It Happened One Night Ch. 02


"Come out, come out, wherever you are," Adam taunted, a smile on his lips. He prowled through her apartment, checking the downstairs area quickly, looking through the rooms he had become somewhat familiar with earlier. Convinced that she was upstairs, he started towards the steps, climbing slowly one by one until he reached the landing.

It was obvious which room she was in; all the doors except one were open. Smiling to himself again, Adam reached for the knob, and twisted it open. She hadn't even flipped the lock, if there was one.

Theresa was under the blankets, wrapped in a fetal position, as if she were a child. Adam couldn't suppress a grin at what she had done. The blankets were like a force field around her, but she wanted him to find her. Of that he was certain. As quietly as possible, Adam walked towards the bed, took the corner of the blanket in his hand, and whipped it back quickly.

Theresa shrieked and looked up at him, her eyes wide, but not frightened. Something else shone there, and her lips even curled at the corners as he winked down at her.

"Think you're getting away so easily, bitch?" he said, reaching down for her.

Putting her hands up in a protective way, Theresa shook her head.

"Stop it!" she said, pushing his hands away as he toyed with her, poking her in one place and then grabbing her in another. He led her hands down her body until her breasts were exposed, and then he grabbed her there. The softness of them almost startled him, and he squeezed them softly in his disbelief. Shrieking again, Theresa laughed a little before she caught herself and pushed his hands away again.

"You stupid fuck," she said, smiling at him. "Do you know what it will mean for you if you rape me?"

The word 'rape' seemed to echo in Adam's head. God help him, he wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck her brains out right there on her bed. But he had never taken an unwilling woman before, and while the prospect of having his boss writhing under him turned him on more than anything had in a long time, he didn't want to force her.

"You'll beg me for it," he hissed, pulling her off the mattress. "You'll beg for it like the slut you are."

"Never," she said, but again her eyes were twinkling.

Adam forced his eyes to go cold, and was pleased when Theresa's face showed a bit of fear at what she saw in his eyes.

"Oh, yes," Adam said, and it seemed as though every hair on his body stood up as he looked at the cowering woman. Never had anything seemed so seductive than his boss did in his arms, and he felt it deep inside of him. His blood seemed to flood into his cock, and he felt the inevitable erection pushing against his rough pants. "Now, strip, or I'll have to rip your clothes off."

Theresa's eyes flashed a look of both defiance and arousal. She smirked at him, and Adam saw the boss he was used to in her face; the haughty cock-tease that knew she was too good for him.

"I will never strip for you," she said, and crossed her arms in front of her body.

Adam felt a throbbing in his dick. He was half pleased at her defiance, and was looking forward to stripping the clothes from her body.

"You asked for it," he smirked, and took a meaningful step towards her, closing the small gap that had been between their two hot bodies. Theresa looked up at him, and Adam once again felt powerful over her small frame. His cock was practically rubbing against her through his pants. A small thrust and it would be touching her. Theresa looked down briefly and then back up at him, again unable to suppress her grin.

Suddenly she leapt away, over the bed, and was out of his reach. Adam smiled and shouted at her playfully. He was acting playful but he was also dead serious. He wanted her naked and he wanted her now.

"Come and get me," Theresa taunted. Adam cursed his luck that she was sobering up now. At the same time, though, he was happy that he wouldn't have to fuck a drunken Theresa. She would remember this for sure, and he would be able to use it against her later.

"You just try to stop me," he taunted back, and walked slowly around the bed.

Theresa watched him as he got closer, and then quickly climbed over the bed again. For a brief moment Adam wondered if she was really trying to get away. Slowly, he started towards the opposite side, his erection leading the way.

Once again Theresa bounded over the bed. She was having fun with him, and in truth he was enjoying it too, but his body told him it was time to get serious again. Instead of walking around the bed, Adam climbed over it after his curvy employer, and as she shrieked again he pounced.

"You're mine now," he grinned, pinning her against her bedroom wall.

"Please," Theresa whispered, turning her face away from him. She was panting, her large chest heaving, her cleavage expanding with every bit of air she took inside her. Adam wanted to touch her breasts again, but there would be plenty of time for that.

"You'll get what you deserve," he said, but his voice was kind. Holding her to the wall with his body, Adam lifted his hands to the straps of the dress that had driven him mad with feelings he couldn't have understood earlier that day. With quick tugs he broke the spaghetti strings, the soft fabric falling down across her bosom.

Theresa shuddered, her body seeming to soften every moment that Adam held her. Her eyes were closed, long lashes resting on her pale cheeks as she waited for him to continue. Taking a deep breath himself, his dick still pulsing with his need, Adam slid the top of Theresa's dress down over her bosom.

The sight that Adam had uncovered was like buried treasure to a pirate. The round orbs seemed fuller than he could have imagine, the curves of the tops rounding into tiny peaks of pink. It was Adam's turn to shiver, and he almost lost his concentration as his eyes darted over Theresa's creamy skin.

"You," he said, "Are absolutely spectacular.

Theresa said nothing, only stood between Adam's rock hard body and the wall, shuddering softly as Adam continued to slip the clingy dress down her body. He exposed her flat stomach, and then the curve of her waist, and slowly pulled down her panties and hose as he continued the fabric's journey. A small tuft of dark curls was exposed above the crux of her legs, and again Adam had to pause.

Slowly, deliberately, while the fabric bunched at her thighs kept Theresa rather helpless to stop him, Adam pushed a finger between her legs and lightly grazed the lips of her pussy.

A warm, thick fluid coated his finger, and he easily slid his hand out from between those long legs of hers. Smiling, he examined the wetness.

"You're ready for me," he smiled. "See? I can practically taste your arousal."

Instead of tasting it himself, he presented the finger to Theresa, resting it on her lips.

"Do you smell that, bitch?" he asked. "That's you. Taste yourself, taste your readiness for me. You want me, you know it. All you have to do is say it and I'll give you the best night of your life."

Adam pressed his finger harder against Theresa's full lips. Another shudder washed through her, her exposed flesh trembling in front of Adam's eyes. He felt another wave of excitement rush through his spine and straight into the hard cock pressing against his pants. Giving in almost willingly, Theresa's lips parted ever so slightly. Adam took advantage and pushed his fingers through those luscious lips she sported, past her open teeth and pressed it against her tongue.

For the first time since Adam had pinned her there, Theresa opened her eyes and looked up at him. Softly, she licked at the finger in his mouth, sucking on it slightly as she watched his eyes glaze over with pleasure. He kept his eyes on hers as she made love to his finger, toying with it in her mouth, stroking it with her soft tongue. His cock felt full enough to burst, and he struggled to keep himself from throwing her onto the bed and taking her right then and there. He wanted more from her than just the sex, he wanted to make her beg. It was a goal that he felt he could achieve with patience, and he was willing to try.

A soft moan escaped around his fingers, and Theresa seemed to melt against him, all her feigned resistance disappearing. Her eyes were unmistakably pleading with him, but he would have her say the words.

Slipping his finger out of her warm mouth, he moved his hands back down to her thighs, brushing softly against her smooth skin as they made their way to the fabric trapping her legs. Slowly he pulled the clothes the rest of the way down her body, bending slightly and using his legs to assist him in the last parts of it.

Naked, Theresa's body seemed to pulse with every one of her heartbeats. She moved like a purely sexual creature now, and it was driving Adam wild. Pushing her harder against the wall, his leg forcing it's way between her legs, Adam's mouth descended on hers, taking her lips roughly and prying them open to taste her.

Theresa moaned as Adam pushed himself in closer, and she rubbed her body steadily against his rough pant leg. Her wetness was so intense Adam could feel it through his clothes, and the heat radiating off of her seemed to warm him completely. Closing his eyes, he concentrated purely on her mouth, tasting her tongue and prodding her throat as if his own tongue was a sexual organ raping her soft insides. This time it was his turn to moan as he took her, and his cock pulsed hard against her body.

Gasping for breath, Adam pulled away from Theresa's tempting mouth, looking down at her lips, still parted and waiting for more.

"Beg me," he said. "I want to hear you beg for it."

"Never," Theresa said, her breath raspy. Her breasts heaved against his shirt, and Adam took them in his palms again, squeezing the flesh softly, brushing his finger against her eager nipple. Whimpering with pleasure, Theresa smiled at him. "I won't beg you," she said.

Adam took Theresa in his arms and practically peeled her away from the wall, lifting her like she weighed nothing and tossed her on her large bed. Squealing, Theresa lifted her arms and tried to cover herself before Adam climbed on top of her. He reached her quickly, though, taking her wrists in his hands and holding them above her head. Writhing prettily underneath him, Theresa tossed her head to one side and began to pant again, as she had as she'd rubbed her body against his moments before.

"I'm not going to give you what you want until you ask for it," Adam smirked. "I can wait all night."

Theresa's eyes shot open and she looked into Adam's eyes again, angrily. "You want to bet?" she asked. But something about the way her chest was heaving made Adam think that he would come out on top.

"What shall we bet?" he asked playfully. Theresa looked at him defiantly, but remained silent. "If I win, and you beg me for it, then I want you to submit to me sexually for a week."

"You won't win," she hissed.

"What do you want if I don't?" Adam smiled, taking Theresa's nipple in his free hand and pinching it lightly. Theresa gasped and her hips rose off the bed as she took another sharp breath. Adam chuckled.

"When I win," she said, smiling at him. "I want you to get down on your knees in front of the whole office and kiss my feet."

"Done," Adam said, letting go of Theresa's nipple. He still held her wrists tight above her head, and she was still twisting underneath him with desire. She wouldn't hold out long, he thought, smiling to himself.

Adam moved to his side, next to Theresa, his erection pushing against Theresa's soft body. With his free hand he traced circles around her nipples, going outwards in spirals until he was tracing the shapes of the large globes.

With the tips of his fingers Adam tickled Theresa's body, feeling the small goose bumps rising as he stroked the skin. He traced designs in her skin, feeling the heat become more intense, tickling down her chest and to her soft stomach, which shied away as he stroked there.

"Oooh," Theresa whimpered, turning her head from side to side. She tugged lightly at his hold on her wrists, but he held tight. She didn't want to get away, but he wasn't going to let her even try. Leaning in, he touched his lips against her nipple, and she cried out with pleasure and surprise.

Smiling to himself Adam parted his lips, taking the hard nub into his mouth, and flicked it with his tongue. He toyed with it as Theresa squirmed next to his body, writhing up against him, her hands clenching into fists and relaxing in his wrists. She moaned again as he released her breast, blowing on it softly to make it even harder with the chill it was feeling. Adam's heart and cock seemed to beat together as he moved his hand further down her body, feeling the heat of her crotch as he made his way there.

Theresa parted her legs easily when his fingers arrived on her thighs, the long rough digits stroking her skin and toying with the softness of the flesh. She cried out as he brushed against the inner lips of her body, her pussy opening like a flower as he continued to tease. Theresa's eyes remained shut tight, her face clenched, as Adam slowly stroked the slick slit between her legs. His fingers slid easily across the hot, soft flesh, the thick fluids acting like the lubrication they'd been designed for as Adam pushed one and then a second finger into the inferno inside.

Crying out, Theresa pumped her hips into the air, forcing Adam's fingers further inside her as she moaned.

"Adam," she whimpered, thrusting her hips up and tightening her insides around his hand. "Oh god, Adam…I…"

"Just say it, Theresa," Adam said, watching her face as it twisted in agony. She needed satisfaction, and he was going to give it to her. But first, she'd have to beg.

"Nooo…" she whined, closing her lips and throwing her head to the side again. Her hips continued to push up towards him, though, back down and up again, fucking his fingers. Cruelly, Adam pulled his fingers out of her, a slick, empty sound following as they departed.

"You gotta ask for it nicely," Adam taunted, holding his fingers away from her body. Theresa writhed beside him, her face twisting with the struggle. She wanted it bad, he could tell, and she was going to beg.

"Please, Adam," she whispered between clenched teeth.

"Please what, slut?" Adam mocked. "You want more of this?" He lowered his fingers and slipped them inside her, wriggling them around in her warm cavity before pulling them out roughly again. "You want that? Huh? Is that what you want?"

"Yes, yes, please, Adam, please…I need more…please let me have you."

"Let you have what?"

"Let me have your cock, please…"

"Where do you want it, slut?" Adam's smile filled up his whole face, he was enjoying her humiliation.

"I want your cock, please, Adam. Please give me your cock. I want it NOW!" She practically grunted the last words, pushing her hips towards him, and Adam decided that it was time to give her what she'd been asking for.

Rolling away and taking his hands off of her for a moment, Adam fiddled with the zipper on his pants, pulling the flap open and slipping his hard cock out. He was almost startled at how dark it had turned with his arousal, but wasted no time thinking about it as he rolled on top of Theresa, pinning her again with his body. He was clothed, but exposed enough to get what he and she both wanted.

Theresa eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles at his back, pushing her hips closer to his crotch and his cock. The large head of his dick poked softly against the soft folds of her pussy as she whimpered softly, struggling to get herself around it. Using that last of his willpower, Adam held out for a couple more moments before losing himself to lust and burying the hot cock deep inside her wet body.

The heat of their bodies combined and Adam let out a long, happy sigh. This was the feeling he'd been yearning for all evening. Tension from not having a cigarette was the furthest thing from his mind as he began to move in and out of Theresa's tight twat, her muscles squeezing around him, seeming to milk him as he moved deeper and deeper, his movements steady.

"Adam," she whispered hoarsely in his ear, gripping his shoulders with her long fingers, squeezing into him as her body began to shudder around him. He felt her climax before he heard her cry out again, and the spasms in her pussy only added to his pleasure.

"You couldn't even hold out," he mocked her, his movements speeding up slightly. Theresa moaned, her body growing limper as her climax passed, her legs still locked around him. Looking down at her soft face, Adam sped up, thrusting into her with violence, pushing his cock as far into her soft pussy as he could, feeling all the sensations rushing through his body to his toes as he fucked her.

The whole bed shook with each thrust. Adam was really giving it his all. A jolt of pleasure seemed to travel up his spine, all his muscles tightening as it moved upwards. He clenched his teeth as he felt himself begin to orgasm, and cried out as he lost control of it. The sensations seemed to wash through his body uncontrollably, and he saw sparks of color over black as it took him over.

When it had passed, he opened his eyes and looked down at Theresa. Her eyes were open, her fingers running through his hair. He sighed softly and rested his head on her shoulder, feeling her soft skin under his sweaty brow.

"Well," she said. "I guess I lost."

"I knew you would."

"Guess I can't come out on top every time."

"Nope," Adam said, closing his eyes. They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, dreaming about the week of sexual submissiveness she'd promised him.

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