Island Slave Ch. 01


When Carla woke up in the morning, the smell of sex was thick in the air and she was lying in a wet spot on the bed. For several minutes, she had difficultly determining whether the dream fuck had been real or not. It was only the lack of semen on the sheets or her body that convinced her that she had simply had the erotic dream of all time.

"I must have it bad for Harold. A dream fuck after only one night? I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something. Dare I go for the real thing? Am I going to make a mistake? Maybe Sherry is right? Maybe I just needed to do something wild and crazy to see that I can enjoy a good hard fuck for what it is?"

Her thoughts continued like this for much of the morning. She had breakfast at the buffet, eating sinful amounts of bacon, scrambled eggs covered in melted cheese and apple crisp. Already, she was comfortable walking around in her swim suit, a sarong and sandals. She retired to the upper deck for more work on her tan, finding Harold there already.

"Hi. Would you care to do my lotion again?"

"I'd love to."

While he was rubbing sunscreen into her skin, he asked, "How was you night? Enough sleep I hope."

"Yes, it was wonderful." She thought for a minute and then rushed forward, before she could talk herself out of it. "I dreamt of you."

"You did? That's amazing! I had a dream about you too. Was I a good guy in your dream?"

Carla blushed as she remembered his cock thrusting deep into her cunt. "Yeah. You were good. What was your dream about?"

"Ah..." Harold seemed to be embarrassed at the question. It was a first for him.

"What's wrong? Was I the evil bitch from hell?"

"NO! Definitely not the evil bitch."

"Did we make love?"

Harold coughed.

"We did in mine." Carla could not believe that she had just shared that. She held her breath, waiting for his reaction to her admission.

"In mine, you were wonderful. Sexy, erotic, hot, passionate, insatiable. It seems like we're on the same wavelength."

"Yes, it does. What are we going to do about it?"

"I know what my lower brain wants to do about it."

His oily hands reached around her and held her close. Carla shivered at his touch. Her pussy was responding, yet she felt a stab of fear. Things felt like they were going too fast.

"I'm... I'm not ready yet. Can we go a little slower?"

He pulled his hands back. "Of course. I would never rush you. We have three weeks to figure out if we really want what our dreams want."

"I'm sorry, Harold. I need time to think. I have to go."

Carla practically ran back to her cabin. Once there, she sat on the bed, shaking like a leaf, talking to herself.

"Carla, you idiot, you'll drive him away. This is too fast. I've only known him one day. Trust your feelings. I don't know what I feel. God, I'm so wet. I want his cock in me. I want to suck him and fuck him. You don't know him well enough, girl. Damn it! Can't I just enjoy a fuck even once? It's been so long. There's time, I don't have to decide this minute. I want him so badly."

Her mind awash in confused thoughts and debating itself, she flung herself down on the bed and cried. All the loneliness that had accumulated over the years burst out of her. For three years there had been no man in her life. It wasn't so much the sex she missed, but the connection with an opposite. There was no one to share her life with. No one to share the fears and triumphs and desires and dislikes with on a daily basis. Her heart and soul yearned for that special person she no longer believed she could find. Because she no longer believed, she misinterpreted her needs as sex. If she couldn't have what she truly needed, her heart would settle for the drug that would make the pain go away for a time, sex, raw hard sex.

She spent the rest of the week, enjoying Harold's company or in her cabin, wrestling with her dreams and desires. Harold was a gentleman through out the week. The two ate together regularly. They danced in the lounges and walked in the moonlight in the evenings. Each night, he would escort her to her cabin, lingering long enough to give her a chance to invite him in, but not pressing the issue. Each day, she felt she had drawn closer to him. Back in the city, this much contact with a man would have taken months of dates. By the end of the week, she felt like she had truly come to know him. Every night, she dreamed of sleeping with him. The first scuba trip passed without Carla going on it.

She had made up her mind by the morning of the ninth day of the cruise. Carla had no idea whether sleeping with Harold would end up a mistake or not. She did know that she would never forgive herself if she didn't, at least once. Even if it didn't work out in the long run, she knew she wanted the sex. Sherry was right. She needed to be fucked, well and truly fucked. It might as well be with someone who was simply hot.

She put on her most revealing swim suit before she left. She had a continental breakfast and found Harold on the sundeck again. His eyebrow raised at the sight of her in the far more revealing swim suit. He again rubbed sunscreen onto her skin. When his finger strayed slightly under one of the cups on her top, Carla stiffened briefly and then relaxed with a moan. Encouraged, he let himself slip under the edge of the other cup and the edges of her bottom. He never made contact with her pussy, but did feel the quiver in her loins at the probing intrusion.

Both had been avoiding talking about their dreams and desires for each other. She did spend the entire day with him, even asking that he stay and watch her scuba lesson. The tension between them grew steadily as the day wore on. Harold realized that something had changed in Carla today. She seemed ready. Each time he applied more sunscreen and she showed no sign of resisting it, his fingers grew bolder at the edges of her suit. As they watched the sun set beneath the waves, he held her close, her back against his chest. One hand rested on her breast and the other on the front of her suit bottom. Carla made no move to remove them. Carla made the fateful crossing. She had accepted the sexual contact, her willingness to go farther was almost shouted out by the way she leaned back into him.

He turned her around and bent to her lips. He kissed gently once, then harder, pulling her to him. Her arms reached around him as well and her lips opened at the slight knocking of his tongue. While one hand held her head to his, the other caressed her back, sliding in the traces of lotion still on her. Her hands were at his back, holding him close, pressing his cock against her pussy. When they broke the kiss, he took her hand and led her to his cabin.

Inside the cabin, they embraced again. Their kiss was even more passionate than the one on the deck. His hand slipped down the back of her swim bottom, running his fingers along the crack of her ass. His other hand caressed her back. One of her hands rubbed against his back while she ran her fingers through his hair. When they came up for air, she brought her hands to his front, running one over his chest while the other went lower and felt along the outline his rigid cock. His hands cupped her small breasts, the thumbs slipping under the bra of her suit to brush the nipples directly.

Carla's need was growing with every second of contact between them. Her whole body was tingling in anticipation of the coming ecstasy. In spite of not having been swimming for five hours, the front of her bathing suit's bottom was damp. She could feel the damp part of his suit as she massaged his cock through the fabric. Harold slipped the cups off her breasts, revealing the engorged areolas and erect nipples. With a hungry lust in his eyes, he bent forward and licked at one, and then the other, breast.

They backed toward the bed until Carla's legs were touching the edge. While her breasts were being worshiped by his mouth, she slipped her suit down her body, letting it fall, unnoticed to the floor. Carla moaned in pleasure as Harold's teeth lightly scraped across her sensitive nipples. He bent her over backwards and lightly held her hands behind her to keep her breasts pushed as far forward as possible.

Harold released her hands and breasts, pushing down on her shoulders. Carla resisted his pressure, saying, "No. Condom first" He reached over to the night stand and pulled several packets out of the drawer, all but one dropping on the stand's top. He handed her the packet. One hand held the top of her head while the other pulled his swim shorts down, releasing his throbbing cock from its prison. She rolled the condom over his cock, smearing some precum across her fingers at first. Slowly, he pushed himself into her mouth with a groan of pleasure. The warmth that enveloped him caused him to gasp and pull Carla's head closer in.

As his cock pressed farther into her mouth, she felt her stomach tighten and her throat develop the first tickling of a gag. She managed to pull back a little and run her tongue across his sheathed cock. She could feel him throbbing with every swipe of her tongue and she tried to pull her head off before he came. His hand exerted more pressure as she resisted him. When she felt the tensing in his cock, she took him in deeper. He cried out and spurted into the tip of the rubber.

He kissed her again as his free hand peeled the condom off and dropped it in the waste basket. With her cunt free, Harold was able to slide his hand against her wetness and across her clit. Carla gasped and thrust against his hand as shivers flowed through her body. Harold leaned her back against the bed with her waist at the edge. He knelt down between her legs and brought his lips across her pussy lips. Carla started thrusting against his face as his tongue continued to lick at the folds of her pussy lips. As her thrusts became more energetic, he probed her entrance, allowing her own motions to fuck her cunt with his tongue.

It took very little of this for Carla to go over the edge. With a scream, her body went rigid and her pussy quivered around the tongue that had impaled itself inside her. Harold brought his hand up to diddle her clit while she was cumming, sending her orgasm into overdrive. Her back arched and her hands flailed and grasped at the covers on the bed. Her breath caught as her body was overwhelmed by the pleasure-wave that rolled over her. Only when her back descended to the bed, did Harold pull back from her cunt and let her finish coming down from her climax.

"That was so great," Carla said as she caught her breath. "I want to fuck you tonight. Will you make love to me tonight?"

"Yes, I think that will be possible." He stood up, revealing his already semi-erect cock. He sat down beside her and ran his hand across her breasts. She purred at his touch and caressed his ass. She sat up, with some help from him and brought one hand to his cock, sliding her fingers through the slick remains of his semen that was on it. Slowly, it grew in her hand, leaking precum to add to the slickness that was there. Carla's pussy was juicing again in response to the feelings on her breasts.

They leaned in to kiss again, falling back on the bed, their hands still at one another. This time, they went slower, taking time to get to know their bodies. In the midst of their activity, fumbled for another condom from the night stand. Carla was amazed at how fast he recovered. A new condom, this, one that she brought, was slipped over his cock. When he thrust into her, she cried out. Side by side, they thrust against each other while their hands roamed everywhere, craving the touch of the other's body. Carla came once, her body freezing again while he continued to thrust with increased fervency. His mouth, pinned against hers, consumed her screams, as her cunt tried to milk his cock of the cum it was not yet ready to give.

The extra stimulation from her orgasm propelled him quickly towards his own climax. As she came down from her climax, she tensed her pussy as much as she could, reveling in the moans that accompanied each clench against his cock. He came in the middle of one of her clenches so that she could feel every pulse of his cock as he emptied cum into the rubber. She reached down and diddled her clit to send herself over the edge one more time.

As they came down from their respective orgasms, she whispered, "I love you." As she did Carla did not notice the momentary tensing in his body.

They slept in his room, arms wrapped around one another. In the middle of the night, they made love again, this time with less haste and more tenderness. When Carla woke in the morning, Harold was not there. A note on the bed stand, next to the cabin phone, indicated that he had gone to a rock climbing class and that he hoped to see her for lunch. She showered in his room and redonned her swim suit to make the trip to her room. There, she put on a pair of shorts and a tank top, then headed to the main dining area to catch a continental breakfast.

The ship was scheduled to stop at their third island today (the two had not gone ashore on the first two). They would spend two days there. The first day had the second scuba excursion planned. This one was in a shallow reef and would not test anyone's skills very much. Like the one Carla had missed, the area could be explored by snorklers and would give the students their first sea water experience. The 37 students were to go out in groups of six, accompanied by two instructors.

Carla signed up for the third trip, allowing her time to meet Harold for lunch first. The couple enjoyed a meal at the soup and salad bar while Harold listened to Carla talk about how much she was looking forward to the diving trip. She reminisced about dives she had made in the distant past.

After lunch, Carla changed into one of her swim suits and joined the group at the launch. They were to take 15 minutes traveling to the reef, two hours diving (including anyone's attempts to qualify for a basic certificate), and another 15 minutes returning. The passengers were talking excitedly as the launch bounced across the waves towards the reef. Once the boat was anchored, she instructor gave final instructions.

"Okay, folks. Remember, we use the buddy system out here. No one swims alone, no matter what. Each pair must remain in sight of either myself or Hans. This is the safest dive we'll make, but no dive is a cake walk. I don't want anyone trying to take samples back with them. We have souvenirs in the gift shop if you just have to have a shell or some other underwater treasure. Remember, we are not in an aquarium. These are wild animals in their natural habitat and will defend themselves if they feel threatened. NO TOUCHING! Everyone clear?"

When they nodded their heads, he gave the final instructions. "I'll be qualifying anyone who thinks they're up to it at the beginning. Hans will take those who are already qualified or aren't ready straight away. If you're not qualified, stay on the surface. Okay, let's get in the water."

Carla and her partner, an older lady named Jasmine, stayed and qualified. Like Carla, Jasmine was requalifying after a long dearth of diving experience. Once they were done, they swam into the heart of the reef. The two women swam with practiced ease past the colorful coral. Their pace was slow, allowing for them to take in the beauty of the animals and plants that made the reef a thriving natural community. They saw a school of clown fish heading towards the surface, into the glare of the sun. Following it, they were caught be surprise when the school scattered, revealing three jellyfish descending.

Carla, recalling that the diaphanous sea creatures could have poisonous tendrils, pushed Jasmine to one side and tried to swim away. The push delayed her enough that one jellyfish grazed her arm with a touch of fire. It was all she could do to not scream in pain from the agony that lanced across her skin. She could see through tear filled eyes, a red rash forming at the point of contact. As her right hand came around to grasp the burning left arm, Jasmine appeared and clamped her hand on Carla, shaking her head and pointing up.

The senior dropped a dye marker to indicate a problem and guided the suffering Carla to the surface. As soon as they broke water, Jasmine spat out her regulator and asked, "Can you breathe okay?"

Groaning in pain, Carla nodded her head. Jasmine nodded her head, visibly relaxing. "Good. It's not a nerve toxin then. If you touch the rash, it could spread."

Hans appeared then. "What's the problem?"

"Carla was touched by a jellyfish and there's a painful rash on her arm. She can breathe okay."

Hans pointed to the launch. "Take her to the launch and get her back to the ship. There is ointment in the first aid kit. Have the doctor look at her. I'm afraid Jasmine, you'll have to abort your dive as well since you have no buddy."

Jasmine sighed. "I know. Maybe I can join one of the other groups?"

"We'll see. I think we do have an odd person in the last group."

Once the ointment was applied, Carla was in far less pain. On board ship, the doctor gave her a specific remedy for the poison that had, by now, caused her skin to blister. She was told to stay out of the water for the next several days and to check back in with him in three days or if it got worse. Carla and Harold were planning to spend more time together after the dive, so she went to his cabin to link up with him.

When she got there, she was about to knock when she heard him talking. "Yeah, it looks like we're going to be here for at least two weeks... They got a virus that wiped data through out their entire network. We have to check each hard drive individually to make sure the virus is gone and the data recovered... Yeah, honey, I love you too... How are the kids...?"

Carla stifled a cry and backed away from the door. Harold, if that was his real name, was married. He had a family. There was a wrenching in her chest as she realized that she had been lied to and used. She ran to her cabin, desperate to reach the sanctuary of her room before the tears flowed from her eyes. Once in her room, her control was lost and she collapsed on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably.

Carla felt like she would never be able to trust again, never be able to risk again. This cruise was her big 'do something spectacularly spontaneous' trip and it took only four days for the consequences of being wild and crazy to bite her in the ass. She realized that she could not win. Her normal approach to love and romance had left her still single after 20 plus years. Her trip on the wild side had broken her heart. Why did she even try anymore? She resigned herself to stop trying for love. As for the cruise, she would spend the rest of it in her cabin.

She ended up crying her self to sleep. Harold's knocks on her cabin door went unheard that afternoon. When she awoke, the sun was hanging low on the horizon. Her belly rumbled in hunger. She ordered dinner from room service and spent the rest of the day in her bed, eating comfort food and reading her romances. Now she envied the heroines of the books, jealous that they had an author looking over them, making sure that they had happiness in the end.

She did not remember falling asleep that night. A knocking on the door woke her up. She realized that she was still wearing the bathing suit she had gone scuba diving in. Peeking out the peephole, she saw Harold. Anger burning, she pulled the door open.

"What do you want?" she yelled.

"Whoa. What was that about?"

"Oh, I don't know. What do you think I'm mad about, daddy?" The sarcasm dripped like acid from her voice.

Harold's face blanched for a moment at the question. Then an almost snarling leer filled his face. "If you were worried about that, you would have asked before you fucked me."

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