tagChain StoriesIt Happened One Night Ch. 01

It Happened One Night Ch. 01


It had only been three hours since the final meeting of the quarter for Chox, Inc. and Adam Milligan was already dreading the after-hours bash that his boss, Theresa, always insisted on. Adam had worked for the firm for two years and every quarter; they did the same damned thing.

"Milligan?" His boss always insisted on using last names.

Just like the Army, I guess. Adam quickly framed his toothy smile at Theresa's approach. "Yes, Chandler?"

"Tres bien. You will be attending mon petite soiree this evening? At my new place, N'est pas?"

What's with the fake French accent? Adam lowered his raised eyebrows. "Eh… Oui, of course, wouldn't miss it."

Theresa flashed expensive orthodontia and sashayed her sizeable behind towards another pathetic middle manager in the corner. Adam dashed for an exit and fished a smoke out of his coat.

* * *

The lights of the city flew by as the car zigged left and rolled right through Friday rush-hour traffic. Adam had gotten a ride from Darren in accounting to get to Chandler's place, but neither of them could remember where her new digs were.

"Hey… Hey, Adam?"

Adam snapped out of his thoughts. "Yeah?"

"Was that West Tenth Street or what?"

Adam fished around in his pocket for the Mapquest printout. "I don't know, it just says Tenth on the…"

"Fine. We'll find it."

The car made a hard left up a well-lighted street and trolled to a stop, looking for curb numbers. A lively Stop-N-Go rolled into view.

"Naw, it ain't West Tenth. Not unless Chandler's partyin' in the walk-in cooler or somethin'."

"Hey, pull in here for a sec, anyway." Adam felt in his pockets.

"Get me a beer, will ya?"

Darren found a space on the side of the building, double-parking behind a semi. Adam hopped out, rounded the corner and ran smack into a huge pair of breasts, face first. The woman fell back to the wall by the payphone.

"Hey, watch it!"

Adam's face paled. A very tall black woman held her chest and stared daggers at him.

"Oh, my God. I'm so sorry." Adam reached a hand out toward her to help.

The woman looked at his hand, then back at him. Her face softened and she grabbed his hand.

Adam helped her up. "I'm sorry, I just… I have this stupid party I have to go to, and I…"

"Damn, you’re a nervous little thing, ain't ya?"

When the woman stood up straight, she was a good five inches taller than Adam. Her hair was tinted red and in long braids framing a striking face - almond eyes, full lips, high cheekbones - she looked like a model, but for her too large boobs.

Adam grew silent for a moment as he took her in, his eyes flashed from her beautiful face to her breasts and back again.

She smiled. "You okay?"

He inhaled suddenly and quickly looked back up at her face. "Oh, I… Sorry."

"Yeah, so you said. Just slow down some, little man. Take it easy." She smiled and walked on.

Adam watched her jeans grind away for a moment, closed his eyes, then slapped his forehead. "God, what a fuckin' idiot."

Inside the store, he grabbed a pack of Camels, a beer for Darren and went to the counter. A young Pakistani man sold a couple of six-packs to a petite woman, then looked to Adam. "That be all, sir?"

"Yeah, and matches, if you got 'em." The young man bent down and felt below the counter, never taking his eyes from over Adam's right shoulder. He looked nervous. Adam turned, spotting a curved mirror hanging in the corner. In the mirror, four young men with big coats were cutting up in the last aisle of the store, loudly cursing and challenging each other.

"No, you man."

"Get the fuck out. I ain't gonna…"

"Here you are, sir." Whipping back around, the matches were in Adam's face. He took them, paid and dinged out the door.

Darren pulled a U-turn in the street and headed east down Tenth into a dark neighborhood. Streetlights were commonly shot out in this older part of the city. Run-down duplexes and old homes with peeling paint, tin siding and in need of years of yardwork led right up to a new walled-in set of brightly-lit condominiums. From the fourth condo to the right of the entrance, loud music thumped into the night, echoing off the surrounding houses.

"This be it, Adam. I'll let you out here and find a place down the street. Cool?"

"Cool. Okay. Thanks, man. See you inside." Adam hopped out and the car moved slowly down the block, looking for a space.

Adam walked up the lighted pathway amidst sculpted grassy hills and several thousands worth of imported tropical plants. A big guard wearing a vest behind the gate eyed him warily.

"I'm here for the party in 1278."

The guard frowned, pointed to his ears and shook his head. He pointed to Adam's left. There on the wall was a list of apartments with lighted addresses beside them, and a bell for security. Adam smiled, flashed an "okay" sign and pushed "1278." A phone rang through the speaker, then music poured out of it.

"Chox Incorporat… I mean, Theresa Chandler's residence."

"Amy? That you?"

"Yeah, who's this?"

It's me, Adam. I'm out front. Can you buzz me in?"

"Yeah, just a second. Sorry, Chandler put me to work as soon as I got here. This isn't quite the same as the switchboard… Ah, here we go!"

The door buzzed and Adam pushed it open. "Thanks," he said, but the speaker was already quiet.

Following the booming music, Adam walked through the pretentious structure, then climbed stairs past an impressive fountain to 1278. He knocked and waited. He knocked again. He tried the knob, letting himself in.

Adam squinted as the music slammed into him like a living presence. The party was in full swing - bodies jumping and diving in disco light just inside the entryway, and stairs leading down to the main room crowded with friends, couples and sharks. Adam leaned close to one shark nearby.

"Where's the bar?"

The man took his eyes off the legs of a woman Adam knew from shipping long enough to jerk a thumb towards the kitchen.


The kitchen was more of the same, bodies sitting on and leaning against every counter - the men downing beers as if in a contest and the women trying to balance goblets of white wine away from the traffic moving by.

I wish she'd at least get a bigger place.

Suddenly, a soft derriere backed out of the open fridge and straight into Adam's trousers. It paused there, resting against his cock and balls, then rubbed up and down a couple of times. Adam couldn't back up for the bodies.

The soft backside stood up and turned around - Theresa Chandler. "Milligan! I thought that was you." Then she laughed that party laugh of hers that was somewhere between nails on a chalkboard and a rasping jackass.

Theresa's generous breasts threatened to spill out of the front of her spaghetti-strap gown, their heft bouncing with each tasteless chortle.

"Hi Chandler. Nice dress."

"Oh, do you like it? I just picked this up last week on vacation. Figured I had to wear it before the frost set in."

Vacation. God, I hadn't had a vacation in how long? Theresa's vacation had been in the Cayman's for Christ's sake. Just look at the tan.

"Yeah, Chandler. It's very, eh… Very tropical. Kind of goes with the plants out front."

Theresa's face blanked for a moment, thinking. "Oh yeah. I'm so glad you came."

"Yeah, thanks, I was won…"

You need a drink, don't you? Follow me."

Always warm, that one. Chandler waddled through the crowded kitchen, through the packed dance floor and up some stairs to sliding glass doors leading to the backyard. Outside, tiki lamps lit the pool and surrounding garden. Chandler stopped to talk to a tall, dark Italian man - from purchasing, I think. She pointed.

"Over there, Milligan, by the diving board. Sherri will take care of you."

Adam started to say thanks, but Theresa was already into mega-flirt mode with the unfortunate Italian. He walked down to the bar and got in-line behind a couple of self-absorbed salesmen, still discussing their own contributions to Chox's sales record from last summer. He waited patiently until they got their order. But then they stayed at the bar, still talking and decided to begin drinking there, too.

"Uh, excuse me, guys."

One of them looked up at him, frowning. "Why? Did you fart?" The other one started laughing as they moved off. Jerks. Why is it that salesmen are always assholes? Just because they drive Ferraris and I have a Yugo, when it works.

Adam rolled his eyes, took a deep breath and looked towards the bartender. She was gorgeous. Long whitish blonde hair, big brown eyes, a smile that wouldn't quit - even in the starched tux shirt and long black skirt, he could tell she had a body to beg for.

She poured a Jack and seven, then looked at Adam. Her smile grew into a wide grin.

"Hello." She said the two syllables as if she knew him. An entreaty that he just couldn't get past. So, instead, he stared into her eyes - her deep brown, beautiful twin pools of crystal mist that…

"Are you okay?"

He snapped out of it. "Yeah, yeah… I just… I…" He relaxed his shoulders and closed his eyes, sighing.

She laughed. He looked back up at her.

"Sorry, I work for the woman throwing this thing. I have to be here."

She smiled. "Me too, but at least, I'm getting paid."

Adam stared at her again. He couldn't believe he was standing this close to perfection.

"Can I get you something?"

And how, he thought. "Uh, yeah, a gin and tonic, please. You've got Sapphire?"

"Sapphire and tonic, coming up. Lime?"

"Great." Adam thought for a minute. What can I say to her? Bartenders hear everything. No line would work.

She handed him the drink. He put a buck in the tip jar.

"Do you always do this?"

"You mean tend bar? No, not always, I do other things."

"I wondered. You're so beaut…" I can't say that. It's a total come on. "So… Uh, you don't look like a bartender."

"Oh really? And just what do I look like?" She smiled that dazzling smile again. Adam's head swam a bit. He blinked and thought.

Like a fashion model. Like Miss America. Like a bathing beauty. "You look like a princess."

She laughed. "A princess?"

Adam continued to stare. Her brow crinkled as she looked at him. "Thanks. That's nice to hear. I'm Sherri." She held out her hand.

Adam looked at it, then shook her hand. "Adam. Adam Milligan."

"Nice to meet you, Adam, but there's a long line behind you, and I have to get back to work."

Adam looked behind him and saw some evil looks. "Oh, sorry. Sorry." He moved off to the side and watched Sherri fill glasses for a moment.

What an idiot I am. He pushed his hair back and looked down at his drink. He took a sip and looked for a place to sit. The backyard was almost as crowded as the dance floor and Adam felt like he needed a quiet moment. He walked back into the house. The music had grown quiet and couples were pressed together moving in slow circles. A dark hallway led off to the right and Adam followed it.

A dark door opened to the left. Adam looked inside, but only saw a big dark shape on the bed lit by the security lights from outside the curtains. He felt next to the door and turned on the lights - coats, purses, shoes, jackets. All manner of cast-off clothing framed this party's version of a cloakroom.

But it was quiet. An overstuffed chair in the corner had a purse and a couple of coats on it. Adam moved those to the bed, turned off the light, closed the door and found a few minutes of solace in the comfort of the big chair. The music still filtered in through the walls along with the constant buzz of all the too-loud party talk and laughter, but tilting his head back and closing his eyes, Adam managed to breathe deeply. He pictured a cool stream, running beside a forest meadow - fog drifting between the pines from the nearby ocean in between rays of warm sunshine. Adam could feel his shoulders relax, the palms of his hands loosen, and the tension drain from his body.

He opened his eyes and saw a light shining from beneath a door. His eyes had adjusted somewhat to the darkness and he could see everything in the room fairly clearly. A bathroom - he could see a slight reflection in the tile beneath the door, moving.

He stood up and walked to the door, listening. The ambient noises of the party made it really difficult, but was that breathing? He pushed his ear to the door carefully.

He could hear breathing, hard breathing, as though someone were working out. Then, suddenly, he heard a high-pitched moan. He backed away and looked at the door. There it was again, another moan. Adam smiled. He could feel that familiar tingling in his balls.

Someone's fucking. He pressed his ear back to the door, listening to the rasping breath, the squirming, and the squishy sounds of sex.

Then, a woman's voice rang out. "No! No, stop! Stop it!" Followed by several grunts. Adam frowned and looked at the door again.

Worried, he thought for a moment.

"No, no. Ugh… Stop. Stop!" She sounded in trouble.

He knocked on the door. "Hey, everything okay in there? Are you all right? Hey!"

The sounds stopped. He could hear some shuffling around inside and breathing. The toilet flushed and the door opened. As the door swung wide, it lit up the room. A woman stepped out. It was Sherri, the bartender. Her eyes went wide.

Adam's mouth hung open, staring at her. "Are you… Are you okay?" Adam looked in the bathroom - no one was in there.

He stared back at Sherri. Little beads of sweat accumulated at the edge of her hairline. Her face was flushed with embarrassment. She looked down at the floor, still breathing a little heavy and her nipples were as stiff as her starched shirt.

"I'm fine. I'm okay. I… I have to get back to the bar."

Adam advanced as she backed towards the door.

"What was… I thought you… Why did you cry 'Stop?'"

Sherri backed into the door, looking away from Adam's face. She frowned. Tears formed at the edge of her eyes. She started to sob.

Adam felt a wave of compassion sweep through him. "Oh, don't, don't, don't. Don't sweetie, don't."

Sherri put her arms on his shoulders, her face in his chest and started to cry into it.

Adam gently placed his arms around her and held her. He felt her hot face through his shirt and the dampness of her tears wet his chest.

He started to pat her back as if she were a little girl. "It's okay. It's okay."

She stopped crying and wiped her face. Adam grabbed a tissue from the dresser and handed it to her. "I'm not… I'm not okay. I'm sorry." She started to cry again.

Adam put his arm around her waist and led her to the bed, sitting beside her. "Heck, I'm the one who's sorry. I never should have interrupted you. I didn't understand."

Sherri stopped sobbing and looked up at him. "You're sweet, and… I'm such a low-life."

"Now don't say that. You're not a low-life. You're wonderful, beautiful - a princess, remember?"

That stopped her. Sherri looked up at Adam from her tissue. Her face scrunched up from crying, her lips trembling. She half-smiled at him and threw her arms around him, hugging him close. Adam could feel her breasts pressing into his chest. Her soft, warm body triggered something at the base of his cock. He was stiff in a second. Sherri felt it, too. She jumped back, her hands still on his shoulders, looking at the front of his trousers and held her breath.

His trouser tented to the left. Adam licked his lips. "I'm sorry. I… I couldn't…"

"Shhh…" Sherri stared at the lump in Adam's trousers. Then, she peeked up into his eyes.

"Do you know what I was doing in there?" She indicated the bathroom.

"Well, I could guess, but…"

"But you really didn't understand it?"

"Well, yeah. I don't."

Sherri looked deeply into Adam's eyes. They grew wide as she riveted him with a stare. She was breathing deeply again, breathless.

"I have to… I must get off several times each day. I can't resist it. When I'm working, it's like an itch I can't scratch, calling to me, reminding me that she's there."


"My orgasm. She calls to me, reminding me not to forget her. I have to go, do you understand?"

"I… Uh, sure. Uh, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go, I guess."

"Don't you ever feel that way? Even just a little? You're not supposed to do it, but you have to?"

"I guess so, sometimes I do."

Sherri held up her fingers. "And it's so easy. All I have to do is picture someone and use my fingers as though they were with me, but…"


Sherri sighed loudly and her shoulders sagged forward. Adam watched her nipples trace lines along her blouse.

She sighed. "But I've lost jobs because of it."

"You've been caught?"

"No. Never caught, but too long away from your desk, or on break or lunch…"

"Oh, I see."

"That's why I was telling myself to stop. I really need to stop, but… I just, can't."

"It's like an addiction then?"

"Yeah, I've tried a couple of encounter groups, but the guys just egg me on. Even some of the women."

Some of the women? "Oh, yeah. That's tough."

They sat in the silence for a little while, echoes of the party muffled by the door.

Sherri looked up. "What were you doing in here?"

"Me? Oh, just trying to find a quiet place. I've been pretty stressed lately."

"I can see that." Sherri was staring at his cock again. Adam inhaled, growing stiffer by the second.

She looked up at him. "Do you want to kiss me?"

The deep brown eyes pleaded with him. "Do… Do I want to…?"

Sherri kissed him. Her warm soft lips pressed hard into his mouth, pushing, swaying, sliding against his lips, sucking on his mouth. Her hands circled behind his head, pulling him into her. She pushed her little tongue along his lips, licking the wetness there. She backed off for a moment, smiling, then plunged ahead again, pushing her tongue deeply into his mouth.

Adam slid back onto the pile of coats and jackets behind them. Sherri pressed forward, her breasts flattened against his chest, her hips lying against his. Adam's hands slipped lower, pulling her butt to him, sliding his cock against her mons.

They parted, breathing heavily.

"When you were in there," said Adam. "Did you… Uh, did you finish?"

Sherri shook her blonde locks. "No, I didn't." She pressed her hand into her crotch, pushing her skirt tightly between her legs. Adams eyes shot to her hand. Sherri smiled, then bending forward; she grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it slowly - revealing calf, knee, thigh, then placed it at her waistline. She opened her legs - no panties!

"Sorry. You interrupted me so suddenly; I didn't have time to… Well, that doesn't matter much now, does it?"

Adam shook his head quickly side-to-side.

Her pussy was as perfect as the rest of her. Her lips were wet, pink - lips out, pouting for a kiss, capped off by a little tuft of dark blonde hair above. She slowly ran her right hand down her tummy, over the blouse and skirt to her pussy - where she circled her clit three times.

As she did, she looked wide-eyed at Adam, shivered, breathed out and moaned softly.

Adam was frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Sherri leaned forward smiling wryly and placed her fingers under his nose. He breathed in, smelling the musk, the salt, and the ocean of delights waiting at Sherri's pussy.

"You want to watch me finish?"

Dumbfounded, Adam nodded slowly. Sherri stood, took Adam by the hand and led him inside the bathroom, locking it behind her.

She pushed him backward towards the toilet. "You sit here." Then she climbed onto the counter, pushing some shampoos and brushes out of the way. "And I'll sit here."

Adam looked around at the coral-colored tile, taking in the room.

"Watch me, Adam. I'm very good at this."

Adam thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest. Sherri unzipped her long, black skirt in the back and pushed it down off her hips. She raised her knees exposing her bottom, then pushed the skirt down past her feet and let it fall to the floor. Naked from the waist down, she was a vision. She started to unbutton her tux shirt.

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