS was the kind of girl who would eventually be a sex symbol making movies in Camelot, not her.

"My name is Jade Anders and something interesting about me is that I get to take classes at the community college in the afternoon," Jade was one of the smartest girls in the class, and she would probably end up graduating from college before she turned 20. However, she wasn't some sort of shy nerd, she was beautiful and outgoing as well. She was 5'4 and weighed 120lbs. She had short hair which she had dyed pink. Her blue eyes were covered by glasses and her face was angular and intelligent. Her body was soft and curvaceous. She had large, D-cup breasts and hips were rounded and soft. She had the body look of a classic pin-up girl rather than a modern supermodel. She had a 5.5" girlcock.

"My name is Nikoletta Lawn," the final girl explained, "and I can suck my own cock," she explained. The other girls giggled. Nikoletta was in her second year of 12th grade and she had skipped this seminar the year before. She considered herself to be a bit of a punk and a rebel. She was 5'6 and weighed a mere 100lbs. She was scrawny, on purpose. She had B-cup breasts, one of which had a tattoo of a rose. Her face was gorgeous and looked deceptively innocent with its upturned nose, soft pink lips, and elfish ears. Her innocence was marred only by her nose and tongue rings as well as her hair that was dyed to look like fire, both red and yellow and was cut short and spiked. It turned out that she was lying about her ability to suck her girlcock, as it was 6" long.

"Nikoletta," Andalee began, she decided to be stern but wanted to build trust, "Please don't joke. I don't think that is very funny and this is a serious situation." Nikoletta thought that Andalee was cute so she shrugged and decided to give her a bit of slack. "Thank you."

The girls sat for a few moments, wondering what was going to happen next. Even Nikoletta was uncharacteristically quiet. Andalee was very nervous and she didn't know if she was ever going to be able to do this, but she took a deep breath and began.

"Okay. Like I said, I just have a few minutes of remarks that I want to make first then I am going to open the floor to questions," Andalee said as she began with the information she had studied up on the night before, "So all of you girls in this room are class-A Hishes. This means that your penises are generally larger than average. This also means that you have slightly different experiences when compared to you class-B and class-C friends and relatives. First and foremost, you probably came of age sexually a bit later than other girls, although you might not have realized it," She could see that they had all reached puberty long before, but she had memorized her speech and didn't want to risk changing anything. Classic American prudishness ensured that these girls were learning lessons about their bodies long after they needed to.

"You have now, for several years, been dealing with sexual urges. Some you may be thinking about starting sexual relationships. However choosing to do so entails huge responsibilities. Class-A Hishes, on average, have much stronger libido's than the other classes and as a result you may experience urges which are far greater than your classmates. Again this is normal, but it means that you have to show restraint. It is important to realize that while you are now capable of sexual relations in a physical sense, in an emotional sense you are still young."

Sexually transmitted diseases did not exist on the island of San Clemente. The Hishes had been made using only the healthiest of genetic samples and as a result there was little serious sickness on the isolated island. The rest of Andalee speech dealt mainly with the dangers of youth pregnancy as well as the emotional consequences of sexual relations. Finally she wrapped up by telling the girls that class-A Hishes were as likely to get pregnant as other classes (a common misconception) and that they had to take care to protect themselves. Most of this was unnecessary as most parents put their daughters on birth control as soon as they reached puberty. This was not because they believed that there was a large amount of promiscuity in the schools, but because it was an affluent island and the parents knew that children made mistakes and that pregnant teens did not go to college or make good livings most of the time.

"Alright girls," Andalee finished as she sat down on the desk at the front of the classroom, crossing her legs and feeling comfortable, "That is all I have for the prepared remarks, I now open up the floor to any and all questions."

The group was completely silent. Occasionally a girl would shuffle her legs or flip through the health book that was placed near the desks. Andalee began to feel uncomfortable. She leaned forward in toward the students, raised her eyebrows and titled her head to the side. Finally she said, "Anyone?" Still silence.

"Okay girls, well if that is all then you are to go to the gym and dress out. We are going to practice for the presidential physical fitness test," she explained, feeling relieved. The girls all groaned in disappointment. The only thing worse than an awkward sex talk was more than 60 minutes of flexed arm hangs and shuttle runs. There were a few more moments of silence and then Kassandra finally spoke up. She decided it was up to her to save them.

"Andalee, I was wondering, is there a chance that I can masturbate too much?" she asked, "Like either my cock or my pussy." Andalee felt a chill run up her back. She was kind of hoping this wouldn't happen, but part of her wanted to talk sex with these girls, to help them with this most awkward of subjects. The other girls giggled at the question, but they were interested as well.

"No dear," she explained, "Masturbating is very healthy. There is really no amount of masturbating that can hurt you. I mean as long as you are enjoying it you should feel free to explore. However, if you experience any discomfort you should stop." Kassandra nodded in what was apparent relief. In reality she would sometimes spend hours in her bed, masturbating one set of genitals and then the other until she was too tired to move. She always had a vague fear in the back of her mind that there was something wrong with what she was doing but now she felt relieved. Before Andalee could reflect upon her answer, another hand went up and she called on Kylin.

"This is kind of a weird thing," The tiny girl explained and the other girls looked at her curious, "Sometimes, like if I don't pay attention to myself my dick goes into my pussy when it is soft. You know, it just kind of slips and inch or two in and then I take it back out. It kind of feels nice, but I am worried it might hurt me or something," Nikoletta laughed (despite having experienced this herself and was also worried) and Andalee gave her an angry stare. She could tell this one would be trouble. The other girls looked at her expectantly, some even nodding as the question was posed.

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