tagBDSMIt Happened in Mexico Ch. 01

It Happened in Mexico Ch. 01


Joaquin lay in his prison bunk, his cock throbbing in his hand. He was thinking about Angel. Angel, the woman who had told him she could not see him anymore.

She had found a man she wanted to marry, a man who could give her what she needed emotionally, love, understanding and security. A man she could depend on to treat her with kindness and always be there for her.

"That fucking bitch," Joaquin said to himself, "no woman says no to me! I'll teach that slut a lesson she will never forget!"

Before his arrest for assaulting that store clerk, he had been seeing Angel for a couple of months.

Their sex was amazing. There is something about the chemistry between a good girl and a bad boy that was like magic.

Angel had finally come to her senses and although physically attracted to Joaquin, realized he was cruel, undependable and a loser.

At first she had tried to help him. Being a nurse, her heart always seemed to reach out to people in need but she soon realized that he was trouble with a capital "T", especially when he asked her to moonlight at that strip bar to bring in some extra cash.

Joaquin called up to his sissy cell mate. "Get down here faggot and suck my cock!"

William quickly jumped down, fell on his knees and took Joaquin's erect cock in his mouth as he had done many times in the past.

He knew his master was thinking about Angel again and needed some relief, but he didn't care. He just wanted the chance to serve Joaquin, suck his cock and taste his cum.

Joaquin faced-fucked William without mercy, imagining it was Angel's throat he was abusing.

He shot his load deep down his prison-bitch's throat and pushed him away with his foot.

"OK bitch, get out of my sight!" he told William with disgust.

Joaquin didn't consider himself gay, prison bitches were there to use until you were released. He actually hated them and mistreated them often.

This was the last night before Joaquin was to be released. Soon, he thought, soon I will teach that slut a lesson. He fell asleep, dreaming of revenge.

He was awoken by the guard the next morning.

"Ok Joaquin, time to leave," the guard said, unlocking his cell door and handing him some clothes on a hanger and a paper bag full of the belongings that he had turned in when he was first incarcerated. "Check it out and sign here."

Joaquin when through his belongings: A cheap suit, a white shirt, a pair of alligator shoes, fifty dollars in cash, an expensive watch, and his wallet.

Joaquin signed the receipt, changed into his civilian clothes and followed the guard down the long hallway to freedom.

He didn't bother to say goodbye to William who had served him in so many ways for so many nights.

William just lay in his bunk, crying over the loss of his master.

One of his old buddies picked him up in the Van Joaquin had loaned him when he was sentenced.

They smoked and got high, and then Joaquin dropped off his friend and headed for Los Angeles.

He knew just what he was going to do first. Find Angel and even the score. He had it all carefully planned out.

Angel was surprised to get his call.

"No, I can't see you, now or ever. I'm married and love Kelly very much. I am glad you are out of prison," Angel lied, "but you need to move on Joaquin, I have."

Joaquin could still hear her words ringing in his ears. "We'll see about that," he thought and felt the anger rising inside himself again, "I'll get that bitch, I'll get her good!"

Joaquin kept calling Angel and threatening to come by and tell her husband all the details of their past and show him some pictures he and Angel had taken in the heat of passion.

Finally Angel agreed to meet him for coffee on the condition that he would stop calling and give her the pictures.

They met at a local deli. Joaquin slowly eyed Angel up and down like a piece of meat. She looked good, put on a couple of pound over the years, but that just made her sweet tits and ass fill out more.

Angel, reading his thoughts blushed knowing he wanted her and all that time in prison, had build up an animal need deep inside him.

He hugged her tightly when they met and pressed his hard cock in his pants against her soft vulva.

She had to finally push him away. She was angry when she felt her own passion growing. Old habits die hard. She still was physically attracted to Joaquin but managed to break his hold on her.

They sipped their coffee in silence.

Finally Joaquin said, "Not a call, not a visit, what's a matter baby, don't you love me anymore?"

"Yes, I mean no, I mean, it's over Joaquin. I am married now. We were over before you were even sent to prison, you know that. I'm married to a wonderful man who gives me everything I need!" Angel replied.

"Oh yeah," Joaquin answered, "I also remember how hard you would cum when I fucked you baby. I remember you begging for my big cock. Does he fill you up like I can bitch?"

Angel, being somewhat submissive, usually responded with passion to his derogatory name calling but she caught herself and said, "There's more to love than sex!"

She was beginning to feel bit woozy, not realizing that Joaquin had slipped Rohypnol in her coffee when she was not looking. Angel suddenly felt faint and started to black out.

Joaquin quickly grabbed her and helped her to her feet. "It's ok folks, just a little too much to drink." He explained to the other people in the deli, as he helped her outside and into his van.

Angel staggered in his arms. When they reached the back of the van, she blacked out. Joaquin carefully laid her down on the blanket on the floor of the van, handcuffed her hands behind her, duct-taped her feet together and applied a ball-gag to her mouth.

The next few days were a blur to Angel. She vaguely remembered a long drive, being carried from the van and taken to a shabby hotel room.

She knew they were performing different procedures on her but each time she started to regain consciousness, someone would inject her with some kind of drug and she would pass out again.

She could faintly hear people talking in Spanish but couldn't make out what they were saying.

Finally, Angel regained consciousness. She was in a small room, tied naked, spread-eagle in bed, on her back. Her tongue, eyelids, lips, nipples, vulva and clit hurt. She was very thirsty and called out for water.

A dark-haired Latina woman, about thirty came into the room with a glass of water. She supported her head while Angel greedily tried to drink from the glass.

"No, no, no, "the woman replied with her Spanish accent, "not too much, you had surgery and it will make you sick!"

"Surgery, "thought Angel, "what in hell have they done to me?"

The woman left and soon Joaquin came into the room. He undid her ropes and led her to a full length mirror. Angel could hardly recognize her own reflection. Her hair was dyed a cheap bleached blond color and cut in a short, whorish style.

Her eyes and lips were tattooed in a way that made her look very sluttish. She opened her mouth and saw a stud had been put through her tongue.

Her lips looked like they had been shot full of collagen and give her a "fuck my mouth" appearance.

She looked down at her nipples and noticed, they too had been tattooed a bright pink color and each nipple was pierced with large metal rings with the initials, "J" and "R" dangling from them. Joaquin Rodriquez.

As she looked lower she noticed her pubic hair was gone and a tattoo on her bare pubis with the words, "Joaquin's Whore," in big red letters.

Her clit had been pierced and a big gold ring was hanging from it. Angel fainted and Joaquin carried her back to the bed and secured her wrists and ankles again.

Angel woke up a few minutes later and saw Joaquin sitting in a chair near the bed, smiling wickedly at her.

"You bastard," she yelled, "why have you done this to me? When Kelly finds you he will kill you!"

"Oh, I'm sure he will try, "Joaquin replied calmly, "as a matter of fact, I called him and let him know exactly where we are. I told him he could have you back for $20,000. He is on his way with the money right now. Why have I done this? The answer is simple. I want you. You will be my woman, my slut, and my whore! You will do what I say, when I say, and to whom I say and I have no intention of giving you back to your husband. I merely want his money and to take him as my prisoner."

"I will never do as you say, never. You will have to kill me first!" Angel angrily answered.

"Oh but you will," Joaquin laughed, "that is if you want to keep you husband alive!"

(To be continued)

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