tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt Can Be Fun At Work Ch. 2

It Can Be Fun At Work Ch. 2


Work went quickly that day for Kate. She didn't want to admit it but having her cunt licked by Lisa had thrilled her. The power that she had felt was beyond comparison. The horniness that she felt now was way above the usual. Lisa had been quiet all day, and although Kate felt no guilt, she also knew that the quietness was her fault. Sending a quick e-mail to her lover, she walked into the reception area and moved towards Lisa. Her eyes grew wide as Kate approached her; she gulped with fear as she saw the dark look in her eyes.

Kate laid a hand on Lisa's cheek, and caressed the young smooth flesh.

"Aww, I'm so sorry sweetie, that was so horrid of me today, I want to make it up to you" Kate bent down and kissed Lisa deeply, their soft lipstick coated lips began to tear at each other in hunger, tongues darting into each others mouths. Lisa's young hands reached for Kate's legs and began to push their way up to her panties. Kate was shocked at how turned on by this young woman she was, barely 21 and so soft and firm and delicious. Gasping as her panties were pushed aside and Lisa's fingers plunged into her wet cunt, Kate growled and whispered into her new lovers ear.

"Oh baby girl, just wait please, let's go to my place and there we shall have the time of our lives" She licked at Lisa's neck, and pulled the young hand from her dripping wetness and sucked the fingers clean. Lisa's skin was flushed and her eyes had the dark look of hunger about them. Kate's shivered as she led Lisa by the hand to the car, her clit was so aroused from this eager young sluts touch, as she walked her movements caused her to shudder as the clit swayed in it's hood.

As they were driving along, Kate began to re-form the plan that she had thought of earlier. Reaching over to the young girls legs beside her, she caressed the stocking clad smoothness.

"Mmm.sweetness, I think you should know something about me, I like to dominate, my sexual partners. How do you feel about that?"

The wide eyes innocence of in-experience glared back at Kate. "Oh I'm not too sure what that means Kate."

A wry grin formed on Kate's face as she turned from the road for a second and winked at Lisa.

"Oh my dear little one, I shall show you. Some rules first, I want you to call me Mistress, and not speak to me unless I say you can, from now on you shall be Mine, you are my slave, I shall use you which ever way I chose, I shall control your every desire and you shall only do as I say…how does that make you feel little girl?"

"Er...Mistress, that thrills me, I always wanted you, I have watched you so many times as work Kate…er Mistress, I have seen you masturbating so many times and how I have longed to lick you and taste you." She panted as she spoke out her desires her cheeks red from her excitement.

Pulling the car into the drive carefully, Kate parked up and got out of the car. As they got to the door, Kate pulled at Lisa's hair kissing her roughly. "One other thing, your name from now on shall be slut, I like that name it suits you, and you my dear lose everything the minute you enter this door, do you understand, everything?"

Lisa gave her answer by walking through the door and waiting for Kate to enter.

"Yes mistress"

"Oh you good girl, my good little slut" Pulling Lisa into the living room, she smiled as her lover sat there with two other men friends, drinks laid already on a table.

Walking over to her lover so kissed him hungrily, her hand upon his crotch. "Why look babe, look who's here, the girl from the office, this is slut my darling, you like?"

"Oh Kate, you brought home that delicious slut I watched fuck your cunt this morning?" He chuckled and grinned hungrily at his delicious lover, her large breasts pushing against the silk of her blouse, as she walked over to the girl and spun her round for the men to look at.

"Now my slut, strip for me, let me see all of my slut" Kate walked over to her lover and sat upon his lap, her long legs reaching to the chair next to his, where a young man removed her shoes and began to caress her feet.

"Oh delightful, delightful" She crooned, her body moulding into her lovers hardening lap.

"Well what are you waiting for slut? Strip!" Lisa stood there shaking, her panties moist already from the total shock and excitement she was feeling. Slowly removing her blouse she allowed it to fall to the floor, next her bra, undoing it then allowing it to shake from her arms. The soft globes of pale flesh peaked with a young, fresh, pink nipple. The group looked at her with approval as she removed the skirt and pushed it down to her ankles, revealing hold up stockings and a flimsy pair of panties. She removed the panties next and kicked them off.

"Stop! Leave the stockings on, and hand me your panties slut" Lisa walked to Kate and gave her the panties. Kate picked them from the extended grasp and sniffed at them, inhaling the deep musky odour from them, and then placing them over her lovers face.

"Oh smell my love, smell the deliciousness of that sweet cunt!" Teasingly her lover licked at the crotch of the panties, winking at Kate with a glint in his eyes. Chuckling Kate turned to him "Oh. Babe you mean, you want to try out my new toy?"

"Kneel slut, all fours, show yourself to my man"

Lisa did as ordered and kneeled on all fours her sopping cunt exposed to the four people in the room, her arse high in the air as they all looked at her.

"Oh but Kate, how rude I haven't introduced my gift to you, these two young studs are yours for the evening, no need for names just yours for the fucking." Kate giggled in delight as the two young men stood and removed their clothes to reveal huge cocks and bodies so firm and beautiful.

"Oh darling so kind!" She laughed happily as she walked in front of the two men and kneeling tasted each of their cocks. "Oh yummy! What a cockfest we shall have my love"

Her lover walked in front of her and began to tear off her clothes; Kate's eyes gleamed with expectancy as her lover stripped her naked.

"Now my sweet Kate show me how much you adore your new slut" Giggling, Kate was on her knees behind Lisa, opening her thighs some, pushing her fingers into the now soaking cunt, each thrust of her hand causing more juice to spill over her fingers. Lying down with her head under the parted legs, Kate pulled her sluts cunt down to her face and began to fuck it with her tongue, making as much noise as she could as she saw her lover remove his hard thick cock from his pants and begin to stroke it. She slurped at the juices now running freely from the sluts gaping sex, she rocked her hips upon her face, as she knew the horny little slut would soon cum for her. Reaching up she poked three fingers into the pussy and began to thrust harder and harder into it as her mouth ravaged the sweet clitoral bud, her teeth pulling and pulling as she avidly fucked the sloshing wet messy cunt hole. Screaming loudly her slut came on herm gushing her juice all over her new Mistresses face. Kate took a load in her mouth and slid from beneath the collapsing Lisa and walked to her lover, her face covered in the dewy mess; bending to him she kissed him hard and poured the juice from her tongue to his. With an animal like growl he threw Kate to the chair, where she landed upon one of the studs.

"Now I am the boss Kate, my turn to rule this roost!" he laughed at her at she squirmed against the strong hold of the stud under her.

"Boys, sort this woman out for me, while I fuck this lil slut of hers"

Sliding to the edge of the chair the man shoved his already lubed cock straight into Kate's tight asshole, causing her to scream in pain as his thickness ripped her, as she collapsed back the next man kneeled in front of her and teased her clit with his stiff huge rod, the head coated in her own lusty juices. Without any ceremony he thrust it into. In unison both men began to fuck both her holes. Bouncing between the two men, she watches as her lover took her slut, still kneeling on all fours she screamed as her tight hole was ravished by Kate's lover's large beef. Watching this sent Kate wild.

"Oh yes fuck her baby fuck her, oh my God fuck me boys fuck me, fuck my ass and cunt oh yes" Bucking wildly as the men began to rut at her like animals. Her body uncontrollable as both men's cocks almost touched between the dividing skin of anus and vagina.

Just then her lover shot his load into the cunt of her slut. He pulled the fucking trio onto the floor, and lifted Lisa over Kate's face so that his cum and Lisa's poured onto her face, Kate lapping thirstily at the combined juice.

Kate's tongue delving deep into the cunt above her once more, scooping her lovers thick cream from this now ravished hole. Ordering the man from beneath Kate out from there, her lover told him to play with the slut, whom he was soon fucking in a frenzy. Kate lay there still being rutted by the young stud as her lover lay above her dangling his heavy hairy balls over mouth. She reached without any order to them, her tongue licking them clean from her sluts mess, his cock hardening once more as her expert tongue ran over them caressing them with great care and skill. His cock sprang back to life and was soon fucking Kate's face as the young man fucked her pussy. Both screaming in unison Kate and her lover came at the same time, her pussy and mouth filled to overflowing as the stud shot his hot load into her delighted cunt and her lover came in her mouth, forcing her to swallow as he pinned her head to the floor.

Panting heavily as the rose to a chair. Kate's lover sat besides her stroking her body covered in perspiration. He barked at the young trio lying watching on the floor.

"Come clean us up" Lisa kneeled and cleaned his cock as the two studs sat and licked Kate's pussy clean. The both sat staring at each other as the hungry little tongue delighted them once more.

"Funnily enough my love, I'm feeling a little hungry now, shall we order some more food?"

"More food?"

"Yes darling, well this liquid protein diet just doesn't satisfy me" As the penny dropped he laughed loud with his horny love, and made one of the sluts go do the ordering.

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