Island for Dickgirls: Health Class


"You shouldn't be too concerned about that," Andalee explained. She had read about this phenomenon, one which she didn't have to worry about. It was a rather common occurrence which some women incorporated into their masturbation and sex lives. Obviously, she couldn't say this to the girls, but she want to let them know that they didn't have to worry, "Our bodies are designed to be unable to impregnate themselves. Even if a large amount of sperm were to get into your vagina from your own girldick, there would be no negative affects whatsoever," Kylin sighed to herself. She often purposefully inserted her dick into her pussy because it felt nice when she walked, she fearing that she was causing herself harm and was now very much relieved. Now two hands came up, both Jade and Jasmine had questions. Andalee thought that Jasmine's hand had come up first, so she chose to call on her.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if it was weird or something if you like to masturbate your butt more than your pussy or your cock," she stated. As the words came out of her mouth she blushed and looked at her shoes. She knew she was a pervert and just wanted someone to tell her that she was. Nikoletta opened her mouth to say something to that effect but Andalee shot her a look which indicated that this was not appropriate.

"Absolutely not," she said to the girl who looked up surprised, "Statistical studies have shown that 25% of A-class Hishes, 35% of B-class Hishes, and nearly 95% of C-class Hishes prefer anal stimulation to all else," Andalee knew that she was among that 95% of C-class Hishes, "Some girls have larger glands in their anuses which are stimulated from contact. There is nothing wrong with that preference. You must simply be careful when stimulating your anus because it is more easily torn when compared to the vagina," she felt confident about her performance as she called on Jade.

"I only like to masturbate my cock," Jade explained, "Then when I am really excited I like to save the cum and then drink it. Is that normal?" Andalee was surprised, both by this particular question and by the fact that they were now getting even deeper into the specific fetishes of the girls. However, the books she had read indicated that she should try to answer any questions posed as honestly as possible and she took that responsibility seriously. The other girls were silent. None of the other girls had either of those problems and even Nikoletta was shocked into reverent silence based on the question. She promised herself to try that later.

"Okay, first of all, lots of girls have a dominant feeling about their genitals. There is nothing wrong with your preference for your penis, it is fine. Secondly, consumption of sperm, especially your own, is completely harmless. I am not saying that it is good for you or that it is bad for you, simply put it is harmless and I don't know really anything more you can say about it. But Jade, on a personal level if it makes you feel good and it doesn't harm you then there is no reason to worry about it," Jade already knew this. She just took a certain dirty thrill is having everyone this she was some sort of genius and a good girl but exposing a little something naughty here in the group which they could not reveal once they left. Kylin was raising her hand again and Andalee called on her.

"I know you can't like tell a girl's class by looking at her, but when I think about being with someone...sexually, I always picture them as a B or C-class. Is that normal, like to like some more than others?" All of the girls, including Nikoletta, were nodding as well. This was the question the booklet had told Andalee was most common. The fact that they were all nodding should've told the girls the answer already. As a matter of fact, Andalee only ever considered herself with class-B hishes. She had had sex with only two girls in her life and both had been class-B girls. She just loved the way their hard cocks looked, not intimidating like a Class-A

"The literature shows that almost all girls have some preference. Some people choose to be with only one class, other choose to be with two or all but prefer one, other people have no preferences at all. As long as you respect all classes equally, it is totally up to you to decide who you want to be with," there was almost a palpable sigh of relief when she said this as the girls realized their preferences were natural and not strange fetishes. Finally, Nikoletta had a question.

"Andalee," she began, "what about you?" Andalee was a bit confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked back. Nikoletta put her elbows together on the table and leaned forward, squeezing her breasts together and exposing her cleavage.

"Well, you keep giving us statistics and telling us what it is like for average girls like us. Each of us different though. So does your dick ever go into your pussy? Do you drink your own cum? Do you like it in the tailpipe? Who do you like to fuck?" Nikoletta asked in quick succession. Andalee was taken aback.

"Nikoletta, I know we are in a confidential place here but that language is inappropriate and those questions are personal," she explained.

"Come on," Nikoletta urged, biting her lip, "You think you can tell us about our cocks but you won't tell us about yours."

"That's inappropriate," Anadalee explained, starting to feel a little bit flustered. This was not how this was supposed to be going. All of the confidence she had built up in the last half hour drained out of her like water down the drain. She didn't know what to do. Technically, Nikoletta wasn't crossing any lines, she didn't want to kick the girl out.

"Andalee," Jade said, raising her hand. Andalee called on her, hoping the girl would save her, "I know that Nikoletta has a really weird way of getting at things, but I think she might be a little bit right. I mean I realize certain questions are probably unacceptable, but at the same time it would really help to know what it is like to be an adult class-A woman like you. I mean you know the kinds of experiences we are going to have in the future, that kind of perspective can really help."

Andalee knew that she was now beat. She looked around and saw that all of the girls were nodding in agreement, except for Nikoletta. She was trying hard not to laugh. She had just been trying to get under Andalee's skin, she didn't think that anyone else would think it was a good idea. Now the teacher was on the spot for something that she was obviously uncomfortable with.

So the teacher realized that she had two options. She could try to bluff her way through and tell the girls as little as possible. The risk was that she made up something that was untrue and the girls would never trust her again and she would fail in her ultimate goal as a teacher. Her other option was to tell the truth and risk breaking their trust because she hadn't been honest in the first place. She hung her head and decided to do the right thing.

"Alright girls," she began, "I haven't been honest with you from the beginning. I was just hired yesterday and that was because Mrs. Walther retired. She was supposed to be giving you this lecture today. They needed someone with a teaching degree who was ready to start work immediately. That meant me. Unfortunately for you girls I am not a class-A Hish. I am a class-C. I studied up so I could talk to you today, but I cannot share my experiences because I am not Class-A. I have never even seen a Class-A person without their clothes on. I am sorry, if there is anything I can do beyond going into my own experience I would love to help and I am sorry I lied to you, I just didn't know what else to do."

The girls were silent for a moment. They were more than a little surprised, and if they were honest with themselves they found that they were a bit turned on. Class-C girls were a bit rare and there was something exotic about them. Beyond that they were talking about their penises when they knew that she really didn't have the same kind of experience as them, it was enticing.

"I have a cousin who is a Class-C," Jasmine explained, "When she is ovulating she gets really, really horny. Like she gets embarrassed sometimes later by the things she ovulates. Is that just her or does that happen to you?"

Andalee was a bit surprised, but she shouldn't have been. Their parents had already discussed sex with them generally and they already knew a bit about their bodies from exploration. Obviously, they would be more interested in hearing the details of the life of a rare and exotic class-C girl. As for any sort of betrayal they felt, they realized she was just doing her job. She was so happy that she hadn't offended them, that she decided to answer their questions. She felt an instant attachment to these girls. She felt now that they were really good girls and were just honestly interested in learning.

"Well yes that is kind of a feature of being a class-C," she explained, "Usually for I ovulate at the end of the month, so like a week from now, and when that happens my hormones are completely out of control. As your cousin gets older she will start to get a better control of her actions during this time, but she won't even get over the feelings," she explained, feeling freed up by her ability to speak the truth.

"My cousin got caught skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool a few weeks ago. What's the craziest thing you ever did?" Jasmine pressed. Andalee thought this was probably crossing the line; it was more gossip than anything of value. However, she was more than a little flattered by the girl's interest and she found that she was actually quite horny as these five beautiful girls stared at her, leaning forward and hanging on her words. She would have been lying if she said she didn't notice the way their blouses exposed just a little bit of cleavage, or the way they all crossed their legs to hide their sexual excitement (that is, except for Nikoletta who spread her legs under her chair and showed off her bulge.).

"Well I probably shouldn't be saying this," she prefaced it and the girls leaned further, "When I was your age, I wouldn't wear panties at school and when I was sitting in the lunch room I would spread my legs apart so that if anyone happened to be looking over at me they would see me. No one ever did, thank God. You girls had better not do anything like that either. I could've gotten in a lot of trouble. But that's what I did."

The girls were excited by this and more questions sprung to their mind, "How many people have you had sex with? Have you ever had sex with a class-A Hish?" Kylin asked. She knew she was crossing the line but she was unbearably horny now, talking about sex for half an hour. Luckily for her, the teacher was more than a bit horny as well.

"I have had two sexual partners in my life. Both were class-B girls," she explained to them, starting to feel really loose, "the first was when I was a senior in high school. She was a girl in my art class and we dated most of that year and we had sex shortly before graduation. The other one was in the second year of at the teacher's academy, we met at a bar and had sex once," she realized as she said the last one that it was probably highly inappropriate but she was now able to completely censor these feelings, not to be bothered by them again. The girls were giggling and by now they were squirming in their seats.

"You said earlier that 95% of class-C girls liked anal stimulation the best," Kassandra noted, "Does that include you?"

"Yes," Andalee replied without hesitation, "I have had vaginal sex and I have had my girlcock manipulated and I like them both, but I prefer anal sex and anal masturbation."

"Your cock is smaller than ours right?" Kylin asked, proud of her own enormous dick which she was trying her best to hide now.

"Probably," Andalee explained, "My girlcock is very small most of the time and doesn't get much larger when I am hard."

"Can we see it?" Nikoletta asked. Andalee turned to the girl who had her arms crossed in front of her chest and a smirk on her face. She was unbearably horny and when she got horny she got even bitchier than normal. Andalee found the idea of exposing herself to the group was exciting.

"I don't think I should," she said, in less than convincing tones.

"It would help us get a sense of anatomy," Jade explained, once again coming to the aid of Nikoletta when she was just trying to be a bitch. This was a less automatic decision for Andalee. She seriously considered all of her options. She walked over to the door and locked it. After all, it was a confidential room.

"Alright girls, stand up and come over to the desk," she commanded. She removed the lectern and the girls stood around the front of the desk. Andalee went behind it and unzipped her skirt. She let it fall in a puddle around her ankles. She was standing with her blouse and panties in front of the girl. She felt ridiculous wearing the puffy blouse without the skirt so she unbuttoned it and removed it as well. For a shadow of a second she felt dirty, standing in her black, lacy underwear in front of a classroom of girls, but it passed quickly and she sat down in the chair.

"Okay girls, please pay attention, because I will not be able to do this again," she explained. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down over her butt and then slid them down her legs and set them on the floor with her skirt. The girls gasped as her shaved body and small, 3.5" uncircumcised penis was revealed. Her member was flaccid.

Andalee put her feet up on the edge of the desk, placing them relatively widely apart and leaning back. This caused her penis flop down against the very top of her vagina, which was also visible. Finally, her incredibly wet asshole could also be seen when she leaned back. She brought her left hand up and touched her penis. Rubbing it gently and then massaging her balls gently. Unable to control herself, she reached behind herself with her other hand and unhooked her bra, allowing it to slide of her arms and exposing her small, pink nipples.

"There you go girls," she said in a husky voice. They were all a bit shocked. They thought her tiny, pink dick was cute and they all wanted her. No one moved.

Finally after a few minutes of watching Andalee masturbating herself softly, someone acted. Nikoletta walked swiftly behind the desk and ducked under Andalee's left leg. She was now in between the teacher's legs and didn't hesitate in popping the tiny, limp cock into her mouth. She loved the sensation of the small, doughy penis in her mouth. For Andalee's part, she was shocked. She had her eyes closed during the entire event and was more than surprised when she opened her eyes and saw the fire colored hair between her legs sucking deliciously on her girlcock. She felt Nikoletta grab her by the waist, pulling her to her feet and then flipping over so that her hands were on the desk.

The other girls swung into action. It was almost as if they had planned, though they had done nothing of the sort. They all slipped their panties off and hiked their skirts up a bit. Jade acted first and climbed up onto the desk and spread her legs, her hard cock sticking up at her teacher's face. Andalee didn't miss a beat; she quickly took the 5.5" cock, wreathed in pink hair, into her mouth. She adored the taste of cock and the feeling of pre-cum dancing on her teeth. She closed her eyes, moaning around the cock. She felt Nikoletta tugging harder on her tiny dick as the other girls moved about. Kassandra stood on Andalee's left and Kassandra on her right. They each set their cock's against Andalee's hands. Spreading her legs she was able to take each cock in her hands and maintain Jade's cock in her mouth without falling over.

Now the final piece came into place. Kylin walked around behind Andalee. She took the teacher by the hips and squeezed her. She was about to lose her virginity, and she was very excited. She took her massive dick and set it gently against Andalee's pink asshole. She pushed slightly and steadily. She could hear Andalee grunting around the dick in her mouth, but they sounded like sounds of encouragement. Soon the 8 inch dick was completely balls deep inside of Andalee's ass.

Andalee didn't know who it was that was behind her or how much dick there was in her ass but she did know it was the largest object that had ever been inserted into her asshole. She squeezed her anus around the cock, loving the feel of the pressure. The entire mass of horny girl writhed against the desk, moaning quietly, all realizing that they couldn't get caught.

Andalee was the first to cum. C-class Hishes were infamous for the amount of cum they produced and Andalee was exceptional even by her class' standard. She bucked hard as the cum began shooting out of her flaccid cock. Nikoletta swallowed two entire mouthfuls and then the cock popped out of her mouth. The cum kept flying, landing in her hair and on her face and down the front of her shirt. She was soaking wet nearly a minutes later when Andalee stopped cumming.

The other girls didn't stop their work on their teacher. Kylin continued to pound on her ass and Jade continued to thrust her hips against the teacher's face. However, when they saw Nikoletta climb out from under the table they began to lose control. She looked extremely sexy, covered in her teacher's cum. Nikoletta walked over to Kassandra, a girl she secretly had a crush on, "Clean me," she said in a throaty voice. Kassandra started to cum the same second she started to lick the cum off of Nikoletta's face, splattering Nikoletta's legs with cum. Jasmine watched them and came too, hers landing on Jade on the table. Jade scooped the cum off her arms and tasted it. Devine.

Jade bucked her hips hard and came furiously into Andalee's mouth. Her cum was barely a mouthful Andalee sucked it down quickly, loving the taste of the hot cum and feeling it created when it slid gently down her throat and filled her stomach. She clenched her anus again, this time milking the cum out of Kylin's girlcock. She felt the cock swell and spill its warm juice into her bowels and she felt weak. Kylin came for a few seconds and then fell back in the chair, her cock pulling out of Andalee's asshole with a "pop."

Jasmine decided to act. She walked around behind Andalee and pushed the nearly passed out Kylin to the side. She got down on her knees behind the panting teacher and put her lips to her teacher's ass. She began to suck Kylin's cum out of Andalee's asshole, tasting the warm cum and ass juice as it filled her mouth. She ran her tongue around the inside of her teacher's ass and then reached her hand around and began to jack the teacher's little pink cock. Andalee grunted and screamed out the name of her student's one by one. She didn't last long, soon she was cumming again, her sperm landing with a splash on the floor.

The girls lay panting all about the desk. They all had smiles on their face and delicious tastes in their mouths and smells in their noses. Slowly they began to put their clothes back on and they giggled at one another but no one said anything. Even Nikoletta, changing into dry clothes from her backpack, seemed soft and gentle.

Andalee was still in shock by what had happened. She wasn't sure if she had done the right thing but she was not ashamed. She kissed each girl on the cheek as they left the room, and discreetly pinched Kylin on the rump. But she had to get ready. She had two more classes to teach before her first day was over.

The End

Everyone: thank you so much for reading this story. Please, please rate the story and comment on it. Send me an e-mail through literotica or through the Forum if you want it to be private. I read all the responses and I want to give you all what you want. I have more ideas for different scenarios on San Clemente, but I want ideas from you. Also, if you liked this, read my other stories and comment on them as well (If you like futanari stuff, read "A Big Side Effect"). If you have a suggestion for another story you'd like to hear and want me to write it I will CONSIDER doing it.

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